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Murder in 1985

It is 1985, and after losing market share to sweeter competitors, Koko-Cola has revised its classic formulation and named the new beverage Best Cola. The CEO, Martin McFly, is hosting a huge bash to celebrate the release and has invited the Who’s Who of the entertainment industry to attend the party.

With so many Yes Men fluttering around Mr. McFly, he’s blinded to the reality that he is one of the most dreadful men in the world. He’s stolen ideas, broken hearts, slashed egos, and even kidnapped the beloved pets of foes when it suited him.

Alas, you are one of the ‘80s icons that received an exclusive invitation to this event. Mr. McFly has wronged you in the past but needs your fame to help launch Best Cola.

It should be interesting how this all plays out.

This is where your story begins.

Need a Costume?

Suspect List


Television Star, Comic

Robin is a black belt in karate who was raised by a single mother in the big city of Los Angeles. While Robin’s mother was hard at work at the diner, an old Karate master trained Robin to become the most feared Karate competitor in the nation. Today, Robin Larusso is one of the most bizarre and multi-faceted television personalities in Hollywood! Before becoming famous, Robin was a struggling comic  who got by lucky landing a sitcom role of a stranded alien on the planet Earth, Mork from Pork. When Robin’s not soaking up the bright lights on set, Robin still practices at the Cobra Dojo in North Hollywood to keep the title of National USA Karate Champion.


Hollywood Icon

A member of the Hollywood Brat Pack, Andie Mickey Ringwald plays the geeky teen role well.  In fact, many say Andie has played it too well and will never be taken seriously on the big screen. Nevertheless, Andie doesn’t seem to mind raking in the dough for now.

Andie was once cheated out of going to the high school prom by a vicious prankster. Some people say this trauma caused Andie to be a social outcast. Over the lonely years, Andie’s become obsessed with solving the Rubik's cube repeatedly.


Hollywood Icon

Hailing from England, Spunky is the plucky orphan who landed a remarkable role as a child in a self-named television sitcom, Spunky Bowie. With colored hair and silly socks, Spunky’s unique style was admired by all. Today, Spunky has ditched the crazy socks for musical instruments, outrageous costumes, and face makeup. Spunky Bowie has grown up to become one of the most legendary music icons of this time. Many say it’s only a matter of time before Spunky joins the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not one to rest between projects and tours, Spunky still maintains an illustrious acting career and has expanded to the stages of Broadway and the Hollywood big screen.



TV Host, Singer/Songwriter, Activist

  Elvirus Gabriel was born in the UK and got a kickstart in the limelight with the progressive rock band Creation before going solo with the chart-topping album, Salisbury Steak.  Elvirus made it big with the song Tack Hammer before leaving the stage for a television hosting gig for late-night horror programs. Elvirus now hosts the show Elvirus of the Dark on RBC-TV. This Gothic guru is known as a trendsetter in dark fashion and speaks with a super creepy voice.


Rock Star

Lee Roth Lauper is the outrageous lead singer of the ‘80s heavy metal rock band Von Lauper. The Von Lauper roadies have learned to procure Lee Roth whatever is requested– even if it is pet Australian sea snakes or bottled sand from Egypt - as to avoid significant, show-stopping drama. Lee Roth always wears ‘80s glam band attire with tight spandex pants and teased-up, colorful hair, and teens across the world are copying Lee’s style.

There have been rumors of Lee Roth splitting off from the band to launch a solo career. If this happens, Von Lauper is doomed, as the group’s popularity will perish without Lee Roth’s personality carrying the show.


Rock Star

Ace Basil is the obnoxious lead singer of the rock band, Nicky’s Kiss. Ace has the personality of a buzzard, so most people avoid Ace like the flu. This rock star is a notorious one-upper and is always waving a handheld mirror in the air to check the reflection. Ace prefers to sing instead of speaking to showcase the range that always gets Ace praise. Ace doesn’t like to acknowledge this, but Ace started life in the limelight with a solo career that stalled out. Ace, formally known as Tony Oregano, had a one-hit-wonder, Hey, Nicky, and was unable to follow it up with anything that could even get on the end of the charts. Five years later, Ace formed the band Nicky’s Kiss, slapped on a bunch of stage makeup to hide being a past failure, and now is one of the top rock stars in the world.



Rock Star

      Lou Carlisle was a nerdy computer major and member of the Lambda Pi organization at the local university.  For many years, Lou aspired to be famous, to no avail. An aspiring film star and rap artist, Lou is a talented inventor and shows a lot of promise in the field of engineering. Not too long ago,  Lou stumbled across the band members of The No No’s while they were searching for a lead singer. Lou tried out, got the job, and quit college.  Lou is a compulsive liar who adores a Yorkshire Terrier named Bangles more than humankind. Lou is not only nerdy but can be cold-hearted and insensitive.  Being a celebrity comes with privileges, and Lou has a troupe of people willing to cater to every meticulous need.



Mobster Pop Icon

Born to Italian parents, Pat Capone grew up in southern Florida. Pat was always in search of fortune and fame and quickly rose to become a legendary mob boss in Miami, Florida.  Infamous for being cruel and narrow-minded, Pat is one to be feared in the streets of Miami.

Pat used the mob’s influence to become a guitarist and pop icon. Nobody knows if the fans genuinely adore Pat or if the mob is intimidating the music industry and its supporters, but Pat’s songs take over the charts, nevertheless.  Pat’s bizarre and demanding, as roadies are made to sort out hundreds of green M&M's for dressing rooms and Pat doesn’t even like chocolate.  Pat often forgets the poverty-stricken childhood of the past and treats others as inferior lifeforms.



Television Evangelist, Wildlife Expert

        Crocodile Baker rose to international fame with rugged charm, excellent motivational speaking skills, and uncanny animal handling abilities. Known in Australia as an expert crocodile hunter, Croc, which this evangelist prefers to be called, took that skill to the big stage of New York City to host the Baker Prayer Hour with Crocs. Croc is the most notorious TV evangelist the world has ever seen. The media has been covering the investigation of Croc for over ten alleged crimes of embezzlement, fraud, illegal gambling, animal endangerment, and even an Olympic game scandal. This slimy evangelist’s mug is always plastered on the front page of the trash tabloids.


Hollywood Icon

Born to famous Hollywood icons, Pollie Estevez is the oldest sibling in a family of famous faces. Pollie’s career is flourishing on both sides of the camera. Pollie is considered to be the leader of the Hollywood Brat Pack and is one of the most sought-after young celebrities in Hollywood.

Pollie is an avid cartoon fan with a fascination with drawing cartoon cat characters. Pollie likes to speak to these characters and get advice from them. Many people are worried about the stress of fame getting to this icon’s head.


Hollywood Icon

Charlie Benatar has settled into more of a fashion icon of the ‘80s than a film actor or rock star. Charlie soaks up the glitz and glamour of Hollywood but doesn’t seem to put in the work as hard as the rest of the famous Benatar family.

Charlie started life in the public eye as a peculiar guitarist who overnight, had a hit song on the charts, Loving a Battlefield. Charlie used that quick fame to land a role in the Blockbuster movie, Squadron. After starring in a couple of films, Charlie has ridden the family’s coattails and attended parties around the globe. Charlie is no stranger to trash tabloid headlines.


Breakdancing Pop Icon

 Ozone Gibson is a pop icon who first gained notoriety in the underground breakdancing scene of Los Angeles. On the surface, Ozone’s a fun-loving party animal, but every move Ozone makes is designed to get an advantage and achieve even more superstar status. After touring shopping malls across the nation with a groundbreaking song and breakdance routine, Ozone’s hit song Eclectic Youth has topped the charts for weeks.  Ozone is a ladder-climbing backstabber and will stop at nothing to reach the top. With the recent notoriety still on the climb, Ozone has become intolerable, high-maintenance, and extremely demanding. Crocodile Baker is Ozone’s only friend.


Fitness Guru

Ozzie Fonda is a rock star, bat farmer, and creator of Abs of Iron – an intense workout regimen that was developed to build the muscle tone of the abdomen muscles. There isn’t one second of the day that Ozzie isn’t working out, tending to bats, or in the recording studio working on the next hit album.

Next to being a famous fitness guru, Ozzie Fonda tours the world’s arenas and is often referred to as Ruler of Darkness. Take heed when you are around this untamed rocker, as Ozzie is very unpredictable during social gatherings. Ozzie owns the Fonda Bat Farm and has been known to bring along some winged friends on occasion. As long as you are not afraid of vampire bats, you should be simply fine around Ozzie.



Ghost Caster, Private Investigator

A veteran of the US Navy, Tommie Vinkman is the wacky scientist-turned-ghost catcher-turned-private investigator. Most of the residents of Oahu, Hawaii, believe Tommie’s ghostly business is a sham, but the ghost-catching industry has been growing astronomically in the last year, nonetheless.

Tommie doubles as a tenacious private investigator of non-supernatural matters, and rumor has it that Tommie might work for a top-secret government agency – maybe even one that deals with aliens? Tommie can be hired for ghost-catching or for anything you need to be investigated for court or private cases, including missing pets.



Television Star

Burkel Bonet is known as Hollywood’s lovable nerdy television star and activist. Burkel has played many roles on television, but the current spot Burkel takes up on the small screen is the character of a math geek, Q.C. Stevens, on the hit show Matters of Family.  Stereotyped to the max, Burkel can’t seem to land a role that’s not geeky! Burkel’s career may be in trouble.

 Burkel regrets leaving An Uncommon World, a hit show that ran for many years where Bonet played the role of a struggling college student in Virginia. Burkel blames a Hollywood Agent for leading Burkel down the rabbit hole of nerd-dom.



Rap Artist, Emcee

Known as the ultimate hip-hop emcee, Ice Cream Cool Beans hails from New Jersey but now resides in Hollywood, California. A charming, fast-talking music innovator, Ice Cream is always spotted at the most exclusive parties rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite.

One of the first rap artists on the scene, Ice Cream is an extremely talented lyricist, performer, and recent film star who works from dawn to dusk, seven days per week. Ice Cream wants to be considered the number one celebrity in Hollywood and won’t rest until that happens. Incredibly, Ice Cream agreed to attend the launch of Best Coke. Rumor has it that Martin McFly might have paid Ice Cream for the appearance.


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