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Foul Play in the French Quarter

An oil tycoon named Trais Fontenot is hosting an exclusive Mardi Gras event for the who's who of New Orleans. The shindig's location will be the famous One-Eyed Blacksmith Bar – an 18th-century cottage on Bourbon Street. The hotspot is one of the oldest surviving structures and served as a blacksmith's home during the Spanish Colonial period. The bar is plagued with a rich history peppered with scandals, murder, and mayhem.
The year has been full of discord and strife among the citizens of the Big Easy, and Trais believes that hosting a Fat Tuesday party will help to mend wounds, rebuild bridges, and kindle old friendships.
You have received an invitation, and even though many of your foes will be there, you'll put on your best Mardi Gras attire and be at the bash with bells on.
This is where your story begins.

Guest List


Oil Tycoon

Trais has excellent plans for a string of Fontenot buildings in the Big Easy, but thus far, nothing has received a stamp of approval. Trais owns many successful businesses in New Orleans, such as The Joyful Jester Steakhouse, Enchanted Daiquiri Shop, One-Eyed Blacksmith Bar, Swamp Water Witchery, and Old Absinthe Bookstore. 



   P.R. Promoe is the dedicated publicist for many big-name Hollywood celebs. P.R. works extremely hard to keep their clients in a good light – which can be incredibly challenging at times.

Because P.R. has to work around the clock, their health begins to suffer from stress and lack of sleep. Therefore, after the last check-up - P.R.’s doc mandated a vacation.

 P.R. is currently taking a break from the hustle and bustle in New Orleans with a group of pals for Mardi Gras. It’s been a long time since P.R. was able to have fun and let loose.



This clumsy needle-wielder has a colossal problem of turning customers into pincushions! However, Alby’s skills on the sewing machine are unsurpassed, and that is why Alby is the number one tailor for the celebs of Hollywood.

Alby not only custom fits gowns and suits worth thousands of dollars, but s/he has been known to design and stitch a few custom creations, as well.



Romy Vandelay recently moved to New Orleans under the employ of Trais Fontenot. A self-righteous hypocrite who was fired by the University of Stamford for charging students false fees and passing off the students' work for business proposals, Romy is anything but boring to be around. Romy is considered a lazy narcissist by most but is quite possibly a genius underneath the slothful layers. When Romy does the work – it's brilliant.


Plastic Surgeon

With parents who knew what they wanted for their child, Doctor has always had to defend their name, but after graduating medical school with top honors - well, now the first name's a good icebreaker at parties. Dr. Dijon is a celebrity plastic surgeon from Hollywood. This cosmetic genius has constructed, enhanced, and repaired many of the faces you see on the big screen! Dr. has been featured on the hit reality show, Fix My Face.


Celebrity Homeschool Teacher

  Seavey Newton is an absent-minded celebrity homeschool teacher. Professor Newton has been hired by all of the top film production companies to take care of the homeschooling requirements for child actors ranging from ten to eighteen years old while they are on movie sets.  This professor will blow you away with intellect if you talk to them about anything nerdy. Chat about anything ordinary, and you'll be bored out of your mind – and possibly confused. This double-talking teacher is known to mumble to themselves. They claim it's a sign of intelligence.  


Bookstore Manager

Jules Vidal is a bookstore manager at Old Absinthe Bookstore, next door to the One-Eyed Blacksmith Bar. Jules is easily annoyed and likes for things to be quiet, for obvious reasons. The noise from next door leads to strife, and Jules is always the one to call the police – for no good reason! Jules is a bit of a drama fanatic but is one of the smartest people you'll ever meet. 



Daiquiri Mixologist

Belot is a mixologist at the Enchanted Daiquiri Shop on Bourbon Street. A former employee of the One-Eyed Blacksmith Bar, Belot is the best daiquiri mixer in the French Quarter. This drink maker relies too much on what others think and will continually do anything possible to please others. Rumor has it that Belot's job is in jeopardy, as there have been many complaints made lately - but all from the same lady. Maybe that's why Belot is still employed? 


Attorney ​

Chevis Broussard is a prominent attorney in New Orleans. Chevis has endured a fair share of scandal this year, including a thorough investigation of a potential embezzling scheme involving Chevis' former law firm. Chevis broke away from the partnership and branched out solo, stealing the most prominent client, Edith Fontenot. Chevis claims to guess others' thoughts, which can be quite annoying, especially since Chevis is usually wrong.



​Valentin Boudreaux is a bartender at One-Eyed Blacksmith Bar on Bourbon Street. Full of charisma, Valentin is always seen as accommodating and goodhearted. Nicknamed Cocktail Boudreaux, Valentin competes at National Mixology Competitions and often places in the nation's top five. All drinks at Valentin's bar contain seven ingredients. Valentin won't make it otherwise.


Lounge Singer

Noe Landry is a lounge singer at One Eyed Blacksmith Bar on Bourbon Street. Noe is the child of a saxophonist and trombonist who both performed on Bourbon Street like Noe.

Noe is brilliant with a strong moral core and always looks for the most ethical outcomes via honorable means. Noe will never stand by and watch someone make a poor decision. Noe remains the advocate for the underdog in any situation.



Swamp Tour Captain

With an exquisite sense of self, the world was created for Kari - or so Kari believes that to be true. Kari Cormier runs the Great American Swamp Tours in Houma, Louisiana – a city southwest of New Orleans. Kari knows the swamps like no other and can navigate a swamp boat through the bayous with precision. The marsh alligators swim to Kari when their names are called, but there have been a few close calls when they’re hungry.


Registered Nurse

​ Jade Hebert is from New Orleans. Jade is sometimes a cold-heartless tyrant, but on the flip side, Jade's as sweet as pie, depending upon what is needed. Jade works in the Gollan Psychiatric Facility as the head nurse of Ward A, where the most dangerous patients reside. Jade has absolute power over the patients' access to privileges and will impulsively revoke those benefits as the wind changes direction. Jade tries to exert control over others outside of the hospital to no avail. For that reason, Jade doesn't have that many genuine friends.  Jade has a bad habit of shouting the word 'shame' in unpleasant situations or at people.


Fortune Teller

​ Zuri Richard is a psychic who tells fortunes at Swamp Water Witchery on Bourbon Street. Zuri has a quick wit and apparent lack of fear for the consequences of anything. Having nothing to do with money, Zuri prefers not to have a home and lives alone in a hotel room – with comfort that s/he can check out at any time and go somewhere else. Zuri has a paralyzing fear of clowns, which is sometimes a problem, given the performers on Bourbon Street. 


Jazz Musician

​ Amelot is a New Orleans native and trumpeter, composer, teacher, and artistic director of jazz at the famous Hamner Performance Hall. Amelot has a busy schedule of performances with a jazz band on Bourbon Street called the Cool Cajuns, teaching music appreciation classes at New Orleans Community College, and promoting jazz concerts at the local concert center.  Ameleot sometimes pretends to live in the Victoria Era and will be the first to give a disapproving scoff at anything distasteful.​



Executive Chef

Taylor Guidry is a perfectionist chef at The Joyful Jester Steakhouse on Bourbon Street. Taylor is intimidating and unafraid to challenge the critiques of dishes served in the restaurant. Taylor is fast-paced and focuses on the perfect plating and display for each culinary delight that leaves the kitchen.

Taylor has personal baggage, starting with being left home alone at age nine when the family left for a European vacation. Taylor ended up in an orphanage by mistake, and it took five years to reunite with the family. This is probably the origin of most of Taylor's issues.

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