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Game of Crowns

Over the last century, the Ethos Realm has become more disordered and tumultuous. The relationships between the six kingdoms have deteriorated, but with the impending marriage between the House of Langstone and Tyrele, there is hope for peace and unity.

Queen Crestian Langstone has invited all royal families from the Ethos Realm to the Castle of Westerfell to join in celebration the night before her son’s wedding.

It is curious that some of the invited guests have previously been banished or have fled the Kingdom of Westerfell for fear of their lives, but for some peculiar reason, they have accepted the queen’s invitation and will attend the festivities. Does the queen have ill-intentions, or is she turning over a new leaf and extending the olive branch to her former foes?

This is where your story begins. 

Guest List



Winter Gully, House of Slark

Sence Slark is the daughter of the late Lord Wylliam Slark and Queen Cicely Slark. Sence is always found with her grimwolf named Grace. Once betrothed to the Evil King, Princess Slark is hardened and wishes to ally with the House of Tyrele to seek revenge on Westerfell.

Suggested attire: Medieval maiden/princess costume.


Queen Regent of Westerfell

A widow, Queen Crestian Langstone is the mother of Godfrey Langstone, The Evil King of Westerfell. Crestian is supportive of her son, no matter what heinous acts he commits against the people of Westerfell. It is only a matter of time before someone slays Godfrey and ends his tyranny.

Suggested attire: Medieval queen costume.


Princess of Neferia

Princess Margaret Tyrele is the brazen princess from the powerful House of Tyrele, the royal family of Nefaria. She is one of the most manipulative souls in the realm; nobody should trust her if they value their lives. Margaret is currently betrothed to King Godfrey of Westerfell, and the people of the West have given their loyalty to her without question.

Suggested attire: Medieval maiden/princess costume.


Warrior Princess

Princess Denysia Gareon fled Westerfell as a child after her father, the former king, was murdered. She made a secret ally with Queen Cicely Slark of Winter Gully and has been building up an army of pirates to retaliate and take back the throne. Nobody in the realm is aware that the legend of dragons is true. Denysia’s winged companion is a fire-breathing dragon named Drogue.

Suggested attire: Medieval warrior princess costume. Toy sword as a prop.  Toy dragon as a prop.


Queen of Winter Gully

Queen Cicely Slark is the self-proclaimed ruler of the Kingdom of Winter Gully.  Fiercely loyal to her family, she will seek revenge on anybody who crosses one of her seven children. Cicily has been hiding Princess Gareon of Westerfell over the last year and is aiding Denysia’s quest to seize the throne that belongs to the Gareon bloodline.

Suggested attire: Medieval queen costume.


Warrior, House of Lantis

A faithful warrior in the House of Lantis, Beatrix has denounced her royal title and opted to train as a knight in the King’s Royal Guard. Her father, King Gage Lantis, has always given Beatrix what she desires and granted her wish to become a warrior. However, her mother, Queen Millicent, adamantly disapproves.

Suggested attire: Medieval warrior costume. Toy sword as a prop.


Warrior, Wilder Tribe

Yedvthe is a bold member of the Wilder Tribe, a nomadic group of warriors in the northeast. Yedvthe and her tribe are now interested in forming alliances with the six Kingdoms, even though their clan has made over a dozen attempts at conquering the Kingdom of Nefaria. For this reason, there is bad blood, and the Wilders are known as savages.

Suggested attire: Medieval snow warrior costume.


Sorceress, House of Thorne

Hailing from a faraway realm, Malin is a sorceress who now resides in the Thorne Kingdom and serves as King Ulric Thorne's chief advisor. She has powers of foresight and often uses black magic to get the king what he desires. Malin can also create dark phantoms to carry out her diabolical schemes. It is best to stay on this dark witch’s good side.

Suggested attire: Medieval sorceress costume.


King of Westerfell

 Otherwise known as The Evil King, King Godfrey Langstone is the tyrannical ruler of Westerfell. Most consider Godfrey to be insane, whereas others believe his mother makes the cruel decisions for the House of Langstone. Godfrey is betrothed to Princess Margaret Tyrele of Nefaria.

Suggested attire: Medieval king costume. Toy sword as a prop (or other medieval weapon).


 Lord Commander of the Westerfell Royal Guard

James Langstone is the uncle of King Godfrey Langstone of Westerfell and the younger sibling of Queen Regent Crestian Langstone. He is noted as one of the greatest fighters in the Ethos Realm. However, he’s rumored to have murdered many people, including Denysia Gareon’s father and Queen Cicely Slark’s husband.

Suggested attire: Medieval knight costume. Sword and shield as optional props.


Lord Commander of the Queen’s Army of Winter Gully

Brom Snow is an orphan from Winter Gully who serves as the Lord Commander of the Queen’s Army. Brom was raised by the House of Slark and pledged his loyalty and his life to Winter Gully. Brom is usually seen with his grimwolf named Sadon. 

Suggested attire: Medieval knight costume. Sword and shield as optional props.


Warrior, Westerfell Royal Guard

Gregor Gaudet is the most feared warrior from the House of Langstone’s Royal Guard. Rumored to be an undead, Gregor is intimidating and a fierce fighter. However, his loyalty has been questioned recently, and he certainly doesn’t get along with his commander, James Langstone.

Suggested attire: Medieval knight/executioner costume. Sword and shield as optional props.


Princess of Winter Gully

Princess Muriel Slark is the youngest daughter of Queen Cicily Slark of Winter Gully. This young lady is naive and vulnerable and stands no chance against manipulative people. Those closest to Princess Muriel must keep her out of harm’s way. 

Suggested attire: Medieval maiden/princess costume.


Princess of Westerfell

Princess Helena Langstone is the only daughter of Queen Crestian Langstone. Helena is quite rebellious against her mother and aspires to be a minstrel. However, her mother has different plans for her future. 

Suggested attire: Medieval maiden/princess costume.


Princess of Zantorian Rock

Princess Rose Zantorian is the eccentric daughter of the King of Zantorian Rock. Princess Rose wears heavy makeup and tries to break trends among the people of her kingdom with her outrageous hairstyles. The Zantorians are known for fashion.

Suggested attire: Medieval maiden/princess costume.


Princess of Thorne

Princess Krea is the only heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Thorne. Recently, she’s been constantly agitated with her father’s new advisor from another realm. Krea believes her father is being deceived, but he will hear nothing of it. 

Suggested attire: Medieval maiden/princess costume.  


King of Lantis

Surrounded by protective lions, the Kingdom of Lantis has always had an outer defense of mashing teeth and razor-sharp claws. Recently, Crestian Langstone has ordered ambushes on the Lantis lions, and King Gage is outraged. The king is married to Queen Millicent and has two daughters – one is a princess and the other chooses to serve as a warrior in the King’s Royal Guard

Suggested attire: Medieval king costume.


King of Nefaria

King Tyrele has suffered repeated attacks from the nearby nomadic Wilder Tribe, but has recently made an unprecedented alliance with the pirates of the Ibian Sea. King Tyrele has a daughter, Margaret Tyrele, who is stunningly beautiful and betrothed to the Evil King of Westerfell. Rumor has it that the people of Winter Gully are surprised and dismayed at the pending alliance of the kingdoms of Neferia and Westerfell.

Suggested attire:  Medieval king costume.


King of Thorne

 King Thorne rules the kingdom of Thorne with a fair hand. Malin, a dark magic sorceress who recently moved to the Thorne Kingdom from a faraway land, advises him.  King Thorne has a daughter who strongly believes his new advisor is up to no good. Nevertheless, King Ulric is content with his current situation. 

Suggested attire:  Medieval king costume.

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