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T'was the Night Before Murder

Ho ho ho! The North Pole is buzzing with excitement as the big pre-Christmas meeting day at Santa and Mrs. Claus's house gets closer. It's a super busy time here, and everyone from elves to reindeer needs to take a break from their work to come together. This meeting is super important because everyone's job matters a lot for making Christmas happen. It doesn’t matter if you make toys, take care of the reindeer, or do something else cool, your ideas and hard work are what make Christmas special. This isn’t just any meeting; it’s a time to celebrate how hard everyone works and make sure we’re all set to make this Christmas the best one yet. The excitement is in the air, and everyone's getting ready to share updates and make sure everything is perfect. This is where your story starts, right in the middle of all the fun and teamwork at the North Pole.

Guest List

Mrs. Santa Claus

Mother of Christmas

Everyone is well aware that the true force behind the bustling, enchanting North Pole is none other than Mrs. Santa Claus herself! Often playfully dubbed as the 'Mother of Christmas,' she is the unsung hero who orchestrates the magic and merriment of the season. With a blend of loving care and a dash of delightful neuroticism, Mrs. Claus oversees every detail with meticulous attention.  Her keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication keep the spirit of Christmas alive and thriving. As the holiday season approaches, her role becomes even more pivotal. She helps to coordinate the complex logistics of gift distributions, fine-tunes the recipes for festive treats, and maintains the joyful harmony among all at the North Pole. Her presence is a comforting and stabilizing force, bringing order to the joyful chaos that envelops this magical time of the year. Indeed, without the tireless efforts and loving guidance of Mrs. Santa Claus, the North Pole wouldn't be the wonderous hub of holiday cheer that it is renowned for worldwide.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mrs. Santa Claus costume. 


Santa Claus

Father of Christmas

The iconic Santa Claus, known for his rosy cheeks and joyful spirit, is the heart of the holiday season. However, this year, there's a twist: Santa's growing irresponsibility is causing alarm at the North Pole. His usual meticulous planning and oversight of the Christmas toy run is faltering, threatening the joy of the festive season. Amidst this unexpected challenge, the others are scrambling to keep the Christmas spirit alive, working tirelessly to ensure that Santa recovers his focus and that the magic of Christmas reaches every child on time.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Santa Claus costume.


 Icy the Snowman

Snowman and Rising Rap Artist

Icy, the North Pole's beloved snowman, is not only a friend to all the elves but also a rising star in the rap music scene. Known for his fun-loving nature and infectious energy, Icy is a unique character in the frosty realm. However, he has one peculiar trait – he's a close talker. Conversations with Icy can be a frosty experience, as his icy breath makes it quite chilly for anyone engaging with him up close. Despite this, his warm heart and cool beats continue to endear him to everyone at the North Pole.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear all-white clothing, paint your face white, and wear a top hat, red scarf, and pipe. Optional: Use a fake carrot as a nose. Or opt for a snowman costume/onesie. 


Dap the Elf

Director of Toy Production

Dap, the Director of Toy Production at Santa's Toyshop, is known for a meticulous micro-managing style. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, this elf ensures that every toy crafted at the North Pole meets the highest standards. But there's a catch - Dap is one elf you wouldn't want to cross. Known for strict adherence to rules and protocols, those who don't align with Dap's high expectations might find themselves in a bit of frosty trouble. This director's reputation for being tough makes Dap a somewhat respected and formidable figure in the bustling toy factory of the North Pole.


Ebbie Smooge

Chief Executive Officer

Ebbie Smooge, the miserly brother of Mrs. Santa Claus, is a frequent, albeit unwelcome, visitor to the North Pole. Known for his penny-pinching ways, Ebbie often attempts to dissuade his sister and Santa Claus from what he views as the frivolous expenditure of creating and distributing Christmas toys. His lack of holiday spirit and grumbling demeanor have become almost legendary, so much so that if you were to look up 'Grouchy' in the dictionary, you would likely find Ebbie's picture as the perfect illustration. His presence starkly contrasts the joy and generosity that define the North Pole, making him a rather notorious figure in the land of perpetual Christmas cheer.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear a black suit, black top hat, and cane. You can also opt for a Scrooge suit or nightgown costume. 



Head Reindeer

Prisser, the head reindeer of Santa's sleigh, has shown impeccable leadership but also has garnered a reputation as a fun-loving prankster. Renowned for playful antics, Prisser has a unique talent for keeping spirits high among the reindeer. Prisser's ability to blend motivation with humor is unmatched, and their jovial nature and infectious laughter make Prisser a beloved friend to all at the North Pole. The reindeer look up to this prankster for both guidance and a good chuckle.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear all-brown clothing with a white undershirt. Have your face painted like a reindeer. Wear an antler headband. You can also opt for a reindeer costume or onesie. Bring some Post-it notes for your optional pranks. 


Vip the Elf

Sleigh Mechanic

Vip is a notably shy elf working in the Sleigh Shop at the North Pole. Despite being highly skilled and dedicated, Vip often finds themselves at odds with Dap, the micro-managing Director of Toy Production. This tension is somewhat of an open secret among the elves, as Dap's demanding nature doesn't exactly foster warm relationships. Indeed, Vip's quiet and introspective nature contrasts sharply with Dap's exacting and outspoken approach, leading to a less-than-fabulous rapport between the two. However, Vip's situation is not unique – few, if any, can claim to have a harmonious relationship with Dap, given the director's notoriously tough standards.



Gingerbread Man

Cookie Person

The Gingerbread Man of the North Pole is not your ordinary gingerbread cookie. With an unmistakable air of egotism, he struts around, fully convinced of his own superiority. This self-centered cookie is a tad narcissistic, firmly believing that everyone around him harbors a secret desire to be just like him.  The Gingerbread Man's conviction that being a cookie is the pinnacle of existence adds a humorous, albeit slightly arrogant, flavor to the festive atmosphere of this magical place.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: All khaki-colored clothing. Use felt for the icing stripes on the wrist, belt, and ankles. Attach small pom-poms for the front buttons (at any craft store). 


Pax the Elf

Office Manager

Pax serves as the Office Manager of The North Pole, Inc. Pax has a reputation for extreme frugality and is often described as a severe penny pincher. Pax is so focused on cost-saving that the elves jokingly say this office elf must also be allergic to fun. Despite the stern approach to budget management and aversion to the playful antics typical of the North Pole, Pax plays an indispensable role. This elf's meticulous oversight and financial acumen ensure that the finances of Christmas are always in impeccable order. Pax has the ability to balance the books and keep the North Pole's operations running smoothly, financially speaking - even if it comes with a little less cheer.



Rudy the Reindeer

Santa’s Sleigh Leader

Rudy, the Rosy-nosed Reindeer, is a beloved figure among the inhabitants of the North Pole. Rudy has a playful nature and a bright, rosy nose that brings joy to everyone. Rudy has a special talent for telling funny Christmas jokes and is always ready to share a laugh with anyone willing to listen. Whether it's among the other reindeer, the bustling elves, or even Santa himself, Rudy's humorous tales and cheerful demeanor add a light-heartedness to the festive atmosphere. Rudy's jokes not only bring smiles but also help to foster a sense of camaraderie and joy throughout the North Pole, making this sleigh leader a cherished companion during the holiday season and beyond.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: All brown clothing. Face painted like a reindeer with a red nose. Antler headband. Or opt for a reindeer costume or onesie. 


Foxworthy the Elf

Head Toymaker

Foxworthy, the head toymaker at the North Pole, has an exceptional work ethic. Hailing from a toy factory in southern Mississippi, Foxworthy brings a bit of country charm to the heart of the Arctic. This elf is renowned as the hardest working member in Santa's workshop, dedicated tirelessly to the toy-making craft. Despite the chilly surroundings, Foxworthy's warm, down-home style and unwavering commitment to creating magical Christmas experiences for children around the world make Foxworthy a beloved and respected figure among everyone at the North Pole.



Nat the Nutcracker


Nat the Nutcracker is a fascinating figure at the North Pole, known for a distinct Russian heritage and a passion for dance. This nutcracker is often shrouded in mystery, mainly due to a preference for silence over conversation. Despite being less verbal, Nat communicates eloquently through dance, captivating everyone with graceful, nutcracker-style moves. While Nat may not say much, the dynamic and expressive performances speak volumes, showcasing a deep love for dance and a talent for bringing joy without words.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear a red band hat, red band jacket, yellow tights or leggings, and black riding boots. Use a Fake Rifle as a prop. Have your face painted like a nutcracker. You can also opt for a Nutcracker costume or a onesie. 


Ozzie the Reindeer

Rudy’s Best Friend

Ozzie the Reindeer is best known at the North Pole as Rudy the Rosy-nosed Reindeer's best friend and stablemate. Unlike Rudy, Ozzie stands out for a completely different reason - a notable lack of manners. Far from the image of a prim and proper reindeer, Ozzie is known for a rough-around-the-edges demeanor. This no-nonsense approach makes this reindeer a unique character among the more traditionally well-behaved reindeer. Despite the lack of etiquette, Ozzie's straightforward, unrefined nature has its own charm, contributing to the diverse personalities that make the North Pole such a vibrant and interesting place.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear all-brown clothing, have your face painted like a reindeer, and wear an antler headband. You can also opt for a reindeer costume or onesie. 


Tommy Leigh

Little Drummer Boy

Tommy Leigh, the Little Drummer Boy of the North Pole, is a character who's made quite a name for himself, though not necessarily for his musical talents alone. He's known among the elves for being a major 'kiss up', especially when it comes to interactions with Santa Claus. This behavior often leads to a collective eye-roll from the elves whenever he starts talking to Santa, as they're all too familiar with his penchant for flattery and seeking favor. Despite this, Tommy Leigh remains integral to the North Pole's festive ensemble, contributing to the lively and dynamic environment with his drumming and, undoubtedly, his distinctive personality.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear a red band hat, red band jacket, yellow tights or leggings, and black riding boots. Use a Fake Rifle as a prop. Paint your face like a nutcracker. Use a snare drum (fake or real) as a prop. Opt for a Little Drummer Boy costume or wear any marching band uniform. 



Polar Bear

Pollie, the Polar Bear, is a distinguished figure at the North Pole, known for impeccable manners and a prim and proper demeanor. Pollie upholds a high standard of etiquette and isn't shy about sharing knowledge with others. If anyone around this bear fails to use proper manners, Pollie will correct them and provide a gentle, albeit firm, lesson in proper etiquette. Pollie's presence ensures that decorum and politeness are maintained amidst the festive chaos of the North Pole, making this polar bear a respected and somewhat formidable character in this magical winter wonderland.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: All white clothing. Face painted white, white wig. White bear ears on a headband and nose painted black. 


Gab the Elf and Crew

Santa’s Bag Stuffer

Gab is a wild and crazy elf and a standout character at the North Pole. Leading a crew of equally energetic elves, Gab is responsible for one of the most critical tasks - loading Santa's bag for the toy run on Christmas Eve. This job requires skill, precision, and a touch of magic, as fitting all the toys for children around the world into one bag is no small feat. Gab's lively spirit and resourcefulness ensure that the bag is packed perfectly each year, contributing significantly to the success of Santa's all-important annual journey.



Jackie Frost
Legendary Ice Fairy
Jackie Frost, the legendary ice fairy and a dear friend of Santa Claus, is a unique presence in the North Pole.  Jackie embodies the essence of winter with a deep love for all things associated with it. However, Jackie's heart, as cold as the ice so masterfully controlled, often struggles to embrace Christmas's warm, generous spirit. Jackie's dedication to providing a magical white Christmas is unwavering despite this internal conflict. Jackie works tirelessly, using icy powers to ensure that the landscape is beautifully blanketed in snow, creating the perfect winter wonderland. This ice fairy's efforts are a testament to a deep appreciation of winter's beauty and a desire to contribute to the festive joy, even if Jackie's cold heart isn't completely in tune with the season's warmth and cheer.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear all blue elf attire, with a blue face and wig, a blue elf hat, and blue tights. You can decorate your costume and hair with fake snow. Or opt for a Jack Frost costume.


Abim Nable
Abominable Snowperson

Abim Nable, once known as the abominable snowperson of the North Pole, has an intriguing and heartwarming story. For years, Abim was regarded as a tyrant of terror, instilling fear in all the elves in Santa's village with a formidable presence and irritable demeanor. This cranky snowperson was the subject of many whispered tales among the inhabitants of the North Pole, often depicted as the quintessential frosty foe.

However, a remarkable transformation occurred a few years ago, all thanks to Santa Claus. With his innate kindness and wisdom, Santa discovered the root of Abim's crankiness – a simple thorn stuck in a big toe. Once the thorn was removed, Abim's true nature surfaced, showing a complete turnaround from a once fearsome persona. This act of kindness not only rehabilitated Abim but also changed the entire dynamic of the North Pole.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: All-white costume. Get quilt batting or pulled cotton and attach it to a white t-shirt to look like snow-covered fur. Paint your face white and wear a white wig. Or opt for a Bumble or Yeti costume.


Kisser, known as the most lovable reindeer in Santa's stables, is a source of joy and affection for everyone at the North Pole. This reindeer has a special knack for spreading good tidings and cheer throughout Santa's village. With a gentle demeanor and a warm, inviting presence, Kisser is the reindeer that everyone gravitates toward. Whether it's the elves, other reindeer, or even visitors from far-off lands, Kisser's ability to brighten the day and lift spirits is unmatched. Their endearing nature and innate charm make them a beloved figure, adding to the already magical and heartwarming atmosphere of the North Pole. Kisser's presence is a reminder of the simple joys of companionship and the warmth of spreading love and kindness, especially during the festive season.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear all brown clothing, have your face painted like a reindeer, and wear an antler headband. You can also opt for a reindeer costume or onesie.


Blabs the Elf
Present Wrapper
Blabs the Elf is a well-known figure in the North Pole for reasons beyond their role as a present wrapper. With a love of gossip, Blabs has earned a reputation as the go-to source for the latest news and rumors swirling around Santa's workshop. While Blab's gift-wrapping skills are undoubtedly top-notch, but the propensity for sharing secrets sets this gossipy elf apart. If anyone at the North Pole has a secret and decides to confide in Blabs, they should do so with the understanding that the secret might not remain so for long. Blabs' tendency to spread information, intentionally or not, means that any tidbit shared might soon become common knowledge among Santa's village's elves and other inhabitants. While Blab is often seen as endearing, this trait is also a gentle reminder to be cautious about what is shared in casual conversation.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elf costume. Gift-wrapping supplies as optional props. 



Joker and Pranker, a sibling duo among Santa's reindeer, are notorious at the North Pole for their love of practical jokes and cleverly crafted schemes. Joker, being the older of the two, often takes the lead in devising their mischievous plans, with Pranker eagerly playing along. Together, they are a formidable pair known for their playful yet sometimes disruptive antics. Their favorite target? Prisser, the head reindeer and fellow prankster.  Whether it's harmless tricks or more elaborate schemes, these two reindeer are always looking for ways to add a bit of chaos to Prisser's orderly world. Their reputation for mischief means everyone at the North Pole, especially those in the reindeer stables, is always on their toes. While their behavior is all in good fun, it's a reminder to everyone around them to stay alert and watch their backs when these two are around!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear all brown clothing, have your face painted like a reindeer, and wear an antler headband. You can also opt for a reindeer costume or onesie. Bring any pranks you wish to pull on others (optional). 


Pong & Family
North Pole Penguin

Pong the Penguin and their family hold a special place in the heart of the North Pole community. Residing next door to Santa's home, Pong is recognized as the head of a family known for being the most intelligent penguins in the entire world. The Pong family is admired not only for their sharp intellect but also for their keen observational skills. They notice even the smallest details, ensuring that nothing escapes their attention. They are often the first to spot any unusual happenings or changes in the North Pole, making them invaluable allies in maintaining the smooth running of Santa's operations. Their intelligence is coupled with a friendly disposition, making them popular among the other residents of the North Pole.  The penguins' unique abilities and charming personalities make them beloved and respected members of the North Pole family.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: White tank top shirt and white shorts. A black long-sleeved shirt underneath the tank top. Black tights underneath the white shorts. Your face is painted like a penguin with an attachable penguin beak. Or opt for a penguin costume or onesie.


Pranker the reindeer, the younger sibling of Joker the Reindeer, is infamous in the North Pole alongside Joker. These two have a penchant for practical jokes and cunningly devised schemes. As a mischievous duo, they are particularly known for targeting Prisser, the head reindeer and fellow prankster. They are known for playful yet sometimes disruptive antics. Whether it’s through elaborate pranks or clever tricks, Pranker and Joker constantly keep the reindeer stables buzzing. Their reputation for mischief has become a staple at the North Pole, prompting everyone, especially those in leadership roles like Prisser, to remain vigilant. With these two around, one must always be prepared for an unexpected twist or a humorous surprise.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear all brown clothing, have your face painted like a reindeer, and wear an antler headband. You can also
 opt for a reindeer costume or onesie. Bring any pranks you wish to pull on others (optional). 


The Ginch
The Ginch is a notorious figure in North Pole lore, residing in a crooked shack perched atop a twisted hill that overlooks Santa's village. This character is shrouded in legend, mainly for multiple annual attempts to steal Christmas over the years. Each year, as the festive season approaches, the Ginch reportedly concocts various schemes aimed at disrupting the joy and harmony of the holiday celebrations. In response to this persistent threat, Santa Claus finds it necessary to employ a specialized surveillance team. This team's sole purpose is to watch the Ginch's activities, ensuring that the spirit of Christmas remains safe and intact. Their vigilance is a crucial part of the holiday preparations, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind for Santa and all the inhabitants of the North Pole. This ongoing cat-and-mouse game between Santa and the Ginch has become a legendary aspect of the North Pole's seasonal festivities, adding excitement and caution to the otherwise cheerful and bustling preparations.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A Santa suit with the face painted green. A very small felt heart is put on the chest of the Santa suit. Or opt for a Grinch costume or onesie.


Pop the Elf
Pop the Elf is the North Pole's head candymaker and a whirlwind of energy at the North Pole. Rumors swirl among the elves and inhabitants that Pop personally samples every piece of candy created in the candy shop. This habit might very well explain the seemingly endless reserves of energy and bubbly personality. Always buzzing around, Pop's zest and enthusiasm for candy-making are contagious, adding to the lively and joyous atmosphere of the North Pole. Their love for sweets and dedication to their craft ensures that every piece of candy is delicious and made with a dash of fun and Christmas spirit.

 COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elf costume. Candy as optional props. 


Nell the Elf
Toyshop Maintenance & Repair
Nell the Elf is a vital member of the North Pole team, known for her unwavering dedication as the toyshop's repair expert. Nell's the go-to elf for fixing broken toys, a role taken incredibly seriously. Children from all corners of the globe send their cherished but damaged toys to the North Pole, trusting in Nell's skilled hands to restore them to their former glory. With the precision of a master craftsperson and the care of a true toy lover, Nell meticulously works on each toy, ensuring they are as good as new. This elf's workaholic nature is driven by a deep passion for bringing joy to children. The repaired toys are magically returned to their owners through Santa's bag on Christmas Eve, ready to create more happy memories. Nell's role in this heartwarming process is not just about repairing toys; it's about mending hearts and keeping the spirit of Christmas alive.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elf costume. Broken or newly fixed toys are optional props. 

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