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The notorious trickster known as The Game Master has struck again. A group of adventurous people signed up for an escape room but got more than they bargained for, as they were separated and placed inside of locked chambers. The would-be gamers have been in complete darkness ever since. That is, until a computer monitor sprung to life in front of them. They are now connected to the others via video chat software and have mysterious packets that they must figure out how to use to escape. The group must work together at once. The Game Master, who typically dons a disguise of some kind, has also announced that he or she is among them as a participant. It makes sense now why The Game Master chose such a cast of vibrant and intriguing characters. You don’t know who to trust, but you do know you need to figure out how to solve your way out of this creepy place. This is where your story begins.




         Willie Wombat is a famous chocolatier and founder of Willie’s Chocolates. Willie’s body moves in strange ways, and facial expressions never seem to go with what comes from the lips, but Willie is legendary for delectable sweet treats. Some say that Willie has a dark past, but nobody will ever get to the bottom of that scandal.  




 Thursday is the youngest member of a prominent and eccentric family, the Atoms. They are a wealthy clan who lives for the macabre. Their lives are full of joy, but the neighborhood would want nothing more than to get rid of them. Thursday has a love for spiders and fire. This, along with Thursday’s brooding attitude and Gothic appearance, is why the neighbors jet to the other side of the street when they see Thursday coming.



Fashion Model

         Daryl Zoolander is a ridiculously good-looking model who exudes charisma and style with every word that churns out from Daryl’s mouth. Daryl isn’t known for academics but makes up for it with signature poses and a killer runway walk.



Hairstylist, Landscaper

Eddie Stylehand has a heart of gold, but a hand made out of retractable tools. Eddie decided to turn a hand into an assortment of hairstyling tools – scissors, a razor, a comb, and thinning shears. Eddie became an internet sensation, and the appointment book is full for the next year with new client appointments.  Eddie also does custom landscaping upon request.



Limo Driver

      Lolly Christmas is plagued with poor decision making and a nerdy style, but everyone in town wants to be around Lolly – if not just to take photos and videos to post to social media. Lolly has been saving up for years to open a bait shop, to no avail. Living paycheck-to-paycheck and barely holding on to the job as a chauffeur, Lolly has found it impossible to get the bait shop dream off the ground.    


Professor of Archaeology 

      Indiana Johnson was born to a Scottish professor of medieval culture. Dr. Johnson is known for witty sarcasm and vast knowledge of ancient civilizations and languages. With a paralyzing fear of spiders, Indiana Johnson travels to exotic places in search of ancient treasures.  



Tearoom Owner

          Always chasing an imaginary white rabbit, The Odd Hatter owns a famous tearoom in the town of Pink Harbor. The Odd Hatter spouts nonsensical poetry, claims that time has halted, and walks on the tables at the tearoom. For those reasons, the Odd Tearoom is one of the most popular hangouts in the town of Pink Harbor and is starting to become a tourist attraction.




Doc Brownie is an inventor who used to work for Lyon University but now works at home in a basement laboratory. Doc Brownie believes that time travel is possible and has poured years of existence into a current project of making a VW Van into a time travel device.



Pirate Tour Captain

Captain Jackie Mallard runs the local pirate touring company that docks at the Pink Harbor Marina. Cap’n Mallard embarks on an adventure of a lifetime every two hours on the Onyx Pearl pirate ship. The ship sails in search of undiscovered treasure. During the journey, Cap’n Mallard will entertain young pirates with pirate songs, sword fighting, water gun battles, and authentic cannon fire.



Magic Shop Owner

Gandi Dumbledoor was the former principal of Pink Harbor High, who retired from the school system to open a magic shop. Gandi opened Dumbledoor’s Exquisite and Magical Emporium, which is now one of the largest online magic dealers. Gandi sells everything – books, special effects, utility items, illusions, escape contraptions, and stage items for performers.


Vigilante Philanthropist 

This vigilante is a wealthy philanthropist who has allowed pure boredom to create an alter-ego, known as The Bat. This heir has squandered an enormous amount of money to establish this ‘superhero’s’ reputation in the town of Pink Harbor. Nobody knows The Bat’s true identity, but it’s rumored that it could be Bucci Wayne – an eccentric multi-millionaire who lives on the outskirts of town.


News Anchor

With one-liners for days and a satirical appearance with bold polyester suits and slicked-back hair, Ronny Maroon is the famous News Anchor for Action & Adventure News on the FX Cable Channel.  Ronny is petty, envious, and does not like competition of any kind.


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