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Kidnapping Caper at Binkie Blossom's Party

Binkie Blossom has invited her closest friends, including you, to her annual celebration.   You are  excited to attend, as only the who's who in town has been invited!  Binkie always plans the best party games, has the most delicious food, and of course - the most interesting personalities in town will be at her mansion.  Now, it's time to pick out the perfect outfit and get ready for the party!  This is where your story begins. . . 

we've done a bit of shoppin' for ya!

Invited Guests



High Society Socialite

Binkie Blossom is the girl that everyone wants to be! She’s beautiful, stylish, and one of the most popular people around. Everyone in town hopes for an invitation to one of Binkie’s bashes! Rumor has it that she has a waiting list for those who want to be invited to one of her shindigs.

Suggested attire: semi formal party dress.



Miss Teen USA

Byra Banks is one of the most stunning and talented beauty pageant queens in the United States. She currently holds the title of Miss Teen USA.  However, this beauty queen is known to be a one-upper at times, but some say it’s all for the attention.

Suggested attire:  evening gown and tiara.



Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

Straight A honor roll, student council president, and community volunteer make this cheerleader the perfect role model!  Whit D’Caprio is the youngest Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader in history. She easily made the squad because her cheerleading and gymnastic skills are flawless - and she has a sparkling smile!

Suggested attire:  any cheerleading uniform (Dallas Cowboy’s uniform is ideal, but not mandatory)



Country & Western Singer

Daisy May is an awesome country and western music artist. Originally hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, the girl with the sugary sweet personality can sing like an angel!  Everyone loves to be around Daisy May because she is the nicest girl in town.  She’s also the reigning rodeo queen in her hometown.

Suggested attire:  western outfit – shirt, jeans, boots and cowboy hat.  Guitar (fake or real) as an optional prop.



National Dance Champion

Madison Bloom is the most talented girl on Binkie’s invite list, as she is an award-winning dancer. This beautiful dance champion has traveled the world with her dance team. Rumor has it that she’s been contacted by producers for a reality television series about her dance career.

Suggested attire:  any type of baton twirling / dance costume with a baton as an optional prop.



Fortune Teller to the Stars

You never know what you’re going to get out of Tele N. Ewe – the fortune teller to the celebrities in Hollywood. Known to be a compulsive story-teller, this crystal ball wielding gypsy can spew some crazy fortunes.

Suggested attire: gypsy / fortune teller outfit.  (Long flowing dress with jagged edges.)  A (fake) crystal ball as an optional prop.



Boat Captain

Iron Mary Rackham is the strong captain of a crew of fifty on her merchant ship – the S.S. Minnow Hunter. She sails the sea with a hot pink Jolly Roger flag flying on her mast and claims to be a modern-day pirate – without all the pillaging and plundering, of course! She is super friendly and a hard worker.

Suggested attire: a pirate costume.  A fake parrot attached to the shoulder and a toy sword as optional props.



Television Star

The Hogwarts is a hit television series on the CBC Network. On the show, Sabrina uses her magical powers for Good Samaritan duties such as feeding the homeless, helping the poor, and doing what she can for the elderly in nursing homes. Sabrina never breaks character in real life, so nobody even knows her real name or what she is truly like.

Suggested attire: a witch costume.  Optional prop is a broom.



Owner, Goldendust Forest

Goldendust Forest is a popular fairy-themed teen hangout in town. Owned by the Queen Fairy, Goldendust hosts and entertains with a fairy magic show and song and dance performances. Her pointy ears and shoes are her trademark look. However, don’t let her cute appearance fool you, as she can be wicked when she needs to be!

Suggested attire: a fairy costume (a dance costume with fairy wings) and a wand as an optional prop.  Fake pointed ears as another optional prop.



Binkie’s Younger Sister

Jenny Blossom is Binkie’s younger sister. Less than a year apart, they couldn’t be more different in every way. Jenny loves to stay in the shadows and could care less about fashion. Jenny prefers a quiet night at home with her nose in a good book to big parties.

Suggested attire:  semi-formal party dress.



Lexi Texas became an instant famous pop idol over night with the release of her first album “Don’t let the dogs out…I’ll have to chase them.” Everyone around Lexi has tried to keep that instant fame from going to her head, but that has proven to be a difficult task! Lexi is showing signs of turning into a little diva!

Suggested attire:  any trendy pop star clothing. A fake microphone (hand held or head set) as an optional prop.



Celebrity Chef

Chef Bamsey is a hilariously entertaining celebrity chef! Some say she’d be even more famous if she was a comedienne, but her delectable cuisine says otherwise.

Suggested attire:  any type of chef’s uniform. Optional prop is a spatula.



Olympic Gold Medalist

When Mary Lou Twist is not volunteering at local charities, she is working on her gymnastics routines at her local gym. Mary Lou loves to sing more than she talks and is always looking for an audience. She must be the center of attention in any crowd and is always performing.

Suggested attire:  any type of gymnastics uniform with a (fake) gold medal.



Forensic Scientist

Destry Photon is an extremely intelligent academic and is one of the most brilliant forensic scientists in the nation. When she is not working on criminal cases in the lab, she writes beautiful poetry and studies UFOs and aliens.

Suggested attire:  lab coat and beakers / test tubes as optional props.




Nadia Nerina is one of the most graceful ballerinas at the New York City Ballet Company.  She is one of the sweetest and most dependable friends you can have. If you can call Nadia your friend…you are a lucky person!

Suggested attire:  any ballet (or dance) costume.  Hair in a bun.



All-Star Athlete

Brandi Bastian is one of the most talented athletes of her time.  She plays soccer, softball, tennis and is even on the U.S. Olympic Diving Team!  She is one of the most cheerful and optimistic girls around so if anyone is in a foul mood or being negative, call upon Brandi. Her presence alone makes everyone happy!

Suggested attire:  any sports uniform or work-out attire.  Any type of sporting equipment can be used as an optional prop.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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