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Murder at the Ugly Sweater Party

The Snowflake Lodge is hosting the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party again this year.  The townspeople of Snow Falls are excited about the holiday celebration, as the lodge is where the who's who of society flocks to show off their not-so-fashionable holiday attire. 

Sparks have been flying between some of the guests lately with rumors of blackmail, greed, and revenge - but we all have high hopes that the holiday spirit will be enough to quench their scandals at least long enough for everybody to have a good time at the party.

You've received your ticket to the party and's time to hunt for the tackiest holiday sweater that you can find.  This is where your story begins.

we've done some shopping for ya!

Invited Guests


Town Gossip

Isabella Rudolph is the zany homemaker and neighborhood watch coordinator.  Isabella recently moved to the tiny town of Snow Falls, and in no time, she was labeled the town gossip.  Everybody is afraid to be around Isabella, as she doesn’t keep secrets.  Isabella comes from old money and dedicates her time to charities and party planning.

Isabella wants nothing more than to rise to the top of the social ladder and become a socialite. However, in her short time in Snow Falls, she has already found herself served with papers for a lawsuit. Maybe if Isabella would keep her nose in her own business, she would stay out of trouble?  Is being popular worth the stress? 

Isabella has a bad habit of compulsively interrupting someone telling a story if she has heard it before and knows what is coming next.  This annoying habit tends to anger others. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater and as many tacky holiday accessories (i.e. crazy Santa hat, elf ears, etc.) as you can find.




Roxy Rich is an heiress, and her iconic family owns most of the real estate in Snow Falls. Roxy is a drama queen, so have tissues on hand for this emotional diva!  Choose your words carefully around her if you don’t want to make her cry - or worse – throw a tantrum!  Roxy gets what she wants, and is always seen with her assistant, Parker Mistletoe.

Roxy will often pretend as if she doesn't know people that she has been introduced to before. This is her way of making others feel small. Roxy also isn't close to her family and has caused strife and disdain among them over the years.  Maybe Roxy is a bit of a chaos junkie?

Roxy loves to flaunt her money and makes jokes about those who aren't as affluent as her. This certainly doesn't make people want to be friends with her.  Albeit, many ladder climbers in town will take anything she dishes out. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  However, you will remove the sweater moments after your arrival and unveil a fabulous holiday dress.



 Choir Director

Alexis Harmony is the clueless director of the Snow Falls Girls’ Choir. Alexis sings like a sick alley cat, but nobody has the heart to let her know about her horrible singing voice.  It’s a good thing she has many other voices in the choir to hide her abysmal crooning - until it is time for her dreaded solo performance.

Alexis is a bit of a humanitarian and tries to do the right thing in most cases.  But Alexis isn't innocent, by any means. She is known to spread gossip and start trouble between her mutual friends. Alexis is one of the peacemakers of her family, but she does have a threshold. She can only take so much nonsense. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Optional to have music sheets as props.


 Toy Developer 

Tendo Clause is the self-indulgent toy developer.  Tendo loves to talk about one thing and one thing only – Tendo Clause.  A former high school nerd, Tendo openly admits to anybody who will listen that s/he refuses to grow up.  Tendo is one of the most immature adults that you’ll ever meet but is one of the best toy developers in the country.

Tendo Clause is self-loving, but there is a tender, caring side to Tendo, as well. Tendo will be the first one to support a friend's accomplishments without any jealous undertones. Tendo has also been known to give food and money to the homeless and volunteer at local animal shelters.

Lately, Tendo has been having trouble at work because information leaked out about a toy that was under development. It was kid-friendly but not well-liked by most parents.  Even with the stress at work, Tendo is always smiling.

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Optional to have examples of toys that you are working on as props.



 High School Principal  

Is it Principal Evergreen or Principal Loony?  Well, the latter is what the kids not-so-lovingly nicknamed her at Snow Falls High School. Teens beware: rumor has it that not everyone who is sent to Principal Evergreen’s office makes it back to class.  Eva has a softer side, however, as she is the doting mother of 11-year-old twin girls.

Being an educator, Eva has a strong maternal side for anyone who has ever been a student at her high school. She has open ears to hear about problems and a shoulder to cry on. She is one of the best people in Snow Falls to go to for advice.  

On the other hand, Eva can be a bit preachy at times. If Eva gets on a soapbox, she might not come down for a while. She is judgmental and can take a counseling session too far. For these reasons, some people avoid her like the flu.

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.   Ruler as an optional prop.



News Reporter

Donnor Couric is always the source of breaking news in Snow Falls and has been known to break an occasional story as it happens.  Donnor’s an ambitious investigative reporter for the RBC Television Station and will stop at nothing to get the scoop.  Donnor is always working and is rarely seen without a troupe of colleagues from RBC News.  Unfortunately, rumor has it that some marbles may be loosening in Donnor’s cranium.

Donnor's family is worried about Donner's behavior has been quite strange lately.  They have urged Donnor to go on an extended vacation to relax, but Donnor refuses to take a break from work - for fear that the competition will move in. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Optional to have a pen and pad as props to take notes on things you hear & see – you’re out for a story.



 Personal Assistant to Roxy Rich 

Parker Mistletoe is the disgruntled personal assistant of Roxy Rich.  Parker wears a permanent grimace, as Roxy is not the easiest person to be around.  Roxy is demanding, overly emotional, and doesn’t give Parker any respect.  Parker is currently seeking employment elsewhere but curiously hasn’t accepted a position that's been offered.

Parker currently lives with his/her grandmother and is willing to relocate, far away from Snow Falls.  Parker's grandfather recently succumbed to an untimely death, and ever since then - Parker has been challenging to be around.

Parker seems to be preoccupied lately and often forgets the most simple things. Parker used to be a happy-go-lucky soul, but nowadays, Parker hardly cracks a smile. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.   White gloves and black suit underneath your sweater as an alternative.



 Hollywood Icon 

A somewhat late bloomer as compared to other big-screen icons, Sam Sugarplum became an overnight sensation with the release of the hit movie Gingerbread Man.  Sam is a quirky trendsetter that can do no wrong in the eyes of fans but has declared war with members of the media.

Not too long ago, Sam was a long-time barista in Snow Falls.  Everyone in town was shocked to see such a quick rise to fame from the person who was making their morning coffee. Rumors flew around town that Sam had paid someone off to reach that level of fame so quickly. However, no substantial evidence of bribery, blackmail, or other scandal has  emerged.  It seems that Sam simply lucked into a movie role, and like cream, rose to the top.

Sam is a self-proclaimed method actor who was recently cast as the lead role in a movie about a crazed psychopathic serial killer. Sam has been angrily walking the streets of Snow Falls, mumbling and glaring at the townsfolk. Sam refuses to apologize and claims s/he is a method actor who is studying for an upcoming role. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Hair (and makeup for a female) should be over-the-top glamorous.




Originally hailing from France, Brad Carols is a quiet personal banker at the largest bank in Snow Falls, Frost Financial.  Gossip-mongers spread strange rumors about Brad since nobody truly knows him.  The Snow Falls grapevine recently received information that Brad might be under investigation, but nobody can confirm if this is true.

The local gossips have concocted crazy stories about why Brad would move from France to Snow Falls - from Brad being a wanted murderer to Brad being a con artist. Brad contends that he just wanted a fresh start, away from family drama, and to have a chance at the American Dream.  

Brad is a nervous person who is constantly distracted and twiddles his fingers.  Is he just overwhelmed or plotting the next scandal? 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.   Optional to have bank statements, bank bags and a calculator as optional props.



 Homicide Detective

Frosty Jack is a famous homicide detective.  A reality television crew follows Frosty’s every move for the show Snow Falls Cops.  Frosty’s fans love it when he talks in clichés and performs song lyrics while arresting the bad guys!  Frosty is also addicted to karaoke and is a regular at Singsong Night at the Snow Falls Lounge. Frosty has thrown fits when he isn't called to the stage in a timely manner. Does Frosty want to be a singer instead of a law enforcer? 

Frosty Jack takes social media seriously and is always boasting about the number of followers on various accounts. Frosty is angry that the accounts haven't been verified with blue check-marks but keeps hounding the producers of the show to assist with that, to no avail. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Toy detective badge and toy gun as optional accessories.




If you looked up narcissism in the dictionary, Greg Jingles’ picture would be plastered by the description.  Greg is the self-loving neighborhood jeweler with an exaggeration problem.  Greg’s great-grandfather founded the store Jingles’ Jewels, and there is great family pride with the business. Greg’s father recently retired, and Greg is now the managing owner.

Greg's elders have all retired from the family business, and Greg is under a ton of pressure to protect the family's reputation of being the go-to place in town for fine jewelry. 

Greg's grandmother has nothing but time on her hands and has infiltrated the town's gossip rings. For that reason, Greg is a great resource if you are looking for the skeletons in someone's closet. 

Greg is constantly snapping his fingers. Those closest to him say it helps him think.

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.   Costume jewelry pieces to show the other guests as optional accessories.



Local Actor 

Ebenezer Nightshade is a brilliant actor on stage, but in person, he’s the most reserved person you’ll ever meet!  Ebenezer’s sultry Italian accent wins over the ladies, but the theater is Ebenezer’s true love.  During social gatherings, Ebenezer can’t help but break out into random Shakespearean monologues!

Ebenezer's name is often left off the guest list of the parties in town. When Ebenezer later hears about the missed fun - smoke billows from his ears.  For this reason, Ebenezer has vowed to start hosting exclusive VIP-only bashes. However, on an actor's salary, he's finding it difficult. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.



 Radio Disc Jockey

Noel Vibes is a hard-working radio disc jockey and a master of deceit.  A compulsive liar even when the truth is better, this fast-talking record spinner is also a cheater at board games.  Noel is a klutz, so give this accident-prone radio personality some space.

Noel will lie when the truth is better, so it is not suggested to believe anything that Noel says. 

Noel gets angry when locals call into the morning show and make comments or ask questions. Noel prefers to stick to programming and only talk about current events. Noel isn't good with improvisations and despises the town gossips.  Noel refuses to laugh, as rumor has it that Noel has a severe snorting problem when s/he gets the giggles.

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.




Walter Wonka is the super-paranoid chocolatier.  Walter is the founder of Wonka Chocolates, a world-famous line of candy.  Walter is convinced that someone nefarious is watching his every move, but what interest would anybody have in a quirky chocolatier?

Walter often spews conspiracy theories of pending alien invasions. Many of the townsfolk claim Walter has lost his mind, but those that are closest to Mr. Wonka disagree. Walter has many folks who agree with his line of thinking. Maybe there is some truth to his theories? Only time will tell. 

Walter will often make terrible jokes about things, followed by a noisy fit of laughter. Walter might be the only one in the room that finds himself funny. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.   Chocolate samples as optional props.



 Petting Zoo Owner

Hailing from Bundenbach Germany, December Porter is the ruthless petting zoo owner. December’s zoo is known for its unusual pets such as reindeer, camels, turtle doves, penguins, and even a baby polar bear!  December has a slight attitude when things don’t go as planned, but December knows how to get what s/he wants.

December has recently joined various animal rights organizations and is organizing a protest in front of a local seafood restaurant that has an aquarium full of live lobsters for diners to choose from. 

December has a weakness for rescuing stray animals. With eight cats, six dogs, four exotic birds, two snakes, two hamsters, and an aquarium of fish - December has created a zoo at home. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Optional - make reindeer food: Chex Mix, Cheerios, M&Ms, Pretzels – melt white chocolate and pour on the mixture.  Mix thoroughly; cool in a single layer.


 Pastry Chef 

Pat Puffs is a friendly baker with an intense fear of the government. Pat often rants about conspiracy theories.  Pat’s colleagues speculate that Pat wraps foil around windows, television antennae, and anything else to prevent the feds from spying.  Let’s all hope Pat keeps the foil out of the cupcakes.

Pat's bakery is currently on the outskirts of town. The offerings are delicious, but it's only a matter of time before another bakery pops up in a more convenient location and puts Pat out of business. Hopefully, Pat can find a better spot before that happens. 

If you visit Pat's bakery, be ready for Pat to rant about the latest news and how it relates to the government bringing the citizens down. Pat is continually looking over his/her shoulders as if someone is creeping up from behind. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.   Chef’s hat as an optional prop.  You can bring samples of pastries as props.




Gigi Elfman is a seasoned astronaut who sincerely believes that she has the highest IQ in the entire galaxy. Watch out for this brainy diva, as she’s known to be quite grumpy if things don’t go her way.

Gigi tells everyone she is a genius and goes on and on about her 158 IQ. If she indeed was that smart, why would she need to brag about it? The Snow Falls rumor mill has the thought that she's not what she claims.  However, she did graduate from Harvard with an engineering degree before completing an internship at a top-secret rocket engineering laboratory. 

Gigi strongly dislikes the sound of chewing and will hum loudly to block out the noise if anyone is eating within earshot. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Astronaut uniform / helmet as an alternative with a tacky holiday vest/sweater on top.



Professional Victim

Axi Dente is an imaginative professional victim.  At times, this clumsy diva can be a very meticulous and impatient woman.  She earns her way in this world by mysteriously causing accidents and winning lawsuits.  The town of Snow Falls is growing tired of this queen of misfortune.

Many people in town are trying their best to film Axi and catch this victim in the act. To date - nobody has been successful. Axi keeps the bandages on and the limping routine continuous - even at home in the backyard and through the front bay windows of his/her living room. This is one serious con artist. 

Axi is a dark brooding woman who never laughs.  Axi remains serious in all situations as if she is calculating the next move. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Decorate yourself with wacky ornaments.  Bandage  your hands, forehead, etc.



 Food Inspector 

Elizabeth Winter is the blatantly honest food inspector. The food vendors of Snow Falls fear her, as she is a no-nonsense federal culinary detective.  She’s shut down her share of restaurants in town and will hand out costly violations for even the most minor infractions.  On a personal level, Elizabeth is known to be unapologetically truthful.

Elizabeth doesn't have many friends, as she doesn't know how to sugarcoat things.  Her brutal honesty is off-putting, and she cannot stand to be around fake people.  Also, her reputation for putting people out of business certainly doesn't make her likable. 

Elizabeth sometimes refers to herself in the third person. This makes it difficult to have conversations with her, as people don't take her seriously.

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.



Massage Therapist

Originally hailing from the UK, Meyer Yule traveled to America to fulfill a lifelong desire to own a luxurious day spa.  Meyer made the dream a reality by opening a spa named Tranquility.  Meyer’s a bit of a one-upper, but this relaxation guru knows how to make customers feel like royalty!

Meyer is an entrepreneur and is always open to join in on new business opportunities. With a limited income as a massage therapist, Meyer wants to reach the stars but will never get there by massaging clients. Meyer is searching for a golden ticket but hasn't stumbled upon one yet. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Optional to create and print flyers with coupons for your spa – Tranquility.


 Personal Chef to Roxy Rich 

Charlie Chestnut is the slightly quirky and high-strung Portuguese personal chef of Roxy Rich.  Charlie is best known for opening five-star restaurants around the globe as well as a prior hit television cooking show, The Essence of Chestnut.  Nobody really knows what happened to Charlie’s career in the limelight, as it seems as though Charlie dropped off the face of the Earth to take the job with Roxy Rich.

Charlie is a dismissive person and often looks around people when speaking to them, refusing to make eye contact. Some find this behavior rude, but the more introverted people don't mind him looking the other way.

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Chef’s hat as an optional prop.



Animal Shelter Manager

Andy White is the intellectual animal shelter manager.  A dependable, hard worker, Andy is a true and loyal friend.  However, Andy has a rather intrusive obsessive personality that others find disturbing at times.  The animals at the shelter never mind it, however. They love the extra attention that Andy gives. 

Andy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy. Andy will trap you in long and drawn out conversations about what defines a chair or why we respect the dead more than the living -  if you make the mistake of allowing the conversation to go that route.

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater. 



 Christmas Tree Stylist

Crew Grincher is the antisocial Christmas tree stylist that suffers from severe anger management issues.  Crew is extraordinarily judgmental, and this quality tends to offend the customers of Gracy’s Department Store.  Crew also has an intense fear of germs so getting too close is out of the question!

Crew refuses to eat low quality food, and will go hungry if there are only sub-par offerings available. Crew will become very angry if s/he is hungry, however. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Decorate yourself in Christmas tree ornaments, garland, and tinsel.



 Greeter, Hallmart Supercenter 

Kennedy Bowman is the discontented greeter at Hallmart Supercenter.  Kennedy despises people, so s/he isn’t really the right person to welcome customers into the store.  Therefore, Kennedy wants nothing more than to find employment elsewhere.  However, Kennedy doesn’t have any skills!

Kennedy is constantly yawning - either out of boredom or sleeplessness. Kennedy constantly zones out of conversations and will stare at the floor while you're telling a story. Who knows what this greeter is thinking about? 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Make a name-tag with your name on it that says Hallmart Supercenter.



 Candle Maker 

Stevie Poinsettia is the boisterous candle maker and owner of The Wax Emporium, which is the largest candle store in Snow Falls.  Lately, Stevie has been stressed because of the unfortunate accident  that happened in the store, but hopefully, Stevie can pull out of the emotional and financial slump before Christmas.

Stevie is constantly checking the time, as if there is something more important ahead. But what could be so crucial for a candle maker?  Some people say it's Stevie seeing if enough time has passed so s/he can leave without upsetting anyone. Stevie doesn't like to be around others for long, as it drains his/her energy like a squeezed sponge. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Bring some candle samples with you for the other guests to see (optional).



 Snowflake Lodge Manager

Olly Joy is the no-nonsense manager of the Snowflake Lodge.  Olly traditionally hosts the annual ugly Christmas sweater party at the lodge, and it has always been a huge success. Olly is in great spirits this holiday season, as s/he has let all of the lodge’s staff off for the night to enjoy the party.  Olly will certainly have his/her hands full, being the only one in charge.

Olly is laid back and easy-going outside of work hours. However, when Olly is on the clock, Olly's giving orders with sweaty brows and fast-moving feet.  Olly doesn't relax and will do anything to ensure that the customers of the lodge are taken care of to the highest standard. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater. 



 Pop Icon 

Natalie Nutmeg is the former child star turned pop icon. Once a child performer in the Mickey Club, Natalie rose to supreme stardom with her last single Hooked on Cheese.  Natalie sells out concerts, has platinum records, and can’t go anywhere without a mob of paparazzi buzzing around her. 

Natalie is a practical joker and is known for pulling pranks on her close friends and entourage. Don't turn your back on this pop star, or you might get a sticky note put on your back that says 'I bark at squirrels.' 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Wear pop star attire under your sweater such as a sequin skirt, red fishnets and shiny boots.



 Rock Star

 Max Maximus is an unpredictable rock star from the UK.  You can never foresee what Max will do, so be prepared for absolutely anything.  Max is definitely out for attention and believes all press is good press.   That’s probably why she ate a mound of fire ants and posted it on UTube.  She nearly died from the act, but never missed a show on her tour, performing two nights straight with an IV attached to her arm and a swollen face and throat.

Max doesn't sleep much and will often be found with dark circles under her eyes. Max has high standards and often criticizes things  - even when most people think they are fabulous. 

Max won't speak to strangers and refuses to take selfies with adoring fans. It will only be a matter of time before Max's fans hear about the true Max. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Ripped jeans or leggings, crazy colored and dread locked hair (a wig).



 CEO, Toys B Us

Edward Smooge is the miserly Chief Executive Officer of Toys B Us.  He despises anything that he feels wastes time and money. The employees of Toys B Us wonder why such a man would want to be in charge of such a large toy corporation.  He certainly doesn’t have a shred of youth left in his personality and doesn’t care about kids having fun. All Edward Smooge cares about is the bottom line.

Edward Smooge is always rubbing his chin, plotting, and planning how to save the next penny.  He stares into your soul, never looking away or breaking eye contact during conversations. Some find this behavior menacing and quite intimidating. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Top hat and small, circular glasses or a monocle.



 Fashion Model

Talia Tinsels is the air-headed runway fashion model from South Africa.  Talia is gorgeous inside and out, but her brainpower doesn’t quite measure up to her other assets.  She is the first, and usually only, person to say something foolish in a group conversation.  She definitely keeps people laughing…at her.

Talia is overly-polite and a general sweetheart. Talia has never met a stranger and will go the extra mile to please others. Talia often engages in bouts of deep thought while others are talking to her, and she will allow her mouth to hang open. Some find this bizarre, but Talia claims she is just engrossed in what you are saying. 

Suggested attire: Tacky holiday sweater.  Wear something high fashion in addition to your Christmas sweater, such as a wreath on your head.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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