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Haunted Hotel Homicide

Since 1864—The Bateman Hotel. A place where guests can relax and conjure the days of refined luxury, romantic evenings and glittering nights. The new owner is hosting a soiree in honor of the anniversary of the hotel’s reopening a year ago. If you decide to make a reservation for an overnight stay after the party, there are a few guest rooms to avoid due to reports of ill-spirited apparitions, steamy pockets of strange mist causing feelings of dread, sudden drops of temperature, and terrifying voices that echo in the corridors during the wee hours of the morning. Other than that, the old hotel is once again becoming the place to be in the town of Wraith’s Cove. The infamous Quinn Bloom is on the VIP guest list and will bring a rare doll collection to the hotel - but don't let the dolls bother you - the rumors about them may not even be true. You wouldn’t miss this party for the world. This is where your story begins.

need help finding cool threads for the party?

Invited Guests



Hotel Owner 

Bailey Burnos purchased the old Bateman Hotel a few years ago and poured blood, sweat and tears into the restoration. The one-year anniversary of the reopen is quickly approaching. An insatiable art fanatic, Bailey is socially awkward and often stares into space. Eccentricities aside, s/he is quite business savvy, nevertheless. A dedicated workaholic, Bailey lives in the hotel on the 15th penthouse floor.

Suggested attire: Semi-formal party attire.



Hotel Manager 

Devin Dracovia is the mean-spirited manager of the Bateman Hotel. The staff of the hotel will do whatever they can to avoid Devin, but s/he always gets the job done—no matter what it takes. However, Devin’s nose has poked around corners it doesn’t belong lately and many people are not happy about it. Devin lives in the hotel on the 2nd floor.

Suggested attire: Semi-formal party attire. White gloves as an optional prop.



Resident of the Hotel

 Harley Grange is the school teacher with a dark, hidden past. Harley recently signed a lease to become a permanent resident of the Bateman Hotel and even requested to live in one of the most haunted rooms in the establishment—room #614. Rumor has it that Harley steals from the hotel because s/he doesn’t have money.

Suggested attire: Gothic-inspired semi-formal party attire or a ‘tourist’ t-shirt that you’ve stolen from the gift shop.



Art Dealer & Hotel Guest

 Tristan Blade is the hipster art dealer who acquires and sells the most lifelike bronze sculptures you’ve ever seen. There are rumors that Tristan’s pieces have auras – some good, some mischievous, and some downright evil. Bailey has recently acquired one of Tristan’s sculptures and in return, has given Tristan a free night’s stay at the hotel. Tristan was the previous owner, as his/her family built the Bateman Hotel back in 1864.

Suggested attire: Hipster-inspired party attire.



Hotel Chef, Phantom Steakhouse

Morgan Meepman was released from prison recently after doing a stretch behind bars for performing illegal human subject research with a group of underground biochemists. The cousin of the hotel’s new owner, Morgan was hired as the head chef of the hotel’s critically-acclaimed restaurant – Phantom Steakhouse.  Morgan lives in the hotel on the 6th floor.

Suggested attire: Chef’s costume. Optional to have a stethoscope as a prop.



Hotel Housekeeper

Ryan Ashlore is the nosy head housekeeper of the Bateman Hotel. On the surface, Ryan appears to do a great job, as the hotel is well-maintained. However, many sources say that Ryan has a malicious quality that s/he keeps veiled. It’s probably best to stay on Ryan’s good side, nevertheless.

Suggested attire: Housekeeping uniform. Feather duster &/or binoculars as optional props.



Antique Doll Collector & Hotel Guest

 Quinn Bloom was invited to the hotel by Bailey Burnos for a private showing of Quinn’s rare dolls. Quinn deals with unusual, hard to find dolls – some rumored to be linked with malevolent cultural traditions that should not be dealt with by civilized people. Nonetheless, Bailey is an art collector – of all forms - and will not be outdone…by anyone.

Suggested attire: Gothic-inspired semi-formal party attire. Creepy baby dolls as optional props.



Hotel Bartender, Black Raven Lounge

Justice James is the charming bartender at the Black Raven Lounge of the Bateman Hotel. Justice is friendly, accommodating and will do anything to make customers happy. However, Justice behaves as though s/he has a secret agenda, an ulterior motive. The question is…what is it?  Justice is good friends with Morgan Meepman and lives on the 12th floor of the hotel.

Suggested attire: Bartending costume.



Hotel Jazz Singer, Black Raven Lounge 

 Drew Evermore is the enchanting jazz singer for the Black Raven Lounge of the Bateman Hotel. Drew’s voice is captivating and easy to get lost in—a number of guests have reportedly lost hours after listening to one of Drew’s sets. Drew is an old soul—an avid historian—and knows a lot about the history of the old hotel.

Suggested attire: Glamorous attire – tux for a male, evening gown for a female.



Hotel Concierge

River August is the prim and proper hotel concierge at the Bateman Hotel. River will do whatever s/he can for well-to-do guests, but tends to be unavailable to the customers who might not have money for big tips.

Suggested attire:  Tux / formal black suit and white gloves.


Server, Phantom Steakhouse

Ocean White is the tenacious server at the Phantom Steakhouse of the Bateman Hotel. Ocean is a new employee and has no idea what s/he is in for by taking this new job at a hotel that is apparently seething with supernatural activity.

Suggested attire:  Server attire such as a white button-up shirt, black pants, black vest/tie.



Front Desk Representative

Androm Solei has run the front desk of the Bateman Hotel since it’s reopen one year ago. Androm doesn’t like to take orders from anybody and often has personal conflicts with management and other staff members. Androm won’t stop until s/he gets his/her way – even if that means throwing a tantrum. Androm is a ticking time bomb.

Suggested attire:  White button up shirt, black vest and gold nametag as an optional prop.




Sylven Cane is the childlike bellboy of the Bateman Hotel. Sylven has worked for the Bateman for about six months and has shown to be a dedicated worker. Sylven will do anything to please the staff and guests of the hotel and usually gets big tips for his/her innocent demeanor.

Suggested attire:  Bellboy uniform. White gloves as an optional prop.



Laundry Attendant

Florian Pilby is the devious laundry attendant for the Bateman Hotel. On occasion, Florian has been under investigation for pilfering things from the guests’ rooms. Strangely enough, everybody who has made an accusation has disappeared before they could report the incident to authorities outside of the hotel? Be careful around this plunderer.

Suggested attire: Housekeeping costume. Laundry bag as an optional prop.



Ghost Hunter 

The host of the hit television show Ghost Hunt 101 has come to Wraith’s Cove to investigate the paranormal activity in the Bateman Hotel. Xander is staying in room #613 – next to one of the most haunted rooms in the hotel. Xander also wants to take a look at Quinn Bloom’s dolls, as they have somewhat of a reputation.

Suggested attire:  Gothic attire with optional ‘gadgets’ to pass off as ghost-hunting equipment.

Server, Black Raven Lounge 

Rain Avery Poe is the naive server at the Black Raven Lounge of the Bateman Hotel. The cousin of the hotel manager, Rain is a new hire and has no idea what s/he is in for by taking this new job at a hotel seething with paranormal activity.

  Suggested attire:  Server attire such as white button-up, black pants, black vest/tie.


Hotel Housekeeper

Bram Bronwen works for Ryan Ashlore and is hardly seen at the hotel without Ryan. Rumor has it that there is strife behind the scenes in the housekeeping department, but on the surface, Bram appears to be a loyal, dedicated employee. 

Suggested attire:  Housekeeping costume. Laundry bag as an optional prop.


Hotel Valet

The hotel’s valet stand is known for swift and courteous service. With minimal wait times and white-gloved detail to vehicle care, the guests can relax and enjoy their stay without worrying about their vehicle.  Hunter runs the valet stand with a no-nonsense policy, and is a good friend to many of the hotel staff members.

Suggested attire:  Valet uniform. White gloves as an optional prop.


Laundry Attendant

Emerson Mead is the tattle-tale worker in the laundry room of the Bateman Hotel. Emerson makes daily complaints on the other personnel of the laundry room to no avail.  Needless to say, Emerson is difficult to be around.

  Suggested attire:  Housekeeping costume. Laundry bag as an optional prop.


Psychic Medium

Shade Willow is a guest of the hotel and a famous psychic medium. Shade just checked in and has already requested an emergency meeting with the hotel manager. Shade realizes things are in a desperate state at the Bateman Hotel.

  Suggested attire:  Psychic / Gypsy costume with a crystal ball &/or tarot cards as optional props.


Saxophone Player, Black Raven Lounge

Layre Thorne is a fun-loving saxophone player in the Black Raven Lounge. Layre has worked at the hotel for many years – before and after Tristan closed the place down and made it a private residence. Layre is committed to providing quality entertainment for the guests of the Bateman Hotel.

 Suggested attire:  Semi-formal party attire. Sax (toy) as an optional prop.


Hotel Resident

Brink Ivory is a reclusive hotel resident who lives on a vast inheritance. Brink is a former artist and often gives Tristan a hand with the creation of bronze sculptures.  Brink is a bizarre person and often speaks aloud to nobody in the hallways. Most of the hotel staff, besides Tristan, avoid Brink at all costs.

  Semi-formal party attire.


Hotel Resident

Mickey Diamanda is a former Hollywood film star who recently decided to make the Bateman Hotel a permanent residence after staying a night as a guest. Mickey is retired from the Hollywood limelight and is ready to engage in a quiet and peaceful retirement.

Suggested attire:  Semi-formal party attire.


Hotel Security

Devin Dracovia has recently hired Stone Tempest as hotel security. Stone is a former private investigator who has worked with federal agencies in solving crimes and finding dangerous criminals on the Most Wanted list. Devin has high hopes that Stone can get to the bottom of the seedy behavior at the hotel that goes on behind closed doors. 

 Security costume. Walkie Talkie as an optional prop.


Hotel Event Manager

Brynn Zurie was hired along with Devin Dracovia as a package deal. Brynn used to plan weddings for movie stars but now serves as the event planner for the Bateman Hotel. Brynn and Devin have been lifelong friends. However, they don’t seem as close as they used to be. 

  Suggested attire:  Semi-formal party attire.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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