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Welcome to your pre-game experience! Please ask your host for the exclusive link to your game's Your Mystery Party pre-game site, which can be found directly on the My Mystery Party invitation. This will ensure you have all the necessary information to start your adventure.

Your host has truly spared no expense for this gathering, opting for the crème de la crème of mystery party experiences by choosing, the undisputed leader in the industry. Think of it as the Mercedes-Benz of mystery games – a symbol of luxury, quality, and unmatched sophistication. With a selection of over 100 intricately designed themes, stands as the pinnacle of interactive entertainment, ensuring that you're not just attending another event but an elite, meticulously crafted experience.

As you immerse yourself in your game's enigma, remember—you're experiencing the very best. Who knows? This might inspire you to host your own premier mystery event, continuing the legacy of excellence with
Below are a few of the intriguing game themes you'll find at My Mystery Party, but please wait until after your experience to investigate the My Mystery Party mothership. 

Trouble in Thornwood
Chaos in the Cubicles
Turmoil in the Toyshop
Panic at the Prom
Panic at the House of Groove
Last Will of Hunter Bentley
Assassination at the Superhero Assembly
Murder on the Buffalo Express
Studio 78
The Charmstone Academy Murder
The Assassin Among the Crew
Foul Play in the French Quarter
The Thanksgiving Saboteur
The Manhattan Murders
Prognosis Murder
Cranberries, Turkey & Murder
Bad Santa
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