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Without the Fixers, the agents of Eclipse would be populating the prisons around the world. The Fixers remove evidence and protect the agents of the organization.  The Fixers are a group made up of forensic pathologists, law enforcement officers, attorneys, business owners who engage in money laundering, among other professional positions. 

The Fixers protocol for Operation A is as follows: 

In the early stages of the major city takedown, the fixers will ensure no forensic evidence (both physical and digital) will be traceable to the organization as a whole or any of its members. Once the major city takedown is complete (phase one), and phase two is underway, the fixers will convert to Blitzers. 


The Earners are the heart of the organization. Without the Earners diligence and hard  work, world domination would never be possible.  Examples of Earners are made up of thieves (from pick pockets to professional cat burglars, legitimate business owners, and arms dealers. 

The Earners protocol for Operation A is as follows: 

During all phases of the operation, the Earners are to stay the course of normal operations within their business/routines. The Earners will grow exponentially in number as the take-downs occur during the four phases of Operation A. The Earners of Eclipse will assume the CEO and board positions of corporations as the corporations are acquired by Eclipse. The corporate heads will help to fulfill the mission of world domination. 


The Blitzers are the strong arm of the organization.  Eclipse will have to show power and authority once Operation A is underway. Since world domination is the ultimate goal of Eclipse, a strong offense is key. The Blitzers are made up of a diverse group from law enforcement, the military, scientists working on biowarfare agents, and cyber professionals. Once Operation A is implemented, a strong, coordinated attack from all fronts will begin. 

The Blitzers protocol for Operation A is as follows: 

During phase one (the major city takedown), the Blitz team will infect city leaders with the NAL virus and transport them to an underground facility on the Island of Lost Souls - an isolated island owned by Eclipse.  The cyber team will move money from local, state and federal accounts into the Eclipse bank accounts, and falsify any online records needed to complete and assist with phase one. Eclipse agent politicians and law enforcers will take over the missing persons' positions and control of the city will be obtained. 


Phase two of Operation A will include a clean up of all surrounding cities in the nation. 


Phase three will be a federal takeover.


Phase four will be takeover of foreign nations.


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