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Cinco de Mayo Fiesta murder mystery game

Forget the Siesta, Let's Fiesta!  The Cinco de Mayo celebrations around the world each year honor the 1862 victory of Mexico's victory over the French - the Battle of Puebla that took place on May 5th!  The Montalban Hotel, a celebrity hotspot in beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico, is hosting the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration! You've got your plane ticket booked and your ticket to this event.  This is where your story begins...

we've done a spot of shoppin' for ya

Invited Guests


Magan Foxy
This pampered vixen of the big screen is one of the most sought-after Hollywood starlets!  Magan sings more than she speaks as if she’s vying for a switch to Broadway’s bright lights. Her attention-seeking behavior is a primary reason she doesn’t get along with colleagues on set. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Classic Chiapas dress. A handheld mirror to admire yourself (optional).


Kirstin Steward
Kirstin Steward has a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most delightful stars. However, away from the glitz, glam, and camera’s eye - this spoiled diva lets loose with angry tirades if she doesn’t get her wa
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous Mexican fiesta attire i.e. an embroidered off-the-shoulder top and leather pants.


Robbie Patson
Hailing from London, England, Robbie Patson is still trying to cut ties with his former vampire-themed box office hits. His rugged good looks have earned him a top spot on Hollywood’s most handsome list - even though he’s a shameless self-promoting egomaniac.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mexican fiesta attire. Pictures of yourself to hand out to others (optional props).


Bari Drewmore
One of Hollywood’s most versatile actresses, Bari Drewmore has been a staple on the big screen since she was seven years old!  Her charisma and charm have catapulted her into an iconic status.  Rumor has it that Bari has a hidden devious side.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Embroidered Mexican dress.


Phil Werrel
Phil Werrel landed a spot in Hollywood many years ago by his knee-slapping performances on the television show Friday Night Live.  He crawled his way to the big screen and now spews comedy films like there’s no tomorrow. Phil has desperately tried to break into more serious acting roles to no avail.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:Funny t-shirt (fiesta-inspired is optimal). Post-it note pad and pen as optional (hidden) props.


Raquel Tilson
Known as the Hollywood Sweetheart, Raquel Tilson is a genuine soul and the sweetest person you’ll ever know – especially on the movie lot!  A slight drawback to this sweet starlet is a problem with kleptomania. Watch your stuff carefully if she’s around!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:Embroidered Mexican dress.  *Bring a large handbag to place stolen items during the party.


Shy Lebuff
Shy Lebuff is no stranger to blunt honesty and troublemaking.  Shy tells people how it is with no filter. If you’re avoiding the truth – stay away from this star. Shy has a peculiar way of staying off the paparazzi radar for long periods of time. Everyone in Hollywood wants to know his secrets.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fabulous , Mexican-inspired, attire  


Zangelina Joley
Zangelina is a top A-list celebrity. Known for eccentricity, this starlet has adopted sixteen children from around the world. Zangelina is a collector of bizarre things – most often trinkets from other celebrities.  There is one rule to stay harmonious with this diva – don’t try to steal her limelight!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Classic Chiapas dress. Optional props of evidence of your 16 children (pacifiers, notes to Mom, etc.)

Pablo Santana & the Montalban Mariachi Band


Mariachi Band Leader
Pablo Santana is the hard-working leader of the most famous mariachi band in Mexico - the Montalbán Mariachi Band. He is dedicated to achieving greatness but has a problem with anger management. Pablo knows how to hold a grudge!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mariachi suit, large sombrero and fake/real acoustic guitar as an optional prop.


Riley Syrus
Recording Artist and Entertainer
When it comes to what fame and fortune have to offer – Riley Syrus takes it all! After a year-long media frenzy with strange behavior on stage and in public places, this star has been evading the paparazzi. Her dedicated fans are happy she isn’t acting outlandishly anymore.  
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:Outrageous Mexican fiesta attire.


Stephen Thing
Author and Screenwriter
Stephen Thing is the creepy King of the Horror Genre.  If Stephen’s story is made into a film, you won’t sleep soundly if you’re in the audience! Stephen is highly intellectual and a great person to chat with - as long as you can get over his eerie persona.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fabulous but gothic attire. E.g. black poncho with black jeans.


Taylan Swift
Recording Artist and Entertainer
Taylan Swift lives the American dream as a top pop idol. She rose to the top as America’s Country Darling as a teen and now - this star can’t step into a grocery store without it being caught on film! This emotional icon craves attention. Without a doubt - she gets her share!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous pop idol attire – Mexican fiesta themed, preferred. 


Okra Wimpy
Television Show Host and Media Mogul
Okra Wimpy is a television staple! She is the highest rated talk show host in the history of television and the wealthiest woman of the 21st century!  Hollywood insiders call her the most influential woman in the world!  However, there’s one problem with being friends with this media mogul – she’s a bit nosy for people’s tastes. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Classic Chiapas dress.

Paul Paratzy & colleagues
Member of the PaparazziPaul Paratzy is the tenacious tabloid reporter known by as the King of the Gutter Press!  Paul always manages to get just the right photos and exclusive interviews with insiders.  There is nothing that Paul won’t do - even including blackmail.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Cheesy business casual attire with Mexican themed accessories (i.e. taco headband, etc.) Camera (real or fake) as an optional prop.

Peggy Marshal & the MBM field crew
Executive Movie Producer and Director
This obsessive movie producer is the one to be around at a party, as she gets the dance floor moving with interpretive dance moves!  She is an executive producer for MBM Picture Studios, and sources report that this producer doesn’t get along with anyone on set.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Embroidered Mexican top and jeans. Clapboard as an optional prop

mexican hat dance

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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