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'Til Death Do We Part - And  We Part Tonight

Hanna and Harry Heart are legends in the town of Amorville. They both grew up there and turned into the town's most popular and enviable high school sweethearts as the All-Star Cheerleader & State Champion Quarterback! They wed soon after high school, and today, Hanna's a beautiful NFL cheerleader, and Harry's a talented Quarterback for the St. Louis Lambs! The Hearts travel to Amorville often to see their family and friends and have traditionally hosted a Valentine's Day soiree in Amorville.  This year, they are hosting their party at the lovely and quaint Mio Amore Cafe in the heart of downtown Amorville.  You've been invited, and this is where your story begins.

Guest List
NFL Cheerleader
Hanna Heart is the energetic cheerleader for the St. Louis Lambs Football team!  Hanna was the most popular girl back in high school. For this reason, she’s used to getting her way.  She can sometimes be aggressive and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Cheerleading uniform of any kind or athletic warm-up suit. Pom poms as optional accessories.
NFL Quarterback
Harry Heart is the heartthrob quarterback of the St. Louis Lambs.  He’s a handsome and charismatic man during his after-game television interviews and has gained quite the fan club.  He’s also a perfect gentleman in every way – on camera.  However, he is a lazy couch potato with appalling manners off the field. It’s a mystery how Hanna lives with this ill-mannered sloth!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Football uniform of any kind or athletic warm-up suit.
Molecular Biologist
Details, details, details!  When speaking to Dr. Desirée Candyman, you better prepare for many intricate fine points and facts!  This is one over-explaining scientist. She has dreams of becoming a famous comic and will perform her standup comedy routine for anyone with an open ear and an extra minute.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Nerdy attire. Lab jacket and glasses as optional props.
Rocket Scientist
Dr. Ador Candyman prefers to stand back in the shadows during social gatherings. His exceptionally high I.Q. makes him super sensitive to his surroundings.  And Ador is rather paranoid. Rumor has it he believes the government is spying on him! Most people will placate this nerdy genius as they are too afraid to argue about his conspiracy theories.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Nerdy attire. Lab jacket and glasses as optional props.
Rose Darling owns The Fancy Florist, the most popular floral boutique in Amorville.  Rose is an infamous drama queen, so get some tissues ready for this emotional diva!  Choose your words carefully around her if you don’t want to make her cry or throw a tantrum!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy attire. Fresh cut or silk flowers as optional props.
Hershey Darling owns the Charming Chocolate Shop next door to his wife’s floral store.  Like his better half, Hershey is an obnoxious drama king who constantly looks for a reason to throw a fit. Touted as the most talented candy maker in the world, the residents of Amorville flock to Hershey’s store daily to get a taste of his latest confections!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy attire. Chocolates and other candies as optional props.
Honey Dew is the brains behind the Dew Farm located on the outskirts of Amorville. Honey keeps the farmhands entertained with her constant rhyming and isn’t afraid to pick up a pitchfork and work as hard as her crew!  What Honey says goes on the farm, and everyone knows it!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Overalls and a flannel shirt. Pitchfork and straw farming hat as optional accessories.   
Gunner Dew is the brawn behind the Dew Farm.  No stranger to hard work – this farmer’s up at dawn and works until dusk!  You’d never guess that Gunner is a romantic poet who spends his free time at the Living Poet’s Society gatherings reciting love poems!  Gunner also loves to impersonate the animals on the farm!  His goofy behavior can make a room turn awkward.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Overalls and a flannel shirt.
Pitchfork and straw farming hat as optional accessories.  

Retired Perfume Counter Sales Associate
Myrtle Love is a recently-retired perfume counter salesperson.  Myrtle is judgmental of others and is notorious for passive-aggressive behavior. As expected, perfume sales have sky-rocketed at Blamey’s Department Store since she retired!  Myrtle also has an intense fear of germs so getting too close to her is out of the question!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elderly moo-moo style dress - or any dress a Granny would love. Gray wig (if you are not elderly), a shawl, and glasses are optional props. A cane or walker is a plus!
Retired Candy Shop Owner
Senility is Eugene Love’s middle name! Eugene is a retired candy maker and an incessant practical joker.  This grandpa can’t be told what to do. Some say he’s not senile at all…he wants to get away with anything and everything! He's an expert-level manipulator! 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elderly man attire. Gray wig (if you are not elderly) and glasses. A fake hearing aid is a plus!
Account Executive for Shanel Perfume
Lovey Huntsman is a gregarious executive for Shanel Perfume. Beware – she’s known to act a bit loony on occasion!  From suits to shotguns, Lovey and her husband are avid big-game hunters!  This fragrant hunter loves to dance if she hears music, so get ready to cut a rug with her if you’re in arm's reach!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Hunter attire. Fake shotgun as an optional prop.

Vice President of Marketing, Ballmark Greeting Cards
Carey Huntsman is known for his perfect etiquette and literary proficiency. An avid big game hunter in his free time, Carey spends his days as the overbearing Vice President of Marketing for Ballmark Greeting Card Company. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Hunter attire. Fake shotgun as an optional prop.

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