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Saints & Sinners Murder Mystery

Twilight Cove is a mysterious city by the bay filled with secrets, scandals, and intriguing personalities. The metropolis is the home base of a dangerous international crime syndicate, Eclipse. The agents of this secretive organization live their lives as innocuous people – free from the federal government’s radar. Dark Core is the anonymous crime boss of Eclipse and has called for a Saints & Sinners-themed gala to be held at The Crescent Hotel. All Eclipse agents are required to attend. There may be moles posing as members of Eclipse, but Dark Core is on a mission to find out who is loyal and who is working undercover for the feds.
You are an Eclipse agent and know you will not live long if you fail to attend this cloak-and-dagger event. Eclipse has the power to wipe out all traces of you from the face of the Earth – both digital and physical. Will Dark Core finally reveal his or her identity? Nobody knows the answer to this, but you should be afraid if you are one of the spies.
Your instructions from Dark Core are to dress as a saint or a sinner for the celebration—it’s your choice. Please realize that Dark Core always has a reason for every action. Will your attire at the party give away your loyalties? Only time will tell. This is where your story begins. 

Need help with a costume?

Guest List




    Cover story: Dr. Ketterly is the director of an underground BSL-4 lab at an unknown location for the Center for Disease Containment. Jamie’s lab has the highest level of safety precautions and handles fatal agents that can be aerosolized and lack treatment or vaccines. Jamie is currently studying a top-secret virus and refuses to give anyone further details. Friends closest to Jamie keep their distance during social gatherings, as they don’t know what Jamie’s drug home from work, so shaking hands with Jamie is out of the question. Jamie is easily annoyed and often snaps at people, so tread cautiously around this virus doc.


Eclipse identity: Jamie is a Blitzer for Eclipse, and has been for four years. Jamie is currently working on a virus (NAL version six) that will infect a person via an odorless aerosol and make it appear as though the person is dead for twenty-four hours. NAL stands for 'near after-life.' Eclipse plans to use this virus, when ready, to begin the trial run in Twilight Cove as a test run. If all goes well in Twilight Cove, all major cities will be taken over simultaneously using the NAL virus to infect and remove high-ranking officials and transport them to the Island of Lost Souls, which Eclipse owns. Eclipse agents will slip into their places.




    Cover story:  Fortune Airlines is a new luxury airline. With tickets in the economy section starting at 1K, this indulgent airline caters to the rich, famous, and fortunate. Tracy Silverfur is a commercial pilot for Fortune and flies wealthy clients to major cities around the world. Tracy can also be booked for private flights. This pilot wears glasses but doesn’t need them and speaks with acronyms whenever possible.


Eclipse identity: Tracy has been a Blitzer for Eclipse for eight years since the organization was formed. Tracy is a weapons distributor and is in charge of arming Eclipse cells in major cities around the globe. Once phase one of Operation A is underway, military force will only be utilized in the event of a breach or failure of the protocol. In the new world (after the Eclipse takeover), Tracy will be the Chief Aviation Officer.




  Cover story:  Morgan Karlof is a celebrity bodyguard for hire. Morgan prefers to freelance instead of sign a contract with a famous face, as Morgan wants the freedom to do whatever and whenever. Morgan never sleeps and has many physical scars, but won’t talk about them. This bodyguard may be fearless but is intimidated by technology. A one-finger typist, Morgan prefers to call from a landline and send letters via the local post instead of using today’s conveniences.


Eclipse identity: Morgan is an Earner for Eclipse and has been for two years. Morgan is a freelance bodyguard. While on the job, Morgan is to steal objects of high value from unsuspecting celebrities. Also, Morgan must report the locations of safes and security details in celebrity mansions. 




    Cover story: A former agoraphobic, Izzy Baldor is one of the top online reviewers in the world. Izzy is rated number one on crowd-sourced review sites such as Yilp, Top Gun Travel, Spitfire, and more. Anyone with something to be reviewed online is extraordinarily nice to Izzy, as there have been instances of this reviewer getting revenge. Izzy is an avid vlogger who reviews products on a UTube channel with over five million followers. If Izzy loves your product, you’ll be rich. Izzy is a foodie and has tiny handwriting.


Eclipse identity: Izzy is an Earner for Eclipse and has been with the organization for one year after meeting a fellow Eclipse member at a coffee shop. Izzy is one of the top online reviewers in the world. Izzy must blackmail specific targets with a threat of a barrage of negative online reviews of their businesses. However, Izzy has recently blackmailed a few non-sanctioned businesses, and Dark Core is unhappy about this. 




  Cover story:  Robin Rayford is a Twilight Cove City Council member and a career politician. Robin is an attorney who aspires to be the United States President after winning the 2032 election. Robin is a social climbing networker and never misses a private party, corporate event, or social gathering in town. Robin seems to know a little bit about everyone in town and is a highly skilled eavesdropper.


Eclipse identity: Robin is a Blitzer for Eclipse, and has been for seven years. Robin will assume the mayoral position of Twilight Cove once the trial run begins and Eclipse removes all high-ranking city officials and law enforcers who are not agents of Eclipse. If all goes well with the Twilight Cove trial, phase one of Operation A will be implemented in all major cities across the nation. 




      Cover story: Nat Peebles performs criminal activities legally as an ethical hacker. After being busted as the ringleader for Nameless - an international network of protest and prank hackers, Nat was hired by the feds to work a nine-to-five job hacking into federal systems and finding the weak spots. Gossips have been spreading rumors that Nat is still working with the former hack group. However, how will Nat’s superiors ever know if that’s the case? The only reason Nat was caught last time is that Nat bragged to the wrong person at a coffee shop, a federal agent on the cyber task force, about a prank attack on the Malaysian government’s website where they plastered pictures of bunnies eating carrots in place of their original content. Nat is an enthusiastic vegan and a member of most animal rights groups.


Eclipse identity: Nat has been a Blitzer for Eclipse for eight months. Nat was intentionally arrested for hacking a pseudo-organization called Nameless. This was an elaborate Trojan Horse-style setup to get Nat inside enemy lines. Nat uses the federal position to gather intelligence for Eclipse. 




    Cover story: Hayden Dames is a traveling tour guide who journeys to major cities and sets up tour guide pop-up shops using Segway PT two-wheeled self-balancing scooters. Hayden never stays in one place for long and travels around the country with an RV towing a trailer of scooters. Hayden is currently in the metropolitan area of Twilight Cove, giving tours of downtown, along the edge of the bay, and the bats from the 5th Street Bridge. Hayden is known for flattery and forever gives people pet names such as babe, sweetie, and doll. Some people find this behavior to be irritating, and others have read far too much into it.


Eclipse identity: Hayden is a Fixer for Eclipse and has been for five years. Hayden's job is to learn the city's layout and structure and network with city officials while operating the Segway tour business as a front. Hayden also provides courier services for Eclipse agents. Knowing the most people in town and the ins and outs - Hayden is often used to assist in the clean-up of crime scenes in Twilight Cove. However, Hayden may have planted evidence on a foe and fellow Eclipse agent, and this issue is making great waves within the organization. 




        Cover story: Kelly Bellview has one of the most tiresome yet unique jobs in the city of Twilight Cove. Kelly is a self-employed live mannequin and human statue. The luxury department stores on 5th Street often hire Kelly to stand in their windows as a mannequin while modeling their clothes, jewelry, or other items. Kelly can also be hired for parties to dress as a human statue for a fun effect. Kelly constantly apologizes for things and always feels guilty for no reason. Kelly has an uncanny ability to guess strangers’ zodiac signs.


Eclipse identity: Kelly is an Earner for Eclipse and has been with the organization for a year and a half. Luxury department stores and wealthy clients hire Kelly as a human mannequin/statue. While working, Kelly gains intelligence on the location of safes and other expensive items (e.g., the jewels modeled in department store windows). Kelly reports the information to the cat burglars. The burglars steal the items, and no connection to the crime is made to Kelly. 




   Cover story: A collector of many unique items, Jordan Tippins can be hired online to stand in line for you. From Black Friday sales to popular concerts, Jordan will hold your place while you sit in the comforts of home. However, watch out for the steep rate; Jordan charges 100 bucks an hour for remaining vertical and single-file. Jordan has never met a stranger and will make anyone feel like they’ve been friends since childhood. 


Eclipse identity: Jordan is an Earner for Eclipse, and has been with the organization for eight years. Jordan is one of the original agents. Jordan's job for Eclipse is to operate a line-standing business. As Jordan stands in line, Jordan is to pickpocket other line standers - but more importantly, use facial recognition software to identify other people in line. Then, Jordan reports the information to the cat burglars, who will determine wealth and status (married, single, with kids) to see who is the most likely to have an empty house with something worth stealing. 




      Cover story:  A former class clown, Dr. Caroway is the grim forensic pathologist for the county. When Liv’s gloved hands aren’t squishing around the dead’s innards, they’re feverously thumbing on a smartphone. Addicted to texting, Liv’s face is always glued to a mobile device, but nobody knows who’s receiving the messages. Liv isn’t good with spoken dialogue and may seem awkward to be around.


Eclipse identity: Liv has been a Fixer for Eclipse for a year. Liv alters autopsies and other forensic evidence when Eclipse agents are involved in a crime. As the only forensic pathologist in the city of Twilight Cove, Liv has full control of the evidence presented in court. 




        Cover story: Cameron Zech is a veterinary acupuncturist and owner of Dog Poke Salon. Cameron treats animals by inserting needles into specific points of their bodies to elicit a natural healing response. Animals with paralysis, inflammation, and pain are treated with needles by stimulating nerves, increasing blood circulation, releasing hormones, and more. Cameron’s salon is tailored to wealthy pet owners with big hearts. On a personal level, this dog doc believes a malevolent ghost from the 1800s named Mr. Walters is always nearby and wants to cause mayhem.

Eclipse identity: Cameron has been a Fixer for Eclipse for three years. Cameron owns and operates a luxury dog salon, where most clients pay cash and visit frequently. Cameron is one of the organization's main money launderers. 



      BOUNTY HUNTER        

    Cover story: Charlie Delecore is a ruthless bounty hunter from Twilight Cove. Charlie can be hired from anywhere around the globe and has a 100% guarantee. If Charlie’s hired to capture a fugitive, they’ll be behind bars in record time. On many occasions, criminals who have learned Charlie’s got their name have turned themselves over to authorities. This bail enforcement agent is ruthless and will stop at nothing to catch the outlaw. Charlie doesn’t know how to drive and relies on private drivers and public transportation, but claims the transport time is used to track down the mark.


Eclipse identity: Charlie has been a Fixer for Eclipse for seven years. Charlie Delecore is an Eclipse assassin and a bounty hunter for targets from which Dark Core needs information.



       COVER: AUTHOR         

    Cover story:  Kel Sehorn is a best-selling fiction author known for the Dramadon Valley zombie apocalypse books. Kel is morose and lives for anything macabre. Chats with Kel often lead to murder, chaos, and end-of-the-world scenarios. Kel is mischievous and will pull pranks on unsuspecting victims at social events. Watch your backs around this poison pen – literally.


Eclipse identity: Kel has been a Blitzer for Eclipse for five years. Kel is a computer hacker who has been credited with many international incidents, such as the hack of Bony Records corporate emails, the WickyTell posts of sensitive political information, and even an attack on the Swiss banking system. 




     Cover story: Ollie Waltzer is a flavor chemist for Sunshine Foods. With detail-oriented taste buds and a keen sense of smell, Ollie uses aroma chemicals, oils, and extracts to create flavors people will love in their foods and beverages. Ollie is obsessed with holidays and is always planning and chatting about whatever celebration is on the horizon. Ollie’s superstitious and refuses to use electricity unless it is absolutely necessary. 


Eclipse identity: Ollie is a Blitzer for Eclipse. Ollie has been working with Jamie to stabilize the NAL virus in food flavorings as part of a backup plan for World Terror if Operation A fails. Ollie is to work on a stable, tasteless, and odorless formula to insert into the most common items from Sunshine Foods and other items. During the mass hysteria of a mass viral infection - which will be presumed to be lethal for 24 hours - Eclipse will take a stronghold of all city governments. However, this plan is only Plan B - and will not be used unless necessary. 




      Cover story: The Twilight Cove Bingo Hall is a senior hot spot in town. Drew Hellmouth is the meticulous manager of the smoke-filled gambling establishment. Drew has been trying to modernize the hall to no avail. The current clientele loves the bingo hall how it’s always been—since it opened in the fifties. Drew has an unhealthy obsession with caffeine and can often be seen learning the newest dance crazes on the internet.

Eclipse identity: Drew has been a Fixer for Eclipse for six years. Drew owns and operates a bingo hall where clients pay cash and visit frequently. Drew is one of the organization's leading money launderers. 




        Cover story: Shannon Trumble is the clandestine corporate spy for hire. From Spy Space's website, you can hire Shannon to become employed with your competition and report as many details as your package plan outlines. With an ever-changing impressive resume that qualifies Shannon for any job you can dream up, Shannon guarantees employment at your destination within thirty days, or you get your money back. Shannon does nothing by the books and hasn’t paid taxes in over a decade.


Eclipse identity: Shannon is a Blitzer for Eclipse and has been for two years. Shannon secures top-level corporate jobs and allows the cyber team to embezzle funds while on Shannon's watch - as Shannon covers the tracks from the inside. Once Operation A is in phase one, Shannon will take over as CEO of one of the top corporations in the world - B.E. Global.

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