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The presiding mayor of Gravestone, Arizona, must live in constant fear, for an unidentified killer has put bullet holes in the previous three sheriffs' backs. As a result, Gravestone is a lawless town run by a ruthless gang known as The Ranchers. 

The famous Wylie Arp retired early as the Duck City, Kansas, sheriff. Wylie is one of the most feared lawmen in the United States—a legend in his own right. He left his life as a law enforcer and traveled west toward Gravestone with his brothers and friends, planning to sink his life savings into a business in what he believed to be a quiet and safe town. He intended to live the rest of his days stress-free as a civilian, but little did he know what awaited him in Gravestone. 

The mayor caught wind of Wylie's arrival and immediately requested that Bella Starry invite the town for a celebration. The mayor hopes that Wylie and his brothers will consider taking over Gravestone's law enforcement. Moreover, with Wylie's untarnished reputation, the mayor hopes it will be easy for him to get The Ranchers under control - or, better yet - run them out of town.  

Wylie has a few days to settle in and get a feel for the town before everyone gathers for an exciting night at the Gravestone Saloon. Unfortunately, the sheriff's station is collecting dust, so preventing The Ranchers or other outlaws from attending the event will be impossible.

Not everything is doom and gloom, however. An elder in town has divulged that secret codes hidden around the city will lead to buried treasure in the Gravestone Cave on the outskirts of town. Many folks are already hunting for these codes but have yet to be discovered. The hunt has kept the outlaws busy, which has been good for the town.

Nevertheless, Bella Starry has an agenda to keep everyone happy during the gathering: festive beverages, delicious food, and a few Wild West party games. So, hopefully, everyone will keep their guns holstered and be on their best behavior. But the question is—will Wylie help Gravestone or slip away in the night to move on to the next town? 

You plan to attend the celebration at the Gravestone Saloon. This is where your story begins.

Guest List


Bella Starry

Waitress at the Gravestone Saloon

A recent widow, Bella Starry grew up on a Pug Valley farm in West Virginia. She was a member of the infamous Hatplain family amid a lethal feud over property lines with their Kentucky neighbors, the McToys.  On one side, Bella is an educated lady and an accomplished piano player. On her other side, she’s a notorious outlaw who has served time in federal prison for horse thievery and stagecoach robberies. After getting out of prison, Bella married a Native American man and lived with their tribe in Oklahoma. However, she was widowed soon afterward. She moved to Gravestone six months ago to get a fresh start. 

Suggested attire: A mock corset western saloon dress with a hair feather piece and Amelia black boots.  An alternative option is a western-style dress & cowboy hat/boots. A fake gun as an optional prop.


Wylie Arp

 Co-Owner of the Gravestone Saloon

An ex-lawman from Duck City, Wylie Arp recently moved to Gravestone with his brothers and long-time flame, Josephine Marco.  Wylie is a Civil War veteran who desperately needs a change of pace and a more relaxing way of life.  He recently gave up his twenty-year career as sheriff of Duck County to become the co-owner of the Gravestone Saloon. Wylie has made it clear that he doesn’t intend to be a lawman again.

Suggested attire: Black duster coat with a vest, a holster, and a cowboy hat /boots.  A (gunslinger) handlebar mustache is an optional accessory, and fake guns as optional props.


Josephine Marco

 California Gold Rush Entrepreneur & Girlfriend of Wylie Arp

Josephine Marco made a fortune as an entrepreneur in the California Gold Rush when she was only fifteen.  She later traveled in her stagecoach through the Wild West, searching for the next booming town. She eventually met her true love, Wylie Arp.  Ever since these two met, they’ve been inseparable. She’s the main reason Wylie left his career as the Duck City Sheriff. They moved to Gravestone to settle down, get married, and raise a family.

Suggested attire: Rhinestone western shirt, blue jeans, cowboy hat/boots. Gun holsters with fake guns as optional props.


Abby Oakley

 Exhibition Sharpshooter

Abby Oakley is a feisty exhibition sharpshooter in Bronco Bill’s Traveling Wild Western Show. Known by her show's fans as Abby Sure Shot, she is rumored to be able to shoot the ashes off a cigar from across the room! However, Abby has recently become quite intolerable due to her egocentricity.

Suggested attire: Lace-up faux buckskin cowgirl dress, cowboy hat, fake rifle /guns, and cowboy boots.


Doc Galaday

 Doctor & Co-Owner of the Gravestone Saloon

Doc Galaday is Wylie Arp’s right-hand man.  Doc rides the fence on both sides of the law. His reputation has made him a terror in the hearts of the lawless.  Doc is a physician by trade, but his tuberculosis has drastically reduced his patients. He often supplements his income with gambling.

Suggested attire: A black duster coat with a vest, a holster, and cowboy hats/boots. A (gunslinger) handlebar mustache is an optional accessory. Fake guns are optional props.


Katie Fishman

 Waitress at the Gravestone Saloon

Katie Fishman helped put the wild in the phrase the Wild West!  As Doc Galaday’s longtime girlfriend, she’s also struggled to stay on the right side of the law.  Doc’s solid friendship with the ex-lawman Wylie Arp has proven to be a positive force with this pair. However, Katie has a rather shady past. She was initially from Gravestone and used to date Wavy Will Bronchus as a teenager. After breaking up with him, she moved in with her aunt and uncle in Duck City. That's when she met Doc Galaday. She refuses to talk about her former flame with her boyfriend and worries about what Doc will do when he discovers the truth! 

Suggested attire: A mock corset western saloon dress with a hair feather piece and Amelia black boots.  Another option is to wear a western-style dress & cowboy hat/boots. A fake gun is an optional prop.


Wavy Will Bronchus

Leader of The Ranchers

Wavy Will Bronchus is the leader of the loosely organized criminal faction called The Ranchers.  A sorted group of cattle rustlers, thieves, and even murderers, this group has invaded the now lawless town of Gravestone.  The townsfolk have high hopes that Wylie Arp can reinstate law and order on the streets, but Wavy Will has vowed never to let that happen.

Suggested attire: Stetson hat, leather vest bandanas, spurs, and buckskins with a fake revolver as an optional prop.  (Gunslinger) handlebar mustache as an optional accessory.


James Jesse

 American Outlaw

The poetic James Jesse has always veered on the wrong side of the law since he could walk!  He’s a member of the Jesse-Young gang, comprising a band of brothers.  During the Civil War, he engaged in guerilla warfare. Today, there’s a huge reward offered for his capture by the U.S. government for his many crimes of bank robbing, horse thievery, and murder.

Suggested attire:  Stetson hat, leather vest bandanas, spurs, and buckskins with a fake revolver as an optional prop.  (Gunslinger) handlebar mustache as an optional accessory.


Calamity Janie

 U.S. Army Scout

The tall-tale-telling Calamity Janie is a force to be reckoned with! A Former Great Plains cattle herder turned U.S. scout, this rugged lady used to be a trick shooter in Bronco Bill’s traveling Wild Western Show. You should never double-cross her, as she’s not called Calamity Janie for nothing.

Suggested attire: A brown duster coat with a vest, a holster, and cowboy hats or boots. Fake guns are optional props.


Bronco Bill

 Traveling Entertainer

Bronco Bill always had a knack for the arts.  He’s a cool, self-contained individual with a great sense of humor.  He’s assembled a nomadic brigade of entertainers called Bronco Bill’s Traveling Wild Western Show.  His troupe travels around the U.S. to perform their eclectic show of bronco riding, roping, trick shooting, and even Civil War reenactments.

Suggested attire: A brown duster coat with a vest, a holster, and cowboy hats or boots. An optional accessory is a (gunslinger) handlebar mustache.

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