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Greetings, esteemed and cherished Hemloxx, Incorporated employees!

Are you ready for an unforgettable night of enchantment and intrigue? The highly anticipated annual gala at Hemloxx Headquarters' ballroom is almost here. We are thrilled to celebrate achievements and foster meaningful connections across all divisions and levels within our company.

Before we gather, it's essential to bring attention to the covert misdeeds and acts of malevolence that have attempted to dim our brilliant successes over the past year, sometimes muddling the distinction between ally and adversary within our hallways. But let's use this opportunity to mend any divides, forge new friendships, and kindle collaborations that transcend divisions. Together, we will strengthen our position as the unrivaled leader in every industry Hemloxx embraces.

This gala will be a captivating journey, and you are at the heart of Hemloxx's legacy, playing a pivotal role in shaping its future. This is where your story begins.


Attendees of the Hemloxx Gala:



Elys Quillwort, a luminary attorney within Hemloxx, Incorporated's esteemed legal team, embodies a seamless blend of intellect and distinctive flair. Their unconventional approach to corporate law weaves a captivating narrative, showcasing a harmonious fusion of legal mastery and charming idiosyncrasies.
Elys's presence in corporate law is akin to a breath of fresh air – a vibrant kaleidoscope of style that defies norms. Adorning finely tailored suits with dynamic accessories, Elys balances sophistication and vitality, creating an engaging interplay between tradition and innovation.
However, Elys's inventive style merely hints at the astonishing depth of their legal prowess. With an uncanny ability to navigate complex legal landscapes, Elys seamlessly blends logic with unexpected creative arguments. Their mind is a repository of obscure legal precedents, which breathe life into debates that challenge conventional wisdom, consistently pushing the boundaries of legal discourse.

Elys is a brilliant legal mind who graduated at the top of a prestigious law school class, earning a Juris Doctor. A series of accomplishments in corporate law firms mark Elys's early career.  Elys's passion for corporate law led them to specialize in mergers and acquisitions, but their expertise extends well beyond corporate legalities and into business dynamics as a whole. 

Suggested attire: Male business attire.   Female business attire.




Elm Shockley, the embodiment of refinement and elegance, graces The Sneaky Steak restaurant as a prim and proper sommelier. A fixture since its inauguration, Elm has been a cornerstone of this haute cuisine haven, catering to the distinguished palates of Bramford Bluff's elite.

Dedicated and ambitious, Elm harbors aspirations of ascending to the role of manager, a prestigious position. Elm's journey commenced with rigorous training at a top-tier winery, culminating in attaining a level three certification. This expertise is the cornerstone of Elm's enigmatic aura, a testament to a profound understanding of the elixirs that grace the restaurant's menu.

Hailing from the glittering domain of the Las Vegas Strip, Elm was lured away by the siren call of Hemloxx Hospitality, a testament to their prowess in the art of wine. Amidst the neon extravagance and ceaseless frenzy of Sin City, Elm found sanctuary in the tranquil embrace of a quiet town, reveling in the serenity that only a change of pace could offer.

Though Elm may possess the endearing trait of a mumble-mouth, their eloquence emerges in the language of wine. The clink of glasses is Elm's symphony, and the uncorking of bottles is their overture.

In the delicate dance of sommelier mastery, Elm Shockley is a virtuoso. Behind their poised demeanor lies a wealth of expertise, seamlessly harmonizing with the gastronomic symphony of The Sneaky Steak. 

Suggested attire: Black suit or tuxedo, white gloves.




Bay Bundy reigns as an unparalleled icon in the realm of supermodels, a global luminary who commands attention like a magnetic force. Naturally, the discerning eyes of Hemloxx Fashion House, renowned for its opulent creations that define luxury, influence, and innovation, couldn't help but be drawn to this captivating vision. A prestigious offer was extended, placing Bay at the zenith of the fashion world as the flagship head runway model, print model, and the radiant face representing the Hemloxx fashion line. The enchanting allure of Hemloxx designs entices the fashion-forward as each creation graces the racks of elite boutiques and revered department stores. Bay's presence electrifies the world's most illustrious runways, leaving an indelible mark on New York, Paris, Milan, and London, setting the tone for the high-fashion epoch. Behind the scenes, Bay's uncanny sense of direction may elude them, yet a strikingly tranquil composure prevails even in the face of chaos. The enigmatic facets of Bay's past weave a tale of transformation from a past life as a thief to a determined path of redemption. Though the allure of mischief once beckoned, Bay's commitment to a new chapter is steadfast, reinforced by their contract stipulating that Bay must obtain a headline-worthy presence only when it orbits the celestial realm of fashion.

Suggested attire: Eccentric outfit. Design yourself as you would a quirky living room. Oversized vintage sunglasses




Introducing Marin Jynx, the professional mourner from Fancy Funerals, a division of Hemloxx Afterlife. When there aren't many family or friends around, Marin steps up and attends the funeral for optics. Marin will cry and stand up to say nice things about the dearly departed, even if there's hardly anyone there to listen. 

But there's more to Marin than what you see. Marin isn't always great in social situations – sometimes, they stop talking and stare into space. And then, just like magic, Marin appears out of nowhere, like a secret surprise. Does Marin have a habit of spying on people? Or does Marin crave chaos and excitement? It's difficult to say.

Marin loves doing risky things like jumping out of planes and off high bridges with bungee cords. Marin doesn't fit into a neat box – they're a mixture of mystery, adventure, and quirkiness. Marin really likes the feeling of surprising people, so watch your back around this eccentric.

Marin has a degree in archaeology and was an assistant to one of the most well-known archaeologists just a week ago. Marin met the CEO of Hemloxx, Hunter Bentley, and fell into Hunter's persuasion, taking a job with Hemloxx, Incorporated, and leaving a career they worked so hard for in the dust. Hunter Bentley does have a reputation for plucking people from their lives and recruiting them to Hemloxx. 

Suggested attire: Gothic attire  - dress as if you're going to a funeral.




You'll find Zene Bentley standing partially behind drapes or pressed against the wall at any gathering. A ghostwriter for Hemloxx Spilled Tea and online profiles for Let's Get Coffee, Zene could make the Grim Reaper himself look like a prized town bachelor. Zene is timid with a rather dull personality but is likely to be the most unselfish and caring person in Bramford Bluff. Zene is always the first one to stop to help someone in need or rush over to a friend's home who needs assistance with a project.

Zene loves to write but doesn't like the limelight, so they write using various pennames for the celebrity gossip site Hemloxx Spilled Tea. Also, if you are in need of someone to create a fantasic profile for you on the coffee date app (no romance, only for gossiping), Let's Get Coffee - contact Zene, as they are the best at what they do. 

Zene has always been Hunter Bentley's (the CEO of Hemloxx) favorite child. After Zene's mother's untimely death, Hunter Bentley hasn't been afraid to show even more of his favoritism towards Zene.  Zene's siblings are less than thrilled with their relationship. Hunter Bentley was accused but never charged with Zene's mother's death. Some of Zene's siblings still harbor ill feelings toward Hunter, but Zene is so spoiled that they can't see the forest through the trees. 

Zene is best friends with the Hemloxx HQ tour guide, Jamie Torrance. Jamie came into town years ago and they became fast friends. Zene is the reason Jamie is working at Hemloxx. 

Suggested attire: Male business attire.   Female business attire.




Frankie "BioFizz" Steiner, the uproariously funny biotech specialist at Hemloxx Science, is a walking blend of scientific genius and infectious laughter. With their wild, multi-colored hair and lab coat covered in humorous science-themed pins, Frankie brings a comedic twist to the world of biotechnology. Their penchant for inventing outrageous but wildly imaginative experiments, combined with a knack for cracking jokes in the lab, keeps colleagues in stitches while pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation.

Despite their unorthodox methods, BioFizz's uncanny ability to infuse joy and humor into the scientific process makes them an essential and cherished member of the Hemloxx Science team. But not many of Frankie's colleagues care to collaborate, as their projects aren't always taken seriously. Dr. Steiner is currently studying the effect of disco music on the development of microbial cultures.

As their disco-themed experiments unfold, the lab transforms into a symphony of grooves and microorganisms, adding a vibrant rhythm to the pursuit of knowledge.

Frankie exhibited an interest in science from an early age. Frankie disassembled household appliances to understand the mechanics as a child, leaving a trail of discarded pieces and missing electronics in their wake. Frankie moved on to biological experiments, maintaining a greenhouse full of experiments that they ran to as soon as the school bell rang. Frankie whizzed through ten years of school, earning doctorates in biochemistry, microbiology, and astronomy.

Suggested attire: Lab jacket/mad scientist costume.   Colorful wig.




Roan Devland, the amiable custodial manager of Hemloxx, Incorporated Headquarters, exudes a friendly facade that covers up their more intricate persona. Beneath the welcoming demeanor lies a sharp observer poised to extract your secrets if you happen to be entangled in the office grapevine. Be mindful, for Roan wields not just a mop but also a keen ability to eavesdrop and snoop, unraveling confidential tidbits that exceed their official role.
In the labyrinth of corporate chatter, Roan adeptly stokes flames, orchestrating a symphony of intrigue and alliances among the HQ staff and beyond. A mischievous grin adorns their face, a telltale sign of the master puppeteer at play. Born without the cloak of empathy, Roan's charm and manipulation become their weapons of choice, artfully maneuvering through the intricacies of interpersonal dynamics. As they navigate the corridors, desks, and breakrooms, Roan's enigmatic aura casts an unforgettable spell, a testament to the power of charisma laced with a hint of intrigue.

Roan's family owns the largest custodial service in town, Devland Cleans.  Hunter Bentley (the CEO) hired Roan from the service as the full-time manager of Hemloxx Custodial. Roan had no choice but to take the higher salary and benefits package. Roan grew up knowing the ins and outs of business janitorial services and is the best at what they do. Roan has an uncanny knack for detail and problem-solving - observing every nook and cranny in a workspace for cleanliness. This has led Roan to become intimately familiar with the office dynamics and the people within. 

Suggested attire: Custodian attire - or any coveralls. 




Introducing one of the newest luminaries of Hemloxx Records - Royal Flush - a guitar virtuoso and lyrical genius poised to enrapture global audiences. Royal Flush's debut album, Mindful Fish Trances, transcended most musical genres and was adored by multiple generations. Offstage, Royal's personality is just as intriguing as their music. When they step into the spotlight, you'll see a mix of shyness and moments of intense enthusiasm, showing how intricate and diverse they are as a whole. With an upcoming world tour, this artist's musical voyage promises to be an exciting exploration of sound, leaving a lasting mark on the music industry.

As Royal Flush embarks on this electrifying journey, their harmonious melodies are poised to weave an unbreakable bond between hearts and harmonies, uniting audiences across the globe in a symphony of shared emotions. Royal's music might be the answer to obtaining world peace.

Royal's journey into the world of music began at an early age. Born into a family of musical geniuses, Royal developed an innate talent for rhythm and melody soon after learning to walk. Royal's parents nurtured their musical inclinations, providing this prodigy with instruments and encouragement to tap into their creative side. Royal was born as Orion Solstice but changed their name once they started gaining notoriety.

Suggested attire: Rock Star or Pop Star outfit. Be as outrageous as you desire. 




The eccentric interior designer, Harper Doodles, stands out in the industry for their unique approach to infusing spaces with whimsy and charm. With unbelievable talent, Harper combines creativity and humor in every project, delighting clients with unexpected design elements. Polka dots hold a special place in Harper's heart, and they joyfully incorporate the pattern into various aspects of their designs, from walls to furniture upholstery, infusing spaces with a sense of playful nostalgia.

One distinct aspect of Harper's style is their trademark oversized vintage sunglasses, adding a retro flair to their appearance. This fashion statement has become synonymous with their vibrant personality and design sensibility, setting them apart in a sea of more conventional designers. While their colleagues often tease them for their habit of talking to potted plants for design advice, the lighthearted ritual further exemplifies Harper's unique and whimsical perspective on design.

As an integral part of the Hemloxx Interior Design team, a division of Hemloxx Design, Harper's imaginative touch breathes life into every project they undertake. Their ability to create captivating and laughter-filled spaces has garnered them a devoted following of clients who eagerly seek their expertise for their own interior design endeavors. Harper's work has become a beloved and sought-after addition to the company's portfolio, ensuring that each project they take on is filled with joy and a touch of playful magic.

Suggested attire: Eccentric outfit. Design yourself as you would a quirky living room. Oversized vintage sunglasses



Penn Bloodman is an introverted ethical hacker with open disdain for society. Penn is stubborn and will never reconsider a decision. This computer genius has an exceptionally high IQ and rules the circuit of local trivia competitions in Bramford Bluff. Unfortunately, Penn is often accused of cheating, as nobody can fathom that a person could have that much random knowledge.

Penn works for Hemloxx Cyber. Although the job descriptions are not made public like those of other divisions in the company, their group's mission is to provide cybersecurity for Hemloxx.

Nevertheless, Penn’s team has been accused of hacking into competitors' networks, but no solid evidence has emerged. Supposedly there is a traitor in their cubicles. The cybersecurity team has been busy as bees formulating a strategy to banish the mole in their midst.

The perpetrators behind the hacking incidents have been revealed to be Hive Mind, an international collective notorious for attacks on governments, corporations, and organizations. Despite this revelation, the Hemloxx executives remain vigilant, closely monitoring the cybersecurity team for any signs of misconduct. The rumors of a mole among the group have cast a plague of distrust and lowered morale within the division, further complicating the already challenging task of defending Hemloxx's digital realm.

Despite the tensions and uncertainties, Penn's unwavering dedication to Hemloxx's cybersecurity mission persists. Their stubbornness in standing by their decisions, while occasionally causing friction, underscores their commitment to the company's protection. As Hemloxx Cyber fights against external threats and internal doubts, Penn's brilliance continues to shine, ready to defend the corporation's digital frontlines with unyielding determination.

Suggested attire: Black hoodie, black pants. You want to blend in and not get noticed.



Paren Brone is the executive chef of The Sneaky Steak - the fine dining restaurant of Hemloxx Hospitality. Paren is absent-minded and refuses to eat or taste food around others – even while preparing dishes during dinner service, as they think they chew weirdly. But Paren showed everyone how good of a culinary mastermind and restaurant manager they are after being awarded three Michelin stars, the highest honor a restaurant can achieve. Unfortunately, since the steakhouse received the accolades, Paren's ego inflated. This chef has become hyper-critical of others. Alas, there isn't much anyone can do about this behavior change, as Paren's the reason for the success. Also, the executives of Hemloxx Hospitality are studying the recipe for Paren's success in planning to open many more locations worldwide.

However, Paren's plagued by more than just an inflated ego. Despite being awarded three coveted Michelin stars, Paren's dissatisfaction with their culinary prowess lingers. This discontentment fuels a constant sense of self-doubt, leading them to scrutinize every dish they prepare and every detail of the restaurant's operations. The pressure to maintain the high standards set by the Michelin accolades weighs heavily on Paren's shoulders, creating an atmosphere of stress and unease in the kitchen. 

Moreover, Paren's hyper-critical nature has extended beyond themselves and their work. This chef has become excessively demanding and exacting towards their staff, holding them to impossibly high standards. Their relentless pursuit of perfection has created a tense and unforgiving work environment where mistakes are met with harsh criticism and little room for growth or learning. The once supportive and nurturing workplace has become a breeding ground for resentment and discontent among the kitchen staff.

Suggested attire: Chef's uniform.




Quill is the youngest of the CEO’s children and was doted on immensely by their late mother until her passing only two years ago. Lately, Quill has become unemotional and detached from the rest of the family. The town gossips speculate it is because Hunter Bentley was a person of interest in his wife’s death and was never charged. This has led to an atmosphere of distrust that has spread company-wide like a plague.

Nevertheless, after working every summer in the mailroom for the company since the age of 15, Quill now works year-round for Hemloxx Afterlife and manages Gorgeous Graves, a chain of exclusive burial grounds touted as luxury death experiences. All employees of Hemloxx Afterlife are referred to as funeral monarchs, no matter what their duties are.

 Despite being a member of the Bentley family, Quill's father harbored reservations about their involvement within the organization. Quill believes they have proven they are an asset by working many years for the company as a teen. Quill's dad deliberately placed them in a division that didn't align with their aspirations and desires. It was a clear message of disapproval, causing a deep sense of frustration and resentment to simmer within Quill.

However, Quill's discontent extends beyond their personal life. They exhibit an air of perpetual dissatisfaction that permeates their interactions with colleagues and employees. Their demeanor exudes a distinct air of superiority, often dismissing the ideas and suggestions of others without a second thought. Quill's peculiar arm swing, which has always set them apart, has become more pronounced since the loss of their mother, leaving others unsettled and questioning the true nature of their demeanor.

Adding fuel to the fire, Quill passionately advocated introducing a new graveside wedding program within Gorgeous Graves. Believing it to be a unique and innovative offering that would attract a new demographic, Quill poured their heart and soul into developing this pet project. However, their father openly hated the idea, dismissing it as frivolous and tarnishing the burial grounds' sanctity. This clash of opinions further exacerbates the tension between Quill and their father, fueling Quill's disgruntlement and intensifying their determination to prove themselves.

Suggested attire: Gothic attire with cemetery-worthy accessories, such as a coffin necklace, etc.



The person with a pen pressed against a notepad staring intently from across the room reading your lips is most likely the notorious Alaska Fusco. Alaska hosts the Bramford Bluff Weekly podcast on the celebrity gossip site Hemloxx Spilled Tea, a division of Hemloxx Media. Alaska is a highly resourceful and entertaining podcast host who speaks without a filter and cares less about your feelings than a sick toad surrounded by hognose snakes.

However, there's more to Alaska than meets the eye. Behind their enigmatic persona lies a disheartened spirit, harboring deep discontent within the confines of their career. While Alaska's podcast viewership continues to surge, an inner frustration festers, fueled by a lack of recognition from the higher-ups.  Alaska's unconventional style and disregard for a verbal filter have drawn skepticism and resistance from executives who fail to understand the magnetic appeal of Alaska's crude approach. 

Alaska has a perplexing habit of slipping into various accents mid-sentence, baffling both listeners and colleagues. The reason behind this peculiar linguistic phenomenon remains shrouded in mystery, deepening the enigma surrounding Alaska. While it may raise eyebrows and fuel speculation, Alaska's steadfast refusal to conform to societal norms and unyielding commitment to a distinct style only fuels the rising viewership of their podcast.

Suggested attire: Super trendy attire with a notepad to take notes on others (optional).



Rue Hellebore is the executive manager for Pick a Plucky Chicken, a subdivision of Hemloxx Hospitality. Rue landed the lucrative position after witnessing a fender-bender between Hunter Bentley and a custodian in the corporate headquarters parking lot. Unfortunately, Rue was encouraged to erroneously side with Hunter – even though they’d witnessed what truly happened. Alas, Rue helped the CEO of Hemloxx avoid an insurance claim and potential lawsuit, so Rue was swept from a fast food kitchen to a plush office at headquarters. Rue now has power and authority over their former colleagues and the staff of 175 chain stores worldwide.

Rue is cunning and calculated and feeds off the negative energy of others. Rue finds reasons to act sad about things, and their favorite pastime is napping during thunderstorms.

Rue's antics may be disruptive, but their wicked humor adds a twisted hilarity to the otherwise mundane world of fast food operations. With not a clue as to what they are supposed to be doing with their executive-level position, Rue orchestrates a symphony of calamity - forever keeping their colleagues on their toes and their rivals in a perpetual state of befuddlement.

From an early age, Rue had an intense fascination with the world of cooking. Rue's parents often found them experimenting in the kitchen, concocting imaginative dishes with whatever was in the pantry and fridge. This culinary curiosity led Rue to get the Pick a Plucky Chicken job. Rue never had the desire to be in management at a desk all day. 

Suggested attire: Fast Food worker uniform.



Jamie Torrance is a good friend of Zene Bentley, the CEO of Hemloxx’s firstborn child. After moving to Bramford Bluff years ago, Jamie became fast friends with Zene and used this connection to launch a self-made career as a tour guide of the Hemloxx, Incorporated headquarters in Bramford Bluff.

However, there have been recent rumors about Jamie taking bribes and allowing corporate spies from Bony, Incorporated to infiltrate areas of the campus that shouldn't be on the tour routes. Still, the internal affairs investigators have unveiled no solid evidence of this, so Jamie's job is relatively safe.

 Jamie is overly trusting and will forgive anyone who wrongs them - even the haters who tell lies. Jamie is witty and loves to tell jokes, even taking a turn at the microphone at the local comedy club on amateur nights. Jamie often tries out new comedy sets during the Hemloxx tours to ensure their jokes get enough laughs.

Within Jamie's journey, a delicate balance exists between maintaining their trusting nature and confronting the shadow of doubt that looms over their reputation. As they navigate the world of corporate espionage and the unpredictable realm of comedy, Jamie's story explores resilience and the power of humor to overcome adversity. Their ability to find laughter amidst uncertainty is a beacon of hope, reminding others to embrace their true passions and rise above the judgment of those seeking to bring them down.

Suggested attire: Solid colored shirt and khaki pants/shorts. Make a name tag by wrapping a piece of cardboard with foil.



Enby Riddle is the liaison between the county morgue and the mortician, aka the funeral monarch, who prepares the dead bodies for burial at Fancy Funerals, a subdivision of the Hemloxx Afterlife.

Enby Riddle's journey to becoming the liaison with the county morgue and the funeral monarch at Fancy Funerals was fascinating. Born into a family of morticians, death was a constant presence in their life. At a young age, Enby found solace in the art of preparing the deceased for their final resting place. While others may have been put off by the macabre nature of their family business, Enby embraced it with a unique passion and sensitivity.

Enby has a knack for appearing busier than they are but is a kind soul who is always willing to lend a hand. However, given their occupation, Enby has a lot of stories about the dead that make most people queasy and uneasy, so be careful how you steer the conversation while chatting with this dead body prepper.

Having dedicated over a decade of unwavering service to Fancy Funerals, Enby's commitment is unquestionable. They have shown incredible dedication, never missing a day of work or lodging a complaint. Yet, despite their unwavering loyalty and contributions, Enby is in a stagnant position, having never received a well-deserved raise. As their years of service accumulate, perhaps it is time for Enby to find their voice and learn to speak up for their worth.

In addition to their duties at the county morgue and Fancy Funerals, Enby finds time to volunteer at local grief support groups and workshops. They gain immense satisfaction in helping individuals cope with loss and navigate the grieving process. This altruistic side of Enby's character further endears them to their colleagues and the community of Bramford Bluff.

Suggested attire: Gothic attire -black suit. If you are up for it – put dark circles under your eyes and give yourself a creepy appearance.




People say what Reign Bentley touches turns into hypothetical gold. Reign was born with a mind for business. From the fourth grade until high school graduation, Reign operated a profitable convenience store out of commandeered lockers for fellow students. After college graduation, Reign became the second-in-charge at Hemloxx, serving as the Chief Operations Officer (COO). Impulsive, Reign claims to be allergic to plans made in advance but still manages to be quite the perfectionist - and a fantastic dancer to boot.

Reign is a single parent by choice with four adopted offspring. Unfortunately, three of Reign's adult children still live at home.

Amidst the glittering success and unparalleled dance moves, Reign Bentley's journey is a testament to the complexities of balancing professional achievements, personal desires, and the intricacies of family dynamics. As they navigate the intricate dance of life, Reign's determination and unwavering spirit continue to propel them forward, leaving a trail of hypothetical gold in their wake while wrestling with the everyday challenges of a multi-faceted existence.

In the legal division of Hemloxx, Incorporated, Reign's third youngest child, Salem Bentley, works as a compliance officer. Salem is the only one to have left the nest, but they don't live far away - they live in their grandfather's mansion two blocks away. Reign's father is the founder of Hemloxx but retired and handed the CEO reins to Hunter, Reign's brother.  

Suggested attire: Male business attire.   Female business attire.



Raven Thornhill is the concierge at the Bramford Bluff flagship property of Ze Hotel Hemloxx – a luxury hotel chain and division of Hemloxx Hospitality. Raven spews apathy from their pores, living life at the most leisurely pace possible for a career-centric professional. Nothing triggers this concierge's sense of urgency. There isn't a situation or crisis to give this lazy service professional the slightest bit of panic or haste.

This attitude towards life explains why Raven delegates their daily tasks to the hotel staff. As a result, some have speculated that Raven has an exceptionally high IQ and is a mastermind.

In addition, Raven’s obsessed with personal hygiene and gives unsolicited advice on improving other people's routines.

Within Raven's character lies a multifaceted persona that challenges conventional expectations. Their ability to maintain an unruffled demeanor amidst the chaos of a luxury hotel speaks to a more profound complexity that others may fail to grasp. 

 Through Raven's enigmatic presence, we are reminded that brilliance can manifest unexpectedly and that proper understanding often requires a more profound look beyond surface appearances.

Suggested attire: Black suit or tuxedo, white gloves.



Binx Pompkins, a fashion designer extraordinaire, is a whimsical and free-spirited artist with an unmistakable sense of style. With a flair for the unconventional and an eye for detail, Binx creates fashion that transcends boundaries and challenges societal norms. Their signature look is a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and patterns, effortlessly mixed and matched to create visually stunning ensembles.

 Binx’s debut fashion show, years ago, rocked the fashion industry. Unfortunately, the long-awaited follow-up line did not hold the same standards or turn many heads. Binx is currently working on a come-back line. Fingers are crossed that it won’t disappoint.

Nonetheless, Binx Pompkins’ debut line redefined the notion of beauty, paving the way for a fashion revolution that celebrates self-expression and unbridled imagination.

Binx frequently faces challenges when collaborating, particularly when receiving constructive criticism and aligning with different artistic visions and creative perspectives. Their resistance to feedback and difficulty in embracing alternative ideas can create tensions within the team, affecting the smooth progression of projects. As a result, Binx has only released two fashion lines since their employment began many years ago, which has added significant stress to everyone involved. Binx's struggle to adapt and compromise can hinder the collaborative process and impact their work's productivity and success.

The story of Binx becomes a testament to the transformative power of fashion, transcending mere garments and becoming a means of self-expression and empowerment. Through their whimsical designs and fearless creativity, Binx ignites a spark within each individual, encouraging them to embrace their unique beauty and unbridled imagination. Binx Pompkins is a guiding light in a world hungry for authenticity, leading the way toward a future where fashion knows no boundaries.

Suggested attire: Avant-Garde style attire – express yourself.




Salem Bentley's journey into the corporate world is marked by privilege and ambition. Growing up as the third youngest child of Reign Bentley, the esteemed COO of Hemloxx, Salem had a front-row seat to the intricacies of high-stakes business dealings and the allure of power and success. With such a notable role model in their life, it was no surprise that Salem set their sights on emulating their parent's success.
After completing their master's degree in business administration, Salem's path seemed preordained. Against the CEO's wishes, Reign secured a prestigious position for their child as a compliance specialist at Hemloxx Legal. Salem saw this as the first step towards cementing their future legacy within the organization.
Armed with a photographic memory, Salem's remarkable recall of information is a point of pride. They love to boast about this gift to anyone within earshot and are eager to impress and possibly even intimidate their colleagues. Salem challenges others to test their memory, reveling in the opportunity to showcase their seemingly infallible mental prowess.
However, a darker side to Salem's character lies amidst this seemingly confident exterior. Within six weeks of joining the Hemloxx team, Salem's earned a reputation as an infamous credit-stealer. While maintaining a small, close-knit group of colleagues who admire their abilities, Salem has also accumulated a growing list of foes. 

Suggested attire: Male business attire.   Female business attire.



Dr. Quid Nightshade, the epitome of nerdy charm, is a brilliant robotic scientist who embodies the true essence of geekiness. Their disheveled hair, thick-framed glasses, and a pocket protector brimming with an array of pens and scientific tools create a distinct image that exudes their love for all things scientific. Driven by an insatiable passion for pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery, Dr. Nightshade spends countless hours secluded in the lab working on a collaborative project, SymbioTom, with the CEO's sibling and esteemed robotic scientist, Revel Bentley. This android personal assistant is set for a global retail market release very soon and is rumored to reshape the technological field as it's known.
Despite their introverted nature, Dr. Nightshade possesses an infectious enthusiasm for AI and robotics that radiates through every conversation. Their ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms
 is a testament to their exceptional communication skills, allowing them to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and the broader scientific community. This remarkable talent endears Dr. Nightshade to colleagues and superiors, as they effortlessly inspire others with their profound knowledge and unwavering dedication.
Behind their unassuming appearance lies a mind capable of unraveling the secrets of artificial intelligence, guiding the future of robotics, and exploring uncharted territories of scientific innovation.
Dr. Quid Nightshade stands as a testament to the remarkable possibilities at the intersection of intellect, passion, and the pursuit of scientific breakthroughs. Their lovable geekiness, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and infectious enthusiasm for AI and robotics continue to shape the landscape of scientific exploration, making them a treasured and respected figure in technological advancements.

Suggested attire: Lab jacket/mad scientist costume.



Sawyer Huxley is the Chief Technology Officer of Hemloxx, Incorporated. Sawyer oversees the corporation's technology as a whole, including the leadership of the cybersecurity division at Hemloxx. Nobody truly knows what the cybersecurity group does besides keeping the corporation's data safe and its web presence online without disruption. There have been accusations made by anonymous sources reporting to the media that this group is nothing but a criminal hacking faction. However, the staff has categorically denied all allegations made against them. The cybersecurity team is trying to find the mole among them before another press leak happens. This executive believes they’ve pinpointed the saboteur.
On a personal level, Sawyer bears the weight of their idiosyncrasies. The nervous habit of clearing their throat betrays their inner anxieties, often surfacing when confronted with challenging situations. Despite holding a position of authority, Sawyer's social ineptitude becomes apparent as they struggle to communicate their experiences effectively. Their narratives tend to undergo embellishments, resulting in increasingly unrecognizable and unbelievable tales. Consequently, Sawyer adopts a quiet and reserved demeanor in social settings, preferring to observe rather than engage in conversation.

With the weight of Hemloxx's technological future resting on their shoulders, Sawyer's ultimate success or failure holds implications for the corporation and the broader landscape of cybersecurity and ethical practices in the industry. 

Suggested attire: Male business attire.   Female business attire.  Or, Black hoodie, black pants. You might want to blend in and not get noticed.



Cove Draco is a former film star turned news reporter for The Daily Snoop, a streaming platform of Hemloxx Media. Cove is in front of the cameras, reporting breaking news via on-demand programming and live streams. The platform was previously accused of spying and using unfair surveillance to get their stories, but Cove adamantly denies engaging in any illegal activities. Cove played a supporting role in over fifty Hollywood movies but can walk down city streets without being recognized. Some say Cove is a failed actor, but Cove defends that bringing news to the subscribers of The Daily Snoop is what they were born to do. That said, be careful trusting in Cove, as they are an unpredictable, compulsive liar. This fibber constantly peers over their shoulder as they have burned many bridges in Hollywood and Bramford Bluff.

However, it is vital to approach Cove with caution. Behind their charismatic facade lies an unpredictable and compulsive liar. Their propensity for bending the truth and fabricating stories has left a trail of broken bridges and shattered trust. This constant sense of paranoia compels Cove to peer over their shoulder, seemingly wary of those around them.

Navigating the tumultuous world of journalism, Cove's journey becomes a dance of balancing integrity and their tangled web of deception. Their ability to captivate audiences and deliver news with flair and conviction masks a complex persona, leaving colleagues and readers questioning Cove's true motives. 

Suggested attire: Male business attire.   Female business attire. 



Grey Sauron is a workaholic research scientist for Hemloxx Science, Biotech division. Grey works on many top-secret projects at the lab and refuses to discuss their projects. Grey won't even breathe hints about what the lab is about to release. SymbioTom is the only known project of Hemloxx Science - a collaborative project between the divisions of Hemloxx Science led by one of the Bentleys. SymbioTom is an android personal assistant who can aid in all facets of their owner's life. SymbioTom hitting the markets will forever change humanity - or so they say. Grey takes in strays of all kinds.

Beyond their work, Grey's compassion extends to creatures of all kinds. Like a modern-day "Doctor Doolittle," they have opened their home to a menagerie of rescued animals, nurturing and caring for each one with unwavering dedication. However, amidst their compassionate nature lies a peculiar habit that others find both endearing and frustrating. While engaging in conversation, Grey lightly taps on the cheek of the person they speak to, all the while spewing snap judgments about others. This idiosyncratic behavior sometimes adds an air of unpredictability to Grey's interactions.

Despite their seemingly stubborn disposition, Grey is not impervious to influence. Their easily swayed nature creates intrigue and speculation among their colleagues as they wonder if someone will eventually uncover the truth behind Grey's guarded secrets. The quest to unravel the mysteries of the lab and discover the truth behind Grey's concerns becomes a tantalizing challenge for those who seek to breach the fortress of their enigmatic world.

Suggested attire: Lab jacket/mad scientist costume., LLC ©

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