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Murder at Studio 78

After so many hurdles, obstacles, and debacles, the famed Studio 78 will swing open its doors for a night to remember. The club founders have sent press releases to the media about the discotheque being a premier hotspot, catering to the rich, famous, and fabulous—the who's who have fought tooth-and-nail to claim their VIP tables for this night. Unfortunately, the tabloids have been spewing articles about the bad blood between the most prominent names on the guest list. The club managers have promised to keep the peace at all costs.

 A dance floor competition will be part of the stellar unveiling. Your publicist was on the ball and scored your spot for the big night. You've hired one of the top choreographers to fine-tune your best disco moves, as you won't accept anything but first place.

This is where your story begins.

Need groovy threads?  We've done some shoppin' for ya!

VIP Guest List


English Singer/Songwriter

Charlie Cannon hails from London, England, and is a singer, songwriter who has gained worldwide fame as the lead singer and founder of the band, The Rollie Pollies. Charlie’s career has spanned over two decades. Charlie has been described as one of the most prominent and famous rock & roll singers. Charlie has a distinctive voice and is known for energetic live performances.

Charlie is continually checking the time – even when there isn’t anything else on the day’s schedule. For this reason, Charlie’s nickname is White Rabbit.



Television Star, Comic

Lee Fisher was born in Washington, D.C., to a jewelry shop mother and a band director father. In high school, Lee starred in a school play and received such glowing reviews over the performance in the local newspaper - it was no time before talent agents were knocking on Lee’s door. Lee Fisher rose to fame in the sixties on the CBC sketch comedy show Chuckles. Lee made many television appearances on shows as a standup comic, which landed Lee many more television roles as a comedic sidekick.

Lee snaps their fingers when they tell a joke to emphasize the punchline and signal it's time to laugh. Albeit, sometimes only crickets respond.



Movie Star

  From comedic characters to romantic lead roles on the big screen, Austin has one of the most famous faces worldwide. Away from the film lot, Austin is a perpetual outcast, a rebel against the societal norms. Born in Neptune City, New Jersey, Austin’s mother owned a beauty parlor, and his/her father was a magician. Considered a  former ‘class clown’ from high school, Austin blossomed the nonconformist attitude into an astounding, award-winning film career.

Austin often leans on walls, people, or other objects and takes up to five catnaps a day. Austin claims to work too hard, but sources say this superstar’s just plain lazy.  



Movie Star

  Mercury McQueen is arguably the greatest and most influential performer of the seventies. Mercury is the founder of 'modus acting,' where the actor or actress presumes their character's identity around the clock until filming has wrapped for the project.

Mercury is a bit of a boaster and continually talks about their amassed wealth, talent, and natural good lucks. Mercury often checks their appearance, as they cannot afford for one hair to be out of place. Mercury is not the most likable star but is one of the most memorable.


Movie Star

A star of U.S. cinema, Stevie Hawn carved their name into American pop culture as a lovable action figure and wisecracking sidekick. Stevie was born in Lansing, Michigan, and was the child of the chief of police. Stevie aspired to become a professional tennis player until a bicycle accident permanently injured a knee. That's when this star grew interested in acting.  After high school, Stevie worked in greasy spoon diners while playing bit parts on television until finally being discovered by one of Hollywood's biggest talent agents.

This icon has endless energy. Stevie's continually twiddling their fingers and fidgeting in their seat, and it's challenging to keep this star pinned down for long.



Movie Star, Fashion Model

With a career spanning decades, Robin Eastwood is best known for portraying bold characters on the big screen. Born to a carpenter father and pastry chef mother in Boston, Robin was first discovered by a Cosmo Magazine photographer and became a successful fashion model. In the fifties, Robin broke into television by landing a recurring role on Leave it to Lucy.

Robin always must criticize everything. Nothing is ever good enough for this icon, so no matter how ideal things seem to most – Robin will find something worth a complaint.



Singer, Television Star

Born in Detroit, Michigan, to parents who owned a movie theater, Billy rose to fame as the lead singer of The Bees, who became Wavier Records’ most successful band of the sixties and one of the world’s best-selling musical acts of all times. Following departure from The Bees in 1971, Billy embarked on a phenomenally successful, global solo career in music and television.

Billy Cooper is always chipper and tends to snort when they laugh. Billy is also ready to do impromptu performances for anyone who asks.


Television Star,  Model

  Lennon grew up in a small town, raised by grandparents in southern Louisiana. Lennon was born with a yearning for celebrity and worked their way to the top with hard work and dedication. Lennon Tyler Ross is best known as the star of the American live-action television series Righter of Wrongs in the role of Miracle – a protagonist based on the DC Marco comic book character of the same name on RBC TV from 1971 to 1977. Utilizing the T.V. series’ fame, Lennon was able to sign a deal with Vandelay Automobiles to become their spokesperson and model for their ad campaigns.

Lennon loves to pretend they are a hero in real life. If anything so much as borderline criminal takes place nearby, Lennon will spring to action as the character Miracle and save the day.



Movie Star

Micky Hutton has appeared in fourteen hit films and has won numerous awards. Due to Micky's humanitarian efforts, Timeless Magazine has named Micky one of the world's most influential people. The eldest child of a famous Australian director, John Hutton, and Irish actress, Maureen O’Malley, Micky had a strict upbringing in Beverly Hills, California.

After countless hours of local theater as a teenager, Micky first gained notice for the leading role in the 1964 movie Old Timers.  Since the breakthrough, Micky has had steady work.

Micky has no filter and will blurt out whatever is on their mind. Most people find this behavior to be off-putting and offensive.



Movie Star

Halston was born in Cloquet, Minnesota. Halston’s father was a traveling salesman, and his/her mother was a homemaker. Halston is one of nine children and had to develop their talent to stand out. It worked, and Halston is one of the biggest, still rising stars of 1978.

Halston Jagger has broken the record and received the highest honor of winning two Oster’s, an Emma award, and three Golden Orb Awards in only four years of a career.  Halston made their debut with the film Giant Invaders of 1974.

Halston Jagger speaks at an abnormally slow pace and excessively uses their hands to help describe things.


Movie Star

Jackie Redford was born in the East Harlem neighborhood of New York City to a car salesman father and a mother who was a homemaker. Jackie had their debut role only a decade ago with the hit movie Diary of an Assassin. Jackie stars in silver screen flicks and has also scored leading roles on the stages of Broadway. Jackie is intense and tightly-clenched and has been typecast into playing only ultra-serious roles.

Jackie refuses to look anyone in the eye but is exceptionally outgoing. This celeb will look past people while talking and never acknowledges anyone standing nearby. This behavior can be daunting.



Singer, Movie Star

  Pat began their illustrious career by performing in nightclubs and Broadway theaters in the early 1960s. After many guest appearances on various television shows, Pat was signed with Wavier Records and released a debut album Pat Sings. After becoming an established recording artist, Pat ventured into film by the early seventies. 

Pat sometimes will speak in a singsong voice instead of using a regular cadence. This becomes awkward quite fast.    



Movie Star & Filmmaker

Born in San Francisco as the child of a manufacturing executive and a nurse, Sammy had a comfortable middle-class upbringing but always longed to be rich and famous. Sammy found interest in theater as a teen and grew bored of school, which held Sammy back a grade twice. Upon turning eighteen, Sammy quit high school and moved to Hollywood, landing a few uncredited parts in movies before being discovered and catapulting to A-list status. Sammy’s directorial debut was a decade ago with the hit movie Diary of an Assassin. Today, Sammy's a Hollywood icon.  

A slender person, Sammy always has something to snack on. Sammy claims they have a high metabolic rate and must keep up by munching on nibbles all day.

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