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Pronosis: Murder |  '90s Murder Mystery

The year is 1998, and a palpable sense of dread has enveloped society due to the looming threat of the Y2K bug. Amidst widespread panic and escalating fears, a narrative has taken hold: at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2000, the world's computers, unable to interpret the year correctly, will plunge humanity into chaos. Theories range from mild disruptions to catastrophic failures in critical infrastructure, with the potential to revert civilization to a pre-digital age.

In response to this unprecedented crisis, a clandestine group of influential individuals from the upper echelons of society has formed a secret coalition. United by a common goal of survival, they plan to navigate the challenges posed by the imminent digital meltdown. Their first meeting, shrouded in secrecy, is set in an inconspicuous, luxurious hideaway nestled within the affluent streets of Beverly Hills.

You bear a significant responsibility as a member of this elite survival consortium. The group expects every participant to contribute, bringing forward innovative and pragmatic solutions to counter the potential threats of the Y2K apocalypse. Your mission is clear: to devise a comprehensive strategy that will safeguard the group against the wide-ranging repercussions of a world plunged into technological darkness.

Your journey starts now, as you prepare to step into this high-stakes meeting. With the weight of impending doom looming overhead, your ideas could spell the difference between chaos and survival. Navigate the tension, strategize with your peers, and carve a path through the uncertainty. Welcome to the dawn of an era filled with intrigue and the fight for survival in the face of the unknown.

Need '90s attire for the survival meeting?

Invited Guests


Hollywood Icon
A former teen idol of the totally tubular '80s, Sutton Depp is an American film star, comedian, and musician. There’s hardly a talent that Sutton doesn’t possess.  For that reason, Sutton has risen to the top of the Hollywood elite by landing starring roles in Blockbuster films and playing lead guitar for a popular band named Savage Pogs.

In the radical '80s, you couldn't stand in a grocery store line without seeing Sutton's face on a teen mag. Today, Sutton's mug appears on more trendy mags like Persons and About Time as well as an assortment of rock 'n roll magazines. Sutton's true love is music, but acting pays the bills, as Savage Pogs can't schedule that many shows with Sutton's rigorous film schedule. 

Sutton's face has also graced the cover of trash tabloids a time or two. The latest snafu that hit the cover of Gutter Press Daily was about an argument with Baylor Barrymore at the illustrious celeb hangout, the Ivy Room, in Beverly Hills. Supposedly, they arrived at the same time and launched war over the last patio table. Needless to say, Sutton Depp isn't used to being told no.

Ever since Sutton made a bad decision to do a cheesy horror flick in 1988, Sutton is ultra-picky about which roles to accept. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Plaid suit of any kind for either gender. Men: Messy/grungy hairstyle. Women: butterfly hair clip and leather wrist band as optional accessories.

Rock Star
Landyn Cobain rose to fame soon after leaving a rural trailer park in Fargo, North Dakota. Landyn set out as a traveling hitchhiker playing music in dive bars until stumbling upon a Hollywood music producer named Mr. Biggie, who was visiting family in Houma, Louisiana.  Mr. Biggie enjoyed Landyn’s performance so much, so he signed the aspiring rock star to a deal with Pony Records.  Today, Landyn sells out big venues across the nation and is touted as one of the most famous rock stars alive. 

Many of the Hollywood elite haven't accepted Landyn into their inner circle. However, because Mr. Biggie backs this rock star, Landyn recieved an invitation to the exclusive survival meeting with the creme de la creme of high society.

Landyn hasn't assimilated into the entertainment industry without issues. From a parking garage argument with Memphis Moss to being banned from celebrity gifting suites for taking too many free luxury items for family members back in the trailer park - Landyn lands on the trash tabloids with a great frequency. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: rebellious rock star attire worthy of a ‘90s alternative band.  Skateboard brand t-shirt (Volcom, etc.) with a flannel unbuttoned. Studded belt, acid-washed jeans (Girbaud, Jnco).  Timberland/Doc Marten style combat boots.


Fashion Icon
The who’s who of Hollywood is always spotted wearing pieces of Sloan Campbell’s fashion line. Sloan’s designs are haughty, expensive, and outrageous, but celebs can’t get enough. Sloan works around the clock to keep the designs fresh and also must keep up with custom orders from A-listers and the uber-wealthy.  Most of the garments parading down the red carpets of Hollywood are from the Campbell Collection.

Sloan didn't come from money, so nobody knows how Sloan was able to launch the Campbell Collection out of thin air. It was an overnight sensation once the first line was launched in the fall of 1995. Sloan hustled and got the A-list celebs to be seen in pieces from the line. From there, the rest is history. Campbell Collection is the hottest luxury clothing line in the world. 

However, there is something fishy going on, as many celebrities on the red carpets are no longer announcing a Campbell Collection piece. Sloan is highly concerned, as fashion starts with celebs.  What could be the reason for the top A-listers opting for other fashion lines? 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Men: Solid tee/turtleneck under a shiny fabric blazer. Gold chain. Women: Velvet slip dress with combat boots. Mood ring and slap bracelets as optional accessories.  Feather boa if you feel sassy.


Hollywood Icon
Baylor Barrymore’s face has graced the small and big screen since Baylor was a baby. A child of two maniacal stage parents, Baylor has done voice acting for cartoons, roles in television series and kid’s shows, parts in feature films, and even gigs on Broadway.  Baylor was home-schooled, and for this reason – is quite antisocial and socially awkward. Baylor doesn’t know how to interact with others without a script.

Baylor is notoriously difficult to get along with on the film lot. Baylor's management team has to constantly put out fires with other talent on set. It will only be a matter of time before Baylor starts losing film roles over the poor attitude. Talent can only get one so far. 

Baylor will cause a scene in public if things don't go as planned. The last incident was a screaming match between Baylor and Sutton Depp over the last patio table at the popular celeb hangout in Beverly Hills, the Ivy Room. Baylor claims it was all Sutton's fault and that Baylor was only shouting in defense after being verbally assaulted by Sutton. 

Baylor is currently dealing with a lawsuit because a publicist driving a car registered to Baylor drove over the 'shoe' of a litigious Hollywood personality. 

Baylor has a reputation for making poor choices of attire on the red carpets of Hollywood, but that hasn't seemed to change anything. The last disaster was when Baylor wore a suit made out of dirty machine shop rags at the Platinum Globes award show.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Colorful windbreaker with geometric patterns, paint splatter, checkered, or plaid. Acid washed baggy/flared jeans – similar to today’s boyfriend jeans. Snapback hat.



Celebrity Stylist

Memphis Moss delivers looks on the red carpet with the element of surprise.  Memphis is famous for capturing the essence of movie star magic from Old Hollywood timeless looks to dramatic feather ensembles. The paparazzi huddled along the red carpets can usually tell who styled the celebrity on the other side of their lens.

Memphis claims to be an artist and gets offended when red carpet garment decisions are questioned.  Memphis boasts that all press is good press, and that if the media are talking about how bad you looked - at least you are still relevant. 

Memphis has had a few public skirmishes that have hit the tabloids lately, such as fighting over a spot in a busy parking garage with Landyn Cobain, fighting a disabled man in a wheelchair over a sale sweater at Barnies, or even the one time Memphis pushed an elderly lady down to the ground to be first in line at an electronics store on Black Friday. 

Memphis got a start as a celebrity stylist by making a deal with Sloan Campbell for a huge discount on the highly-coveted Campbell Collection, which celebrities were already wearing regularly in the press photos.  Memphis quickly gained clients, working the way up the Hollywood ladder to a full book of A-listers to dress for red carpets, television interviews, and movies.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: You are fashionable, so go for more colorful, loose-fitting button-up shirts (plaids or bold, abstract shapes are great). High-waist pants, combat boots.


Hollywood Icon
Wren Aniston is one of the nicest celebrities in Hollywood. Wren got a start in the industry with low-budget horror flicks of the eighties, and now, Wren’s face makes a weekly appearance on the popular television sitcom Fright Nights. Wren has also landed roles in hit movies but prefers to live a calmer life with a regular spot on television.

Wren hasn't been a fashion icon as far as celebrities go, but some fashion designers have reached out to Wren to try and help - especially since Wren is one of Hollywood's favorites. 

Wren sometimes gets bad press over the earlier cheesy B-movie flicks, but Wren embraces the attention - positive or negative.

Wren might seem like a wholesome person on the surface, but Wren has a dark side and has gotten tangled up with the Hollywood Underground.  The burning question is - is Wren Aniston the mob's puppet now? 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tie-dyed oversize t-shirt or jacket and high-waist acid-washed jeans with holes or cargo pants (baggy). Bucket hat.  Or, as an alternative: Women: wear a Wednesday Addams inspired dress, as you are associated with dark television and film. Men: opt for a Gomez Addams inspired outfit. 


Teenage Neurosurgeon
A child prodigy with a genius intellect and a photographic memory  - this physician was practicing medicine by the age of fourteen. Sterling is working as a resident neurosurgeon at Palmview Medical Center in Los Angeles but lives at home with a doting mother and strict father. Sterling has treated many of the stars of Hollywood. For that reason, Sterling’s always invited to the most exclusive events.

Sterling lives above the salary of a resident surgeon with boats, luxury vehicles, and designer clothing. Sterling's parents, both secondary school teachers, gave everything they had to pay for Sterling's medical school, so they aren't made of money.  Where could Sterling be getting these extra funds?  Maybe the families of the patients that Sterling saved their lives are bestowing monetary offerings to show their gratitude for the great care that Sterling provided?  Or maybe, Sterling's into something more sinister?

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Men: Plaid suit, oxford shoes. Women: Oversize blazer with fitted plaid mini skirt. Knee-high socks, and Mary Jane shoes.  Either gender can throw on scrubs and a lab coat and say you just got off work at the hospital, if you wish.


CEO, Janko Games
Briar Jackson is an American business whiz and the current CEO of Janko Games of America. Before working for the gaming industry, Briar held various positions with major corporations, such as Freedo Lay Food Company, Proxy & Gambler, and GNP Automobile Company.  Briar has been quite the job jumper in the last few years, but nobody knows why. Briar doesn't keep a position more than six months. With this kind of job history, how does Briar keep landing new jobs at top corporations?

Briar is part of high society and rubs elbows with the richest and most famous people in the world. But for some reason, Briar doesn't always get along with others. Briar's connections have kept this leader's face out of the trash tabloids, but there have been many scandals brewing around this CEO that the inner circles all gossip about. For example, Briar and Emory McBeal got into a shouting match at a private club that nearly led to chair throwing and table tipping. Briar must have really gotten underneath Emory's skin, as Emory is one of the most highly-educated and well-mannered people on Earth.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Men: Plaid shirt, overalls, jeans rolled to ankles with white socks and oxford shoes. Big glasses with colorful rim. Women: Jean overalls with plaid shirt tied around the waist. Converse sneakers with white ankle socks. Snapback hat with the brim to the side.


Oil Tycoon, Entrepreneur
Francis Bennis is one of the wealthiest people on the planet. Francis was born into money but proceeded to use the family's oil-gained funds to grow the wealth even further by founding or investing in the top luxury-goods companies in fashion and indulgence. You would never expect that a person who could buy cities without blinking an eye would be so nice and humble. Francis is a great friend to have.

Francis is always one to go the extra mile and contact a connection out of the blue to give a compliment. Francis believes that a positive message can make someone's day.  One of Francis's best pals is Emory McBeal. These two make for a powerful team with money and intelligence. 

Rumors have circulated the the Bennis family, back in the 1800's, acquired the seed for their wealth from a bank heist that went awry, sending everyone to the gallows besides Thomas K. Bennis, Francis's great-great-great-great-great grandfather. Supposedly, there are heirs from the ill-fated robbery who are out to claim what was 'rightfully' theirs and avenge their ancestors. For that reason, Francis usually has an entourage of security in the vicinity.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Men: Rayon color block shirt tucked into black pants. Gold chain as an accessory. Pager clipped to your pants (optional). Women: Floral slip dress, sandals. Oversized blazer.  Pager clipped to your dress (optional).


Pop Star
Reign Spears is an upcoming pop star who recently broke onto the scene after performing across the country in shopping malls.  Reign’s first tour is scheduled for 1999, but Reign is concerned about touring too close to the upcoming Y2K pandemonium. Reign is difficult to please and can be quite demanding.

Reign does whatever is necessary to protect his/her wholesome image. Reign doesn't associate with outrageous celebs, criminals, or anyone who does or says scandalous things. Thus far, Reign has been a perfect role model for today's youth. 

When this pop star isn't in the studio or on stage, Reign plays hours of video games. Reign's agent says this is a good strategy to stay out of trouble. 

The biggest scandal this star has ever been part of was when s/he broke out in a serious case of the hives on the Night Show during an interview spot. The following day, Reign's splotchy mug was plastered on every trash tabloid with outrageous speculations about what had happened. 

A bit of a shut-in, Reign is campaigning for an underground compound to hide out in with the fellow elites to ride out the Y2K pandemonium.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  High-shine fabric (satin, metallic, sequins, silk) as the top (shirt or blazer). Men: colored jeans. Women: Spandex pants to compliment the shirt/blazer  color.


Rock Star

Monroe Manson is a notorious rock star who wears outrageous attire and behaves atrociously. Monroe admittedly does foolish things for shock value and loves to land a front-page spot in the trash tabloids. However, Monroe has a brilliant mind and is a secret intellect. Monroe has made reliable connections with the Hollywood elite.

Some of the crazy things this star has done include breaking the world record for the most cockroaches eaten in a minute, surgical removal of two ribs, pushing a full-size piano in a swimming pool, bringing an untamed mountain lion to a hotel room as a pet. 

Rumor has it that Monroe is wanting to collaborate with the newest rock star on the scene - Landyn Cobain. Since they share a fan base, this seems like it will be a great idea. 

Monroe isn't known for being nice. Monroe will contact 'friends' in Hollywood on occasion just to insult them. For this reason, a few of the others at the meeting are curious as to why Monroe Manson was included in the elite survival group. Some have guessed that Monroe must have dirt on one of the founding members.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glam/Gothic makeup. Outrageous attire – feathers, leather – whatever you can think of for shock value. Have fun.


Venture Capitalist
Emory McBeal has three Ivy League Ph.D.s and hails from a multi-generational line of wealth. Emory is one of the best people to know, as this billionaire is well-connected. Pompous & pretentious, this snooty venture capitalist has a reason for being hoity-toity.

Emory McBeal, Sutton Depp, and Sloan Campbell are the ones who came up with the idea for a survival group to avoid the chaos of Y2K.  Hopefully, they can all make the first meeting. It will be difficult to get this top echelon group together with such rigorous and demanding schedules.

Emory McBeal is archenemies with Briar Jackson. Neither know each other personally, but they run in the same social circles. Sources close to Emory have said that Briar Jackson is trying to smooth things over with Emory, but Emory isn't that forgiving of a person.  Emory prefers to associate with others who practice grace and proper etiquette. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  Men: Khaki pants, canvas boat shoes, navy blue blazer with breast-pocket monogram. Women: Khaki skirt, pumps, navy blue blazer with breast pocket monogram.

CEO, Walt Destiny Company

From green-lighting hit movies to giving stamps of approval on new television shows, book releases, and amusement parks, Jules Eisner is one of the most influential people in the world. Destiny is an American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.

Jules Eisner has signed deals with talent agencies for the talent, writers, and director for an upcoming film, Mozart the Dog. All of Hollywood wanted in on this future Blockbuster, but Jules was able to sign an exclusive deal with Creative Talent Agency for an entire package. 

Jules Eisner's legal team at the Walt Destiny Company are always busy, as with a corporation that large, the litigious trolls crawl out of the woodwork to try to grab an unearned a piece of the pie.  However, Jules is listed as the plaintiff in a share of the legal battles - one being a case against a celebrity movie critic, Campbell Ebert, that have given poor reviews on Destiny films. Sources say Jules has a zero to none chance of winning the lawsuit against the film critic, as opinions are protected by law.  

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Plaid suit of any kind for either gender. Men: Slicked back, ‘90s style hair. Women: Hair in a top bun.  Accessorize with The Mouse, if you desire. 

Chairman, Creative Talent Agency (CTA)

Robin Ovitz has signed over 700 of Hollywood’s biggest stars by promising a speed track to fame and fortune like no other agency in the world can guarantee. Robin is shamefully rich and powerful. Robin can demand ridiculous amounts of money from movie studios, as s/he represents the talent, the directors, and the writers. Robin refers to these deals as the Big Bang Blockbuster packages.

Robin will travel to the ends of the Earth for the stars signed on at CTA. Having the top echelon of Hollywood on a contract is a huge responsibility, so Robin works from dawn to midnight making sure that the clients of CTA remain on top. Robin has connections with trash tabloids, politicians, police departments, and even mobsters. Robin can get the CTA clients out of hot water, no matter how bad the situation may be. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Plaid suit of any kind for either gender. Men: Slicked back, ‘90s style hair. Women: Hair in a top bun.  Accessorize with The Mouse, if you desire. 

Film Critic

Campbell Ebert is the most influential movie critic in history. With a television show watched by over four-million viewers, Campbell has the power to kill a film. For that reason, it’s rumored that Campbell has amassed an exceptional fortune from the bribes for good reviews.  

Campbell is always being sued by talent agencies, movie stars, and production companies, but nobody can win a lawsuit against Campbell for exercising free speech. An opinion is just an opinion whether you have a television show to spread the ideas or just gossip in coffee shops. Campbell is exhausted with trying to get that point across. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  Men: Solid tee/turtleneck under an oversize blazer. Women: Trendy ‘90s attire, such as a short plaid suit.

Four Star General, US Army

Salem Powell is a professional soldier, having held various command and operations positions until rising to the rank of General in 1989.  Salem is a Vietnam  and Korean War veteran and served a White House Fellowship under President Nixon in the ‘70s. In the early ‘90s, General Powell served as the 12th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and had oversight of over thirty military crises.

Salem will attend the survival meeting to gather data. Salem is the type to brainstorm in solitude after receiving all available information with a situation. Salem plans to formulate multiple plans for survival for the upcoming Y2K pandemonium.  Even though Salem doesn't necessarily believe anything will come to fruition, it is always safest to have a plan. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  US Army General costume.  


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