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As the Ball Drops Murder Mystery Party

The Broadway Plaza Hotel, a renowned landmark in historic Times Square, New York City, is rolling out the red carpet for its spectacular New Year's Eve Gala. An exclusive event where the crème de la crème of New York's elite will converge in their most glamorous outfits, the night promises to be a dazzling blend of high fashion, gourmet hors d'oeuvres, and captivating party games. With your VIP access in hand, you've secured a luxurious stay at the illustrious Broadway Plaza Hotel. Step into this enchanting world, where your adventure unfolds amidst the glitz and glamour of a quintessential New York celebration. This is where your story begins.

need something to wear?

Guest List


Wildlife Photographer

Remy Starling, a world-roaming shutterbug, snaps some of the most breathtaking, rare, and exotic wildlife shots you'll ever see. Freelancing's the game for Remy, peddling those one-of-a-kind photos to whoever's willing to shell out cash. Regarding allegiance, Remy's got a singular devotion – and that's to the almighty American buck.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Optional to have a real/toy camera with a long lens, a wide-brimmed hat, and a pair of real/toy binoculars hanging around the neck.


Experimental Chef

Dakota Wren, a culinary virtuoso straight outta the Big Apple, is making waves with groundbreaking kitchen concoctions. Dakota has mastered mixing up unique flavors and techniques, thrilling the taste buds of foodies citywide. Whether it's a pop-up in Brooklyn or a trendy Manhattan eatery, Dakota's dishes are all the rave, capturing the city's vibrant spirit in every bite.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A modern, artistically designed chef's coat with asymmetrical buttons, paired with stylish, yet practical kitchen pants. Optional to have kitchen gadgets as props.


Experimental Chefs

As the talented sous chefs under the guidance of culinary maestro Dakota Wren, this team represents a dynamic force in the New York City food scene. Each chef brings a unique blend of cultural backgrounds, culinary training, and creative flair, contributing to the innovative dishes that have put Dakota's kitchen on the map.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A modern, artistically designed chef's coat with asymmetrical buttons, paired with stylish, yet practical kitchen pants. Optional to have kitchen gadgets as props.

Fitness Instructor
Jane Simmons is the creator of Buns of Iron – an intense home video workout regimen that she developed to build the muscle tone of the gluteus muscles. There aren’t many seconds of the day that Jane isn’t working out, teaching a fitness class, or writing another book on the optimal fitness of gluteus muscles. This Buns of Iron Guru lives and breathes fitness.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any style work out clothing with a headband and wristbands as optional accessories.


Originally hailing from the bayous of southern Louisiana, Jack travels the world searching for the best deep-sea fishing. He recently became a captain, hosting deep-sea fishing excursions along the New York coast. Jack is known for pirate impersonations and prefers to be called Captain Jack Marrow.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fisherman attire. Optional to wear a pirate costume / props. Optional rubber fish as a prop.



Space Architect

Marley Larkspur, hailing from the sunburnt landscapes of Australia, is a visionary. Marley designs futuristic habitats and structures meant for the great beyond. Marley’s work in space architecture has paved the way for extraterrestrial colonization, blending outback resilience with cosmic creativity.

 COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A sleek, futuristic jumpsuit with geometric patterns, resembling a space suit but more tailored for mobility and design work. Anything high-tech as props (VR goggles, digital tablet, tool belt of electronics, etc.) 

The team of space architects under the pioneering leadership of Marley Larkspur is a group of exceptionally talented and forward-thinking individuals. Hailing from various corners of the globe, each member brings a unique set of skills and perspectives, essential for designing habitats and structures in the uncharted realms of space.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A sleek, futuristic jumpsuit with geometric patterns, resembling a space suit but more tailored for mobility and design work. Anything high-tech as props (VR goggles, digital tablet, tool belt of electronics, etc.) 


Professional Stunt Coordinator

Jordan Puddlepump, a Hollywood-based stunt maestro, orchestrates and performs breathtaking, high-adrenaline stunts for blockbuster movies. Jordan has become a go-to name in Tinseltown for jaw-dropping cinematic action. Amidst the glitz and glam of Hollywood, Jordan brings heart-pounding sequences to life while ensuring every stunt is as safe as it is spectacular.

 COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A  stuntperson costume (think Evel Knievel). Walkie-Talkie (real/toy), clipboard with stunt diagrams, etc. as optional props.


Ethical Hacker

Peyton Honeybee is a cyber guardian who leverages expertise to shield sensitive data and counteract digital threats. Peyton collaborates with leading tech corporations to bolster cybersecurity. This cyber cop uses innovative techniques and strategies to stay one step ahead of hackers, ensuring that our digital world remains secure and trustworthy.

 COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A smart-casual ensemble with a techy edge, like a graphic t-shirt featuring code or cyber designs, paired with a comfortable hoodie and jeans. Laptop (real/toy) and headphones (real/toy) as optional props.


Urban Ecologist

Ellis Nightingale is passionately committed to eco-friendly urban developments. Ellis works tirelessly to weave natural elements into urban landscapes, enhancing city dwellers' quality of life and ecological diversity. Their approach to urban planning beautifies city spaces and addresses critical environmental challenges, making our cities greener, healthier, and more sustainable for future generations.
 COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A blend of field gear and urban fashion – a breathable linen shirt, comfortable trousers, and a utility belt for tools. Optional props include a magnifying glass, a notebook with environmental observations, potted plant for measuring environmental data.

Wealthy Entrepreneur
Trumpy Gates is an uber-wealthy entrepreneur and world traveler.  Trumpy’s extremely condescending nature certainly doesn’t earn this tycoon a spot in anyone’s circle of friends!  Trumpy strongly believes everyone is for sale at a price.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Very trendy and expensive looking attire. Money (fake) coming out of every pocket. Oversized costume jewelry.

Bird Watcher
Avy Arie is a romantic bird watcher hailing from a small, isolated island off the coast of South Africa.  An avid poet, Avy is also a loyal friend - if you don’t mind the intimate space breaches and constant fashion violations.  Do you hear the fashion police sirens going off?  Yup!  Avy just got dressed for the party!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Cheesy safari outfit with binoculars as an optional prop. You are a fashion disaster!

Personal Chef
Soss Parsley is Trumpy Gates’ accident-prone personal chef.  With a perpetual black cloud looming above, this bad luck guru of the kitchen continually makes a huge mess. Soss has dreadful manners so don’t think about bringing Soss home to meet the parents unless they own a charm school!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Chef’s uniform. Optional props are spatulas, rolling pin, measuring spoons, fake chef’s knife, etc.

Wedding Videographer
Tip Burton is a peculiar wedding videographer filled with melancholy and despair.  Why this doom-and-gloomer would choose the career to film couples on the happiest day of their lives is beyond anyone’s comprehension. Nevertheless, this gothic videographer’s dark and quirky wedding videos are becoming quite the trend in New York City!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gothic, dark attire. A French beret and blue tinted sunglasses as optional props.

Pat Inteman is one of the most brilliant folks you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.  A Harvard grad, Pat is an over-achiever who has earned a graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at MIT. However, this creative engineer has a problem with controlling voice volume, as Pat goes from whisper to shout within the same sentence.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business casual. Any type of nut, bolt, blue print, robot, etc. as an optional prop. Fake patents as optional accessories.

Unemployed Couch Potato
Void of ambition and a career, this couch potato also has anger management issues. Be prepared to walk on eggshells around this lazy soul unless you want to be the target of a senseless tirade. Takey’s usually seen with a group of fellow couch potatoes who have learned to deal with Takey’s difficult personality.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Stained white tank top. Stained pants. Bag of chips and an empty wallet as optional props. 


Unemployed Couch Potato
Takey Takerton's companions are a laid-back bunch, sharing the penchant for idleness and an easy-going lifestyle. They've mastered the art of navigating Takey's unpredictable temper, often diffusing tense situations with their relaxed demeanor and a shared understanding of their friend's quirks.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: the slouchiest and laziest attire you can fathom. 

Not many people know this shy florist. Sunny is extremely introverted and, if made to leave the house or floral shop, will linger in the back of crowds, and watch from the shadows. Sunny is a talented florist and one of the most popular in the city, but nobody has been able to get Sunny free from the social restraints. Sunny speaks to plants far more than other human beings.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual work attire with an apron. Pruning shears and flowers (real or silk) as optional props.

Professional Golfer
Skyler Green is a cheerful professional golfer with an infectious personality. Appreciated by all as the life of the party, this golf-loving partier impersonates animals on the golf course, keeping others in stitches. But unfortunately, Skyler is a narcissist and rarely passes up a reflection.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Golf attire. Clubs, tees and balls as optional props. Golf visor is optional.


Don’t bother bringing in a hairstyle magazine with what you want to look like -  if you sit in Cara Tinn’s chair, you’re going to the one signature style whether you want it or not!  Who cares if your hair will be outdated by twenty years? Who cares if Cara’s clients all look the exact same? Cara doesn’t care! This nerdy and flirty hair diva has her trademark style down pat and it’s the best in NYC – of its kind.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy and fashionable outfit. Hair in an outrageous style from at least two decades ago. Comb and styling cape as optional props.


Fashion Designer
From a poor orphan in Italy learning to sew by hand to the bright lights of the Paris runways, the ostentatious Rudolfi Chanel has made more than a mark in fashion history. This glitzy icon of style has one of the most remarkable rags-to-riches success stories ever known, and today is a famous fashion icon in New York City.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Ultra-trendy yet extravagant designer attire. The more flamboyant, the better! Remember to accessorize!


Owner, The Greenery
Moonbeam Rainbows is the spunky owner of The Greenery - a store dedicated to selling environmentally friendly products.  A modern-day hippy and environmentalist, Moonbeam is well loved and appreciated by all, as Moonbeam will do absolutely anything to accommodate others’ needs.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Colorful t-shirt, tight bell-bottom pants, circular colored specs.

Chief Executive Officer
Powers Schwartz is the power-hungry Chief Executive Officer of Monster Financial Corporation (MFC).  Feared by all, this authoritative leader is not one to cross if you know what is good for you!  As strong of a CEO as Powers may be, the employees of MFC must bite their tongue and be quiet as a mouse when their leader speaks, as Powers has a dreadful habit of speaking in cheesy clichés!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire. Fake business cards as optional props.

If you’re searching for a realtor who can get the job done, Mortie Gauge is the only one you can trust - at least that’s what the tacky TV commercials claim.  This ultra-fake but friendly realtor looks out for number one, so if Mortie’s representing your new home purchase, don’t expect the deal to be in your favor. Mortie’s only true friend is the U.S. Dollar.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business casual attire. Fake business cards, house listings, etc. as optional props.


Vegas Lounge Performer
You’ll see Glottie Larinx’s face on billboards and buses throughout Las Vegas, as Glottie’s a long-standing lounge performer at the Bingo Bongo Casino on Freemont Street.  With the lungs of an athlete and the vocal cords of a canary, Glottie entertains crowds of tourists every afternoon. It’s too bad that Glottie has a compulsive gambling problem and is an annoying one-upper or this performer would be an awesome friend to have otherwise!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal attire. Fake microphone as an optional prop.

B Movie Actor/Actress
Reece Vaughn is a struggling B movie star. Known for powerful screams and overly dramatic chase scenes, Reece is destined for top roles on the Hollywood big screen - or so Reece believes that to be true. Reece will take no blame for not making it to the A-List, as it will undoubtedly be everyone else’s fault! This drama conjurer quickly points the blame at anyone for anything.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Slightly trendy attire albeit cheap looking. Fake DVD covers of B Horror movies as optional accessories.


No stranger to hard work, this farmer works from dawn to dusk, seven days per week. Gunner keeps his farmhands laughing as he loves to impersonate animals on his farm. But you’d never expect that this rugged outdoorsman is a romantic poet in his free time.  Gunner is a regular at the Living Poet’s Society gatherings where he recites his amorous poems.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Overalls and a flannel shirt. Pitchfork and straw farming hat as optional props.

Life is one party at a time.

Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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