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Murder in Maui

Welcome to the Oceanside Palace Hotel of Maui, where our nightly luaus at Sunset Beach go beyond mere festivities to become legendary tales of mystery, joy, and suspense. Immerse yourself in the Polynesian spirit as it whirls around you, setting the stage for an adventure unlike any other. Upon arrival, a vibrant Hawaiian lei will be your first token of the evening, a prelude to a night filled with delectable appetizers, spellbinding party games, and unforeseen interactions. Yet, tread lightly — beneath the veneer of warmth and celebration, a cauldron of secrets bubbles, and hidden agendas await.

Forget the notion of an ordinary luau; here, each celebration is a grand affair, destined to leave an indelible mark on all who partake. Prepare for an evening drenched in luxury and cloaked in mystery at the grand Oceanside Palace Hotel. The night beckons with promises of surprises, revelations, and, just maybe, an element of peril. Your unforgettable journey commences now.

Welcome, and let the saga begin.

Guest List


Hula Dancer / Hawaiian Local
Poni Mulokeli is a hardworking performer for the Oceanside Palace Hotel Luaus on Sunset Beach. Not the most popular staff member, she can be an obnoxious one-upper. Therefore, extended chats with this feisty entertainer are worth avoiding - if you know what’s good for you.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Luau performer attire. Leis & flowers in your hair are optional.


Hollywood Actor / Tourist
Robbie Peters is a Hollywood hunk who is vacationing—in total disguise—for a month in Hawaii with his co-star Kirstin Withers. They’re relaxing in between films, hidden far from the paparazzi. But Robbie’s narcissism and arrogant attitude are a little much for the laid-back staff of the Oceanside Palace Hotel. Robbie is traveling under the alias Harry Spotter.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual yet trendy beach attire. Sunglasses are an optional prop.


Hollywood Actress / Tourist
Kirstin Withers is one of Hollywood's most likable young stars—at least, that's the side of this star she's allowed the press to see! Away from the glitz and glam, this spoiled diva unleashes angry tirades if she doesn't get her way. Disguised as an average Jane, she craves the attention she usually receives as a Hollywood starlet. Kirstin is traveling under the alias Paula Jaxson.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual yet trendy beach attire. Sunglasses are an optional prop.


Beach Lifeguard / Hawaiian Resident
Tiki Hutman was born in Southern California but moved to Maui when he was only eight.  He grew up on the Maui beaches and is the head lifeguard at the Oceanside Palace Hotel’s Sunset Beach. With an outgoing personality, Tiki loves to show off his innovative dance moves.  He’s the one to kickstart a party – hopefully, while he’s off-duty. The locals are concerned that Tiki might be losing his edge as a lifeguard.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Beach attire or lifeguard costume with an optional whistle.


Heiress / Tourist
Lovey Powell is a billionaire heiress who spends her pampered life vacationing in exotic locations. One of her many mansions worldwide is located on the beautiful island of Maui, which she refers to as her home base. Lovey often stays at resorts on the beach to flaunt her money. Unfortunately, this wealthy diva considers everyone to be subservient to her. Bossy is her middle name!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear very expensive-looking beach attire with money (fake) bags and money coming out of every pocket. Wear large costume jewelry.


Deep-Sea Fisherman/ Resident Tourist
Jack Marrow is quite an odd character. Hailing from the Southern Louisiana Bayous, Jack travels the world searching for the best deep-sea fishing. He recently accepted a job hosting fishing excursions because he ran out of cash during his month-long vacation and needed more funds to return home to the mainland. Jack goes by Captain Jack Marrow and is famous for his pirate impersonations.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fisherman attire. Optional pirate costume/props. Optional rubber fish as props.


College Student / Tourist
Coco Beaches is a seemingly naive University of Northern Texas college student. She won her trip to the resort by winning a Hawaiian trivia challenge on a local radio station. Coco lacks common sense but claims to have earned a 4.0 GPA thus far in pursuing a biochemistry degree. No matter her academic status, she's all about having fun.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy and young beach attire.


Waiter / Hawaiian Local
Ano Haloa is a nosy waiter at the Oceanside Palace Hotel.  He might not seem to be paying attention to the conversation at your table but make no mistake – this meddlesome maître d' keeps a journal and knows everything about every guest at the hotel!  Be careful what you say around Ano, as the rumor is that he’s trying to overhear about a scandal so he can have a big payday with the tabloids! 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Waiter uniform or black shirt/pants with a half apron (bartender’s apron).


Greeter / Hawaiian Local
Holi Mulokeli is an overly excited greeter and lei presenter at the Oceanside Palace Hotel. The locals know to avoid her, but the tourists must deal with her powerful energy bursts upon their arrival at the resort. Holi is all about hospitality and takes her job very seriously. However, her intense enthusiasm has made children cry, and animals scamper for cover. Holi’s sister is the hotel’s lead hula dancer, Poni Mulokeli. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Luau performer attire. Flower (real or silk) in hair.  Leis are highly suggested accessories.



Donut Artist / Tourist
Sol Boatman recently won a lawsuit against a large fast-food chain for burning his lip on an overly heated hamburger. He’s using his winnings to travel the world—starting with Maui! Sol is a recently retired donut artist who is enjoying the break from working dawn to dusk on sugary confections. Sol is on a world adventure with a large group of his friends.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Nerdy beach attire.


Mooching Travel Companions

After Sol Boatman won a lawsuit against a fast-food chain for an overly heated hamburger, many of Sol's former friends crawled out of the woodwork upon hearing the news. Sol has recently rekindled relationships with many old friends who wanted to travel the world with him.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Nerdy beach attire.


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