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Deadly Derby Murder Mystery

The Louisville Derby, also celebrated as The Run for Red Roses, is an esteemed horse race that marks its annual tradition in Louisville, Kentucky. The event is a highlight at Gotham Downs, with anticipation building for the distinguished day. Within the exclusive confines of Millionaire’s Row, the atmosphere is less about camaraderie and more about complex histories among the thoroughbred owners — a mix of failed business endeavors, personal betrayals, and ensuing retaliations have soured relationships, setting the stage for potential drama at this year’s Gotham Downs Gala.

Yet, as the event approaches, the preparations are in full swing: paddocks stand at the ready, racing silks are impeccably pressed, and the thoroughbreds are eager to sprint from the starting gate. Amidst this backdrop, it’s also time for you to select the perfect outfit for the gala — an essential task to ensure you stand out among rivals. With the stage set for an unforgettable derby experience, your personal journey is about to unfold.

have you found the perfect hat? 

Guest List

All players are asked to wear a hat worthy of the Kentucky Derby - have fun with it! 


Clark Crump

Owner, Moon Ranger

Moon Ranger is the undefeated horse and the number-one pick of the Louisville Derby this year. Clark Crump is the horse’s arrogant owner and founder of Cerebral Consultants, a management consulting firm. Clark is often stressed out and can be difficult to be around for extended periods.


Sunny Barbaro


Where there is caviar, diamonds, and glitz, you’ll find Sunny Barbaro.  Sunny is a jet-setting socialite who travels to the biggest parties around the globe. The Gotham Downs Gala is next on her busy schedule.


Jules Meriwether

Gossip Columnist, New York Daily

Jules Meriwether is a tenacious gossip columnist and famous blogger. If there is a scoop to be uncovered, she will be there with bells on and an audio recording device in her hand. If you have skeletons in your closet, make sure to steer clear of this daunting diva.


Fern Belmont


Fern Belmont is the overly friendly trendsetter from Beverly Hills. With a famous cosmetic surgeon husband, Fern is used to hobnobbing with the stars and always finds a way to gain access to the place to be—even if she has to sneak in like she did at a White House dinner party.


Diane Vich

Racing Analyst

Diane Vich is the new Director of Programming and Senior Racing Analyst at Gotham Downs. Diane was a writer and editor for The Thoroughbred Monthly for many years until she was forced to resign for unknown reasons. Diane has a feisty personality and holds an Ivy League degree.


Rose Withers

B Movie Star

If you are a fan of cheesy slasher films, you have seen Rose Withers’ face before. This scream queen is also an entrepreneur who is currently working on a ground-breaking social media app called Capture.


Gail Gallant

Owner, Itsy Bitsy Mitzy

Gail Gallant is the plucky owner of the long-shot horse Itsy Bitsy Mitzy. Gail is a founder of the fashion line Spicy – a contemporary casual wear and dress clothing brand. Gail is used to getting whatever she wants in life. Nobody knows how she would react to being told no—because it’s never happened.

Ben Buck

Owner, Thunder Thighs 

Ben Buck is one of the most high-profile billionaires in the inner circle of the horse racing industry. His stallion, Take the Bank, won the Louisville Derby in 2008, and he’s been chasing the adrenaline ever since.

Stew Pegasus

Venture Capitalist

Like a financial Santa Claus, Stew Pegasus finds joy in bestowing financial gifts to worthy entrepreneurs. Stew is a hardworking businessman who works from sun up to sun down. Stew hasn’t taken a break in months, and the tabloids are shocked he is attending the Gotham Downs Gala.

Gigi Grindstone

Owner, Horrible Twilight

GiGi Grindstone, the heiress of Grindstone Tires, is the gregarious owner of one of the horses that are highly ranked for the big race, Horrible Twilight. Rumor has it that GiGi’s handlers have been dosing her horse with anabolic steroids, but to date, Horrible Twilight has not tested positive.

Barbara Barton


Barbara Barton is the sole heir to the Chamblee Soup fortune. She recently became interested in horse breeding and has been importing stallions from Europe to the U.S. for breeding purposes. She is opening a private stud farm in San Diego, California, called Barton Stallions, and attending the Gotham Downs Gala to make connections and gain clients.

Guinevere Gotham


Guinevere Gotham is a famous standup comic and former star of CBC Network’s comedy show Saturday Night Lively. She is fun to be around, as she is always practicing her newest routine with her friends. Guinevere is the heiress of the legendary Gotham family from Louisville.

Cathy Churchill


Cathy Churchill is the founder of Red Dragon Pharmaceuticals, an online pharmacy of weight loss medication and anabolic steroids. Cathy has earned a tremendous stash of cash but is widely disliked for how she acquired her fortune.


Stone Epsom

Owner, Midnight Jailbird

Stone Epsom is the owner of a front-runner of the Louisville Derby this year, Midnight Jailbird. Stone got into a skirmish at the Gotham Downs Gala three years ago and ended up in jail – hence, he named his stallion in honor of his bad fortune.


Fox Pharaoh

Event Planner

Fox Pharaoh is the anxious event planner of the Gotham Downs Gala. Fox is a control freak and has to have hands in every aspect of the event, from lighting to umbrella stands. Stress is Fox’s middle name.

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