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Androm Solei is an incredible illustrator who showcases illustrations on Yipper, where Androm currently has 759,000 followers. Androm specializes in breathtakingly realistic pieces of works of famous faces and places. Androm prefers the peace and quiet of home and prefers not to leave the house.

EARLY LIFE: Born in the Bronx to a tailor and baker, Androm Solei was a quiet child and spent most of the time alone in the family's study, drawing pictures. After attending Fuller Sails University in Florida, Andron moved to Godley Hollow to pursue a career as an artist. 

CAREER: Androm sells art canvases of illustrations posted to Yipper, and also has a comic book series, the Solei Chronicles. 


  • None known.

PERSONAL LIFE: Androm is single. 


  • None

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