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Once Upon a Mystery

Morven is the great stabilizer of the Enchanted Realm. He’s the king of the Caspar Sea and maintains the peace between the eight domains, which have historically been plagued with bad blood, often threatening warfare.

Someone has stolen King Morven’s beloved trident, and he has turned to stone on the shore of Wonderland. The Red Heart Army has been sharpening their heart-tipped lances, the war monkeys of Osland are preparing for battle, and the leaves of the Silver Tree Forest trees are browning in despair. The trident must be found, or the future of the Enchanted Realm is uncertain.

   The Red Ruler has invited representatives from each domain to travel to Wonderland to solve this crime. Whoever stole the trident must be held accountable, and it must be returned to King Morven, so he can return to normal, restore balance, and maintain the peace in the realm.

You must attend this meeting. This is where your story begins.

Suspect List


Resident of the Silver Tree Forest

Dreamy used to be a quiet daydreamer but is now the tortured soul of the Silver Tree Forest diamond mines. The Dark Queen caught wind that Dreamy was planning to escape the forest in search of a better life. To teach Dreamy a lesson about betrayal, she cast a spell to turn Dreamy’s dreams into nightmares. Dreamy has done everything possible to avoid sleep since that day.


Resident of Osland

Wacky Hatter was the personal hat maker and advisor to The Dark Queen for many years. One day, Wacky Hatter commented that another woman of the Enchanted Realm was the most beautiful in all of the land. The Dark Queen banished the hat maker to Osland – a domain filled with gold streets and quirky characters. Rumor has it that the hat maker went mad after having to deal with The Dark Queen for so many years.


Resident of Spellbound Island

Petty Pen is the fearless leader of the Doomed Kids of Spellbound Island - an island of banished hooligans. Petty and friends were banished to this land for various forms of rebellion. Rumors are floating about that Petty has recently acquired magic dust. If this is true, it could mean disaster for the Enchanted Realm.


Resident of Gullyshire Kingdom

Cindy Rella lives with the infamous Azalea family of Gullyshire Kingdom. A former princess, Cindy’s father’s untimely death landed his estate in her evil stepmother’s lap. It wasn’t long before her stepmother stripped her royal title and forced her to become a servant of the palace where her loving parents had raised her. Cindy is tormented by her mean step-sisters every day. She would do anything to escape but doesn’t have the means.



Resident of the Charmed Forest

Bella’s father, the king of the Charmed Forest, angered a magical beast as a child by stealing blackberries from the beast’s garden. In retaliation, the irrational monster vowed to take the future king’s first-born child as his own. The fiend made good on his promise and took Bella on her 25th birthday to a cursed palace within the Charmed Forest that can only be seen by those possessing magical powers.


Resident of the Mystic Mountains

Crimson Hood lives in a tiny village in the Mystic Mountains and runs the only medical clinic in the territory. However, Crimson has an extremely ill grandmother that lives deep in the Silver Tree Forest. Crimson often travels to visit his/her grandmother to give her food and administer medication. However, since King Morven turned to stone, the strange influx of monsters to the Mystic Mountains has hindered Crimson’s journeys lately. Robbie Hood is Crimson’s sibling.


Commander of the Charmed Forest Army

Robbie Hood is the sibling of Crimson Hood. Robbie used to be an outlaw but has formed a strong alliance with King Morven in recent years. Robbie agreed to help maintain law and order within the realm, so Robbie stepped up to be the commander of the Charmed Forest Army. Those closest to Robbie say that it is only a matter of time before Robbie goes rogue again. Being good isn’t in Robbie’s blood.


Pirate of the Caspar Sea

Captain Jackie Blade is the notorious pirate of the Caspar Sea.  Everybody in the realm knows Captain Blade, but Captain Blade claims to be a friend to no one. Ever since King Morven turned to stone, Captain Blade has kept busy battling an infamous sea monster from another realm, sea witches, and attacks from the shore of Spellbound Island.  This pirate was already bad-tempered, but the current situation has turned Cap’n Blade utterly grumpy and unreasonable.


Ruler of the Silver Tree Forest

The Dark Queen is the malevolent ruler of the Silver Tree Forest. There are whispers across the land that this naughty queen is plotting to take over the Enchanted Realm. The desire to conquer other domains must run in the family, as The Red Ruler shares her goal. However, there is no concrete evidence of her scheming– it’s all just rumors and hearsay. Like her evil sibling in Wonderland, The Dark Queen rules the land by instilling fear in the people’s hearts.


Ruler of Wonderland

The Red Ruler is the maniacal sibling of The Dark Queen. The Red Ruler governs Wonderland with an iron fist and is quick to order your head on a silver platter if you so much as get on this power-hungry leader's nerves.  The Red Heart Army surrounds this ruler at all times and will act on any command without delay. Everyone knows that The Red Ruler wishes to take over the Enchanted Realm and become the supreme head of state. The Dark Queen would never allow such a thing to happen.

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