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Here are the seven types of wands available in Magus Hollow.

BUBINGA: a bubinga wand contains Venus Flytrap stems, a ground raven's feather, and one drop of unicorn's milk inside of the core.  This is a rare wand and one of the most expensive ones at the Magus Hollow Wandery.  This wand works best on the Dark Craft spells. 

IRONWOOD: an ironwood wand contains cobwebs, ground swamp weed, and a minced waterlily pad inside of the core. First year students begin with an ironwood wand, and it is the least powerful wand - only good for beginning spells. Some people refer to it as a training wand.

GREENHEART: the Greenheart wand contains ground amethyst crystals, a scorpion stinger, and a python scale in the core. This is a powerful wand used by many 12th-year students and adult magicians who work in careers where high-level wands are not needed, such as libraries, grocery stores, and administrative positions.   

HEMLOCK: the Hemlock wand's core contains a hair from a grim wolf, stem from an ivy, and two drops of honeysuckle sap. The Hemlock wand is typically used by 6th - 11th year students. It is best for mid-level spells. 

PINK IVORY: the Pink Ivory wand has seven cockroach shells, burned rose petal ash, and a gram of bottled fear. This is one of the most powerful wands. This wand is not allowed at Charmstone Academy, as it can be unpredictable if it disagrees with the user. 

POISONWOOD: the Poisonwood wand contains seven frog tears, 1 ml of nightshade elixir, and ground redcap fungus. This wand is a multi-purpose wand used by magicians beyond their 10th year. This wand works best on potions, healing spells, and of course - magical poison curses. 

ROSEWOOD: the Rosewood wand is only used by Apex Mages. It is the most powerful wand known to the magical community. Inside of the core is powdered moon rock, seven black widow spider eggs, and 0.001 ug of astatine - the rarest atomic element on Earth.  The Rosewood wand is best for all high level spells. 

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