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Myrtle Swineboggler - manager of Spring Meadows Trailer Park and MODEL!

Above is my look WTH Did You Just Say? (H is for heck - I'm no potty mouth).

Yep, I did it. I went and did a fancy photo shoot with Joyce Bragstone. Joyce has picked up a new hobby and is trying to start a business, Glamour Headshots, where you can get glamorous photos like she did of me, or passport photos, or whatever you want. I'm sharing in this article some of my best pics. Don't be jealous - just go do your own, but you won't be as fabulous as me, Ms. Myrtle Swingboggler - the famous blogger lady from Henpecked Junction and trailer park manager. Whoomp.

The one above, I call this look Cheetah Steel. I'm gonna submit this to some magazines when I figure out how to do that. I could see this with the big bulky text all over it on the front cover. Look how trim and fit I am. I dropped those Cheesy Puffs and the pounds melted off me. You'd be surprised at what you get used to eating and what it does to your body. Well, I dropped a few from the stomach flu I couldn't kick for two weeks. But I still swear I was eating bad eggs from Breakfast Served Anytime. Ya know, I stopped eating there and my stomach fixed itself all back the way it was. So, hmm. Well, I'll still stop by for coffee and gossip with my friends.

I call the one above the Sophisticated Classy Lady pose. I swear, if I get picked up by Cosmo magazine or something like that - I'm gonna have to seriously consider my life choices and why I stayed in Henpecked Junction so long. Just look at the sophistication and intrigue. People will say, I wanna know what she's thinking. What is she smiling about? Anyway, just wanted to share with my subscribers and give you the scoop in case you wanted to go get some done. And because I told Joyce I'd do that if she did my photo shoot for free - but you won't get a free one, so don't even ask her.

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