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Murder at the Roman Toga Bash

The annual Roman toga bash at the opulent Pompey Palace Resort is the highlight of Gothica City's social calendar. This year, anticipation has reached new heights as residents are eager to showcase their creativity and outdo each other with their elaborate Roman toga designs. As always, the event was a sellout, ensuring that the Pompey Palace will be brimming with enthusiastic attendees, all vying for the spotlight in the unspoken competition of style and elegance.

As guests step onto the red carpet, the atmosphere will be charged with excitement and, possibly, a hint of rivalry. While some attendees might bring their thorny personalities to the forefront, the general hope is that the occasion's joy and revelry will soothe tensions and avert any social faux pas. Amidst the backdrop of laughter and merriment, whispers of potential blackmail and simmering scandals could add an undercurrent of intrigue to the evening.

Despite the swirling rumors, a sumptuous feast, engaging party games, and lively conversations are sure to be the hallmarks of this much-anticipated event.

As a holder of one of the coveted tickets, you will soon be embroiled in the evening's scandals or will simply soak up the joyous atmosphere.  Either way - you are about to enjoy an unforgettable experience. This is where your story begins.

Need assistance finding the perfect Roman threads?

Need assistance finding the perfect Roman threads?

Guest List


Amelia Cranx is the nerdy and insensitive mathematician at Gothica University. Watch what you say to her because she has recently been labeled The Gossip of Gothica. Nobody likes to be around Amelia because of her violent mood swings and untrustworthiness. Mysteriously, she always manages to score a ticket into the places to be—including Pompey Palace’s Roman Toga Bash.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear a Roman toga. Your hair should be in a nerdy style (e.g., sleek pigtails). Wear white socks, dark shoes, and an optional calculator as a prop.


Omari Shady is an ultra-creative and eccentric artist. At times, this paintbrush totin’ diva can be a very meticulous and impatient woman, which is most likely why her fabulous creations hang across Gothic City.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy Roman toga (i.e., satin or other trendy fabric). Hair should be eclectic and messy. It is optional to have markers and a sketchpad as an optional prop.


Blush Frenz is the ill-mannered cosmetologist at the Pompey Palace Hair Salon in the Pompey Palace of Gothica City. Blush Frenz is the rudest soul around and she’s a notorious party crasher. To the other guests’ dismay, Blush has recently acquired a ticket to the Pompey Palace Roman Toga Bash. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. Hair and makeup should be elaborate. Optional to have a makeup kit, brushes, and combs as optional props.


Pizzy Tankus is the antisocial guitarist for the band Armpit Anguish. Pizzy suffers from severe anger management issues and is extremely judgmental of others. These nasty qualities tend to anger not only her band mates but also anybody that is around her for more than two minutes. Pizzy also suffers from an intense fear of germs, so getting too close to her is out of the question!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. Glam Rock hair and makeup and having a guitar (real or fake) as a prop are optional. A bottle of hand sanitizer is an additional optional prop.


Furen Feathers is the most annoying one-upper in Gothica City. If you’ve done, said, or tried anything, Furen Feathers is certain to have done it more often, said it already, and tried it three times. Furen Feathers is new to Gothica City, and not many people truly know the real Dr. Furen Feathers. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. Optional to have a stethoscope and latex examination gloves.


Dental Receptionist
Gingo Crownly is the peculiar receptionist at Gothica Dental. A constant whistler, Gingo Crownly will always grace you with uncomfortable stares and periods of awkward silence during conversation. Gothica Dental is the only dentistry practice in Gothica City so you’ll eventually have to deal with this bizarre individual.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. Optional to have a nametag on the toga with ‘Gothica Dental’ and new containers of dental floss, toothbrushes, etc.


Base Zolandy is the self-centered print model for Klein Calvin underwear. With quirky adversity to the color orange, Base is currently looking to branch out into other fields of fashion, such as runway modeling. Beware of constant critiques of everybody’s attire, as this is one trendy critic!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Very fashionable Roman toga. Designer shoes and an impeccable hairstyle.


Chief Financial Officer 
Jackie Bean is the Chief Financial Officer at the Pompey Palace. Jackie is a friendly person but often rants about governmental conspiracies. Jackie’s fellow employees often speculate that Jackie wraps foil around windows, antennae, or anything else to prevent the government from spying. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A Roman toga with reading glasses. A business ledger and a calculator are optional. Aluminum foil is an optional prop.


Personal Trainer
Biff Adkins is the muscle-bound jock and personal trainer from Gothica Athletic Training Center. A recent high school graduate, he often hangs out with Gingo Crownly in his spare time. Rumor has it that Biff was a notorious high school bully. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. Optional to bring workout rubber bands and business cards for Gothica Athletic Training Center.


Escaped Inmate
Oz Manson is the mysterious yet overly friendly escaped inmate of Gothica City Prison. If you look beyond Oz’s gothic and shady appearance, s/he is one of the friendliest and dearest friends you could ever have, even if s/he is a convicted murderer.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: The Roman toga is shredded and dirty. Toy handcuffs attached to one wrist and/or toy shackles on your ankle are optional.


Retired Fisherman
Liam Corals is the arrogant and aggressive retired angler. Liam Corals owns the only marina in town and charges enormous rates to dock and house boats there. Nobody has ever been invited to the Corals mansion on the hill and the curious townspeople often wonder what Liam is hiding.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. Optional to wear a Captain’s hat and have fishing lures (no hooks) as props.


University Registrar
Alazne Anthony is the bossy Registrar at Gothica University. Alazne has a shady past, as she was an infamous tyrant during high school. Her reputation hasn’t improved much as she spends her days finding ways to reject the applications of potential students to the university. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. Hair and makeup slightly outrageous. It is optional to bring recruiting materials for Gothica University.


Social Media Consultant
Dafina Adel is the highly intellectual social media consultant. A dependable young woman, Dafina is a true and loyal friend. That is, if her obsessive personality doesn’t bother you.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. Smartphone with access to social media sites (i.e., X, Snap, etc.) as an optional prop.


Police Officer
You’ll wonder how this crabby, introverted police officer ever thought s/he could protect and serve the people of Gothica City. Surprisingly, Officer Nelson is one of the most highly decorated officers at the Gothica CityPolice Department! One likely scenario is that Officer Nelson has simply intimidated everybody at the station and everybody does what Officer Nelson says to do.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. It is optional to wear a police hat and police badge on the toga.


Police Officer
Officer Nelson is rarely seen without a fellow troupe of officers. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. It is optional to wear a police hat and police badge on the toga.


Website Designer
If you look up narcissism in the dictionary, you will find Dragan Runako’s picture plastered by the description. Dragan is the self-loving website designer of Gothica City. She is the best at what she does but is nearly impossible to be around for any period. Unfortunately, she is unavoidable if you need a website designed. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. Very elaborate hair and makeup with a handheld mirror as an optional prop.


Reporter, CBC News
Pat Couric is always on top of the latest story and sometimes before the story happens! Pat’s an ultra-ambitious investigative reporter for the television station CBC and will stop at nothing to be first to get the scoop. Pat is rarely seen without a troupe of colleagues from CBC News.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. An optional microphone and notepad as props


Reporter, CBC News
Pat is rarely seen without a troupe of colleagues from CBC News.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Roman toga. An optional microphone and notepad as props.

Here's your ticket (right-click to download): 

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