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Every day at 7 PM, Cameron Evergreen’s face is front and center of television screens across Godley Hollow. Cameron is a determined news anchor for RBC TV who suffers from a severe case of social anxiety.  However, Cameron doesn’t let that get in the way, because if ambition were money, Cameron would be the world’s first trillionaire.

EARLY LIFE: Cameron grew up in Godley Hollow and attended Godley Hollow University, majoring in Journalism.  Cameron earned a BA in Journalism.

BUSINESS CAREER:  Fresh from college, Cameron landed a job at RBC Television station as a production assistant. After a year as a production assistant, Cameron took a job as an announcer and then was quickly promoted to a news reporter.  It wasn't long before Cameron's tenacity showed through to the news execs, and Cameron received a dream promotion to news anchor. 


  • Children's Hospice & Palliative Care Coalition

  • Children's Hospital Los Angeles

  • Dogs Deserve Better

  • Environmental Justice Foundation

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital

  • Helen & Douglas House

  • Julian House

  • Much Love Animal Rescue

PERSONAL LIFE: Cameron is far too ambitious to think about others. Cameron is single with no children.



  • International Reporter of the Year, 2005

  • Nominated for an Emmy for Coverage of a Breaking News Story, 2006

  • Nominated for an Emmy for a Feature Story, 2006

  • Nominated for an Emmy for Best Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast (Writing), 2012

  • Nominated for an Emmy for Investigative Journalism, 2017

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