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Who Slayed Santa?

Christmas City, nestled in the North Pole, is a year-round haven for Christmas enthusiasts. It boasts iconic spots like Santa’s Workshop, the world's largest toy store, and The Gingerbread Shop, famous for its chic Christmas couture. Tourists globally are drawn to the Winter Wonderland Amusement Park and The Egg Noggery, celebrated for its delicious gingerbread cookies and eggnog. The city, known for its unrivaled ski slopes, attracts the elite for vacations.

Locals unwind at Noel’s Tavern, the heart of Christmas City. The annual Christmas Jamboree honors the city's hardworking residents, essential to global Christmas celebrations. This year, Noel's Tavern anticipates its grandest holiday bash yet, with an impressive guest list.

However, the festive spirit is shadowed by a grim event: the shocking murder of Old Saint Nick on Snowball Street, plunging the city into a state of distrust. With an intense investigation ongoing, Mayor Rudolph insists on keeping the town's spirit alive, declaring the annual celebration at Noel’s Tavern will proceed in Santa's honor. You have RSVP’d and have already selected your festive holiday attire to wear to the party. This is where your story begins.

Guest List


 Amusement Park Ride Operator
Carney Vale is the boisterous amusement park ride operator at Winter Wonderland Amusement Park in Christmas City.  Carney constantly mocks people and has a reputation for being quite greedy.  Don’t get into a situation where Carney could take advantage of you, or you’ll lose!
Suggested attire: Any uniform with a name tag that says Winter Wonderland.  Wear an elf or Santa hat as an optional accessory.

Roxy Rich is the prim and proper heiress.  Her iconic family owns most of the real estate in Christmas City, and she catered to hand and foot. Roxy is an infamous drama queen, so have tissues on hand for this emotional diva!  Choose your words carefully around her if you don’t want to make her cry or throw a tantrum!
Suggested attire: A glamorous evening gown. Money bags are optional props, and a stuffed dog is another type of optional prop.
Professional Victim
Axi Dente is the imaginative professional victim.  At times, this clumsy diva can be a meticulous and impatient woman.  She earns her way in this world by mysteriously causing accidents and winning lawsuits about them.  Rumor has it that she might have her own reality show in the works.
Suggested attire: Christmas-themed attire with multiple bandages on your head, arms, legs, etc.
Daycare Worker
Didey Wipeman is a cerebral daycare worker. A dependable and loyal person, Didey is a friend to have—especially if you love children. Although Didey only works a few hours of the day with the kiddos at Christmas City Kid Coral, this preschool teacher has a blast on the ski slopes after work.
Suggested attire: Christmas-themed attire with diapers hanging out of your pockets, ratted hair (or a wig), and small toys (e.g., army men) inside the knots.
 Reality TV Star
Whitney Whatley is the brazen and beautiful reality television star on the hit television show Whitney’s World. She loves to flaunt her ink and is intolerant of moronic behavior.  Don’t anger this tiny star unless you want to bathe in your beverage.
Suggested attire: Trendy, alternative Christmas-themed attire. Long blonde wig and tattoos (temporary ones will do).
 Tattoo Artist
A walking anti-depressant medication ad, Bat Von Tats is the morose tattoo artist at Frosty’s Tattoo Parlor in Christmas City.  Every sentence that spews from Bat’s mouth is negative, unenthusiastic, and somewhat alarming.  A self-proclaimed pessimist, Bat lives in a darkened, dilapidated house on the edge of town writing sinister poetry.
Suggested attire: Brightly colored hair in a Mohawk (i.e. wig), tattoos (temporary ones will do), and alternative clothing. Optional Christmas-themed accessories.

Massage Therapist
Originally from Japan, the feisty Sam Shiatsu is the stubborn and overworked massage therapist at Snow’s Massage Village in Christmas City. Sam is very blunt and anything but flexible. If you want to maintain peace, staying on Sam’s good side is best.
Suggested attire: A massage therapist costume. A nametag that says Relaxation Destination is optional. Optional Christmas-themed accessories.
 Cafeteria Line Worker
Tator Salsbury is the nosy cafeteria line worker at Christmas City Elementary School.  Tator knows everything about everyone by eavesdropping on the kids during lunchtime. This fun-loving lunch line worker is no stranger to cutting a rug - Tator is always dancing. 
Suggested attire: Hair net and a chef uniform with a spoon and spatula as optional props. Optional Christmas-themed accessories.
Imo Fedya is the accident-prone waiter at the Elven Shrimp Shack in Christmas City.  Known to have a constant stream of bad luck, this unlucky server isn’t one to pick up any messes or possess a shred of good manners.  This is not a waiter you’d want to bring home to meet the parents unless they own a charm school! 
Suggested attire: White shirt, black pants.  Optional to have a waist apronElf hat and shoes as optional accessories.
Dusty Mopse is an adorable maid from Los Angeles, California.  You’ve probably seen Dusty’s face smiling at you on a billboard next to the highway or in your favorite magazine.  Nobody knows why Dusty gave up the quest for stardom in exchange for being a maid in Christmas City.  For the most part, Dusty is friendly but tends to strut in the center of walkways to force others to move out of the way.
Suggested attire: Housekeeper uniform with rubber gloves or a feather duster. Optional Christmas-themed accessories.
Ivey Stickman is an arrogant and notorious nurse at Christmas City Trauma Center.  Ivey had to vow to care for patients by choosing a medical career. Ironically, this nurse doesn't possess any ability to care for others and is quite cold-hearted. However, Ivey is an utter genius.
Suggested attire: Nurse uniform or medical scrubs. Optional to have a stethoscope as a prop. Optional Christmas-themed accessories.
Late Night TV Host
The recently widowed Norma Nightshade is a mysterious late-night horror television hostess. If you look beyond her gothic and somewhat monstrous appearance, she is one of the dearest friends you can ever have.
Suggested attire: Gothic attire such as a flowing black robe (maybe hooded), black lipstick, black wig, and black fingernails. Optional Christmas-themed accessories.
 Radio Disc Jockey
Redi O. Vibes is a hard-working radio disc jockey.  A compulsive liar even when the truth is better, this fast talker is a known cheater while playing games, so beware if you ever play a game against this master of deceit!
Suggested attire: Christmas-themed attire.  Optional props are headphones and microphone (toy). Optional Christmas-themed accessories.
Cheetah Hogan is an antisocial professional golfer with anger management issues.  Cheetah is judgmental, and this quality often offends the other golfers, officials, and spectators who get in this golf pro's way.  Cheetah also has an intense fear of germs, so getting close during chats is out of the question.
Suggested attire: Polo style shirt and khaki pants.  Optional to have a golf hat and gloves.
Hailing from Bundenbach, Germany, Charlie Porter is a ruthless concierge at The Claus Plaza Hotel in Christmas City.  Ask away if you need assistance while you’re a guest at the hotel, but think twice about double-crossing Charlie - this concierge has a bad habit of plotting revenge. 
Suggested attire: Suit of any kind (i.e., butler costume).  Optional to carry a bell with you.
Wedding Planner
Winter Wedman is an energetic wedding planner and the only event planner in Christmas City. This event guru is in serious love with none other than Winter Wedman. Winter doesn’t pass up a mirror or other reflective surface without a quick session of self-admiration.
Suggested attire: Ultra-trendy Christmas attire.  Hair and makeup (if played by a female) must be perfectly overdone. If played by a male, put an extra amount of gel in your hair and slick it back.)
Retail Sales Manager
Saxen Sails is a self-centered retail manager of The Gingerbread Shop – a contemporary holiday-inspired clothing store.  Saxen smokes a Sherlock Holmes-style pipe and loves to sing Christmas songs, as it makes Saxen happy and feel young again.  
Suggested attire: Christmas-themed attire. A name tag with The Gingerbread Shop on it is optional. As an alternative, you can wear a gingerbread costume as your employee uniform.
 Professional Poker Player
Chip Pokey is one of the most hilarious people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.  Chip’s a knee-slapping amateur comedian at night and a highly skilled poker player by day.  Friends have encouraged Chip to pursue a career as a professional comic, as this poker player always tells funny stories and makes everyone laugh.
Suggested attire: A trendy Christmas suit.  Poker chips and playing cards in every pocket are optional. Bring some jokes with you!
Pastry Chef
Patricia Puffs is a friendly baker who has an intense fear of the government and often rants about conspiracy theories.  Patricia’s fellow employees often speculate that she wraps foil around windows, television antennae, or anything else to prevent the government from spying on her.  Let’s all hope she keeps the foil out of the cupcakes.
Suggested attire: Baker’s uniform – white shirt and pants with an optional chef’s hat. To be festive, add a fun Christmas necklace (optional).
Pelti Deville is the blatantly honest furrier.  No stranger to dodging animal rights activists, she is honest, even to her detriment.  If you want to know the truth about something, head straight for Pelti.
Suggested attire: Trendy attire with a faux fur coat that you’ll pretend is real fur or a Cruella costume. Optional Christmas-themed accessories.

Chauncey Couch is a romantic couch potato from a small, isolated island off the coast of South Africa. An avid poet, Chauncey constantly accrues fashion violations. Do you hear the fashion police sirens going off? Yup! Chauncey just got dressed for the party!
Suggested attire: Anything highly unfashionable.  You do not want to look employable. Have fun with that!  An empty wallet is an optional prop. Optional Christmas-themed accessories.
 Flight Attendant
Skyler Clouds is a cranky flight attendant for Elven Airlines. Skyler adheres to a personal rule of saying things a single time; however, comprehension can prove challenging given Skyler's habit of speaking from one side of the mouth.
Suggested attire: A flight Attendant costume or any black, red, or green suit. As an accessory, a Santa’s hat or an Elf’s hat is optional.
 Bank Teller
Chek Nickelson is an eccentric bank teller.  Known to be quite frugal, Chek will drive you nutzo by meticulously calculating everything out to the nearest quarter of a cent!
Suggested attire: Christmas-themed suit with a calculator as a prop.
Alex Ciao is a helpful receptionist for Santa’s Workshop, the biggest toy store in the nation.  This receptionist seems nice, but nobody knows the genuine person lurking inside.  Rumor has it that Alex might be shady, so watch your back around this friendly greeter.
Suggested attire: Christmas-themed attire.  It is optional to wear a nametag that says Santa’s Workshop.
 Dental Assistant
Flossy Paste stands back in the shadows during social gatherings. An exceptionally high I.Q. makes Flossy sensitive to surroundings. This behavior makes others uneasy, as this dental assistant appears to have ulterior motives.
Suggested attire: Dental/medical scrubs.  Optional to have dental floss and toothbrushes as props. Optional Christmas-themed accessories.

  Television Show Host  
 Wanda Shade is the boisterous morning television show host for CBC TV.  Her show, Wacky Wanda’s Weekly Review, is a hit with the hipsters as she deliberates topics in counter-culture, progressive politics, vintage clothing, and indie-rock with her distinctive witty banter.
Suggested attire: Trendy, casual attire.  Any fun color hair wig (i.e., red, blue, green) and a funky Christmas hat as an optional accessory.
  CIA Agent
Jamie Bond is the mysterious government agent.  Nobody really knows the true Jamie, as she lurks in the shadows with hidden agendas.  If Jamie Bond is in attendance at an event, be certain there is an underlying reason for her presence, as she isn’t known for being a socialite.
 Suggested attire: Glamorous cocktail attire (Christmas colors).  Toy gun strapped to a garter, holster on your leg, or slipped into your clutch.
 Dr. Bailey Bonetight is a self-proclaimed nerd and mathematician. The National Space Exploration Organization (NSEO) employs this genius to design and analyze new space station models. Dr. Bonetight isn’t the friendliest person and often claims that numbers are the only friends worth having.
 Suggested attire: Nerd attire. Button up the shirt, wear a bowtie, wear a sweater vest, have your hair tousled, and wear thick glasses.
  Chestnut Factory Worker
 Charlie Walnut is a hard-working factory worker at Charlie’s Chestnut Factory.  Often ridiculed by colleagues for having an ironic last name, Charlie has become jaded over the years and speaks with a sarcastic undertone.  
Suggested attire: Factory uniform of any kind.  A name tag that reads ‘Charlie’s Chestnut Factory’ is an optional accessory.  Chestnuts in your pockets are optional props. Christmas accessories are optional.
  Pharmaceutical Chemist
 Dakota Medson, known for being a talkative pharmaceutical chemist, seldom exits the lab. However, on rare occasions that Dakota ventures out into town, an explosion of rapid vocal energy follows. Engaging in conversation with this chatty chemist often means struggling to interject a word.
  Suggested attire: Scientist, lab worker costume (lab coat). 

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