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People say what Reign Bentley touches turns to hypothetical gold. Reign was born with a mind for business. From the fourth grade until high school graduation, Reign operated a profitable convenience store out of commandeered lockers for fellow students. After college graduation, Reign became the second-in-charge at Hemloxx, serving as the Chief Operations Officer (COO). Upon Hunter's untimely demise, the managing director appointed Reign as the CEO, leaving the critical COO position vacant. Impulsive, Reign claims to be allergic to plans made in advance but still manages to be quite the perfectionist - and a fantastic dancer to boot. Reign is a single parent by choice with four adopted offspring. Unfortunately, three of Reign's adult children still live at home.

Suggested attire: Business attire and props to make you appear wealthy and fashionable.  You are now the face of Hemloxx, Incorporated - one of the most giant corporations in the world. 

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Reign Bentley has always been successful in business due to hard work, dedication and ambition. Reign has always set goals and hit them with ease. However, since taking the reins for the family’s corporation as the Chief Executive Officer, Reign has felt the stress of a thousand worlds and isn’t sure if they can pull it off – even though their dream was to run the company. Reign has relied heavily upon their new administrative staff and refuses to allow them any time off until their workflow is established and all corporate fires are extinguished. Needless to say, this group of corporate office workers is exhausted.

Suggested attire: business casual, professional attire.  You work for the CEO, representing the company's top-tier employees. 

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 Salem Bentley is the third youngest child of Reign Bentley. Upon graduation with a master's degree in business administration, Reign secured a job for Salem with the corporate legal team as a compliance specialist. Salem has a photographic memory and loves to boast about the gift to anyone in earshot, hoping to be challenged to prove the skill to anyone with doubts.

Unfortunately, Salem has become an infamous credit-stealer of others' work at the office. Salem does have a close group of colleagues but is raking up a list of foes in the short time since joining the Hemloxx team two months ago. If you have the misfortune to work with this backstabber, don't trust or turn your back on them.

Salem is the only sibling to have left Reign's nest. But, alas, their wings didn't spread too far, as they reside in their grandfather's mansion less than two blocks away. Salem claims they moved out to strengthen their relationship with Reign, but everyone knows it's because Umber Bentley creeps everyone out.

Suggested attire: Business formal – you are very uptight.

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Hide the beans, as this group will want to count them all and log them as data. For what? Who knows, but this group of nerdy compliance professionals always over-analyze the situation. They will follow the rules and are not afraid to call out anyone who doesn’t. Salem and the staff of the Institutional Compliance division at Hemloxx are nearly inseparable.

Rumor has it that nobody in the department likes Salem, as they steal credit for anything good that comes out of the Institutional Compliance office - whether they had their hands in it or not.  It's an impossible scenario, though, as Salem is a Bentley and holds much power at Hemloxx. Everyone needs their job, so they put up with Salem's boloney. At least for now, that is. 

Suggested attire: Business casual on the nerdy side. 

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  Fierce as a hungry lion on the prowl, Ranger is one of the top financial managers at the Union Bank of Gedeon (UBG) – a global firm that provides financial services in over fifty countries. Ranger is an adventurous soul who loves to travel and experience the luxuries that life has to offer. But, for no good reason - Ranger is insanely jealous of others and avoids eye contact at all costs. Many people in Bramford Bluff wonder what Ranger is hiding.

The primary reason that Ranger rose to be a top advisor after only a short while is because they manage Hunter Bentley's Portfolio.  Ranger is the former CFO of Hemloxx, Incorporated. 
Suggested attire: Upscale business attire – black or navy suit. Calculator, files, etc., as optional props.

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  Jamie Torrance is a friend of Zene Bentley. Using Zene as a connection, Jamie launched a self-made career as a tour guide of Hemloxx, Incorporated's headquarters in Bramford Bluff. However, there have been rumors about Jamie taking bribes and allowing corporate spies from Bony, Incorporated to infiltrate areas of the campus that shouldn't be on the tour routes. Still, the internal affairs investigators have unveiled no evidence of this, so Jamie's job is relatively safe. Jamie is overly trusting and will forgive anyone who wrongs them - even the haters who tell lies about them. Jamie is witty and loves to tell jokes, even taking a turn at the microphone at the local comedy club on amateur nights. Jamie often tries out new comedy sets during the Hemloxx tours to ensure their jokes get enough laughs.

For some reason, Zene Bentley hasn't invited Jamie to their mansion in the affluent neighborhood of Rumson Waterloo Estates in about a month. Did something happen between Jamie and Zene? If so, what does that say about Jamie's job security at Hemloxx, Inc? 

Suggested attire: Solid-colored shirt and khaki pants/shorts. Or an adventurer costume.  Make a name tag by wrapping a piece of cardboard with foil. 

Also, you love to tell jokes - so bring your favorite jokes to try out on the other guests at Hunter's mansion. 

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  Enby Riddle is the liaison with the county morgue and mortician who prepares the dead bodies for burial at Fancy Funerals, a subdivision of Hemloxx Afterlife. Enby has a knack for appearing busier than they are but is a kind soul who is always willing to lend a hand. However, given their occupation,  Enby has a lot of stories about the dead that make most people queasy and uneasy, so be careful how you steer the conversation while chatting with this dead body prepper.
Enby has worked for Fancy Funerals for over a decade and has never missed a day of work or lodged one complaint. But also, Enby hasn't received a raise, either. So maybe Enby should learn to speak up?

Enby is made to star in the cheesy but very creepy television commercials for Fancy Funerals. Enby doesn't like having to do the ads but was told by Hemloxx executives that as the lead funeral monarch, it's part of the job. Strangers have recently harassed Enby about the commercials since they are scaring children. 

Suggested attire: Black suit. If you are up for it – put dark circles under your eyes and give yourself a creepy appearance.

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Marin Jynx is the chief professional mourner at Fancy Funerals, a division of Hemloxx Afterlife. When the dearly departed are short on friends and family, the funeral monarch assigned to them will send several professional mourners to shed crocodile tears, bow their heads, and say kind words at the ceremony.

 Marin is awkward in social settings and will halt conversations with a long gaze into the distance. However, Marin is super sneaky and pops up out of thin air when you least expect it. Is Marin spying? Or does this professional boo-hoo'er live as an adrenaline seeker for the thrill of surprise? Marin enjoys skydiving, bungee jumping, and engaging in any activity that puts one's life on the line.

Marin was a surprise addition to the Hemloxx Afterlife team, as Hunter Bentley's office directed Marin's employment. Nobody truly knows how Marin got the job, but it didn't appear that Marin knew what the job would entail. Some speculate that Marin believed they'd be stepping into an executive position at Hemloxx Headquarters on their first day.

Suggested attire: All black as if you’ve just come from a funeral. Grab a pack of tissues as an optional prop.

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 Quill is the youngest of the Bentley siblings and was doted on immensely by their late mother until her passing only two years ago. When Olive Bentley died, Quill became unemotional and detached from the rest of the family. The town gossips speculate it is because Hunter Bentley was a person of interest in his wife’s death and was never charged. Nevertheless, Quill works for Hemloxx Afterlife and manages Gorgeous Graves – a chain of exclusive burial grounds touted as luxury death experiences. All employees of Hemloxx Afterlife are referred to as ‘funeral monarchs.’ Quill has always had a bizarre arm swing while walking, and this behavior intensified after Olive's death.

Being the youngest sibling isn't always the best scenario. Quill was close to Olive Bentley before her death, and now that she's gone, Quill's become a bit of an outcast with the immediate family. Quill still lives at home but rarely comes down from the second floor unless it's to leave or come back from work. 

Suggested attire: Gothic attire with cemetery-worthy accessories, such as a coffin necklace, etc.

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 Tracy Vader is the nerdy epidemiologist for the city of Bramford Bluff but started their career in the biotechnology lab at Hemloxx Science. Nobody is sure why Tracy left the lab, but now Tracy tracks, traces, analyzes emerging diseases, and makes recommendations to the local government. Tracy incessantly plans their life events to an obsessive amount of detail. Tracy schedules every minute of the day on a mobile phone calendar and refuses to get off course. Overly self-confident, Tracy continually brags about their accomplishments. With that said, Tracy graduated college with top honors, and the former mayor handed the key to the city to Tracy after many reported incidents of helping strangers out of bad situations. Tracy has also won many chess championships, amateur boxing matches, poetry contests, and poker tournaments. Therefore, maybe all the boasting is warranted.

Rumor has it that Tracy quit their Hemloxx job without notice, destroyed all evidence of their ongoing research, and took the first job they could find with Bramford Bluff County, making half the salary as Hemloxx Science. What could have been so bad at Hemloxx for Tracy to upend their life like that? 

Suggested attire: Lab coat over casual attire with a City of Bramford Falls name tag (optional) on the pocket. You can make one out of cardboard with aluminum foil. 

Click here for science costumes.



 Grey Sauron is a workaholic research scientist for Hemloxx Science, Nanotech division. Grey works on many top-secret projects at the lab and refuses to discuss their projects. Grey won't even breathe hints about what the lab is about to release. SymbioTom is the only known project of Hemloxx Science - a collaborative project between the divisions of Hemloxx Science led by Revel Bentley. SymbioTom is an android personal assistant who can aid in all facets of their owner's life. SymbioTom hitting the markets will forever change humanity - or so they say. Grey takes in strays of all kinds. An aspiring 'Doctor Doolittle,' this soft heart has rescued many different species of pets at their home. Unfortunately, Dr. Sauron also has an annoying habit of lightly tapping on the cheek of whomever they speak to while spewing snap judgments about other people. Grey might seem stubborn, but they are easily influenced. Will someone eventually get Grey to squeal about the projects at the lab? Maybe so.

Gray Sauron told the top-tier executives that they should give the researchers working on the collaborative SymbioTom project more time to work out the glitches. However, thus far, the original market date still stands. Grey is working on a top-secret project that also has been given a hard deadline. Sources close to Grey say that there is no way Grey's will complete the project in time. Grey has been working nearly around the clock at the lab lately to no avail. 

Suggested attire: Lab coat. You can ham it up as a mad scientist if you wish.

Click here for science costumes.




The nerdy Revel is a robotics engineer for Hemloxx Science. The engineers are a tight-knit, secret group. Gossips speculate that they are trying to create the most human-like robot ever known to humankind. Is this a smart thing to do? The experts pretty much agree it's going to backfire in the long run. Revel has always preferred studying instead of socializing and being alone instead of around others. A tad selfish at times, Revel can be a bit of a shadow lurker from their lack of social skills.

Revel has low morale at work because, for eight months, Revel's covered for the vacant Vice President of Operations position. Revel has consistently refused to be part of the executive team and wants to work in the robotics lab. The SymbioTom project needs Revel's attention full-time, as the release-to-market date is concrete and cannot be changed. Well, it could be changed by the top executives, but they are standing firm with no flexibility. Therefore, all glitches need to be worked out immediately!

Suggested attire: Nerdy attire, or you can wear a robot costume, as they inspire you.

Click here for science costumes.




Sawyer Huxley is the Chief Technology Officer of Hemloxx, Incorporated. Sawyer oversees the corporation's technology as a whole, including the leadership of the cybersecurity division at Hemloxx. Nobody truly knows what the cybersecurity group does besides keeping the corporation's data safe and its web presence online without disruption. There have been accusations made by anonymous sources reporting to the media that this group is nothing but a criminal hacking faction. However, the staff has categorically denied all allegations made against them. The cybersecurity team is investigating, trying to find the mole among them before another press leak. This executive believes they already know who the saboteur might be. 
Sawyer has a habit of clearing their throat when nervous. On a personal level, Sawyer is socially inept. Once they open their mouth to give an account of what happened to them, the embellishments pour out and worsen until the story is unrecognizable and entirely unbelievable. That is why Sawyer prefers to stay quiet in social situations.

Suggested attire: A black hoodie, pants, or business casual. You try to blend in and remain unassuming.

Click here for men's business attire

Click here for women's business attire

Click here for computer industry costumes



 Penn Bloodman is an introverted ethical hacker with open disdain for society. This computer genius has an exceptionally high IQ and rules the circuit of local trivia competitions in Bramford Bluff, winning against teams of up to ten players. Unfortunately, Pennis is often accused of cheating, as nobody can fathom that a person could have that much random knowledge.

 Penn is stubborn and will never reconsider a decision. Penn works for Hemloxx Cyber. The job descriptions are not made public like other divisions in the company, but their group's mission is to provide cybersecurity for Hemloxx. Nevertheless, the trash tabloids accused this stealthy team of network specialists of hacking into competitors' networks, but no solid evidence has emerged. Supposedly, a traitor among them had snitched. The cybersecurity team is currently dealing with the mole in their division.

If Penn has the skills they are rumored to have, maybe it's not a brilliant idea to double-cross Penn.

Suggested attire: Black hoodie, black pants. You want to blend in and not get noticed.

Click here for technology-inspired costumes




Rue Hellebore is the Pick-a-Plucky Chicken Operations Manager – a fast food chain by Hemloxx Hospitality. Rue landed the lucrative position after witnessing a car accident between Hunter Bentley and a custodian in the corporate headquarters parking lot. Unfortunately, Rue erroneously sided with Hunter in their statements to the police and insurance companies. As a result, Rue was promoted from the kitchen to a plush office at headquarters. Rue has enjoyed the power and authority over their former colleagues of the 105 stores worldwide.
Rue is cunning and calculated and feeds off the negative energy of others. Rue finds reasons to act sad about things, and their favorite pastime is napping during thunderstorms.

Since Rue took over for the newly-deceased operations manager of Pick-a-Plucky Chicken, things have been falling apart. Rue has a lot of responsibility, with over 1000 employees worldwide. So going from a chicken fryer to an executive office, skipping all steps of the ladder in between, might have been too big of a jump. 

Suggested attire: Business casual. Have a rubber chicken as a funny prop, or wear a chicken-inspired hat

Click here for service industry costumes, or Click here for animal costumes




Paren Brone is the executive chef of The Sneaky Steak - the fine dining restaurant of Hemloxx Hospitality. Paren is absent-minded and refuses to eat or taste food around others – even while preparing dishes during dinner service. But Paren showed everyone how good of a culinary mastermind and restaurant manager they are after being awarded three Michelin stars, the highest honor a restaurant can achieve. Unfortunately, since the steakhouse received the accolades, Paren's ego inflated. This chef has been challenging to deal with, as they've become hyper-critical of others. Alas, there isn't much anyone can do about this behavior change, as Paren's the reason for the success. Also, the executives of Hemloxx Hospitality are studying the recipe for Paren's success so they can open more locations worldwide.

Paren claims not to eat in front of others because they chew weirdly. However, most people don't buy this reason and think Paren is hiding something. Something is going on at The Sneaky Steak that Paren is trying to cover up. 

Suggested attire: Chef's uniform.

Click here for chef costumes



  Elm Shockley is a prim and proper sommelier at The Sneaky Steak restaurant. Elm has worked at the fine-dining establishment that caters to the Bramford Bluff elite since it opened almost a year ago. Elm desires to become the manager, but the opportunity has yet to arise. Elm trained at a top winery and holds a level three certification. Hemloxx Hospitality poached Elm from a celebrity restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. Elm doesn't miss the neon lights and the hustle and bustle of Sin City and is glad to live in a quiet town. Elm's a bit of a mumble-mouth but does know a lot about wine.

Rumor has it that Elm Shockley has been working with unnamed colleagues at Hemloxx Hospitality on a massive surprise for the restaurant.  Nobody outside the secretive group knows what this surprise will be, but curiosity rises as the rumor spreads. 

Suggested attire: Proper attire for a sommelier (dark suit with a neckerchief).  Bottle of wine &/or wine glass (optional).

 Click here for women's suit costumes or click here for men's suit costumes 

Or, here are fashion costumes



Ombre Dacoit is a bartender at The Sneaky Steak fine-dining restaurant, a three-star Michelin establishment owned by Hemloxx Hospitality and planned for expansion to over a hundred global locations. Ombre is vying for a position as a regional manager. Will this cocktail mixer have enough experience for the job? Most would think not, but Ombre's a big dreamer with an inflated ego. Ombre is competitive but a giant sore loser who will cause chaos during pub trivia challenges to friendly tennis games with pals. Ombre is freakishly organized in every part of their life and is a severe hypochondriac. If you have an ailment or illness, do not tell Ombre your symptoms - this barkeep will manifest every last one by the following sunrise. For this reason, Ombre usually misses work simultaneously as coworkers when they get sick.

Supposedly, Ombre is on their 'last leg' with human resources at Hemloxx, Incorporated. The director of HR warned Ombre if they made one more mistake at work - even a minor one - they would be fired on the spot. But Ombre still maintains they will try to become the regional manager once the restaurant chains are implemented. Is Ombre delusional? 

Suggested attire: Bartender attire for a fine-dining establishment. White collar button-up, black pants, and an apron. Have a dish rag as an optional prop.

Click here for service industry costumes



Jagger Fogarty is the concierge at the Bramford Bluff flagship property of Ze Hotel Hemloxx – a luxury hotel chain and division of Hemloxx Hospitality. Jagger spews apathy from their pores, living life at the most leisurely pace possible for a career-centric professional. Nothing triggers this concierge's sense of urgency. There isn't a situation or crisis to give this lazy service professional the slightest bit of panic or haste.

This attitude towards life explains why Jagger delegates their daily tasks to the hotel staff. As a result, some have speculated that Jagger has an exceptionally high IQ and is a mastermind. In addition, Jagger's obsessed with personal hygiene and gives unsolicited advice on how to improve upon other people's routines.

Jagger usually has a decent attitude towards being at work, but lately, Jagger's mood has turned foul. Nobody knows why, but it must have been something that happened at work. 

Suggested attire: Concierge attire – black suit, white gloves.

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Hemloxx Records has scoured the busy city streets of tourist hotspots in search of live mannequin performers who can hum original melodies. To date, they have signed a few of these artists. They are placing them in high-end locations with massive salary and benefits packages while promoting them on social media and giving them exposure on The Daily Snoop and Spilling the Tea – both divisions of Hemloxx Media. This faux mannequin fooled the Hemloxx scouts into believing their statue pose was solid, but Iggy has a terrible habit of fidgeting. Iggy starts at their new position today, but how long will it be before someone complains about the moving mannequin?

Nonetheless, this performer will take the lead role at the flagship property of the Hemloxx hotel chain, Ze Hotel Hemloxx, in Bramford Bluff. During peak check-in hours, they'll pose while humming on a solid gold box at the grand entrance. Personally, Iggy is multi-lingual and speaks seven languages, which is quite impressive. But Iggy isn't friendship material as they severely lack consideration for others.

Iggy is growing frustrated at having to explain their occupation to everyone. Nobody seems to understand the combination of model, melodic songwriter, and performance artist. But Iggy hasn't had an easy time launching their new career and is already in possible hot water with Hunter Bentley. 

Suggested attire: Wear trendy attire and have impeccable hair (or wear a wig), or you can go for all gold or silver makeup and be more of a statue-type mannequin. Or wear a morph suit.

Click here for fashion industry costumes




The person with a pen pressed against a notepad staring intently from across the room reading your lips is most likely the notorious Alaska Fusco. Alaska hosts a Bramford Bluff Weekly podcast on the celebrity gossip site Hemloxx Spilled Tea. Speaking without a filter and caring less about your feelings than a sick toad, Alaska is a highly resourceful podcast host – even if the execs don't agree. But what's strange is that Alaska speaks with various accents that will change mid-sentence sometimes. Nobody can determine why or how this happens, but podcast viewership is rising, so Alaska isn't changing.

Alaska has recently gotten into it with Hunter Bentley over the podcast. Hunter listened in one day and hated everything about it, but Alaska doesn't seem worried about being canceled. Why not? Hunter is the CEO, you know. 

Suggested attire: Trendy attire with a notepad to take notes on others (optional).

Click here for journalism costumes OR 

Click here for men's business attire

Click here for women's business attire




Carey Melville is a talented musician who recently signed on with Hemloxx RecordsCarey was a small-town singer, songwriter, and guitarist who took a chance by putting songs on social media. Two of this rock star's tunes became global number-one hits only days after the ink dried on the contract. This rocker has been bathing in the limelight and enjoying every second of overnight fame. Hemloxx Records always fast-tracks its talent, so Carey is already preparing for a global concert tour. The shows will be Carey's first time performing outside the sleepy town of Bojangle Falls, Texas. Carey has been training at the gym with strict meals prepared by a Hemloxx nutritionist and must reach optimal fitness in record time for the hard life on the road.

Carey's first two hits that soared to the top of the charts are Soul of Rock N' Roll and Fishy-fish-fish. Many people have called Carey 'cringe' and have poked fun at the songs on social media. However, whatever Hemloxx Records wants to be a hit - becomes a chart-topping hit. Some have accused Carey of trolling the executives at Hemloxx Records. Did Carey put those songs on social media as a joke? There is no objective evidence besides both of the song's apparent cheese factors. The world awaits Carey's first full album to be released with the upcoming world tour. 

Suggested attire: Rock star attire.

Click here for rock star costumes




 Dallas Paine is the lead audio engineer at Hemloxx Records. Dallas works seven days a week at the famous Recording Studio A of Hemloxx Headquarters in Bramford Bluff. This audio genius produces chart-topping hits from Hemloxx's talent. Dallas was nicknamed Sherlock by close friends, as there isn't a puzzle or problem they can't solve or decipher. This engineer uses logical deduction during normal thought processes, so nothing gets by them. However, Dallas is a bit of a hothead, so stay on their good side. If an eyebrow arches at you – you must escape. Run. Flee the joint at all costs! You do not want to be on the wrong side of a Dallas Paine tirade. Nevertheless, with all of the critical thinking whirling around in Dallas's head, it is a bit of a shock to find out that they are highly superstitious. 

Dallas is probably in need of an intervention from friends for anger management. Lately, Dallas has ripped hotel rooms to shreds, thrown plates at restaurants, painted on billboards they disagreed with, and even freed lobsters from a tank in a seafood restaurant because the hostess didn't smile big enough while greeting Dallas. This audio engineer is spinning out of control. Could it be stress from working too many hours?  Those closest to Dallas believe this is the problem.

Suggested attire: Casual attire, a music-related t-shirt, and headphones as an optional prop.

Click here for music industry costumes




 Rennis Cain is a pompous foodie and food critic. Rennis reports on food establishments around the globe, releasing segments on demand via Hemloxx Media's streaming platform, The Daily Snoop. Some restaurant owners given negative reviews by Rennis have publicly stated it is a conflict of interest for a person employed by Hemloxx to review competing food establishments. Hemloxx Hospitality has a chain of fast food restaurants, fine dining spots in their hotel chain, and the Michelin three-star The Sneaky Steak restaurant, which is soon to be a global chain. Rennis doesn't care what they say and has never addressed the accusations other than to say, 'those on top don't look behind them.' But maybe this is why Rennis is continually stressing over the slightest things. This food critic's nervous energy can be taxing to be around for too long.

Some townsfolk have adamantly disagreed with Rennis's food reviews on the restaurants in town to no avail - nobody will listen to people without a voice, so Rennis's word becomes the law of the land regarding where to make dining reservations in Bramford Bluff. But why would Rennis lie about an establishment's food quality with their reputation as a world-renowned food critic on the line? 

Suggested attire: Pompous attire – a business suit with a handkerchief or scarf, big glasses with colorful frames (optional). Or, wear your favorite food costume for a cheeky twist to your character. 

Click here for food industry costumes




Cove Draco is a former film star turned news reporter for The Daily Snoop, a streaming platform of Hemloxx Media. Cove is in front of the cameras, reporting breaking news via on-demand programming and live streams. The platform was previously accused of spying and using unfair surveillance to get their stories, but Cove adamantly denies engaging in any illegal activities. Cove played a supporting role in over fifty Hollywood movies but can walk down city streets without being recognized. Some say Cove is a failed actor, but they defend that bringing news to the subscribers of The Daily Snoop is what they were born to do. That said, be careful trusting in Cove, as they are an unpredictable, compulsive liar. This fibber constantly peers over their shoulder as they have burned many bridges.

Upon getting the job as a news reporter, Cove spewed tales of film set scandals on The Daily Snoop. Cove's stories included Bradley Pittman's claims of being allergic to hygiene and Gweneth Pottrom's cat-hair armpit extensions that she swears to bring her good luck. Cove also snitched about the Dinosaur Park movie set where Tommy Cruz became furious with his co-star over her poor Russian accent and squirted ketchup on her face.

Cove then dodged accusations of installing spyware all over town, as a few of the celebs featured in Cove's stories had coincidentally visited Bramford Bluff a few days prior. If only the stars had recognized Cove, they'd have known the former supporting actor had signed NDAs by being on the same film sets and thereby wasn't allowed to unveil the scandals. But, alas, nobody ever remembers Cove, as Cove isn't memorable unless they spill Hollywood tea.

Suggested attire: Business attire. You need to look camera ready in case a story breaks out. Toy microphone as an optional prop.

Click here for journalism costumes




Knox Lime has a job that most people would refuse to do but beg to hear about every detail. Knox is an extreme stunt tester for competition reality shows on television. Knox will consume peculiar items, such as enormous flying cockroaches, or sit in a pit of hungry snakes to test the human limits for competitions. If Knox can do it without a problem, that competitive segment will make it to the show. If Knox gets sick or injured by it, the proposed challenge goes to the discard pile. It takes a particular personality to live on the edge and push their body to the limit. In addition to being an intriguing human being, Knox is a close-talker who walks with tiny steps. Nobody knows why this stunt tester does that. Some have proposed theories, but none make sense. Knox also refuses to use contractions while speaking and is an avid donor to charitable organizations.

Nobody knows why Knox shut down their hit podcast, Do Ya Dare Me, which was the number one podcast with Hemloxx Media. After Knox reached a million subscribers, no more episodes were posted. Hemloxx still has all the old episodes, but a million fans lived for the new ones released every Tuesday. Knox won't talk about it, and there are rumors that lawyers are getting involved with the situation. 

Suggested attire: Extremely trendy warm-up suit – go silver or gold, and wear a cape. Be flashy, as you love the attention.

Click here for stunt person costumes




 Bay Bundy is the uncontested top supermodel in the world. So unsurprisingly, the scouts of Hemloxx Fashion House noticed this stunner and offered an exclusive deal to serve as the head runway model, print model, and the face of the Hemloxx fashion line. Hemloxx designs are known for luxury, influence, and innovation. Budding fashionistas line up to snag the newest designs as the hangers hit the racks of high-end boutiques and department stores. Bay slays the New York, Paris, Milan, and London runways, setting the high-fashion trends created by the thread artists. Bay is terrible with directions and perpetually lost but remains abnormally calm under stress. Many are aware that Bay is a recovering thief. Bay swears they've moved past the life of crime, but there is a clause in Bay's contract to stay out of the headlines unless it's for fashion.

There have been reports that Bay has been lifting items from peoples' desks at Hemloxx Headquarters, but nobody has come forth with an official accusation. Instead, Bay denies all of it and says everyone is jealous. If Bay is still suffering from Kleptomania, they better get a handle on it before an official accusation, or evidence of thievery goes viral. 

Suggested attire: Avantgarde style attire. You are the top supermodel, so wear something peculiar and pull it off as high fashion.

Click here for fashion Industry costumes

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