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Murder at the Bloodwood Masquerade Ball

Bloodworth Falls is an isolated town full of scandal, blackmail, and deceit.  The townsfolk bicker in the streets, and many believe the local government to be corrupt.  Nevertheless, the mayor is hosting a mysterious masquerade ball in the old Bloodwood Castle, and the tickets to the event have sold out in record time. The townspeople are curious to find out why the mayor would put effort into doing something positive in this town of gloom, but all are eagerly hunting for the perfect mask.  You are worried what will happen on this night when toxic people gather at the castle.  You are alarmed, as you didn't purchase your ticket - it was placed in your mailbox in an unmarked envelope.  Somebody wants you there, but you don't know why.  This is where your story begins.

let's shop for the perfect mask

Invited Guests



Playhouse Director 

Finn Burgundy is the brazen leader of the Moon Shadow Playhouse. Finn prefers to produce dark-themed plays for the theater and is a demanding director. So naturally, Finn will get what they want at all costs, so stay out of Finn's crosshairs if you are into self-preservation.

The opening night of Finn's next production, The Mystical Flea, is around the corner. Finn is nervous that everything will go as planned. 

Costume Suggestions: Trendy yet conservative burgundy attire of any kind.  Burgundy trimmed / colored masquerade mask as a prop.  


CBC News Reporter

Ashton Jade is a gregarious news reporter for CBC News. Ashton is doing whatever it takes to secure the vacant anchor position at the television station. Therefore, if you have newsworthy secrets, stay clear of Ashton.

Ashton has recently taken up acting as a hobby, and the rumor is that Ashton might be dealing with a scandalous blackmailer.  

Costume Suggestions: Conservative green attire of any kind.  Green trimmed / colored masquerade mask as a prop.  You can bring along a notepad to take notes as an optional accessory.   


Computer Technician

Peyton Pewter founded the company Nerd Squadron, a traveling tech business. Peyton services most of the business networks in Bloodworth Falls and has recently started making house calls to private residences. Peyton is wired into the town and knows a bit about everyone's business.

Lately, Peyton's clients have had problems with their networks. Could it be something Peyton is doing incorrectly?

Costume Suggestions: Nerdy gray attire of any kind. Gray trimmed/colored masquerade mask for a prop.  



Reese Cerulean is the wealthiest person in Bloodworth Falls. Reese is quite powerful, as they own most of the businesses and properties in town. Rumor has it that Reese's pile of gold came from frivolous lawsuits many years ago. Unfortunately, Reese has a short fuse, and you don't want to light it – especially if you wish to avoid wasting countless hours of your life in a courtroom.

Reese has had some electrical issues at their mansion lately - possibly due to faulty wiring. Or, could there be another reason the lights are flickering?

Costume Suggestions: Designer / expensive-looking attire of any kind.  Blue trimmed / colored masquerade mask as a prop.  You can bring along wads of money (real/fake) to have hanging out of your pockets.   



Logan Plum is the antisocial electrician in Bloodworth Falls. Not one for enjoyable conversation, this blue-collar worker despises people in general. However, Logan's an excellent electrician  - and the only one in town. As long as you leave Logan alone, you'll have peace.

Logan Plum's sister is the medical examiner in Bloodworth Falls, so Logan is one of the first people to get the scoop when a scandalous murder happens in town. 

Costume Suggestions: Non-stylish purple/plum attire of any kind.  Purple/plum trimmed/colored masquerade mask as a prop.  



Drew Golden is the boisterous stagehand for the Moon Shadow Playhouse. Drew has been desperately trying to break into stage acting, but Finn Burgundy won't hear of it, and there's not another playhouse in town. So, Drew sometimes takes out their frustrations on the cast members of the theater.

Drew has recently wanted to get into filmmaking but hasn't had the time to launch the hobby. Also, Drew has been upset about something the town's mayor had supposedly done. Will Drew try to take on the mayor? 

Costume Suggestions: Trendy yet conservative gold/yellow attire of any kind.  Gold/yellow trimmed/colored masquerade mask as a prop.  


Mayor of Bloodworth Falls

Riley White is the scandalous mayor of Bloodworth Falls. The mayor's no stranger to corruption, bribery, and blackmail and has a hand in many depraved matters. However, Riley is a hard worker and takes care of the primary needs of the people of Bloodworth Falls. Things are doom and gloom in the town, but nobody would dare run against Riley for mayor.

Rumors are floating around town that Riley might have tried to tamper with the outcome of the most recent horse race. If this is true, this is behavior unbecoming of a mayor. 

Costume Suggestions: Trendy yet conservative white attire of any kind.  White masquerade mask as a prop.


Radio Host

The hit morning radio host, Omari Black, is a great friend to have and a horrible enemy to make. Omari has the attention of the morning commuters and can make or break a person in the town of Bloodworth Falls. However, Omari can be shady at times and is known to accept bribes for radio spots.    

Close sources have said that this radio personality might have their sights on a news anchor position, and Mayor Riley White recommends them for the job. But, of course, the fans of the morning radio show will be highly disappointed if this is true and Omari quits the show.  

Costume Suggestions: Trendy yet conservative black attire of any kind.  Black masquerade mask as a prop. 


Costume Designer

Pram Peach is the flamboyant costume designer for the Moon Shadow Playhouse. However, Pram aspires to be more than a theater costume designer and has sent the latest Pram Fashions to handpicked celebrities.   Pram hopes to see the pieces walk down the red carpet soon. But, unfortunately, Pram's been frustrated that a big break has yet to happen.

The other day, a local news show reported that Pram's theater costumes are not up to industry standards. This has undoubtedly put Pram in foul spirits. 

Costume Suggestions: Costume-themed orange/peach attire of any kind.  Orange/peach-colored theatrical masquerade mask as a prop. 


EDM Producer / DJ

Deadbee Cyan is a rising star and electronic dance music (EDM) producer. Deadbee is famous in the underground music scene and has recently gained recognition for receiving a Gram Award for the hit song I'm Lucky. People say everything Deadbee touches turns to gold. Stay in this DJ's shadows if you seek fame and fortune, as there's plenty to go around. 

However, Deadbee accepted a job in town recently that could have gone better. As a result, Deadbee is holding their breath, hoping this incident doesn't get blasted on social media and ruin their reputation. 

Costume Suggestions: Trendy yet conservative turquoise/ greenish-blue attire of any kind. Turquoise/greenish-blue colored masquerade mask as a prop. 


Butler of Reese Cerulean

Wolfe Indigo is the sarcastic butler of the town tycoon, Reese Cerulean. Rumor has it that Wolfe's current position is a by-product of a frivolous lawsuit. Many have tried to validate this rumor, but all have failed. Wolfe is miserable as Reese's servant, which is not under dispute.        

Lately, Wolfe has been desperate for someone to either put Reese Cerulean in jail or make them disappear from the face of the Earth. Wolfe's patience is about to give way to rage.

Costume Suggestions: Trendy yet conservative indigo/dark-purple attire of any kind. Indigo/dark-purple-colored masquerade mask as a prop.  


Federal Agent

Madison Scarlet is the femme fatale federal agent. She often leaves her hometown of Bloodworth Falls to travel to foreign lands on secret missions. This secret agent's challenging to be around, as it is impossible to tell if she is working on a mission or enjoying her time away from the agency. Watch what you say around this undercover snoop.

Madison has recently traveled to Bloodworth Falls and has a ticket to the Bloodwood Masquerade Ball. The problem for the town's residents is that Madison doesn't do anything strictly socially. There's a reason why she is in town. 

Costume Suggestions: Red evening gown, red-trimmed/red masquerade mask as a prop.  Optional toy gun strapped to a garter belt as an accessory. 


Stage Actor

            Brad Olive is the charismatic stage actor at the Moon Shadow Playhouse. A tad narcissistic, he knows he is shamefully good-looking and can get whatever he wants from women. Brad has been the lead actor in the theater for many years and is looking for a big break in Hollywood.

Brad's mood has soured since he didn't land the lead in The Mystical Flea's production at the Moon Shadow Playhouse. After being made the understudy, Brad has refused to speak to Finn Burgundy. 

Costume Suggestions: Olive green attire of any kind.  Olive green trimmed/colored mask as a prop.  Sharpie marker for autographs as an optional accessory.



Gary Gray is the deceitful mechanic at Gray's Auto Shop in Bloodworth Falls. Gary's a skilled mechanic, but many people believe he adds charges for unnecessary parts and labor after repairing a vehicle. But, of course, he's the best mechanic in town, so what can anybody do about it?

The townsfolk are starting to compare notes on Gary's scam. Gary might not have long as a mechanic in Bloodworth Falls unless he stops price-gouging people and misquoting them. 

Costume Suggestions: Gray attire of any kind.  Gray masquerade mask as a prop. 


Horse Jockey

Freddie Fuchsia is the cynical horse jockey of the infamous racehorse Dark Sail. Freddie does whatever it takes to win races and will stop at nothing to get in the winner's circle. Other jockeys think Freddie has trained Dark Sail to bite competitors during races, but nobody has been able to prove Freddie had anything to do with his impolite behavior.

Some say that Freddie is adamantly against allowing Dark Sail to act aggressively toward competitors. However, something out of Freddie's control is not allowing this jockey to correct the behavior. 

Costume Suggestions: Trendy yet conservative fuchsia/bright pink attire. Fuchsia/bright-pink trimmed or colored masquerade mask as a prop. 


Scuba Instructor

Avery Lemon is a blissful scuba instructor. Avery is a helpful person and a joy to be around. Unfortunately, cruel people often take advantage of Avery's gentle personality, and Avery usually ends up on the wrong side of situations. Nonetheless, everybody loves to be around Avery's smile, as it's contagious. Avery Lemon is one of the biggest fans of Omari Black's morning radio show. Avery swears they wouldn't be able to function if Omari ever went off the air.   Avery is also one of Brad Olive's biggest fans and hasn't missed one of his plays at the Moon Shadow Playhouse. 

Costume Suggestions: Trendy yet conservative yellow attire of any kind. Yellow trimmed or colored masquerade mask as a prop.


Ancient Artifacts Dealer

  Carey Coral is an eccentric ancient artifacts dealer from England. Carey travels to remote spots around the globe to find exotic items and sells them at local auctions. Due to worldly travels, Carey knows a bit about everything. Carey has recently moved to Bloodworth Falls and is not afraid to say it was a big mistake.

Many people are talking about how Carey recently caused a massive scandal at the auction house. Did Carey try to pass off fake artifacts as authentic? 

Costume Suggestions: Trendy yet conservative coral/salmon attire of any kind. Coral/salmon-trimmed or colored masquerade mask as a prop.


Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Brin Mint is the outrageous plastic surgeon from Bloodworth Falls. Brin will give you a free treatment plan for your face – without a request for one. This can be off-putting to most people, so this doc doesn't have many true friends. Nevertheless, Dr. Mint's appointment book is filled months in advance.

Dr. Mint is known to send advertisements with coupons to people who the doc believes need plastic surgery. This often offends people, and Dr. Mint gets angry phone calls.

Costume Suggestions: Trendy yet conservative mint-colored attire of any kind. Mint-trimmed or colored masquerade mask as a prop.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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