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Toil & Trouble at the Costume Ball

Autumn Falls is famous for the Fabulous Falls Costume Ball. This year, the stakes are on the line. The lucky winner of the contest will be awarded a gift certificate to the Algernon clothing store, a gift certificate to the Ravenswood Chocolate Factory, a private tour for ten to Gracey's Haunted House, and a trophy made of pure gold - donated from the eccentric billionaire, Mr. M, that won last year by wearing a functional, twelve-foot android costume. Participants should not fret, though. Mr. M is judging this year. 

Not only is pride on the line for returning competitors, but this year has been full of boasting and bragging about costumes-to-be on social media, radio talk shows, and via appearances on the local morning news on television.

 You have been working on your Halloween costume since last year's event. You have secured your ticket to the party and have registered for the costume contest. This is where your story begins.



Suspect List


Pumpkin Patch Owner

Channing Algernon grew up as a child celebrity by starring in a self-named television show. Channing also launched a fragrance line, and clothing store franchise, Algernon. Channing had enough earnings to retire, so the Algernon Pumpkin Patch was founded in Autumn Falls – a town listed in the Top Five Places to Live if you are Obsessed with Fall, and America’s Best Town for Fall Colors. Channing still gets recognized by adoring fans but refuses to acknowledge the past.

Channing loves to daydream and might appear to be either in a catatonic state or sleeping – but Channing can quickly be snapped out of it by clearing your throat.


Bat Farm Owner

Sloan runs the Ruskin Bat Farm that has been in the family for almost a century. Sloan sells the bats to other farmers, who keep them as free-range pets for pest control. However, many neighboring communities have started petitions against the farm, claiming that the bats are a nuisance and harmful to the ecosystem. Sloan is used to the drama and could care less. A television junkie who tends to be a bit slothful, Sloan’s IQ ranks the bat farmer as a genius. Sloan also has social phobia, so one should try to make Sloan feel as comfortable as possible in group situations, or awkwardness will ensue.


Research Scientist

Gentry Dread is a researcher in a top-secret government-funded lab of which nobody knows the location. Townies have spread unfounded rumors that it is a vast laboratory underneath the Dread Manor – a large estate on the outskirts of town that has been in the Dread family for over one hundred and fifty years. Also, nobody knows what Gentry is researching. The rumor mill has speculated it is anything from intergalactic aliens to highly-dangerous antimatter.

Gentry continually mumbles, which can be unnerving to bystanders. Gentry claims the mumbling is just loud thoughts from an overactive brain.



Jules Ravenswood is a famous chocolatier from the charming town of Autumn Falls. Jules has a childlike and curious personality, but a secret, vindictive side as well.  Jules is an unconventional person who often intimidates others unintentionally. This chocolatier is a mastermind when it comes to making chocolate recipes. Consequently, Ravenswood Chocolates are internationally renowned.  When silence arises, Jules will always fill the deadened space with eerie whistling. Be sure to keep the conversation lively when Jules is around.



Storm Ramsey is a wealthy American philanthropist and beneficiary of the Ramsey fortune. Storm, the vigilante persona, was created after this rogue crimefighter was left out in a terrible thunderstorm as a child by two criminals robbing the family’s mansion. Today, Storm uses the family’s wealth to create weapons that can shoot lightning, blanket a target in storm clouds, and blast water with a tsunami’s force.  Storm has sworn vengeance against lawbreakers in the city of Autumn Falls – even though the police have begged Storm to stop interfering.  Storm sneezes when stressed, so have some tissues ready if the situation will be tense.



Navy Burton was a former NASA astronaut but now serves the United States Space Force as a Space Operations Officer. This branch of the Air Force has a mission to organize, train and equip space forces to protect U.S. and allied interests in space.  Navy is one of the bravest and most formidable soldiers you’ll ever meet and is the friendliest and most charitable person in Autumn Falls.

Navy does have an interesting character, as each sip of beverage or bite of food must be gazed at and thanked before Navy will consume it.


Street Performer

Auden Karloff works on the streets of Autumn Falls as a performer. From miming to posing as statues made of gold, Auden has many talents ranging from contortion to singing like a songbird.  Auden is a former pediatrician who found that it was more lucrative to work for tips. The people of Autumn Falls are known for hospitality and generosity.

Auden chooses a different character to play each day. Autumn will remain in character during conversation and claims to be a method actor.  It will depend on what role Auden is playing for the day on how daunting it might be to converse with this performer. 


Private Investigator

Salem Slater is a private investigator who cannot decide on things without the flip of a coin. Extremely indecisive, this private investigator still manages to be the most effective sleuth in the business. From investigating personal injury claims to finding long-lost relatives, Salem will get the job done without fail.  Salem used to be in a long-time partnership with Bellamy Hatch until Bellamy decided to branch off with the ever-growing pet detective business.  They haven’t spoken since Bellamy left the partnership without warning, but since both are prospering in separate career paths, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern if the two get together at the party.

Salem lives for horror films and often acts out scenes for others.


Haunted House Entrepreneur

Baker Gracey grew up in a modest house as a child newspaper distributor to help financially support a vast family of four generations. Baker is kind-hearted and selfless, and still sends money back home to the Valley of Gloom – a small town in the Midwest.  Baker worked extremely hard over the years to build a nationally-renowned business known for the scariest haunted houses ever created. Baker has an eerie persona, but deep down – Baker is a gentle teddy bear. Baker often speaks to imaginary friends, but those around Baker have learned to ignore the behavior.


Pet Detective

Bellamy Hatch is an eccentric pet detective. One wouldn’t believe that such a profession could be sustainable or even necessary in the first place. But with the number of missing pets reported in Autumn Falls, Bellamy left a longstanding partnership of private investigation to specialize in furry, finned, and feathery friends in need and has been thriving ever since.  Bellamy is a bit harsh when it comes to something that gets in the way, and some people try to avoid this detective for that reason.  Bellamy always has a notebook and takes notes about everything.

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