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The Charmstone Academy's headmistress, Bellatrix Alatar, has called an emergency meeting in the Grand Dining Hall. All members of the academy's faculty and student body must attend. You are unsure of what has happened but have heard rumors that someone might have cast one of the Dark Craft spells, which is strictly forbidden within the corridors of the castle. Bellatrix has banned all magic until after the meeting, so you are unable to use your wand. You are frustrated, as you must now accomplish tasks the hard way like the Ordins (non-magical humans). You cannot wait to get this meeting over with so everything can return to normal. You are getting your best dress robes ready for the meeting, as it is best if you make a good impression on Headmistress Alatar, as she is the Empress Apex Mage - the most powerful witch in the universe. 

This is where your story begins. 

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Meeting Attendees




Professor of Foresight Arts, Charmstone Academy

  One of the most feared professors at Charmstone, Sidney Severus, teaches Foresight Arts – the ability to forecast future events. Hardened to emotions and rarely showing any form of expression, this professor is unfeeling and cold. Maybe it is because Sidney knows what the future holds?  Albeit, Sid often contradicts their own beliefs and actions and is quite hypocritical. A cowardly wimp, this professor would be the first to run away from a goblin attacking the students but is one of the smartest faculty members around.  As a faculty member assigned to the Grimm Guild, Elspeth Podmore and Sidney often get into quarrels to the students’ dismay.



Professor of Dark Craft Spells, Charmstone Academy

Elspeth Podmore - the Head Professor of the most influential and sometimes feared Sodarin Guild. This faculty member presents prominent displays of overbearing self-worth and self-importance. A bit snobbish, Professor Podmore will evade social scenarios at all costs. This professor has an inability to find humor in things and frequently spews a subtle form of mockery and sarcasm. Elspeth habitually doubts, questions, and disputes anything that wasn’t his/her idea. The students outside of the Sodarin Guild will pivot to take a brisk walk in the opposing direction if they spot Professor Podmore.




Professor of Enchanted Creatures, Charmstone Academy

  Professor Peverell is the Head of Enorim Guild – a group known for their charm, impeccable appearances, and gifts of persuasion. Animals are unusually drawn to this professor, who can sometimes communicate with them using tone of voice, body language, and sometimes telepathy. Professor Peverall is the youngest faculty member who exudes a lack of worldly experience and understanding. Garnet lacks sophistication and critical judgment, but the students at Charmstone say this is their favorite teacher.



Groundskeeper, Charmstone Academy

The most eccentric and one of the most lovable staff members of the Charmstone Academy, Raven Von Draven is the bizarre Groundskeeper of the school.  This groundskeeper is quite level-headed, efficient, and no-nonsense when it comes to taking care of things around the castle. However, it’s best not to stand too close to Raven, as this staff member has a never-ending string of bad luck. Raven has been struck by lightning ten times!




Assistant to the Headmistress, Charmstone Academy

  Maldue Noxlumas hails from one of the most famous families in the magical community. However, Maldue doesn’t live up to the name. Maldue graduated from the academy and was immediately hired as the headmistresses’ assistant, most likely to gain favor with the Noxlumas family. Maldue will believe anything the students say - regardless of how valid or truthful it might sound. Maldue lacks decision-making skills – especially under pressure.  But the humble Maldue is likable and charismatic, nonetheless. The Noxlumas family have always been members of the Sodarin Guild and continue to donate to the Guild, so they have the best of everything.




Corridor Master, Charmstone Academy

Blaze Le Blanc is the recently-appointed Corridor Master at Charmstone Academy and Zenith (head student) of the Velore Guild.  A 12th-year student, Blaze is known for being painfully envious of nearly everyone who has achieved something. A bit resistant to hard work and disposed to idleness, Blaze does have a rather strong allegiance to the Velore Guild and will do anything to see them get ahead. Blaze is brazened and bold but predictable, making it easy to get away with crimes in the corridors.



Grand Supreme Student, Charmstone Academy

A member of the most intelligent and hardworking group at Charmstone Academy, Jadis is the Zenith (student leader) of the Grimm Guild and Grand Supreme Student of the Academy.  A 12th-year student who is difficult to manage and impossible to control, Jadis is the most coldhearted student at the school.  Quick to judge situations and make snap decisions, this Zenith has a strong, excessive desire for success. Jadis oozes excessive self-esteem and refuses help from everyone for the sake of pride. Jadis is one of the most intelligent students at the academy and comes from a long bloodline of magical champions.



Vice President of the Potions League, Charmstone Academy

  A member of the most intelligent and hardworking group at Charmstone Academy, Auro Bane is a member of the Grimm Guild and serves as the Vice President of the Potions League. An 11th-year student, all Auro wants to do is have their nose in books to soak up as much information as possible. Auro is consumed with being the head of any class and will be the first to raise their hand when the professor asks a question. Auro is easily the most knowledgeable student at Charmstone Academy. For this reason, Auro is a bit socially awkward and nerdy. Auro has no sense of fashion or style but says it's all a waste of time. 



Member of the Potions League, Charmstone Academy

  Spriven Stonetail is the boisterous student of the Enorim Guild and a member of the Potions League. A 10th-year student, Spriven has shown to be a bit of a troublemaker and not that strong of an academic. Spriven has led some of the underclasspersons into precarious situations and has recently caused some trouble for the Potions League. However, Spriven is charming and can talk their way out of anything. Spriven was a child actor and starred in many movies of the magical community, so it's difficult for Spriven to do anything sneaky without being caught, as everyone knows who they are!   



Vice President of the Dark Craft Society, Charmstone Academy

  A dedicated member of the Sodarin Guild, Omni Forge is a 12th-year student running for the Magical Commissioner of Magus Hollow vacancy. The commissioner's office has the responsibility of budgeting the infrastructure of the magical community. It will be a great power to have for such a young mind, but with the Forge family connections - the election has already been won before the voting. Omni plans to win the election a month from now and start their career straight out of graduation from Charmstone Academy. It's rumored that Omni has founded a crime ring of students who wander the main corridor, committing petty crimes. This mobster mentality will not stand, but Omni is clever about never leaving evidence.



Member of the Sodarin Guild, Charmstone Academy

Shade Shadow is the most likable member of the ever-intimidating Sodarin Guild. Many people say that Shade was sorted into Enorim, but their parents bribed Bellatrix Alatar for Sodarin. This is a rumor, so it will never be known one way or the other.

Shade isn't like the other Sodarins and gets along with the Velorians - as well as all students at Charmstone. Shade isn't the least bit intimidating and strives to be a standup comic in Magus Hollow's amateur comedy club, Laugh Shack, after graduation.





Dormitory Monitor of Grimm Guild, Charmstone Academy

Volos Dawn is a 12th-year student at Charmstone Academy and a member of the Grimm Guild. Each dormitory of the castle has a student assigned to monitor the entry and exit logs of the dorm atrium, as all access is logged.  Volos is best pals with Jadis Westrum and would do anything for them - including schoolwork and chores. Since Jadis became the Grand Supreme Student, they haven't had time for anything, so Volos has taken up the slack. 

Volos is very loyal and dedicated to the Grimm guild and would do anything to protect their classmates. 


Guardian of the Dark Woods, Charmstone Academy

  Nante was destined from birth to become a member of the Velore Guild – the brave guardians of the school. Nante Mordo is recklessly bold in defying conventional methods and will be disobedient if s/he believes you are wrong. This Guardian of the Dark Woods keeps the younger students safe from the enchanted forests surrounding the castle. A 12th-year student, Nante would never tell a lie – so you can always count on this keeper-of-the-woods to tell it straight. Annoyingly playful and easily agitated, this school leader is high-strung and jumpy with bountiful energy. Nante has a weak stomach and is easily disgusted, so be careful what you eat around Nante.



President of Potions League, Charmstone Academy

Tamsin Xanadu is an 11th-year student and member of the charming Enorim Guild and President of the Potions League – a social club dedicated to developing new potions. Plants thrive under Tamsin’s care, almost seeming to burst into bloom upon touch. Tamsin does have a problem of waiting for things patiently, which leads to fidgeting and irritation – but this behavior doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Tamsin usually gets what they want and is coddled and pampered by their influential family.




President of Dark Craft Society, Charmstone Academy

  Crisdean Leri is a 12th-year Zenith of the Sodarin Guild and the President of the Dark Craft Society – a social club at Charmstone that studies dark spells. A loudmouthed gossip, Crisdean can be intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner and often pries into the matters of others. Crisdean often defies rules if it suits them, a true rebel in a black robe. A troublemaker, Crisdean lives to stir up trouble, usually between other Guilds of the school - intentionally or unintentionally. With that said, once Crisdean is confronted about any form of bad behavior, Professor Podmore handles it.

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