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For a sprawling estate with many needs and moving parts, Hunter Bentley hired the highly-experienced Pax Moriarty about a year ago to manage his property and its staff within the gated neighborhood of Rumson Waterloo Estates. Pax has displayed loyalty and infinite patience with Hunter but treats the estate's team as factory robots. With constant air quotes, this house manager does nothing but boast about their accomplishments and the successes of their friends and family. Who cares, Pax? Just do your job and get on with it. 

The ad for the house manager job was a butler position, but since Pax had a stacked resume full of former high-level jobs, Hunter elevated the title to House Manager and bumped up the salary. Unfortunately, this accomplishment went straight to Pax's head and turned Pax into a dictator. As a result, not many people besides Hunter care for Pax - even that's debatable nowadays. 

Suggested attire: Modern butler costume. Black suit and white gloves. Clipboard as an optional prop.

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 Porter Dolion is the chef for Hunter Bentley's estate. Hunter has employed Porter for over a decade. If you're in the kitchen and see the top of someone's head moving along the counter, searching the floor, cabinets, and drawers – that's Porter. This chef is constantly misplacing items. Porter's an outgoing culinary expert who will be the first in the room to start a quarrel and never passes on the chance to debate. And that's why Porter turns colleagues into foes.

Porter has recently been seeking other job opportunities. So is Hunter not giving Porter enough incentives to stay? Nevertheless, Porter hasn't landed an interview yet and is wondering if Hunter has something to do with that. 

Suggested attire: Chef's attire.

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 Roan Devland is the friendly housekeeper for Hunter Bentley's estate. But this housekeeper might only be cordial on the surface. Be prepared to greet another side of this mop wielder if you become the topic of the latest juicy house gossip. Roan is an incessant eavesdropper and snooper who is privy to information far above their pay grade. Roan is constantly stoking fires among the mansion's staff while grinning ear to ear. Roan was born without empathy but, in its place, received the gifts of charm and manipulation.

Roan seems to know absolutely everything that is going on at the mansion and doesn't seem to be taking the housekeeping job seriously. So what's going on with Roan? How is Roan getting away with all of this? 

Suggested attire: Housekeeping costume.

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Morg Oleander is the hardworking pool technician for Crystal Clear Pools. A perfectionist, Morg has maintained the clear, sparkling water of the backyard swimming pool of the Bentley Mansion for nearly three years. Hunter couldn't be happier with Morg's work, as the water is always set at a perfect temperature with spot-on levels of chemicals and not a bug to be found in the water. Morg is the best pool tech in the city. However, don't strike up a chat with this detail-driven water chemist. Morg will turn what should be a quick sentence into a long, rambling lecture about whatever topic you were unfortunate enough to have mentioned. 

Morg takes care of the swimming pools for Hunter Bentley and Hunter's sibling and neighbor, Revel Bentley. Morg hasn't been able to take over Johnny Bentley's pool care yet but hopes to one day soon.  

Suggested attire: casual attire, sun hat, and zinc oxide on your nose as an optional effect.

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Hudson Zilla is a hardworking gardener at the Hunter Bentley Mansion in Rumson Waterloo Estates – a gated, affluent neighborhood in Bramford Bluff. Hudson is exceptionally responsible and continually fishes for flattery and compliments from others. Is this because Hudson never received any positive feedback from Hunter Bentley about the impeccable grounds of the estate? Most would say Hunter's treatment would be mentally damaging to Hudson after many years of enduring no appreciation for going above and beyond with job duties. Even though Hudson poured their heart out onto the perfectly-manicured grass of the courtyards, the year-round blooming rose bushes, and the sculpted boxwoods that line the property – Hunter has never once said thank you. Nevertheless, this is a standard train of thought for many of the staff at the mansion. At least the team has had each other to lean on and build self-esteem back up to where it should be.

Many of Hudson's colleagues at Hunter Bentley's mansion say that Hudson has been disgruntled at work for quite a long time.  Hunter Bentley isn't the best boss to work for, but he pays at least double for any given job than you'd find elsewhere.  That's why Hudson hasn't quit yet.  Hunter makes Hudson do odd jobs that aren't in the job description of being a gardener. Hudson is tired of being the go-to errand runner, waste manager, pest control operator, and handy person. 

Suggested attire: Casual gardener attire with a sun hat and gloves (optional). Or, if you wish to wear a fun flower costume or be a garden gnome – that’s fine too!

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