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Mystery at the Godley Grove Manor

After sending out meeting announcements for a meeting to discuss how the Hartford University researchers can dig for treasure at the Godley Grove Manor, Fiona received a panicked call from the police that an ancient treasure map was stolen right out of a display case at the manor. There is disturbing evidence that ties someone at Godley Grove High to the crime!  You are a member of the forensic science club, and have agreed to assist the police in the nvestigation!  You will soon meet with the club members at the manor to begin your investigation! This is where your story begins.

need some help finding a costume? 

Invited Guests


President and Founder of GGHS Forensic Club
In light of her exceptional sleuthing skills, Fiona Frost founded the Godley Grove High Forensic Science Club last year.  The club has grown to become a serious investigative group that works closely with the Godley Grove police.  Fiona is the respected leader of the group. Fiona’s best friend and neighbor is Madison Christie.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Sherlock Holmes costume or other detective attire.


Vice President of the GGHS Forensic Club and Varsity Volleyball Player
Madison Christie is the longtime best friend of Fiona Frost. She is one of the most talented female athletes at Godley Grove High. She’s a technology guru - if clues involve anything from computers to cell phones, Madison will figure it out. When she’s not building computers, or solving riddles and crimes, she spends free time planning hilarious pranks on her family.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Athletic attire. A cellular phone, post it notes and a pen as optional props.


Secretary of the GGHS Forensic Club and President of the Math Club
Originally hailing from the UK, the serious-minded Lauren Hope is the reigning champion of the National Mathematics League.  Typically seen wearing her military-inspired cap and chewing on a straw, Lauren can crack any numeric code! Lauren Hope is Doc’s best friend!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual teen attire. A calculator, ‘chewed’ straw and a military-inspired cap as optional props.


Treasurer of the GGHS Forensic Club and Aspiring Physician
Willow Walker was nicknamed Doc by her friends since she’s aspired to be a physician since the age of three.  She spends free time training with doctors at the local family clinic.  Doc is Lauren Hope’s best friend. A loud-talker, she’s the most outgoing club member who loves to dance and put together puzzles.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A lab coat and examination gloves as optional props.


Member of the GGHS Forensic Club and Head Cheerleader
The most popular girl at Godley Grove High is Ella Queen. An effective communicator and social networker, Ella knows everything about everyone in the town of Godley Grove!  If you need to reveal anyone’s secrets, Ella’s your spy, as she has the brains, ability, and popularity to pull it off!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any cheerleading uniform or warm ups. Alternatively, any attire that shows Godley Grove High School ‘school spirit’. Megaphone and pom poms as optional props.


Member of the GGHS Forensic Club and Vice President of the Chemistry Club
The cheery Samantha Spade is the Godley Grove High top chemistry mastermind and National Academic League champion in science. As a hobby, she writes rap songs about the periodic table. Sometimes she teaches the freshman chemistry class for her teacher. Samantha is always seen in proper business attire, as she believes you never know when you’ll meet someone you need to impress!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business attire. A fake microphone as an optional prop.


Member of the GGHS Forensic Club and Editor of the School Newspaper
The drama queen of the group is Adro Monk.  She’s the spunky editor of the Godley Grove High Newspaper. Adro’s the school gossip, so never confide in her to keep a secret!  Adro is a notorious note writer and has become an adept handwriting analyst.  She’s created a database of handwriting samples from everyone in the school!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual teen attire. Notepad, pen, magnifying glass and a digital camera as optional props.


Member of the GGHS Forensic Club and Aspiring Forensic Profiler
Pet Colombo is an aspiring forensic psychological profiler.  She’s so awesome at profiling – she can guess what you’re thinking by your mannerisms. A tad wild and hyperactive, this energy hoarder is the most mechanically-inclined member of the club.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Very trendy teen attire.


Member of the GGHS Forensic Club and Future Valedictorian
Dolly Sayers is the most hard-working academic of the group. She is the top of the class at Godley Grove High. When stressed, she sings instead of talks!  She is an avid animal lover and works a part-time position as an animal groomer at Godley Grove Pet Depot.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual teen attire. A stack of educational books as optional props.


Member of the GGHS Forensic Club and Debate Club Champion
The newest student at Godley Grove High is Margo Ellingham. She recently moved to town from South Africa and landed a part-time job at Ozzies - a local burger joint.  She’s a bit argumentative and can be a one-upper.  Therefore, whatever you tell Margo, she’s likely to have done it more, faster, and better.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual teen attire. It is optional to wear a fast food uniform.


Member of the GGHS Forensic Club and Varsity Soccer Player
Mason Perriman is the leading goal scorer on the varsity soccer team.  Mason’s a bit neurotic at times, so stay on his good side if you know what’s good for you. Mason is one of the best field investigators, so it is best to allow him to be first on the scene.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of athletic attire. Soccer ball as an optional prop.


Member of the GGHS Forensic Club and President of the Foreign Nations Club
Edward Hardy is one of the most popular boys at Godley Grove High.  If he is wearing it, saying it, or doing it – everyone else will follow. Edward is a super sleuth when it comes to evidence from a foreign nation.  He’s from Australia and can speak five different languages!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy casual teen attire and any books about foreign nations, languages as optional props.


Member of the GGHS Forensic Club and President of the Future Farmers of America Club
Thomas Swiftman is the energetic president of the Future Farmers of America Club and paperboy for the Godley Grove Newspaper. Thomas is a true friend to everyone and is knowledgeable about the town of Godley Grove due to his job.  Also a budding stand-up comic, this guy is the life of any party!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual teen attire. Optional newspapers in a sack as a prop.


Member of the GGHS Forensic Club and Marching Band Drummer
Wolfe Nero is the notorious Godley Grove High class clown. The teachers wince at the semester’s new roll sheets in hopes not to see Wolfe’s name listed!  He is one of the best drummers in the marching band and a skilled skateboarder. Wolfe’s the best at determining the underlying cause of e criminal behavior.  He seems to be able to creep inside of criminal minds!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual teen skateboarding attire. Optional drum sticks as a prop.


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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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