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The Guild of Velore is known for bravery, courage, and intriguing conversations. Velorians always have an impact on their surroundings. After walking through a door, a cloud of people will flock to them like magnets and follow them around like baby ducks as they mingle. Always laughing and entertaining, this group is the life of the party. In class, these students are the first to volunteer for projects or presentations, and in the theater - they land the starring roles. They are a blast to be around in short bursts but don't make quite as good of a friend as the Enoriums because they can be flighty and a bit unreliable. This group is keen and will always prepare contingency plans and escape routes - but they are not the best at formulating masterplans like the Sodarins. They don't typically climb to the higher ranking positions of society, but you will find that most of the guardians of the magical world will be Velorians. 




Raven Von Draven


Blaze Le Blanc

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