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Murder of Miles Randolph

Miles Randolph was a ruthless cheapskate who loathed everyone in the town of Pinewood Landing. A miserly outsider, Mr. Randolph only left his mansion to run his toy factory, Randolph Toys, Incorporated, which was the largest producer of toys in the world. Miles spent his life amassing his fortune and churning out hate, grief, and gloom to all who crossed his path.

Nobody blinked an eye when the staff of his estate found Miles Randolph’s body this morning. The crime scene was made to appear as if he died from natural causes, but the clever homicide detectives of Pinewood Landing caught on to the ruse. The question is not if he were murdered, but rather, who could have pulled off such a crime? Is the killer an employee of the toy factory? A family member? The butler? Or might it be one of the many colleagues he has wronged in the past?

The Pinewood Landing detectives have asked for your help to solve the case. Further instructions will be sent to you for the exact time and place that you will meet with the team who is assigned to solve this case. You should be aware - everyone assigned to delve into this case was associated with Miles Randolph, as he had numerous ties to many networks around the world. It would be dangerous for you not to attend, as the others might consider your absence a confession.

This is where your story begins.

Suspect List


COO, Randolph Toys, Inc.

            Hartley Hyde is an average businessperson living in a middle-class suburb of Pinewood Landing. Hartley always tries to do the right thing but often finds that the chosen path was the wrong one. Hartley is unhappy with being the Chief Operations Officer for Randolph Toys, Inc. and is currently seeking other job opportunities behind everyone’s backs. Hartley is obsessed with pickles and gets quite irrational if someone ‘murders’ an insect.




            Evian Jingle is an ordinary suburban civil litigation attorney who is very active in the community and devotes countless hours to soup kitchens and pet shelters. Evian cannot stand it when others use slang and refers to it as lazy language. Evian is continually bursting with energy and tends to fidget.




            Ottie Lovejoy is a good-natured soul with a dry sense of humor. Ottie is a doomsday prepper and survivalist who uses a big backyard to hideout on occasion. Always preparing for a catastrophe, Ottie sometimes escapes reality. Getting along with Ottie can be difficult.  Ottie can’t bear to throw anything away and is often caught sifting through neighbor’s trash bins.




On the surface, Rogue Metz is honest and polite with a heart of gold.  However, those closest to Rogue claim that this driver exudes a level of over-confidence and self-absorption  unsurpassed by anyone in Pinewood Landing. Rogue is usually seen wearing sunglasses and spews out useless facts and trivia to anyone who will listen.  There isn’t much that Rogue doesn’t know.




            Shade Hitchcock is a nosy, middle-aged butler who has worked at the Randolph Mansion since early adulthood. Not well-liked in the community, Shade has a poor relationship with family and very few friends.  Recently, the housekeeping staff of the mansion discovered a stash of money and passports in the wall of Shade’s suite.  This has caused a wave of ill-will among the staff of the estate.


Homicide Detective, Pinewood Landing

            Lorin Cherry is a sergeant serving as a lead case investigator for Pinewood Landing. Lorin instinctively despises most people and claims to have the power to detect the evil shrouds around others’ hearts. A bit paranoid, Lorin has been known to follow anyone around if they are on this detective’s radar.



Manager, Toy Manufacturing

            Arden Earwood has a grumpy, over-bearing demeanor, but is a US Navy veteran, blue-collar worker, and loving parent of two girls.  Arden works hard as a manager of toy manufacturing at Randolph Toys, Inc. However, most of Arden’s late nights and weekend work goes unnoticed.



Criminal Psychologist

Brighten Bixby is a tough, determined criminal psychologist in the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Brighten hails from Pinewood Landing, but was transferred to Quantico, the headquarters of the FBI, after becoming an esteemed member of the BAU. 



Latin Teacher

Coren Ogletree is a nerdy, socially awkward Latin teacher at Pinewood Landing Junior High. Coren is brutally honest, and this behavior can be off-putting if you’re around this teacher too long. Coren has known Miles Randolph since childhood, and anyone close to the family has heard about their big falling out after college. Supposedly, Miles wasn’t entirely honest with Coren, and this burned all bridges between them.



Housekeeper, Randolph Estate

A former nanny, Waverly’s past is mostly unknown and has often been called into question. Waverly has worked at the Randolph Mansion for two years and has shown to be a meddling troublemaker. Miles Randolph has threatened to fire Waverly on more than one occasion, but for some reason, Waverly still hangs on to the job as the head housekeeper.


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