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The Guild of Sodarin is the most ambitious, cunning, and mischievous sector of the Academy. They are the masterminds and one of the most capable sorcerers known to the magical world. 
Rational and quick-witted, Sodarins may struggle to find people who can deal with their perpetual analysis of everything around them. They are always searching for an angle to gain an advantage. The Sodarins are the most feared and the least popular students at the Academy. They aren't known for genuine charm, and can be brutally honest. Skilled ladder-climbers who don't do well in a team, Sodarins are usually found in authoritarian positions. At Charmstone Academy, the Grand Supreme Student is typically a Sodarin - but a Grimm student currently holds the position. They are the only guild who has ever held the coveted Academy title next to Sodarin.



Elspeth Podmore


Crisdean Leri

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