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Abby Manor Masquerade Ball

The Anonville Historical Society proudly presents the yearly highlight: The Abby Manor Masquerade Ball. Nestled within the heart of Anonville, the Manor, a cherished landmark since 1842, stands in need of continual upkeep and restoration to preserve its historic splendor. This much-anticipated event captivates the town, drawing in a crowd of fascinating guests adorned in glamorous attire and exquisite masks. With your ticket in hand, you're set to embark on an unforgettable journey where mystery and elegance converge at the ball. Your adventure starts here.


Guest List

Jon Volta & The Entourage
Hollywood Actor

Since he was five, this quirky A-lister was a Hollywood icon on the silver screen. With a blemished personal life, Jon’s had his share of scandals cross his path.  With a tactless tongue, this gauche film star is terrible in social situations and always says the wrong thing. Jon is rarely seen without an entourage. Jon is an elitist in Hollywood and believes that everyone besides the top echelon of A-listers is inferior to him. Being around Jon for any length of time can be exhausting, as he behaves as if everyone exists on this planet to please him. Someone needs to deflate his ego, but his entourage won't let anyone who could do so get near him. Jon thinks that people will do anything for a price. He's bribed his way into space before, so he still believes that anything is possible. 

Costume suggestions: An outrageous celebrity costume (something that sets you apart from the 'ordinary' and shows your status/wealth) and a mask (there are some above to choose from). Entourage: wear security attire or a black suit like secret service/spies. 

The Henselman Family
Pop Group Musicians

The Henselman Family is an upcoming pop-rock band that has recently emerged from nowhere and hit the music scene with a bang! On stage, this group has high energy and is full of life, but they are quiet and reserved behind the scenes. Some find their shy mannerisms to be peculiar. 

The Henselman Family has managed to stay out of the trash tabloids thus far. They are a wholesome musical act, and the band members pride themselves on being good role models for today's youth.

It would be a shame if somebody were to defame this group and ruin their spotless reputation. 

Costume suggestions: A trendy pop group costume and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Malev O. Lent & her Bodyguards
Reality Television Star

Everyone is growing tired of the media scandals involving Malev O. Lent. Malev’s a bully who achieved fame from her tacky behavior toward her competitors during reality television shows. She was nicknamed E-squared by the Hollywood elite - derived from the words egotistical and evil.  Since Malev has made many enemies, she doesn’t go anywhere without her bodyguards.

Malev has millions of followers on social media, which she refers to as her army. If anyone leaves a negative comment about her, she will re-post it and instruct her followers to find their identity. Consequently, the negative comment leaver will receive many death threats. For this reason, the internet trolls have left Malev alone recently. She has silenced her enemies by intimidation. 

Costume suggestions: Any attire that shows off your celebrity status and a mask (there are some above to choose from). Bodyguards wear security attire or a black suit like secret service/spies. 

Ramsey Gordon & Sous Chefs
Celebrity Chef

This seasoned cooking show veteran and restaurateur is known for his crabby attitude and foul temper.  He’s a middle-aged star who is married to the love of his life - food. People don’t appreciate his brutish sense of humor, and he speaks his mind without caring about anyone’s feelings. Ramsey often travels with sous chefs from his many restaurants around the world.

Ramsey is quick to start shouting when the food being served around him isn't to his standards.  If you invite Ramsey to your party, you should ensure the offerings are on point - unless you want a scene. 

His sous chefs do their best to mediate any hostile situations, but they can only do so much as bad-tasting, poor-quality food is Ramsey's hot button. 

Costume suggestions: A chef's hat/uniform and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Historical Society Board Members
Board Members

The board members from the Anonville Historical Society are the high society elite of the town of Anonville.  These socialites are always in the right place at the right time and know everyone important to know!

The board members have recently been under intense scrutiny about where the historical society's funds have been appropriated over the last year. Everything surrounding the scandal has been hush-hush, so the board members have shown they are a powerful group who know how to keep things under wraps. 

Costume suggestions: Any trendy attire and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Anonville Police Department
Police Officers

The Anonville Police Department has worked diligently to reduce and almost eliminate crime in the town of Anonville. They are a no-nonsense bunch of officers who will stop at nothing to put an end to crime and lock criminals behind bars. 

Most of the time, the officers don't even crack a smile. With an uncanny, almost robotic manner, this police force takes the job of restoring and maintaining law and order very seriously. 

Costume suggestions: A police uniform and a mask (there are some above to choose from). If Sherlock Tracy is wearing a police uniform, it might be best to coordinate with him to wear a similar one. 

Yuna Verz
Yuna Verz is a seasoned astronaut who sincerely believes she has the highest IQ in th
e entire galaxy - and she might be right!  Nevertheless, you should watch out for this brainy diva, as she’s known to be grumpy if things don’t go her way. 

Yuna is currently engaged in a lawsuit over a family member's inheritance. It is as if Yuna doesn't have enough stress from being an astronaut! Furthermore, attorneys are expensive! Even though Yuna has a great job, she has expensive tastes and can barely pay the bills on her brand new Maserati, high-rise condo, and speed boat she just purchased.  Many people in town wonder how Yuna can afford such an extravagant lifestyle, but Yuna claims she is great at managing money.

Costume suggestions: An astronaut costume and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Sherlock Tracy
Homicide Detective
Sherlock Tracy is an infamous homicide detective.  In recent years, a reality television crew has been following him around at the station for his reality show, Big City Cops. The producers love it when Sherlock talks in clichés and performs rhymes, which he constantly does as it makes for good television!

Sherlock isn't your average cop. He draws monthly from a trust fund, gets paid for the reality show, and has one of the highest salaries at the police station due to his title and length of service on the force. 

Sherlock prefers to live a single life and refuses to date anyone in Anonville. This angers some of the local ladies, as Sherlock is the most eligible bachelor in town. Some people have said that Sherlock is probably waiting to become famous so he can hobnob with the A-list crowd.

Costume suggestions: A police uniform or detective's costume and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Dolly Dee Seiner
Doll Designer
Dolly Dee is the prim and proper doll designer and a dedicated friend to everyone.  If you need a shoulder to cry on, choose Dolly’s. She’s known for giving excellent advice and is the most comforting person around! She’s a talented designer, but the theme of her recent doll line is raising eyebrows.

Dolly recently got into hot water at work. The executives weren't happy with her latest doll design, and she has been in talks over her future with the company. It's not like they are hiring doll designers everywhere. Dolly's future is in serious jeopardy! 

Dolly might act like a drama queen if she sees she can get attention from it. For that reason, don't double-cross this sensitive soul in a big crowd. 

Dolly sometimes overdresses and over-accessorizes herself.  This is probably due to her occupation. 

Costume suggestions: A doll costume and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Mag Niffie
Dr. Mag Niffie is the rudest optometrist in Anonville.  Her address book is a barren wasteland, as she doesn’t have a true friend besides Bameril Lacrosse.  Mag’s a difficult person to get along with - but she is a fabulous eye doctor, so her appointment calendar stays booked.

Mag is continually chewing gum - even during eye exams. If you complain about it, you better be ready to listen to her complain about everything she finds wrong with you. For that reason, it is best not to say anything to Mag other than what is ailing your peepers. 

When Mag is nervous, she paces back and forth and stares at the ceiling. She says this behavior stems from an old habit she developed while studying for exams in college. 

Costume suggestions: A lab jacket and a mask (some above are available). 

Bameril Lacrosse
Celebrity Chef
Bameril Lacrosse is a quirky, skittish
 celebrity chef, restaurateur, and television personality. He’s best known for his five-star restaurants in hot spots around the globe and for the hit cooking show The Essence of Bameril.

Bameril has hundreds of thousands of followers on his social media accounts. He loves to post messages about his daily mundane routines and uninteresting items that he sees during the day. For example, his most recent post was about tree bark in the park.  The Average Joe doesn't care about seeing a photo of tree bark, Bameril!  For this reason, he has a cult following of internet trolls who make fun of his posts. To no avail, Bameril continually obsesses with trying to win these people over. Bameril is just not that interesting and should refrain from posting routine activities. 

Bameril loves to gamble and has made some terrible mistakes in the past. Let's hope those mistakes stay forgotten as Bameril rises to fame and glory.

Costume suggestions: A chef's hat/uniform and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Jackey T. Pressen
Owner - Madison Dry Cleaners
Jackey Pressen owns the only dry cleaning shop in town, Madison Dry Cleaners - lovingly named after Jackey’s first-grade teacher, Martha Madison. Jackey is fun-loving, sentimental, and loves to dance - but lacks a shred of talent when it comes to cuttin’ a rug!

Jackey claims that some of the dry cleaning customers are bringing their items back and 'falsely accusing' Jackey of ruining them. Jackey says it's an old scam to get new clothes, and Madison Dry Cleaners has a policy that if the dry-cleaned items are picked up and no complaint is made at that time, there was nothing wrong with the items.

 Jackey says that Ms. Martha Madison made Jackey successful and instilled the confidence needed to be a thriving businessperson. 

Costume suggestions: A suit or trendy attire (click here for women's costumes and click here for men's costumes) and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Cheque´ Penne
Personal Banker
Originally hailing from France, Cheque´ Penne is a frugal personal banker at the First Bank of Anonville.  Townsfolk often spread strange rumors about him, since nobody truly knows the real Mr. Penne.

Cheque has been subjected to many internal affairs investigations over the last couple of years. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. However, Cheque has been able to talk his way out of any suspicions against him. However, he might have messed with the wrong bank account with the most recent case that is about to be brought against him. Cheque is about to be investigated again, and something tells us he might not skate away from this one. 

Cheque drives an expensive SUV and has a mini-mansion in the best neighborhood in town. How did a banker save that much money to live that extravagantly? Everyone says Cheque is frugal when you dine with him at a restaurant. He will divide the bill meticulously according to what percentage you've eaten of the shared items—even if it takes extra time and effort. Most of the time, Cheque's friends will pick up the bill just to avoid the hassle. 

Costume suggestions: A suit or trendy attire (click here for men's costumes) and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Pepper Keegrip
Television Producer
Pepper Keegrip is a
neurotic television producer who sings her words instead of speaking them.  She produces both Bameril Lacrosse and Sherlock Tracy’s reality television shows and is a stressed-out workaholic.

Pepper disagrees with some of the stars she works with, but the arguments often fizzle and are forgotten as the cameras are put away. However, some of the stars have staged protests and gone above Pepper's head. This hasn't bode well with Pepper's ego. Pepper isn't one to hold grudges but is one to get revenge if the situation fits. Pepper is good friends with Cheque Penne but has recently said she doesn't want to hang out with Cheque any longer. Many of the town gossips have speculated as to why this might be. Could it be that Pepper doesn't want to associate with people whom Internal Affairs is investigating at the bank? Or could it be a more personal issue? 

Costume suggestions: A suit or trendy attire (click here for women's costumes) with a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Blondie Fawn
Blondie Fawn cringes at the phrase has been, as her time’s up on the Hollywood scene. In her last movie, she played the role of a grandmother, which killed her ego, as she’s only forty!  This former star’s a tad delusional, so be careful what you say to her – drama is her middle name. 

Blondie Fawn will not stop hounding her former contacts in Hollywood about getting her face back on the big screen. Many of them have blocked her phone number and her handles on social media. Blondie will do anything for attention to get in the tabloids - even if it means wearing a funny costume in public and sending in a tip to paparazzi or starting an argument with another celebrity on the street in hopes someone will film it and send it to the media. Nothing has been working for Blondie, and she is starting to become desperate for the limelight that she once had. 

Costume suggestions: Any attire that shows off your celebrity status and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Bryan Seafoam
Radio Disc Jockey / TV Host
Bryan Seafoam is the outgoing radio disc jockey and host of the reality television show Big City Cops. Bryan’s charisma fills the room, but he’s got a bad habit of projecting his voice too loud!

Even though Bryan is a host of a reality show, Bryan is not a fan of reality television and openly campaigns to have it banned from television programming. He publicly despises the cast members of reality shows, as well. He has gotten into many fights with Pepper Keegrip about her producing trash TV, as he calls it.  He believes this twisted form of entertainment spoils today's youth's minds.  He claims he only agreed to host the terrible television program because he was offered so much money he couldn't refuse.  Is Bryan a hypocrite? Most people believe he is. 

Costume suggestions: A suit or trendy attire (click here for men's costumes) and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Mike Robes
Bioterrorism Researcher
Mike Robes is an inquisitive bioterrorism researcher.  He’s invented mind-blowing bioterrorism counter-devices
 that you’d never imagine could exist!  Some say he’s an utter genius!  Mike can let his paranoia get the best of him, so while you’re around Mike, try to put his thoughts at ease!

Those closest to Mike have voiced their concerns about a potentially dangerous device that Mike has developed. Has Mike lost touch with reality and created something that is a detriment to society? Or is Mike about to make the world a safer place?  Only time will give the answers about Mike's intentions. 

You should never act like you are hiding anything from Mike, as he is paranoid by nature. He could launch a preemptive attack once he believes you are out to get him. With the kinds of things he can create, you'd never see it coming. He is the worst kind of enemy to have. 

Costume suggestions: A scientist costume and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Bill Shananagan
NFL Coach
Bill Shananagan is the obnoxious National Football League coach of the Anonville Cheetahs.  Bill is one of the best coaches in the league but has a difficult time leaving his coaching techniques on the field. Bill can be quite boorish and bossy in person! 

Bill was recently accused of filming another football team during practice and having a spy film the defensive coaches' signals from their sideline during a game. Bill denies all accusations, but the league is investigating the two instances. Bill has a reputation for dishonesty but will sue anyone who states anything disparaging against him for defamation. Bill is currently engaged in five lawsuits, so be careful what you say about Bill. 

Bill is also not easy to live by. He was run out of his last neighborhood for feuding with the man next door. 

Costume suggestions: A coach's uniform and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Roxy Rich
As long as you don’t mind being judged, Roxy Rich is a good friend to have. An opinionated heiress, Roxy’s the most prominent socialite in the city of Anonville! She knows nearly everyone around – including most of their secrets. Roxy can be a bit of a gossip at times. 

Many rumors are floating around Snow Falls about how Roxy might have murdered her multiple late husbands. The gossip-mongers believe Roxy marries for money and then poisons them to free her up to find the next victim. However, she wholeheartedly denies any wrongdoing in her late husbands' deaths. 

Roxy came from a humble military family with many members in her lineage, having received high-ranking military awards. She moved around from base to base during childhood and never learned how to keep long-lasting friendships. For that reason, she doesn't have many friends and often treats people around her as servants. 

Costume suggestions: Any attire that shows off your money and success and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Luke Fude
Food Inspector
Luke Fude is a hilarious guy.  He’s a knee-slapping comedian by night and a serious-minded food inspector by day.  Luke’s best pals beg him to break into stand-up comedy, as he constantly makes everyone laugh.

Luke has worked in food safety in many capacities in his career—from processing plants to restaurants, gas station hot dog counters, and even school cafeterias. He's seen it all and has many nightmare stories of food-borne illnesses and cross-contamination scandals in commercial kitchens. That is why Luke doesn't have any tolerance for the food service locations in his inspection route. Luke has shut down his fair share of food establishments in Anonville.  

Luke often complains about the room's temperature. It is either too hot or too cold, and he is rarely satisfied. Luke will remove his jacket and put it back on within minutes. 

Costume suggestions: A suit or trendy attire (click here for men's costumes) and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Cha-Cha Merengue
Ballroom Dance Instructor
Cha-Cha is a beautiful ballroom dance instructor.  She’s a little hyperactive and rarely stands still—especially if there’s music playing! This fiery instructor dances nonstop! Where does she get the energy?

Cha-Cha doesn't own or drive a car because she never applied for a driver's license. She either walks, rides a bicycle, or takes a bus everywhere she goes in town.  The good thing is that she lives right above the dance studio, and there are restaurants and a grocery store only blocks away. 

Cha-Cha is used to getting her way with anything she desires. For this reason, she will throw a fit worthy of a tired toddler if she doesn't get her way. Cha-Cha has a saying: What Cha-Cha wants, Cha-Cha gets!

Costume suggestions: A ballroom dance costume and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Pawnie McQueen
Professional Chess Player
Pawnie McQueen is a professional chess player.  This Queen of the Knights will tell you how it is with her blunt honesty! Some say she uses a candid approach to throw off her competitors. Since she wins championships, something’s working for her.

Pawnie has blacked out before when she became angry at another woman during a 50% off sale at a clothing store. She claimed not to remember anything that happened for at least an hour after the incident, but the store looked like a tornado ripped through it. Many witnesses reported that Pawnie was responsible for all of the chaos. It is probably best not to anger this pawn slider. 

Costume suggestions: A suit or trendy attire (click here for women's costumes) with a mask (there are some above to choose from). 


Jamie Bond & Colleagues
Secret Agent Jamie Bond is the mysterious secret agent. Jamie hails from Anonville but moved away years ago after landing a job with the government. Nobody knows who she works for, and she often travels with many of her colleagues.

Jamie is obsessed with the color red and loves taking selfies with unknowing crowds of people in the background. Therefore, if you don't want to be in Jamie's photo, steer clear of her when she has her phone out. Some people say she does this on purpose—to document who people speak to in public. 

Jamie is a perfectionist. If things are not perfect, she will keep working until it is in order.  Her fellow agents have learned to live with her demands, as she is one of the best agents in the world.  

Costume suggestions: A glamorous red gown and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 

Tele N. Ewe & the CBC News Crew
Investigative Field Reporter Tele N. Ewe is the CBC News investigative field reporter who does what it takes. Tele is no stranger to the eye of a tornado, a foreign battleground, and even a riot or two! Tele will do anything to get the scoop! Sometimes, this ambitious journalist travels with a dedicated news crew—especially if there is a potential story to break out.

Tele's crew hasn't been given a day off in a long time. If they aren't traveling with Tele, they are doing surveillance stakeouts for Tele. They are starting to get disgruntled, as Tele hasn't broken a big story in a long time, so they believe they are being worked to death for nothing.  With that said, they are highly motivated for Tele to get a story, because if Tele receives a promotion, they will all benefit from it. 

Costume suggestions: A reporter costume and a mask (there are some above to choose from). 



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