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Murder at Anonville Manor

The historical Anonville Manor closed for business years ago because of a desperate need for restoration and daft rumors of ghost hauntings. The previous owners abandoned the rundown property, never turning back.

A secretive entrepreneur purchased the old bed & breakfast. The property has undergone renovations, and the owner announced to the media that the manor is free of paranormal activity, and has been restored to the pristine caliber of the good ole’ days when the estate was frequented by the rich and famous. The proprietor has chosen to remain anonymous, but the townsfolk have found that choice to be quite mysterious. An exclusive group of guests have received invitations to the grand opening dinner party to be held in the legendary Majestic Ballroom of the estate. You are on the guest list. You are intrigued, but apprehensive, as not everybody on the invite list gets along well, and sparks could fly. This is where your story begins.

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Invited Guests

Biology Professor
Alberta Newton is an absent-minded biology professor at Anonville University. Inquire about science, and she’ll blow you away with her intellect. Chat about any other topic, she’s an average Jane. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A business suit or a lab jacket.


If you looked up narcissism in the dictionary, Sam Chawpalot’s picture would be plastered by the description. Sam is the friendly, self-loving butcher with an over-exaggeration problem.  Take what Sam says with a grain of salt.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Apron and butcher’s hat. Plastic butcher knife as an optional prop.


London Wilton grew up in Anonville, and is now visiting from Beverly Hills to scout a location for the next Wilton Resort.  Everyone is growing tired of the tabloids exposing London’s troubles - especially the townspeople of this peaceful town! This jet-setting socialite is known as Hollywood’s wild child. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous evening gown. Small, stuffed dog as an optional prop.


Is there a doctor in the house? Yes, of course! It’s Dr. Doctor Dijon! He’s the one to tell you to eat an apple a day…except it won’t keep him far away, as he’s only 3 inches from your face when he’s speaking to you! This close-talking behavior is surprising since the good doc has an intense fear of germs!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lab coat with a stethoscope as an optional prop. Breath mints are suggested.


Pastry Chef
Shugga Ann Flower is the best pastry chef in Anonville! The morning ovens warm up at Shugga’s Bakery, and the sweet sugar molecules flood the streets. The townies flock to get her tasty treats as soon as the neon in the open sign glows.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Chef’s hat and chef’s jacket with rolling pin as an optional prop.


Mayor of Anonville
There are two sides to Mayor Paul A. Tisshon - and only one of them is courteous! If you have something to offer, he’s the nicest man you’ll ever meet.  However, if you double-cross him, you’ll encounter his dark side. Those who have seen Paul’s mean spirits never seem the same again.


Rita Bookaday is not your typical librarian.  She’s young and broke with a mischievous aura. On a personal level, Rita can be unpredictable and quite silly. However, she is quick to assist when you need help at the Anonville Library.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:Conservative business casual outfit. Hair in a bun with glasses and a couple of books as optional props.

Ouch! That’s what you are likely to hear as you walk by this tailor’s shop. This clumsy chap has a huge problem of turning his clients into pin cushions! However, Alby’s skills on the sewing machine are unsurpassed, and he is the best tailor in Anonville.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fashionable or trendy outfit for the era chosen with a pin cushion and measuring tape as props.


Cougar Forest is a tiger on the golf course, but in person, he’s a cuddly kitten. Originally hailing from France, his accent is more than enough to win over the ladies. That is, until he does one of his annoying cougar impersonations.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:Golfing outfit with golf gloves as optional props.


Local Celebrity
Mister Crimson is the most charismatic man you’ll ever see on local TV.  On camera, he’s the perfect gentleman - someone you’d love to take home to the parents.  Off the set, he’s a pig with the most dreadful manners you’ve ever witnessed. Ladies, this is one package you don’t want to open!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Red leisure suit or red button up and pants with a non-toxic marker for autographs as an optional prop.


High School Principal
Is it Principal Amethyst or Principal Loony?  The latter is what the kids have nicknamed this principal of Anonville High School. Teens beware: rumor has it not everyone who gets sent to the principal’s office makes it back to class! Some students are never seen nor heard from again!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:Conservative business suit.


Police Chief
You would never guess a meager, self-questioning man could climb his way into the highest-ranked spot with the Anonville Police Department! Chief C.R. Badges is a kind-hearted gentleman who swore to serve & protect, but his job performance is hindered by his social awkwardness and nervous behavior. Some townies think he’s hiding something.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Police uniform. Toy (fake) gun as a prop.


Criminal Defense Attorney
Liar, liar, pants on fire describes Mr. Willy Lyallot. If freedom is your desire, get this obnoxious defense attorney on your side of the courtroom, even if you’re guilty of murder! Willy makes ambulance chasers look like Peace Corps volunteers!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business suit with obnoxious tie. Fake business cards as optional props.


Don’t bother bringing a picture of a hairstyle, because if you sit in Kara’s salon chair, you’re getting her signature style. Kara’s cut is outdated by nearly sixty years, and all of her clients look identical. This retro-loving hair diva has her trademark style down, and it’s the best of its kind
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy and fashionable outfit for the era chosen. Hair in an outrageous style. Comb and styling cape as optional props.


P.R. Promoe is the dedicated publicist for London Wilton. London is hardly seen without an entourage of people around her, and P.R. works very hard to keep London’s name in a good light – which is proving to be nearly impossible nowadays. P.R. has been a miracle worker thus far, and London’s fretful parents are grateful.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy attire with a California flare – vintage casual. 


Investigative Field Reporter
Tele N. Ewe Ewe is always on top of the latest story, but sometimes before the story happens!  Tele’s an ambitious investigative reporter for CBC-TV, and will stop at nothing to be the first to get the scoop.  She’s rarely seen without a troupe of her co-workers from CBC News.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy business suit. Optional props are a notepad and pen and / or a microphone (real or fake).

Investigative Field Reporter
Pat Couric will do anything to scoop a story in the town of Anonville.  Pat is a ruthless investigative reporter for the television station RBC-TV, and the rival of Tele N. Ewe from CBC-TV.  Pat is no stranger to diving head first into scandals if it gets the story. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy business suit. Optional props are a notepad and pen and / or a microphone (real or fake).


FBI Agent
Jamie Bond is a top secret federal agent, and the ultimate femme fatale. On the surface, Jamie appears to be the typical high society socialite. However, those closest to her know her true identity - a deadly federal agent who knows how to take criminals down.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: An evening gown with a toy gun strapped to a garter belt as an optional prop.


Beauty Pageant Director
Alotta Buties is the prim and proper director of the Miss Northern Hemisphere Pageant System. She plays by the rules and guarantees a fair judging structure within her pageant system. There’s never foul play involved with her beauty contests. Mind your manners, as Alotta is a stickler when it comes to etiquette.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: An evening gown with a dozen roses as an optional prop. Hair in a fancy up-do hairstyle with heavy makeup.


Dr. Andie Maluver is the brilliant exotic animal veterinarian.  A tad jealous and competitive of others, Andie’s known to engage in malicious acts when things don’t go Andie’s way.  It is advisable to stay on this animal doc’s good side!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A lab jacket and scrubs.


Rodeo Bull Riding Champion
If there were a movie named Cowboy and a Gentleman, Tex Bultamer would have the starring role.  Chivalry is still alive and well according to Tex, as he hands the world to the ladies. However, Tex is a no-nonsense type of cowboy and says what comes to mind!  If you’re afraid of the truth, stay clear of this good ‘ole boy.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any cowboy (Western) attire. An optional prop is a toy gun.


CEO, K-Logs Cereal Corp.
Frosty Flaker is the maniacal CEO of K-Logs Cereal.  Frosty is a classic rags to riches story of a mailroom sorter who moved to New York City and rose to the top of K-Logs  - the world’s biggest cereal company!  Rumor has it that Frosty’s planning to take over a minor league baseball team and a chain of amusement parks next.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business suit. Optional props are a briefcase and a stress ball.


Former Mobster
Ali Capone is a reformed mobster from the Chicago Mob Outfit.  After testifying against her brother during an international diamond heist case, she was moved by the feds to Anonville through the Witness Protection Program under the name ‘Wilma Betty.’  Some of the townspeople have discovered she doesn’t fit in here, but the real question is…will the Chicago Mob find her? 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business casual attire with a toy gun of any kind semi-concealed. Hair should be slicked back into a ponytail with a fedora to the side.


Motivational Speaker
Mody Vader is one of the leading motivational speakers in the country.  Mody’s single and lives with ten cats in a tiny condominium next to Shugga’s Bakery.  Mody’s pure dynamite when speaking to a big audience, but during one-on-one social interaction, this powerhouse is as quiet as a mouse.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Red (or other bold color) power suit. You can bring toy kittens with you as optional props.

Commercial Actress
Hailing from Columbia, Legga Miego is the leading commercial actress in Northern America.  She reached her fame with a legendary commercial featuring a skirmish over a toaster waffle.  Rumor has it the infamous brawl landed her co-star in the hospital for two days with a broken arm!  This is one ruthless actress who takes her acting roles seriously!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-glamorous attire.  Hair pulled up in a glamorous up-do.  


Russian Tennis Pro
Russian born Annie Korncoba is the feisty professional tennis player.  She is a fierce competitor on the court and has received honorary titles from the media such as the Most Successful Female Athlete and the Most Beautiful Woman in the World.  Everybody adores this charming tennis pro.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual tennis attire.  A racquet as an optional prop.  


Italian Opera Star
Toni Bello is an international opera star who jets around the globe with a traveling Italian opera.  Toni has aspirations of opening an opera house in the town of Anonville.  Rumor has it Toni’s chosen the location in town and plans to start building soon.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Opera costume (black suit/dress, vest and cape) or a trendy black suit.  Hair should be slicked back and for females, in a high bun.  


Micha Angelo is the eccentric artist and longtime resident of Anonville.  Micha knows everybody and is one of the most well-connected people in town.  If Micha doesn’t care for you, chances are nobody else will like you either. Stay on Micha’s good side if you like to socialize!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:Casual attire with a paint splattered apron.  


David Copperhead is the Emmy-award winning illusionist.  He is the world’s most distinguished magician, known for intriguing storytelling and awe-inspiring magical performances.  David not only owns a tropical island but also is planning to open an amusement park chain called the Copperhead Mountains of Mystery.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tuxedo (or black suit) with an optional top hat and a stuffed bunny.  Another optional prop is a magic trick set.  


Brawn Hanson is the quiet bodyguard of London Wilton. Brawn stands mysteriously in the background at events he attends with London. He lurks in the shadows while watching everybody like a hawk, waiting for somebody to make a move against London.  It is a wise choice not to annoy this shadowy fellow.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black suit, toy gun and an optional earpiece. 


Art Collector
Sage Abbey is the infamous millionaire and art collector from Italy. Sage is currently traveling the country in search of rare pieces of art. This Italian hothead has difficulty controlling bursts of anger when things don’t go as planned. Following a road rage incident, this enraged moneybag is temporarily stuck in Anonville for court-mandated anger-management sessions. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy, expensive looking attire. 


Writer, Beverly Hills Daily
Cress Jones is the love-struck writer for the Beverly Hills Daily Post. Cress has an insatiable crush on the Hollywood Icon, London Wilton, and has been known to use a media pass to gain entry to events where London is attending.  Cress is essentially a stalker in a paper-thin disguise.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Reporter / media costume. 

Life is one party at a time.

Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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