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Murder at the Walgrave Astoria Costume Ball

The annual Walgrave Astoria Costume Ball stands as a highlight in the social calendar, a dazzling event where glamour, history, and creativity converge under the roof of one of the world's most luxurious hotels. Established in 1907, the Walgrave Astoria has long been synonymous with opulence and exclusivity, hosting an array of distinguished guests from royalty to renowned celebrities.

This year's ball promises to be an affair to remember, with the town's glitterati and influential figures abuzz with anticipation. Rumors are swirling about the attendance of Nicole Wilton, Toyoka, and Zangelina Holie, adding an extra layer of excitement and glamour to the already prestigious event. The prospect of rubbing shoulders with such luminaries has the entire town talking, with everyone eager to witness the extravagant costumes and sophisticated pageantry that define this grand occasion.

Securing a ticket to this exclusive event was a feat in itself. You will be one of the lucky few who will experience the enchantment of the Walgrave Astoria Costume Ball firsthand. As the date approaches, the pressure mounts to select a costume that will dazzle and delight, worthy of the opulent setting and illustrious company.

The evening ahead promises a whirlwind of intrigue, elegance, and possibly even a touch of mystery, as the elite gather in a spectacle of fashion and festivity. This is where your story begins.

Need a costume?

Guest List

Note: feel free to wear any costume you wish - this is a costume ball!


Dr. Indy Jonas is an arrogant, exaggerating entrepreneur and former oil tycoon.  The doc can win you over with a little Australian charm, but don’t be fooled - Dr. Jonas cares about one thing and one thing only…Dr. Jonas.


Nicole Wilton is a spoiled heiress and television personality.  Known for no other reason than her parents’ billions of dollars, this pretty princess defines the phrase high maintenance.


Zangelina is one of the top-paid actresses in Hollywood. She recently imprinted her hands on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is the paparazzi's most sought-after celebrity. This starlet is lovely to be friends with, as long as you’re not stealing her limelight!


Professional Wrestler
Royal T is an infamous professional wrestler known for being a bluntly honest trash-talker. If you don’t want to hear the truth, avoid this entertainer at all costs. This is one friend you won’t take home to meet your parents for dinner, as this obnoxious wrestler has terrible manners.


Internal Auditor
Fiona Fingstein certainly hasn’t made many friends at her company, Widgets, Inc., over the years, where she is the executive director of Internal Audit. Fiona is known for being extremely uptight, inflexible, and impersonal—at work and play. She uses her connections at the Internal Revenue Service to cause havoc with anyone who crosses her.


Graduate Student
Yune A. Vorsti is a spunky college graduate student from the local University.  Yune mocks everyone and has a reputation for being greedy and overzealous. Don’t get into a situation where Yune could take advantage of you, or you’ll lose!


Fashion Model
Toyoka is the antisocial supermodel.  She is judgmental and offends others with brazen comments.  Toyoka has an intense fear of germs, so getting too close to her is out of the question!


Key Grip
Don’t trust the party animal and prankster, Sam Spellburn, but invite this Hollywood key grip to your party! Sam, the child of this time's most famous Hollywood director, has hidden tricks in every sleeve and surprises around every corner!  You better watch your back around this mischievous fun-provoker!


Is there a doctor in the house?  Yes, of course! It’s Dr. Eric Throsite! He tells you to eat an apple a day, but it doesn’t keep him away, as he’s only three inches from your face!  Beware if you don’t appreciate the art of close-talking!


Ebe K. Nevelle was once a child movie star. Ebe chose to leave the big screen for the real-life action behind the scenes.  Don’t pick this chap to run to for a cheer-up, as Ebe has a knack for spreading his depression and pointing out the negative in everything.  He’s earned the nickname of ‘The King of Doom & Gloom.’


Don’t even bother buying a hairstyle magazine because if you sit in Ms. Cara Tinn’s styling chair, you’re going to get the only cut and style she knows! So what if her signature style is outdated by nearly sixty years, and all of her customers look identical?  This old-fashioned hair diva has her trademark hairdo down pat, and it’s the best in town - of its kind!


Skyler Starry is an internationally famous astrologist.  Even though Skyler’s life is centered in outer space, s/he is one of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet as s/he is a fun-loving comedian and randomly bursts into song whenever the time’s right.


Computer Programmer
Details, details, details!  If you’re speaking to Poindexe Dorfman, you better get ready to hear a plethora of intricate fine points and facts!  This is one over-explaining member of the Nerd Herd - a computer support team willing to travel to your home to remedy your technological ailments!


Band Director
If you looked up perfectionist in the dictionary, Scala Barres picture would be next to the description. Scala Barres has a severe problem with thinking that nothing she does is good enough. She constantly works on perfecting her high school band, which is considered the best in the nation. Scala’s a tad egotistical and always checks herself out in the mirror!


Secret Agent
Jamie Bond is the mysterious federal secret agent. Nobody knows why she and her fellow agents are in town. Her presence alone tends to make people anxious.


Red Axehouse is a brazen firefighter by day. By night, this blaze-wrestler is a romantic poet who performs at the local poetry club.  Armed with perfect manners and chivalrous words, he’s a sincere and adoring gentleman.


Pet Store Owner
Originally from India, Surry Pante is a pet store owner. Surry avoids disputes with wit and negotiation skills. This cliché-talking charmer can command the respect of any animal in the world.


Jolly Boatley is a mild-mannered fisherman with extraordinary dancing skills. Most people see Jolly as a loyal friend. Jolly has a funny quirk of rhyming sentences. This fisherman believes rhyming words is calming, especially during rough times at sea. Jolly’s friends find this hysterical.


Clothing Designer
Fasa Shone is a former struggling barista from a small-town coffee shop.  She became a pampered princess after meeting her wealthy fiancé two years ago.  Her husband mysteriously disappeared, and she moved to the big city to pursue her fashion career.  Her prior sweet disposition has melted into a foul, ill-mannered spirit. Nonetheless, Fasa is anything but boring.


Silver & Goldsmith
Revlis D’Log is a charismatic yet unconventional artist and silver and goldsmith. This jeweler claims fame as the main provider of fine silver and gold pieces to dignitaries around the world. Revlis sometimes sings instead of speaks and blames the song's outbursts on an inner artist.

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