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Echo Spy Academy: The Hidden Agenda

At the Echo Spy Academy, secrets and shadows are part of the curriculum. It's not just any school - it's the premier spy training ground for teens, where mastering the art of deception is as essential as acing your finals. Every year, the Academy's highlight is the dinner party, an event shrouded in mystery and intrigue.
You and your fellow students will perform covert role-play for this special night. Dean Shadow will assign you a new identity. The challenge? Stay utterly convincing in your disguise throughout the evening. After all, in the world of espionage, the next mission might require you to become someone entirely different.
This year, the Academy is buzzing with a thrilling twist. The rumor is that someone is planning to sabotage the dinner party. Who could it be? What could it entail? The air is thick with suspense. Every conversation might contain a potential clue, and every glance could carry a hidden message, adding an extra layer of excitement to the evening.
As you enter Mirage Hall, you'll realize this isn't just another dinner party. It's a gateway to a thrilling mission, a test of your abilities, and a playground for your skills. The game is on, and how you play it could change everything. This is where your most exciting story begins. 


Echo Academy is a super-secret school for training young spies, hidden away in an old castle that you can only get to by helicopter. It's a special place where kids and teens, picked by invitation only, spend four years learning how to be the best spies in the world, practicing everything from sneaking around to cracking codes, all within the castle's big, mysterious grounds. This cool academy is where you'll find the bravest and smartest kids turning into real-life secret agents.


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Learn about the Quantum Decoder! 


Hey, future spies!

I've assigned each of you an exciting role to play at our upcoming dinner party—like a chef, pop star, doctor, and more. Your mission: craft a disguise fitting your character, get into their mindset, and invent a simple backstory (think hometown, years on the job—anything you like). This prep will help you stay in character seamlessly, and be ready for any questions. Of course, if you're a quick thinker, feel free to improvise on the spot. A true spy excels in blending in! To ease you into this world of undercover work, you'll use your real names this time around. Can't wait to see the incredible personas you bring to life at the party!

Dean Penelope Shadow

Echo Academy

Students of Echo Academy




Rowan Buzz is the debate champion of Class Alpha. Rowan is a very persuasive speaker with a compelling way with words that can influence decisions and gather support for any cause. Rowan is known as a chatterbox and finds it difficult not to talk.

Rowan has been assigned the persona of: lawyer.

Costume suggestions: Grab a blazer or suit jacket, a crisp button-down shirt, and finish off your look with a briefcase or a stack of 'legal documents' to really get into character. 


Sidney is a mechanically inclined student from Class Alpha. Sidney can repair and modify vehicles and gadgets under pressure. Chase Sidney is a serial nicknamer who has given every Class Alpha student a funny nickname.

Sidney has been assigned the persona of: ringmaster.

Costume suggestions: Put on a bold red or black tailcoat, add a crisp white shirt, and don't forget a vest to polish off your look. Top it with a tall top hat and carry a commanding ringmaster's whip or baton. 


Jordan Cipher is the top-ranking member of Class Alpha and will graduate from Echo Academy in only six months. Jordan is an expert codebreaker - the best at ciphers and decoding secret messages. This dedicated student is obsessed with singing and creating new styles of handshakes.

Jordan has been assigned the persona of: pop star.

Costume suggestions: Rock a flashy outfit like a bold top, sequined jacket and leather pants to capture that superstar vibe. Accessorize with statement jewelry, stylish sunglasses, and a microphone to complete your look. You can be a chart-topper or a classic music legend - either way, you should stand out. 


Skyler Dynamo is in Class Alpha and enrolled in the accelerated program. Although Sky has only been at the school for two years, this linguistic genius has learned over fifteen foreign languages with the amazing gift of absorbing languages to fluency in record time. Skyler is a bookworm who prefers reading books aloud - complete with different voices and accents for each character.

Skyler has been assigned the persona of: pirate.

Costume suggestions: Throw on a loose, billowy shirt and a pair of rugged pants (M) or a tattered skirt (F). Strap on a faux leather belt, and tuck in a decorative dagger. Wrap a bandana around your head, slip on an eye patch, and maybe even add a hook hand and a toy parrot on your shoulder.


Remy Pixel from Class Alpha is super athletic and can handle tough exercises without even getting tired. Remy is in top-notch shape and able to outlast everyone in endurance tests. Plus, Remy's got a great sense of humor, always cracking jokes that get the whole class laughing.

Remy has been assigned the persona of: magician.

Costume suggestions: Wear a tailored black suit or tuxedo with a white shirt and a vibrant bow tie (M) or sequined scarf (F).  Complete the ensemble with a top hat, a magic wand, and a cape for dramatic flair. Learn a few  easy magic tricks to help you pull off your disguise at the party.


Riley Volt is a member of Class Alpha and is sad about the upcoming graduation in six months. With incredible reflexes, strength, agility, and speed – Riley is close to a superhuman level. Needless to say, Riley holds all athletic records at the school. Riley loves to mimic cartoon voices and says voice acting could be a career path if the spy world doesn’t work out.

Riley has been assigned the persona of: detective.

Costume suggestions: Go full Sherlock Holmes, Dick Tracy, or have a modern-day vibe by wearing a trench coat or a long, dark jacket. Underneath, wear a button-up shirt with dark trousers or jeans. For accessories, grab a magnifying glass and a detective's hat (fedora). Add a notebook or a fake badge to complete your look. 



Reagan Blaze is the survivalist from Class Bravo.  Reagan’s parents are avid survivalists and spend half their time living off the grid in the wilderness. For this reason, Reagan knows a lot about nature and is an asset during field missions.

Reagan has been assigned the persona of: police officer. 

Costume suggestions: You could choose to be any type of police officer - a beat cop, a SWAT team member, a Sheriff, etc.  For a regular cop, navy blue or black shirt paired with matching pants. Tuck your shirt in and add a belt. A toy badge to pin on your shirt, a police hat, and maybe some toy handcuffs to hang from your belt. If you can, carry a walkie-talkie to look extra official.


Marley Dash is the most elusive student of Class Bravo. Marley moves silently and is undetected even in the most guarded places. Marley is also great in the kitchen and can concoct delicious snacks from the most random ingredients.

Marley has been assigned the persona of: scientist.

Costume suggestions: You have so many choices for a type of scientist - biologist, botanist, chemist, zoologist, robotics, forensics, etc. Start with a white lab coat, and underneath, wear comfortable clothes like a t-shirt and jeans or trousers. For accessories, add a pair of safety goggles or glasses and carry around some fun props like a test tube or beaker (or a themed prop depending upon which type of scientist you choose). 


Taylor Foxtrot is a master of disguise and the top-ranking student of Class Bravo. Using materials within reach, Taylor has created disguises to camouflage in the most unexpected locations. One of the most creative and knowledgeable students the spy school has ever seen, Taylor cannot resist sharing obscure facts at random moments.

Taylor has been assigned the persona of: astronaut.

Costume suggestions: Start with a white or silver jumpsuit or a set of white or silver pants and a matching jacket. If you can find patches that look like national space agency logos or other space-related insignia - that's great. Strap on a pair of white or silver boots, and if possible, wear a backpack to mimic an oxygen pack. The most important accessory is an astronaut helmet, but if you can't find one, you can make a DIY version using a clear plastic bowl and some silver duct tape.


Ellis Riddle is the prankster of Class Bravo. Always known as a class clown, Ellis was barely accepted into the program due to poor marks in citizenship in civilian school. However, Ellis has extraordinary skills in detecting deception. Nobody can get away with telling lies around Ellis, the human lie detector.

Ellis has been assigned the persona of: android/robot.

Costume suggestions: Start with a base outfit of metallic or gray clothing—metallic leggings and a fitted top or a boxy, silver-painted cardboard outfit can work well. Accessorize with duct tape or silver foil to create joints and robotic features like panels and buttons on your clothing. You can make arm and leg cuffs from silver duct tape to mimic robot parts. Use a box for the body or head and paint it silver, adding knobs, wires, or LED lights for a techy touch. 




Dakota is Class Charlie's expert tracker. Dakota can track individuals or objects through various environments, which is especially critical during missions. Dakota is also a nature whisperer and claims to communicate with animals and plants.

Dakota has been assigned the persona of: journalist.

Costume suggestions:  Wear a smart-casual, solid color (camera-friendly) outfit. Start with a crisp button-up shirt paired with slacks (M) or a pencil skirt (F). Accessorize with a press pass hanging around your neck and carry a notepad and pen, ready to "interview" other party-goers. A vintage camera or a recorder can also enhance the journalist vibe,


Sage Maverick, Class Charlie's tech guru, has been a coding prodigy since toddlerhood, boasting skills that can breach nearly any digital fortress. Even Dean Shadow faces a playful challenge trying to shield the Echo Academy's systems from Sage's harmless but mischievous cyber escapades. Sage is extraordinarily good at beatboxing and will break into a session if any silence ensues.

Sage has been assigned the persona of: superhero.

Costume suggestions:  Wear a vibrant, form-fitting outfit with a bold color scheme, such as a cape and a matching mask. Accessorize with boots and a belt featuring a unique emblem that symbolizes your superpowers (you can choose any superpower you want - strength, flight, invisibility, shape-shifting, telekinesis, time manipulation, healing, weather control, energy manipulation, metal manipulation, etc.), completing your transformation into a defender of justice.


Quinn Shadow is the only child of Echo Academy’s Dean, Penelope Shadow. Due to an uncanny photographic memory, Quinn was enrolled in the accelerated program and is the youngest in Class Charlie. Quinn wears unmatching socks and shoes, claiming it is a sign of superior intelligence.

Quinn has been assigned the persona of: physician.

Costume suggestions:  Wear a lab coat as your main attire over a professional outfit like dress pants and a button-up shirt or a blouse. Add a stethoscope around your neck, (toy or real). 



Morgan Flash, the standout member of Class Delta, is one of the youngest at Echo Academy. Thanks to a legacy left by the most masterful and stealthy agent known—Max A. Million Flash, who happens to be Morgan's father—Morgan had an open invitation to the program. With a quirky sense of humor, Morgan often seeks counsel from a trusted sock puppet sidekick, which always brings a wave of laughter and lightens the mood.

Morgan has been assigned the persona of: chef. 

Costume suggestions:  Wear a crisp, white chef’s jacket, which is the central piece of a chef's uniform. Pair this with comfortable black or checkered pants. Add a tall white chef’s hat, known as a toque, to complete the traditional look. For added authenticity, carry a wooden spoon or a rolling pin


Kendall Flicker is one of the top students of Class Delta and an amazing inventor. This inventor can create useful gadgets from ordinary materials. Kendall is also obsessed with anything related to outer space. An avid stargazer, Kendall can point out all the constellations.

Kendall has been assigned the persona of: professional athlete.

Costume suggestions: First, choose your sport. Wear a jersey or sports knit specific to that sport, such as a soccer or basketball jersey or a track suit. Choose athletic shoes that apply to your sport like cleats for soccer, running shoes for track or basketball sneakers.  Depending upon your sport, choose an accessory, like a baseball cap, swim goggles, or football helmet. Add a personal touch like a medal, championship ring or personalized water bottle. 


Casey Sprint possesses a strategic mind and is adept at planning and executing missions flawlessly. This first-year student in Class Delta will undoubtedly rise to leadership. Casey is an eternal optimist who can always find the positive in any situation.

Casey has been assigned the persona of: paleontologist/archaeologist.

Costume suggestions:  Wear a rugged outfit such as khaki pants and a field shirt with rolled-up sleeves. Accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat, a tool belt equipped with brushes and a notebook, and sturdy boots suitable for digging and fieldwork.

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