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Fruitcake, Mistletoe, & Murder

Tinsel Town has been at the epicenter of many scandals this year.  From Christmas trees being stolen off the lot to defamatory statements being slipped into Christmas crackers at company holiday parties - the town has collectively lost its holiday spirit. 

In efforts to bring the holiday cheer back, the neighborhood of Holly Hills has come together to organize a block party, starting with Carroll North's home. You are unsure if the Christmas cheer can be salvaged, but have agreed to attend the party, nevertheless.  This is where your story begins.


to learn more about the german legend of the dunarong - click here. 


Suspect List


Manager, Blooming Marcus Department Store

December Holly is a meticulous and demanding manager of the Blooming Marcus Department Store – the biggest and most luxurious retailer in Tinsel Town that offers the finest and highest quality products from fine jewelry to home goods. December is skilled at the art of deception, and some have even called this manager a compulsive liar. December can circulate rumors with the best of them and is known to introduce themselves with a slightly different name each time. With that said – December is the most sought-after recruit in town. December has several job offers awaiting but remains loyal to the store.


Christmas Cracker Joke Writer

Wynter Evergreen works from home as a Christmas cracker joke writer. Wynter doesn’t leave the house often or tool around on the internet due to severe paranoia about privacy breaches. Wynter has problems with short-term memory and will tell tales that have already been told. Every so often, Wynter will blink super hard, rub their eyes, and look around as if they have just woken up. Nobody knows why Wynter does this, but it’s unconventional, nevertheless. Wynter is a budding standup
comic, albeit someone won the local stand-up contest last year after
stealing all of Wynter’s jokes from Christmas crackers.


Christmas Tree Designer

Comet Bowman is a talented Christmas Tree Designer who is hooked on chaos and lives for a good crisis. Comet is a freelance designer who usually works for retailers during the holidays, designing awe-inspiring Christmas creations for storefront windows and featured exhibits within retail locations. Comet sneezes upon hearing their first name. When asked a question, Comet will respond with a request to hear the magic word, or this stylist will refuse to answer.


Owner, Jingle Christmas Trees

Ember Jingle used to be a professor of nutrition at Tinsel Town College. Ember was caught doing illegal research on human subjects regarding a dietary supplement of nutmeg and cinnamon that Ember believed taking three times a day would raise holiday spirits and brighten the mood. After losing a tenured position, Ember sunk life savings into opening Jingle Christmas Trees and quickly became the supplier of
holiday trees for Tinsel Town. Ember is daunting to speak to, as a
question always begins with, I must inquire, and all sentences conclude
with, ‘end scene.’


Head of Programming, Christmas TV

Carroll North is the head of programming of the year-round cable channel, Christmas TV. Carroll’s objective is to enjoy life, but some find that working minimal hours and sleeping on the job is a serious dereliction of duty. Unbeknownst to Carroll, some station staff have created a petition to either demote or get rid of Carroll.
Carroll is continually fidgeting and attempts to speak in rhymes but fails miserably. With a laid-back and goofy attitude, Carroll is often the life of the party. Therefore, this cable television executive is the one to get people in the mood to have fun.


Personal Shopper

Angel Juniper is a personal shopper who can be hired to shop for anything from groceries to engagement rings. The holiday season is when Angel works the longest hours, but Angel knows precisely where to get the best deals and merchandise. Angel is addicted to anything chrome or silver, and this obsession often gets Angel into hot water if Angel doesn’t follow the client’s directions. Not everyone wants silver pants, drapes, and blankets.
This shopper gets a severe case of the hiccups when nervous and panics like a deer caught in the spotlight. Angel prefers to stand in the shadows and stay off the social radar.


Manager, Tinsel Town Ice Rink

Christmas Berry is the obsessive manager of Tinsel Town Ice Rink of the Shops of Gingerbread Circle, the central shopping mall of the town. Christmas is a great leader, but sometimes will get caught up in the drama and take things too far. Christmas has a strong belief in the Dunkarong – a Christmas legend claiming if the spirit of Christmas is lost in any given town, the people will be plagued with a string of bad luck for a full calendar year. Also, the Dunkarong will claim a victim for
revenge, and that person is never seen nor heard from again. Christmas
carries a security blanket, has trouble controlling the volume of their
voice, and refuses to laugh. Chris’s face will contort most hilariously
while trying to suppress a smile.


Reindeer Handler

Snow Wreathman is a caring reindeer handler at The Stables of Tinsel Town. Snow supplies the reindeer for the main attraction of Christmas –Santa’s Village at Blooming Marcus. Each day, Snow must bring the reindeer to the exhibit and care for them. Snow will eat anything fit for human consumption – even questionably edible things. Snow is quiet, brooding, and gets exceptionally defensive if someone disagrees, as Snow always thinks they are right. Snow loves to speak in hypotheticals and is quite judgmental of others. Snow is an animal advocate and
member of many animal rights organizations. Warning: don’t even
swat at a fly around this creature guardian.


Manager, Santa’s Clauset

Cane Klaus is a brilliant scholar who pretends to be an airhead, so
people expect less. Cane is the manager of Santa’s Clauset – a holiday-themed
retailer at the Shops of Gingerbread Circle, the central shopping mall. Cane can’t help but speak about their preferences and must always give an opinion on how the topic relates to something they’ve done, seen, or heard before. This holiday vendor will give ‘fun facts’ that may or may not be correct. Given Cane’s intelligence, they are
probably right, but those who don’t know Cane speculate that the facts
could be fabricated.


Department Store Santa Claus

Starr Dove is the professional Christmas elf who is only employed during the holiday season. It can be odd to chat with Starr unless you can auto-translate someone speaking in the third person as if their body is not their own. With excellent persuasion skills, Starr knows how to get things and isn’t afraid to admit it. Starr’s a vegan – albeit you’ll know that within ten seconds of meeting this elf. Starr lacks a filter and will say what comes to mind, so avoid this elf like the plague if you are sensitive and don’t want to hear the truth. Starr can be entertaining to be around, as you never know what is coming next.


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