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Devonshire Manor Murder Mystery

The Devonshire Manor is an 18th century mansion on the outskirts of the town of Pinehorn. It was once owned by the wealthy Devonshire family and is a legendary estate to the citizens of Pinehorn. In their day, the Devonshires were beloved, treated as royalty, as they owned more than half of the businesses in town. The Devonshire Manor has exquisite architectural features, albeit weathered throughout the years. Weeds and high grass have long since replaced the flowering shrubs and ornamental trees that adorned the property in its day. The remaining Devonshire lineage passed away in the early 1900’s, leaving their estate in the hands of the town of Pinehorn. The townspeople have neglected to keep up with the place, mostly due to the legend that the Devonshires still roam the corridors at night. The mayor of Pinehorn has made it her quest to remodel and reinstate the Devonshire Manor as a historical bed and breakfast. She believes that the old estate can generate tourism and an income for the town of Pinehorn. Most of the townspeople stand behind her, although a few people are adamantly against her pursuit – stating that the place is haunted and should be left alone. The mayor cleaned up the dusty cobwebs and is hosting a fundraiser bash for the townspeople of Pinehorn. She hopes to raise enough funds for her remodeling endeavors. You have been invited to attend the event and this is where your story begins…

need some'n to wear? 

Invited Guests

College Student
Dakota Green is the nerdy math major at Pinehorn University.  There isn’t an equation this brainiac hasn’t conquered or created.  Not much for idle chit chat with friends, Dakota spends time at the library reading books about historical mathematicians.  Most people say that Dakota isn't much fun to be around. Dakota's not known for honesty or integrity, either. Dakota doesn't bother caring about what people say, as there isn’t much that Dakota cares about besides mathematical equations.

Dakota is a huge fan of the band Armpit Anguish.  Rumor has it that there is a shrine of the band's memorabilia set up in a curio cabinet in Dakota's home.  The band's manager has threatened to file a restraining order on Dakota for hanging around their practice facility in the parking lot. 

Dakota has been sick for nearly a month with the flu that has rampaged the town of Pinehorn. Some don't want Dakota to attend the fundraiser at the manor for fear of Dakota spreading the virus to others.  However, Dakota doesn't care enough about others to stay home in quarantine.

Dakota earns money from student loans and is a participant in a work study program. Dakota also has a continuous 'Fund Me' page, and arranges fundraising car washes on the weekends to make extra money. Needless to say, Dakota struggles financially.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual, nerdy attire. Hair in a nerdy style (i.e. slick back, etc.). White socks, dark shoes and optional to have a calculator as a prop.


Website Designer
Ashton Harvey is a dedicated friend and hard working website designer. Ashton has designed websites for most businesses in the town of Pinehorn. The townspeople often call upon Ashton for help with anything computer related.

Ashton is the sibling of Reese Harvey. They live together and spend most of their free time playing video games. Ashton often complains about Reese being in a cranky mood, but Reese ignores Ashton unless they both have a game controller in their hands.

Ashton isn't happy with being a website designer, as the career path isn't going to lead to owning vacation houses in top destinations around the globe or a million followers on Twitter. Ashton often fantasizes about being a politician, a sports or rock star, or anything that pays well and could give Ashton fame. Ashton doesn't know how to get famous but is trying everything under the sun, such as running for city council, applying to be on reality shows, and even begging celebrities on social media for attention.


Parker Tankus is the antisocial guitarist for the band Armpit Anguish. Parker suffers from severe anger management issues and is extremely judgmental of others. These nasty qualities tend to anger not only the members of the band, but also anybody that is around Parker for more than two minutes. Parker also suffers from an intense fear of germs so getting too close to Parker is out of the question!

Parker has been vocal about not trusting Dr. Furen Feathers, a veterinarian who moved to the town of Pinehorn not too long ago. Parker admits to having trust issues, but something about this doc doesn't sit well, so Parker has written negative reviews about Dr. Feathers all over the internet - on social media, and other review-based sites.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Skintight brightly colored leggings, rock t-shirt, glam rock hair&makeup, and it is optional to have a guitar (real or fake) as a prop.


Veterinarian, Pinehorn Pet Center
Furen Feathers is the most annoying one-upper in the town of Pinehorn.  If you’ve done, said, or tried anything cool, Furen Feathers has done it more often, said it already, and tried it three times.  Furen Feathers is new to Pinehorn, and not many people know the real Dr. Feathers.

Parker Tankus has openly campaigned for the citizens of Pinehorn to stop bringing their pets to the newly-opened Pinehorn Pet Center. Dr. Feathers has defended that Parker is a stressed out rock star and shouldn't be taken seriously. 

Since moving to town only two months ago, Dr. Feathers has been openly critical about others in town, such as the registrar of Pinehorn University for not accepting qualified candidates, Ashton Harvey's websites, and has accused Dakota Green of stalking the band Armpit Anguish.  Maybe a new vet in town shouldn't be so hostile and judgmental of others? Dr. Feathers must have taken a class in college about how to grow a client base and keep customers happy.

Dr. Feathers hired Reese Harvey as a personal trainer after moving to town, but after five sessions, this doc canned Reese and made an official complaint to the manager of the gym. Furen complained about Reese's aggressive attitude and warned that Reese is unstable. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lab jacket or scrubs. Optional to have a stethoscope and latex examination gloves.


Dental Receptionist
Peyton Crownly is the peculiar receptionist at Pinehorn Dental, the only dental practice in the town of Pinehorn.  A constant whistler, Peyton Crownly will always grace you with uncomfortable stares and periods of awkward silence during conversation.  Unless you want to neglect your dental health or drive an hour away from town, you’ll eventually have to deal with this bizarre individual.  Peyton also creates peculiar sculptures and is making quite the name as an artist in town.

Peyton often posts negative comments on social media about the band Armpit Anguish. Peyton is anything but a fan of that group, and refers to Parker Tankus as a silly ninny muggins. Peyton posted recently that the lead singer sounds like a fighting alley cat, and the drummer and bass guitarist aren't as talented as tired toddlers with toy instruments. To date, the band has given Peyton no attention. 

Peyton has purchased luxurious items which seem suspicious for a person with a lower-level income to be able to afford. Many people in town have whispered that Peyton is finding a way to supplement the receptionist salary.  Peyton creates massive, life-sized sculptures upon order, but for the low prices the customer's pay - there can't be much profit to be made when the materials are considered.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lab jacket or scrubs. Optional to have a name tag with ‘Pinehorn Dental’ and new containers of dental floss, toothbrushes, etc.


Chief Financial Officer 
Jackie Bean is the Chief Financial Officer at the largest corporation in town, Greeto Lay Potato Chips, which employs over half the townspeople of Pinehorn.  Jackie is a friendly person but often rants about governmental conspiracies.  Jackie’s fellow employees often speculate that Jackie wraps foil around windows, antennae of appliances and vehicles, or anything else to prevent the government from spying.

Jackie is a personal friend of the mayor of Pinehorn. Many people are upset, as Jackie is the one who suggested the prices of the tickets to the fundraising event at the manor be $250.00.  Jackie argues that this is a fundraiser, so any amount is appropriate if people are willing to pay it.  The party was sold out, so Jackie seems to be right with the price.

Jackie is on a campaign to make the city of Pinehorn a travel destination. Jackie has spent countless hours writing travel bloggers and creating a campaign to advertise the town as a travel hotspot. Jackie ultimately wants to bring more money to the potato chip factory through tourists by creating expensive tours through the facility. Many of the townspeople have whispered that touring such a place does not sound like enough fun to draw tourists, but Jackie refuses to listen.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual business attire (i.e. oxford shirt, pants) with reading glasses. Optional to have a business ledger and a calculator. Aluminum foil as an optional prop. 


Personal Trainer
Reese Harvey is the muscle-bound personal trainer from Pinehorn Athletic Training Center.  Reese loves to talk about one thing only – Reese Harvey.  Reese spends a lot of time playing video games with Ashton Harvey.  Reese was a notorious high school bully many years ago.  Unlucky townspeople witness this type of behavior manifest when Reese is told no.

Reese has been unhappy lately, especially in the mornings. Ashton, who lives with Reese, doesn't understand how anyone with a job that gets to work out at a gym all day could be in a foul mood.  Reese is critical of Ashton and often bashes him/her to others in town. However, Reese has exhibited family loyalty when anyone tries to say something negative about Ashton. 

Days ago, Reese's long-time significant other broke up with a callous text message. Reese has been hostile and angry ever since and has even lost clients at the gym. Ashton is worried that Reese will do something untoward, as Reese has been acting increasingly unstable. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Workout attire. Optional to bring workout rubber bands and business cards for Pinehorn Athletic Training Center. 


Retired Fisherman
Riley Corals is the arrogant and aggressive retired angler. Riley Corals owns the only marina in town and charges enormous rates to dock boats there.  Nobody receives an invite to the Coral’s mansion on the hill, and the curious townspeople often wonder what Riley is hiding.

The Corals family is known for being introverted, generation after generation. They've always been a gossip topic, as their refusal to host any parties or events in one of the biggest mansions in town has raised a fair share of eyebrows. Not known for being charitable, Riley Corals wouldn't even purchase a box of Girl Scout cookies to help out today's youth. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire with a fisherman’s vest (with pockets for lures, etc.) Optional to wear a captain’s hat and have fishing lures (no hooks) as props. 


University Registrar
Logan Anthony is the bossy registrar at Pinehorn University. Logan has a shady past, as Logan was an infamous tyrant during high school along with Reese Harvey.  Logan’s reputation hasn’t improved much over the years. Logan spends the days finding ways to reject the applications of potential students of the university.

Logan explains that Pinehorn University has the potential to become one of the famous Ivy League institutions, and that it will all start with increasing the mandatory qualifications of the candidates for admission.  Logan goes above and beyond when reviewing applicants, and Logan's acceptance percentage is the lowest of Logan's  counterparts at other universities. 

Logan and Furen Feathers have recently gotten into a public spat on social media about Logan's strict admissions policies. Dr. Feathers stated that Logan is not being fair to future students by not allowing them to attend the university when their SAT scores, high school GPA, and class ranking was well above the stated minimums for admission. Furen says Logan is a bully on a power trip. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual business attire (sweater, pants). Hair and makeup (if female) slightly outrageous. Optional to bring recruiting materials for Pinehorn University.


Social Media Consultant
Drew Adel is the highly intellectual social media consultant.  A dependable hard worker, Drew's a true and loyal friend. Drew's behavior is a tad obsessive, but some people appreciate Drew’s attention to detail. Drew can be off-putting at times with blunt honesty.

Drew is a self-proclaimed super fan of Armpit Anguish, and makes plenty of favorable posts on social media in support of the band and Parker Tankus. 

 Drew is also a Zoombot Fitness Instructor at the Pinehorn Recreation Center. Drew is known for trying to poach Reese Harvey's clients from the gym by sitting in the parking lot and handing out flyers for free classes. Reese has asked Drew multiple times to stop, and has recently had the manager of the gym banish Drew from the property. That didn't stop Drew, for Drew posted up at the entrance to the parking lot to pass out flyers and spread the word about the Zoombot classes. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire (tshirt, jeans). Smart phone with access to social media sites (i.e. Facebook. Twitter, etc.) as an optional prop. 


Police Officer
This crabby introvert has sworn to protect and serve the people of Pinehorn. Surprisingly, Officer Nelson is one of the most highly-decorated officers at the Pinehorn Police Department.  One likely scenario is that Officer Nelson has simply intimidated everybody at the station, as everybody does as they are told by Officer Nelson. Officer Nelson is rarely seen without fellow officers buzzing about.

Officer Nelson will be the first to tell you that s/he is a superhero that is solely responsible for the low crime rates in Pinehorn. Not one to share credit, this lawmaker will boast about being the one to intimidate potential criminals into not committing crimes. 

People who work at the station have claimed that Officer Nelson even bullies the police chief into doing whatever is needed to boost the officer's career and make him/her shine in the spotlight. The mayor of Pinehorn gave Officer Nelson the key to the city in a ceremony after Officer Nelson reportedly saved the mayor's cat from a tree.  Rumor has it that Officer Nelson wasn't even present when the cat was rescued, but nobody is brave enough to tell the mayor. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Police uniform. Optional to have fake guns, handcuffs, as props.



Pinehorn Police Department

The Pinehorn Police Department is known for efficiency and loyalty. Most of the officers think of each other as an extended family, and are often seen together when they are off-duty. 

Everyone allows Officer Nelson to take the leadership role in the group, but that might be due to Officer Nelson's overbearing personality - not because of extraordinary leadership skills.  Some have said off-record that they cannot wait until Officer Nelson does something corrupt that will knock the bully lawmaker off the high horse. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Police uniform. Optional to have fake guns, handcuffs, as props.


Reporter, CBC News

Pat Couric is always on top of the latest story and sometimes before the story happens!  Pat’s an ambitious investigative reporter for the CBC television station and will stop at nothing to be first to get the scoop.  Pat is rarely seen without a troupe of colleagues from CBC News.

Pat Couric has been lingering around Pinehorn's newest veterinarian, Dr. Furen Feathers. Pat has asked around, but nobody seems to know anything about Furen's background. 

Pat's news crew often complains behind Pat's back about Pat requiring them to work seven days per week.  Pat is demanding and calls everyone into work for no reason, most of the time. Pat is desperate to get a story since RBC News has been touted at the primary source of the news in Pinehorn. Pat's job is in jeopardy! 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual business attire (i.e. oxford shirt, pants). An optional microphone and notepad as props.


Camera operators, Audio Techs, Gaffers, Director, Producers

The News Crews at CBC are the hardest working film crew in the industry. Pat Couric will stop at nothing to get the scoop, and so the crew must work seven days per week and be on call for anything. 

Thus far, they haven't shown signs of being disgruntled, as they have been promised by Pat to have a higher-paying position when Pat gets a promotion. Pat is very loyal to the crew. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire - black t-shirt, black pants. Any kind of filming gear (i.e. clipboard, etc.) as optional props. 

Patricia Prim is an equestrian and reigning national champion for individual jumping. She was an Olympic hopeful, but after a freak accident on a jogging trail, she ended up in a wrist cast only a week before the games. Patricia is great with horses and has trained them her entire life, as she grew up in a family of jockeys. She is dedicated to her sport and her horses.

Patricia is not afraid to use her connections to get what she wants. She's the first one to ask a rock star friend for VIP passes, a playhouse director for front row seats, and a video gamer for lessons on how to play the top video games.  She is a good friend, but one who will undoubtedly take advantage of you. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Horse-riding attire or a t-shirt with horses on it. Casual attire is also fine.


Executive Video Game Tester
Jason Ramsay is the fun-loving video game tester for Box-X games. From his living room couch with five cats strolling about, he has risen to the level of an executive inspector. Box-X doesn’t release a game without Jason’s approval.

Jason is very protective of his cats and will wage war on anyone who isn't a fan of the feline persuasion. Some say that Jason would rather have a conversation with his cats than anyone else. Maybe that's a by-product of playing too many video games in solitude?
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tracksuit of any kind with a video game controller as an optional prop.  Real/toy cat is also optional.


Deadbee Cyan is a rising star and electronic dance music producer.  Deadbee is famous in the underground music scene and has recently gained recognition for receiving a Gram Award for his hit song Death Kills.  People say that everything Deadbee touches turns to gold.  It would be wise to stay under Deadbee’s wings if you are seeking fame and fortune.

Many of the Pinehorn residents are buzzing about since Deadbee is coming into town for the Devonshire fundraiser. Deadbee is on the verge of making it big, so many people are calling this shining star and trying to get face time before this music sensation gets in too deep with the Hollywood elite.


Playhouse Director
Finn Burgundy is the brazen leader of the Moon Shadow Playhouse.  Finn prefers to produce dark-themed plays for the theater and is a demanding director.  Finn will get what s/he wants at all costs, so stay out of Finn’s cross-hairs if you are serious about self-preservation.

Finn is super nervous about an upcoming play debut. Finn went out on a limb and made a play that is very loosely inspired by Little Orphan Annie against the Board's advice. The premiere is coming up, and Finn is a bundle of nerves, as the actors in the production have vocalized that the play is stupid, as have the employees of the theater who have sat in and watched rehearsals.  Finn needs everything to go right on opening night, so that Finn can save face with the Board. If not, Finn's job could be at stake! 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Director costume with a megaphone as an optional prop.


CBC News Reporter
Astor Jack is the gregarious news anchor for CBC News. Astor has recently secured the promotion to the coveted news desk and will do anything to keep the job. Therefore, if you have any secrets that are news-worthy, you should stay clear of Astor.

Astor risked life and limb to get promoted to the news anchor position. Dodging death threats, tampered lunches in the break-room fridge, and downright nasty comments on social media, Astor has prevailed against all the odds and shocked the company with getting the prime-time title. Everyone thought that Pat Couric, the field reporter who has been with CBC the longest and works 365 days/year, would have been the one to land the spot, but alas, Astor was the victor.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Paparazzo / reporter costume with a microphone / notepad & pen as optional props.


Tony Tangerine is the blatantly honest artist.  This paintbrush holder tells the truth, even if it’s to Tony’s detriment. However, if it’s honesty and facts you seek, find Tony.

Tony has told those in the inner circle that s/he is moving to Silver City, an adjacent town that isn't as nice as the town of Pinehorn. Tony can no longer afford the lease at the gallery or the three-bedroom apartment on Nutmeg Street, as the art gallery hasn't been doing much business.  It was an unexpected drop in business, so Tony wasn't prepared for this move, and doesn't have much money in savings. Needless to say, this artist has been under a ton of stress recently.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Beret with paint splattered apron.


Lou Angel is the incredibly paranoid magician.  Lou performs weekly at the local theater and is constantly dribbling about conspiracy theory nonsense.  Lou is a talented magician with a great team of assistants.  Lou performs a fantastic magic show, but this trickster is quite exhausting to be around on a personal level.

Lou's manager has been seeking jobs for Lou elsewhere, outside of Pinehorn. Due to recent unfortunate events, the audience for Lou's once-magical productions has been dwindling. Lou still owns a magic ship, but what is a magician without performances and fans?
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Magician costume. Optional to have a wand and top hat as optional props.


E.R. Physician
Frankie Vermillion is the energetic emergency room physician.  This is one doc that is in serious love…with Dr. Frankie Vermillion. Frankie doesn’t pass up a reflective surface without a quick admiration of his/her features.

Frankie's narcissism often gets in the way of friendships, as nobody likes having to check every last one of Frankie's hairs every fifteen minutes while hanging out. Frankie needs to learn to chill out about appearances, or this doc won't have any friends!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Scrubs. Lab coat and stethoscope as optional props.  


A physically-fit, totally irrational train wreck – Skye Gandalf refuses to offer allegiance to any person unless it compensates or benefits in some manner. An independent survivalist, Skye is great at thinking outside the box and will design innovative ways to achieve goals. Skye is an emergency room nurse at the Pinehorn Medical Center. This caregiver is stone-faced, impossibly strong, and is severely addicted to tomatoes.

Skye only contacts people if there is something to be gained, such as gossip, free tickets, or favors.  Therefore, if you receive a message or phone call from Skye, proceed with caution.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Scrubs or other nursing uniform.


Bounty Hunter

Defiant and headstrong, Angel Angstrom has tossed every known social convention out the window to capture bounties. An outlaw hunter with many burned bridges in Pinehorn, Angel must jump tricky hurdles and rely upon exceptional ingenuity to ensure survival. Angel has a cold, calculating demeanor, yet is still quite likable. When not on the road hunting bail-jumping felons, Angel works as a sketch artist at the police station.

Angel is in the midst of a scandal for allowing the infamous Riverside Strangler to evade capture. The New York City P.D. hired Angel to track the serial killer, and after receiving solid word of his whereabouts, this renowned bounty hunter allowed the dangerous criminal to slip away. Many people are saying that Angel allowed the killer to get away, but why would Angel do that? 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Leather (or pleather) vests/pants, long hair (wig), feather clips in hair, and many leather wrist bands.


With eyes that will turn madder than hatters and a friendly personality that becomes mysterious and untamed, Dane Havisham is a self-made chocolatier and owner of Havisham Chocolates. Dane claims to speak telepathically with animals and is a highly-imaginative candy maker who makes cutting-edge chocolates that are sold globally. Eager to please and impress others – Dane is quite a theatrical individual. Obsessed with the color purple, close friends refer to Dane as Grape.

Dane was a carefree person until twenty years ago when Dane found out that the employees of the factory were selling secrets to the competition. Ever since that happened, Dane can't trust anyone and has recoiled into a shell. Nobody has been allowed in his chocolate factory besides the employees he hired from Gully Gully Island - a small piece of land in the Caribbean that few people even knew about until recently.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Dane loves purple, so choose deep purples and see if you can find a dark Willy Wonka-inspired costume.



Singer, Songwriter

Fueled by annoyance, world-weariness, and a burning need for the freedom of expression, Florian Eyre seems capable of anything. Florian sings and plays the harp and has climbed to the top of the pop charts with the song Mermaid Tinsel. Will it be a one hit wonder? Only time will tell. Florian is quite talkative, especially when it comes to describing whims, imaginations, and dreams. A technophobe who digitally lives in the eighties, Florian is a great dancer who will cut a rug when tunes are playing.

Florian once tried to hire the guitar player from Armpit Anguish, Parker Tankus. Parker turned down the offer and formed Armpit Anguish, wrote a few hits, and now they are about to launch their first world tour. Florian and Parker haven't spoken since both of their music careers have taken off. One might wonder how they'd be doing had they teamed up? The world will never know the answer to that, however. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy, eccentric, pop-idol attire.


Employee, House of Dread

August Orlando is a tough-as-nails antisocial haunted house actor at the House of Dread.   August is a bit violent and fights a constant battle of bad versus good within. Sometimes, August loses the struggle and the alter ego known as The Grim surfaces. August is usually logical except for times when rage and the loathing for humankind get in the way.

The other employees at the House of Dread have complained about August practicing smiles in the hall of mirrors. They find it creepy and fear for their lives. However, the manager of the haunted house hasn't acted upon all of the complaints because August has a photographic memory and extraordinary skills in mathematics. For those reasons, the manager has August doing work on the side as the accountant for the business - free of charge, of course. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any creepy attire. Optional to bring a ‘Mr. Hyde’ mask with you for when The Grim comes out.



Travel Writer

Hero Tintin is a cerebrally-brilliant, refined, and sophisticated travel writer.  Hero often does terrible things to others without conscience or remorse. With cultured tastes in music, fine art, and cuisine, Hero speaks several languages and is profoundly offended by disrespect.  Hero travels the globe and writes blogs for Travel Guide Universal and is obsessed with Christmas.

Rumors have it that Hero started traveling because of the people who live in Pinehorn. Hero doesn't get along well with others, and is the subject of many controversies in town. Hero recently had an accident while riding a bike on the sidewalk and refused to pay for damages done to a parked vehicle. Hero could easily end up in court if money isn't forked over for the broken side mirror. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual, tourist/resort wear. Optional: any type of tourist-inspired props.


Professor, Hogcastle Preparatory School

A wayward recluse, Hayden is aloofly sarcastic and manages a controlled façade that is forever concealing anguish and unpleasant emotions. Hayden’s optimism and values stand in contrast to the hardened exterior and cynical behavior. A perfectionist, this professor of moon science at Hogcastle Preparatory School is a no-nonsense instructor and refuses to lend an ear to hogwash or tomfoolery.

Professor Sabbath puts up an intimidating front, but few people have done poorly in the professor's moon science class. For that reason, the students adore this teacher and have rated the professor a 4.8/5 on the popular ranking site, Rating my Professors. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black cloak/robe.


Movie Critic

A self-loathing bully who is unaware of other’s problems or feelings, Mickey Humbert is a pessimistic film critic who day-dreams continuously of what s/he couldn’t be in life. Mickey has difficulty engaging in meaningful relationships and finds more significance and closeness to movies than to everyday life. A tiresome flake who’s always exhausted, Mickey cancels plans with others that were made months in advance.

Mickey is always seen wearing new, designer clothing and has every electronic gadget known to humankind. Mickey's movie review website must be doing great, as the cash is definitely flowing from Mickey's pockets.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire. A movie t-shirt if you have one.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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