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Daunting Night of Monsters and Murder

The Annual Monster Summit is scheduled once again, and the who's who in the monster world are required to attend to discuss the upcoming year's frightening events. As you may remember, a few monsters always foul the chemistry of the group, so get ready for a night of excitement. You've been summoned and are required to attend! This is where your story begins. 

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Guest List


Grim Reaper
Grimoth Jones is the president of the Grim Reaper and the International Monster Association (IMA).  A fun-loving comedian, this death seeker will burst into song whenever the time’s right.

Grimoth has said an important announcement will be made at the Monster Summit. Rumors are circulating that Grimoth might be retiring as the president of the IMA. If this happens, it could be a disaster. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Grim Reaper costume. Black hooded cape and toy sickle are optional. White/gray face makeup with black accents on the face.


Egyptian Mummy
Pyra Med is the ruthless prankster of the group.  Pyra isn’t respected by many of the other monsters and will lash out and do whatever it takes to get attention.

Pyra Med hails from Egypt and is a member of one of the wealthiest families in the world. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mummy costume. White/off-white clothing underneath with gauze wrapped around the body (not too tight!). Face painted white with black accents.


Serial Killer
Vorhee Myers is an obsessive and heartless serial killer.  Vorhee is known to be judgmental of others and enjoys spreading horrible rumors about colleagues of the International Monster Association.

Vorhee openly dislikes the undead, as they cannot be murdered. Vorhee doesn't have many friends. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Serial killer costume. Blue coverall jumpsuit. A hockey mask and a toy knife are props.


Swamp Creature
Slimey Green is the hyperactive swamp creature from the Glop Lagoon. A carefree creature, this lagoon dweller will perform rap songs about friends and current events.

Slimey lives in one of the hot spots of the monster world. Around the lagoon are uninhabited caves that many monsters want to reside in. Slimey doesn't mind if they move into the caves, but the water in the lagoon must stay.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Swamp monster costume. Green clothing (shirt/pants). Soak gauze in green food coloring, remove, and allow drying for two days. Drape green gauze from clothing. Green face makeup with black accents.


Do not invite Howlie Moon to an elegant dinner at your home.  This werewolf has horrible manners and shrill, shrieking laughter that would even send a screaming banshee into the abyss. 

Howlie hasn't always been a werewolf. When this furry creature was a youngster, an unfortunate curse turned Howlie into a werewolf.  Howlie used to be a different kind of monster but prefers being a werewolf. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Werewolf costume. Button-down flannel shirt and khaki pants. Place fake hair coming out of the shirt at the wrist and collar. Paint your face like a wolf and purchase a werewolf kit for the ears and claws.


Pumpkin Head
Pummy Kenface is the friendly and nerdy pumpkin-head monster.  Pummy gets any party going with innovative dance moves.

After a teenage prank went wrong, Pummy ended up with a pumpkin as a head. However, Pummy enjoys being a member of the International Monster Association and has no regrets. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Pumpkin head costume. Black shirt and pants with face makeup as a pumpkin or a pumpkin mask.


Dragula is a mysterious monster who strives to lead any group.  Dragula does what it takes to establish dominance - and some take great offense to this behavior. 

Dragula bites other monsters, hoping this behavior will make Dragula the alpha monster. However, most of the monsters find it annoying.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A vampire or vampira costume with slicked-back (Black) hair, white face makeup, and fake vampire teeth. Tiny red stickers would be props for' biting' monsters.


Livan Gann is an egotistical zombie. This one-upping undead should be avoided at the Monster Summit - unless you wish to hear how Livan’s done everything more and better than you have.

Livan openly professes that zombies are superior monsters, but many disagree. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Zombie costume. Any shredded/ripped clothing. White face makeup with black and red accents. Hair in a big mess.


Giant Gorilla Beast
A compulsive liar, even when the trust is best, Royal Pong can look you straight in the eyes and tell you the most outrageous tale, and you’ll believe it every time.  Don’t fall victim to this furry fiend.

Royal Pong wasn't born a hairy beast. Royal was recently cursed during an expedition around some Egyptian tombs. Royal has settled into the monstrous life, as no cure, magic spell, or anti-curse is known to monster kind.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gorilla costume or black shirt/pants and a gorilla mask. Or a black shirt/pants and face makeup as a gorilla.


Scientific Creation
Tankenstein is an intellectual perfectionist with exquisite manners. This science project gone right will cater to your every need. However, this overindulgent behavior will drive the other monsters batty after a while!

Tankenstein doesn't fit in well with the other beasts, for Tank is neither living nor dead. Tank was created and is an artificial form of life that many of the monsters do not recognize. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Frankenstein costume. Or, face and hands painted green with black accents. Fake bolts (made out of foil) adhered to the neck with costume prop glue.


Onyx Blazen is a powerful sorcerer with severe anger management problems, which is a frightful combo since Onyx’s specialty is fire magic. Onyx is a strong Order of the Grim Knights leader and is respected within the magical community.

Onyx has been working on self-control lately. Many are pleased about the outcome of an incident in which Onyx was a victim of bullies. For the first time, Onyx didn't incinerate them as retaliation. The magical community was proud. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume - black robes, witch’s hat. Face painted green. A wand and cauldron (with a dry ice cube inside) are optional props. (Make sure dry ice is handled according to instructions.)


Spider-Human Hybrid
With eight legs and a spine-chilling persona, Octavus is the stereotype of a monster. Octavus is a spider activist and fights for the rights of spiders around the world.

Octavus is attending the Monster Summit this year, even though the annual Spider and Spider Hybrid Assembly was scheduled for the same it always is scheduled. Octavus believes that someone doesn't want spiders at the Monster Summit. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tarantula costume. Black shirt/pants with four pairs of fake arms/legs coming out of the torso. Make the legs by stuffing socks and then attaching them to the shirt by stitching them on with needle/thread.


Abominable Snowperson
Yeti Berg is the quirky monster who terrorizes the thrill-seeking humans of the Himalayas.  Yeti has a peculiar aversion to the word you. Upon hearing the word, Yeti goes into fits!

Everyone knows that Yeti Berg and Pummy Kenface have a sordid past. Will these two be able to remain in the same room without causing drama during the Monster Summit? 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Yeti or Bumble costume. Wear all white and purchase cotton from a hobby supply store. Apply the cotton everywhere possible. Wear white face makeup with blue accents.


Boogey Monster
Everyone knows that Bogarti Bubonic is a kleptomaniac.  Keep your eye(s) on your belongings at the Monster Summit.  Not only do children around the world need to worry about Bogarti jumping out from under their beds, but their toys often disappear from their rooms after a good scare.

Bogarti hides in closets and shouts boo to unsuspecting kids, but it's just a job to Bogarti. Bogarti's real passion in life is playing with toys. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Boogey Man costume or Oogie Boogie. Any scary mask with black robes. Fake claws on the fingers are optional props.


Mad Scientist
Dr.  Heckyl is the prototypical mad scientist but with a sugary-sweet and meager personality. This doc’s altered ego is a monstrous, spiteful villain who goes by the name of Mr. Jive.

Dr. Heckyl sent in the registration for the Monster Summit as Dr. Heckly and not Mr. Jive. Hopefully, this doc sticks with the plan and doesn't allow Mr. Jive to surface and torment the other monsters. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mad scientist costume - lab coat and hair in an absolute mess. A scary face mask as a prop for Mr. Jive.


Minot Orman is the neighborhood gossip with greedy tendencies. This beastly brute makes the term ‘watch your back' meaningful, as Minot is totally self-obsessed and lacks even a shred of altruism.

If you tell Minot Orman a secret, you can bet that half of your friends will know about it within two shakes of a dog's tail. Do not confide in this monster if you have skeletons in your closet that you don't want to let out!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Beast costume. Large bull horns on the head. These horns can be purchased or made out of paper maché, painted, and glued to a headband. Brown shirt/pants and a fake rapier. Brown face makeup and a fake nose ring on the nose.


Nightmare Haunter
Teddie Frugal is the penny-pinching nightmare haunter.  Teddie must always have the final word to end a conversation. Be careful - if things don’t go Teddie’s way, you’ll pay the price with nightmares. 

Teddie is open to haunting the nightmares of other monsters, which is why this dream intruder is one of the least popular fiends of the International Monster Association. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Freddy Krueger costume. Tattered, oversized striped sweater. A fedora hat and fake knife claws on one hand.


Apari Shon is a must-invite to any gathering. Apari’s random animal impersonations keep everyone entertained. This witty spectral is predictable, so you will always know where you stand.

Apari is a good friend to have but often rants about how not enough monsters have become ghosts. Apari gets lonely sometimes, as most monsters are immortal. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Ghost costume - white sheet with two holes for the eyes and one for the mouth (to breathe)!

Ruler of Darkness
Ozbourne is the egotistical Ruler of Darkness. Ozbourne will spout out rhymes about anything happening in the vicinity.  There is never a dull moment with this dark royalty, as Ozbourne always keeps the pot stirred.

Ozbourne is secretly working on top-secret chemicals in a secret laboratory with another monster. Nobody is sure what type of chemicals are being researched, however. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gothic attire. Black clothing, black cape. Dark sunglasses and gothic jewelry.


Oculon Mono is the most brilliant monster in the International Monster Association. A pure genius, you should look for this monster if you are seeking sound advice.  Listen carefully, as Oculon can only speak in a whisper.

Some say that Oculon can predict the future, but this cyclops claims that such a high IQ gives the power of wisdom, which is often mistaken for future-telling.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Cyclops costume. Giant eye affixed to the middle of the forehead. Face painted purple. Purple clothing.

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