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Murder in the Escape Room

You received a mysterious invitation to an escape room party. The party address is a leased vacation home so the host could be anyone in the fog-covered town of Noxhelm’s Crossing. You have no idea who invited you, but you are familiar with everyone on the guest list. The invitation says you will work as a team to escape the room before time runs out. You’ve always wanted to challenge yourself by solving a mystery in a room filled with puzzles, riddles, and codes. 

You are intrigued by the host's choice of guests, as these are the most ambitious yet scandalous people in town. Putting this combination of powerful personalities into an intense scenario may have deadly consequences. 

Nevertheless, you’ve always considered yourself a daring person who loves a challenge. You have decided to attend this adventure.  This is where your story begins. 

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Invited Guests




Robin Red is the wealthiest person in Noxhelm’s Crossing. A tycoon who dabbles in many arenas, Robin is best known for founding the top music production company, Red Records, Inc. An avid botanist on the side, Robin uses the knowledge acquired from a biology degree earned many years ago. Robin nurtures nearly an acre of greenhouses and an assortment of flower gardens.  On a personal level, Robin is ruthless and brutally honest – but one might expect that from a person filled to the brim with ambition and power.

Suggested Attire: Designer (looking) attire. Optional fake money coming out of your pockets. Elaborate costume jewelry.


Ancient Artifacts Dealer

Bobby Blue is the eccentric ancient artifacts dealer from Australia. Bobby travels to distant lands to find exotic items and sells them at Z. Klaus Auctions, the most famous auction house in the world that is located in Noxhelm’s Crossing. An experienced jet-setter and accomplished academic with four college degrees, Bobby knows a little bit about everything.  Bobby travels to Noxhelm’s Crossing many times a year, and considers the town to be home base. Bobby’s a carefree soul and is known to be a bit of a prankster. 

Indiana Jones / Tomb Raider/ Adventurer costume.



News Reporter, RBC-TV

Grayson Green is the motivated news reporter for RBC Television Station.  Grayson is currently up for a promotion to the coveted news desk, and will do anything to land the job. If you have news-worthy secrets, you should stay clear of Grayson.

Grayson plays violin for the local symphony and often performs on the sidewalk of bustling Main Street to entertain passersby. Grayson claims this is a form of community service, but others believe the street performances give Grayson an avenue to scoop stories.

Suggested Attire: Professional attire (suit). Optional: something to record with (i.e. smart phone), &/or take notes on.



Pop Star

Yardley Yellow is a gregarious pop star from the town of Noxhelm’s Crossing. Yardley has risen to the top of the charts after receiving a Gram Award for the hit song Boo-Boo Face.  People say that everything Yardley touches turns to gold, so it’s wise to stay in Yardley’s shadows if you are seeking fame and fortune.

Yardley is a dedicated friend and a blast to be around. Since moving to Hollywood, Yardley’s been out of touch with old friends. 

Suggested Attire: Pop star attire. Be as wild and wacky as your heart desires.



Biochemistry Professor

Professor Wynne White is the typical absent-minded professor at Noxhelm’s Crossing College. Inquire about science and get blown away with intellectual facts. Ask about anything else, you’ll be put to sleep with bland, monotonous babbles. Wynne hails from Lithuania and is a perfectionist who will go nuts over the slightest imperfection. Wynne White is also an accomplished flutist. 

Suggested Attire: Professional attire with a nerdy twist. Optional to have a lab coat &/or taped nerd glasses.



Criminal Defense Attorney

Ocean Orange is a criminal defense attorney who was once the merciless district attorney of Noxhelm’s Crossing. If freedom is your desire, this is one obnoxious defender you want on your side of the courtroom - even if you are guilty of murder! Ocean makes ambulance chasers look like members of the clergy!

Maybe it goes with the job, but Ocean is a highly-skilled compulsive liar who habitually makes use of manipulation, bribery, and blackmail. As long as Ocean wins cases for the criminal elements in town, s/he’s bullet proof.

Suggested Attire: Power suit in navy or black. Hair styled impeccably.




Bailey Black is the peculiar librarian at the Noxhelm’s Crossing College. Bailey is known for wearing Gothic-inspired clothing, and speaking with dark words.  A poet since childhood, Bailey can be seen performing at the local poetry club on any given night. This doom-and-gloomer will extract the life force out of any conversation, so beware when you strike up a chat with this moping book lover. Bailey is extremely knowledgeable about the literary field, and is also a cellist at the local symphony.

Suggested Attire: All black (or at least darkly colored) librarian costume. Conservative button-up with bow tie, glasses as an optional accessory.




Dr. Peyton Pink is a caring family doctor at Noxhelm’s Crossing Urgent Care Clinic (NCUCC). Dr. Pink has superb bedside manner, but is known for spewing horrible jokes during check-ups. Peyton has been trying to get the local poetry club to add amateur comic standup nights, but thus far, they’ve declined the requests. Everybody in town knows why – Peyton’s not funny! 

Suggested Attire: Doctor costume. Wear scrubs or the traditional lab coat. Any doc-related props are optional.



Pastry Chef

Chef Indy Indigo is the beloved pastry chef and owner of Indy’s Sweet Treats– the town’s busiest bakery on Main Street. Chef Indigo has been baking for over a decade and has recently been in talks for a reality show to come to town. However, the townsfolk love their privacy and the seclusion the fog over town gives everybody. The last thing the people want are cameras on every street corner.  Indy moved to Noxhelm’s Crossing from Canada many years ago.

Suggested Attire: Chef’s hat and apron. Or, if you want to wear a chef’s uniform – go for it.




Piper purple is full of charisma!  That’s how Piper can move in and get the scoop, however. Be careful of what you disclose to this ambitious blogger, as Piper is always trying to get an angle for a blog-worthy story! Piper’s blog has over a million loyal followers around the globe. Having Piper break a scandalous story on you is far worse than the local news media.  Piper is known for playing the bagpipes and has a college degree in Economics from the local college.

Suggested Attire: Hipster, trendy attire.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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