Professor Wynne Kingsley is the absent-minded professor at Godley Hollow University. Inquire about archaeology and get blown away with intellectual facts. Ask about anything else, you’ll be put to sleep with bland, monotonous babbles. To no surprise, Wynne Kingsley is an avid fossil collector. Wynne’s had a gambling problem in the past, and rumor has it that Wynne has been in financial trouble over the last few years. Only time will tell if this is true.

EARLY LIFE: Wynne is the youngest of Ronald Kingsley's children. Wynne's mother, the third wife of Roland Kingsley, is deceased. She died by falling down the main staircase of the Kingsley Mansion. Roland was a prime suspect in her death, but no charges were ever filed and it was declared an accident.  

Wynne grew up living in the Kingsley Mansion of Godley Hollow. Wynne was home-schooled in the early years and then was shipped off to Winsington Preparatory School in Phoenix, Arizona after Wynne's mother's death (Wynne was 14). After graduation, Wynne attended the University of Pennsylvania and earned a PHD in Anthropology.

BUSINESS CAREER: Wynne Kingsley has served as the director of the Center for Archaeological Investigations of Godley Hollow University since 2012. Wynne is currently a professor emeritus in the Department of Anthropology. 

Wynne maintains a federally-funded lab via an ongoing grant from the ISF (International Science Foundation) for Cultural Anthropology.

PHILANTHROPY: Wynne has no known charitable affiliations. 

PERSONAL LIFE: Wynne has two adult children from a former marriage. Both children are unemployed and live at home with Wynne.



  • Book of the Year, Images of the end of the Pleistocene era 2017

  • Research Project of the Year Investigating carbon dating of fossils of the genus Mammot 2016

  • The Geoffrey May Award for emerging Archaeologists 2012

  • Rescue Project of the Year - Discovering the earliest footprints in North Ameria 2012