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Bad Santa - A Murder Mystery

In the quaint and often whispered-about town of Christmas Hollow, the enigmatic Christopher Clause has extended an invitation for a mysterious holiday celebration at his grand mansion, nestled on the town's fringe. This gathering is set to bring together a vibrant tapestry of guests—from those who share mutual disdain to strangers and even rivals bound by a thread of animosity. Despite the undercurrents of discord, the allure of attending the year's most anticipated festivity is irresistible.

You, too, have received this coveted invitation. As you step across the threshold of Christopher's abode, you won't be entering a party but into the heart of a mystery waiting to unfold. Your adventure begins here, at the crossroads of celebration and intrigue. This is where your story begins.

Guest List


Domestic Engineer, Volunteer

Madeline, a mother of two girls, is a housewife who volunteers at the local community theater.  Madeline’s husband is a website designer for big corporations. They have done well thus far and live in a huge home overlooking the lake.

Madeline is known as a gossip, so be careful about what secrets you share with her.

Madeline is the president of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Christmas Hollow High, and she volunteers at the local dog shelter in her spare time.  A dance, cheer, and softball mom - she hardly has time for herself. However, she makes time to chat with friends all over town.

Madeline isn't the most warm or friendly soul in the neighborhood. She is contemplating whether or not she wants to file a lawsuit after a neighbor's palm tree damaged the roof of her pagoda. She also doesn't make friends by leaving people off the invite list to exclusive dinner parties at her home. 

 Suggested attire: trendy casual Christmas attire, such as a fitted suit with a Christmas theme or a fashionable Christmas sweater (aka an ugly sweater). You are bold, bright, and not afraid to take risks with fashion.


President, North Industries

Jon Sleet is the president of North Industries, a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Christmas Hollow. Its diversified business includes iron and steel, gaming, and custom luxury furniture.

Jon is currently acquiring many other companies. Some people are thrilled about it, and others are not. Business is business, he says. 

Jon is one of the more controversial figures in Christmas Hollow. A former high school bully, he does what he wants and doesn't think twice about it. Jon is bluntly honest without apology. Danny Targaron is Jon's adoptive sibling, and Jon is Walter Heidelberg's nephew and J.R. Pritchett's second cousin. The family relationship hasn't stopped Jon from taking over the company for which his uncle works. The question is—will Uncle Walt receive special treatment with Jon as his ultimate boss?

  Suggested attire: fun Christmas suit. You are a CEO, but you love to have fun and be in the Christmas spirit.


Retail Clerk, CBC Pharmacy

A single mother of two boys, Joyce works as a retail clerk at a local pharmacy in Christmas Hollow. Joyce is obsessed with Christmas lights and always has the best-lit house in the neighborhood. Many of her neighbors seem to be jealous of her decor and have called the police on a few occasions due to the excessive lighting at night. Joyce doesn't allow the negativity to dampen her Christmas spirit.

Being a mother of two and struggling financially, Joyce is often stressed out and sometimes allows her foul moods to get in the way of her work. Some say shopping at the CBC Pharmacy isn't pleasant because of Joyce's attitude. 

Joyce is actively seeking a better-paying position but hasn't been lucky to date. She doesn't know if she isn't interviewing well or maybe - people are spreading dreadful rumors about her.  She has recently resorted to bribery to acquire a coveted position, but this isn't working thus far. She has spent nearly all of her savings on lavish gifts for a potential employer who has already told her no. 

 Suggested Attire: a lab coat with a Santa hat.  Or, make it festive and wear a Christmas suit or fun ugly Christmas sweater. 


Creative Director, Sterlong & Coop

A prior fur salesman before it was considered taboo, Don Drapier has hustled his way into a top advertising agency, Sterlong & Coop, as the creative director. He is the best at pitching ideas to clients and one day hopes to become a partner.

Don has had recent troubles at work, including losing one of the top clients. Will Don overcome the obstacles, or will Sterlong & Coop fly the coop? Is Don seeking employment elsewhere? If so, let's hope he doesn't go back to being a fur salesman. 

Don mandates what his employees will do in their free time. This doesn't make him easy to work for, and this could prevent him from advancing in his career one day. 

    Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater. You are professional but Christmas-spirited - even with the turmoil in your life. 


Public Defense Lawyer

Michonne Grimes is a public defense lawyer for the city of Christmas Hollow. She has worked on many high-profile cases but always seems to lose to the prosecutors. In addition, Michonne is a national fencing champion and Olympic hopeful.

Michonne is mysterious, and nobody knows why she has late nights and secluded business meetings in dark parking garages. Could she be involved in some shady business dealings? 

Michonne is respectful and supportive of most people in town. She is a good person to have at your side.  She is a terrible person to double-cross for many reasons that must not be mentioned. 

   Suggested attire: a Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater. 


Pharmaceutical Chemist

 An Ivy League graduate, Walter Heidelberg is an independent researcher at Rolling Pharmaceuticals. He spent two decades teaching high school chemistry but later discovered a love for pharmaceutical formulation. Walter is currently working on a cure for lung cancer.

Walter is Jon Sleet's uncle. It's rumored that Jon has loaned Uncle Walt a ton of cash in the past. However, this Ivy League grad hasn't paid a penny back to date. Does Walter feel threatened that Jon's corporate conglomerate is acquiring Rolling Pharmaceuticals?  For all Walter knows, Jon could garner his paychecks until all debts are paid off. 

   Suggested attire: a lab coat and any science-related props (beakers, flasks, Eppendorf tubes, etc.). Safety goggles are an optional prop.


Book Editor, Fangtooth Press

Outspoken, rebellious, and loved by her friends and family, she is a dedicated book editor for Fangtooth Press. June isn’t happy at work due to intolerant and inflexible executives at the publishing company. June has been secretly meeting with the board of directors to oust the dictators in charge. June is the boss of her copy editor, Dolores Abernethian, and the two women have had their differences. June and Dolores both work from home after one too many office spats. This has made it more difficult to fight against the top executives. 

June and Dolores are currently working on publishing Jon Sleet's autobiography. Many people are upset that they would give Jon the time of day. Since both girls are receiving death threats, this has helped bring them together to work in harmony.

  Suggested attire: nerdy, Christmas–inspired attire, including the ugliest Christmas sweater, plaid skirt, and knee-high boots. You look like a librarian who has no clue about fashion.


Copyeditor, Fangtooth Press

A cattle rancher’s daughter, Dolores Abernethian, works for June Osbourne as a copyeditor at Fangtooth Press. She and June work together against the publishing house's authoritarian top executives. They are fed up with poor working conditions—long, mostly unpaid hours, freezing temperatures inside, and no breaks.

Even though Dolores and her boss, June Osbourne, have undergone recent spats at the office, they are currently working on Jon Sleet's autobiography. Jon isn't the most popular person around and has many foes, but most are involved with business dealings, and some are personal.  Since both girls are receiving death threats, this has helped bring them together to work in harmony.

  Suggested attire: nerdy, Christmas–inspired attire, including the ugliest Christmas sweater, plaid skirt, and knee-high boots. You look like a librarian who has no clue about fashion.



 Usually the voice of reason among his quirky set of friends, Perry Seinfeld is a stand-up comic who dreams of one day being famous. Perry has traveled from coast to coast pitching his idea for a reality show, but nobody has taken the bait yet. Perry is a weekend regular headliner at the House of Slapstick, a local comedy club featuring comics from around the globe.

   Suggested attire: a funny Christmas costume (e.g., a Christmas tree, an A Christmas Story lamp, etc.) or an ugly Christmas sweater.


 Four-Star U.S. Army General

 Danny Targaron is a ruthless U.S. Army General who recently achieved the rank of four-star officer. An orphaned child, Danny’s mother died during childbirth, and Danny's father was killed by his head of security in a failed plot to steal his fortune.

The wealthy Sleet family adopted Danny Targaron after living in an orphanage between the ages of four and ten. Jon and Danny have been estranged since entering adulthood, and Jon has spread nasty rumors about Danny in shared social circles.  Danny believes that the Sleet patriarch might have adopted Danny out of guilt - did Mr. Sleet have something to do with Danny's father's death? Nobody will ever know the answer to that question. There are too many powerful people with too much to lose for the truth to come out. 

  Suggested attire: military uniform (general, preferred) with a Santa hat. 


Branch Manager, Christmas Hollow Paper and Dog Crate Company

 Michael Scotts is a branch manager of the Christmas Hollow Paper and Dog Crate Company.  Michael worked for the paper division until the merger with the canine-focused company. Michael’s talents are now spread thin over two different types of products. Michael is a nightmare for the human resources department, as he is always doing the wrong thing.

Michael is related to the CEO of the company he works for, and there are speculations about why he still has a job as a branch manager. If something ever happened to the CEO, what would happen to Michael when a new CEO gets a look at his employee file?

    Suggested attire: a nerdy Christmas suit or an ugly Christmas sweater


Corporate Lawyer

 Exuding pure elegance when she glides into a room, all heads will turn to gaze at this stunning attorney. Sophisticated and understated, this beauty is always there for a friend in need.  Sometimes indecisive, Celeste leans on her support network for life decisions. Celeste is often in a foul mood because of her nosy mother-in-law and because most of her former friends have blocked her on social media due to being retained by a notorious client recently. Will Celeste choose money and status or friends? That is the question.

   Suggested attire: a trendy Christmas suit, evening gown, or ugly Christmas sweater. 


Paper and Dog Crate Salesman

 Dwight Chute is the top salesman at the Christmas Hollow Paper and Dog Crate Company. He is a major kiss-up to anyone who could promote him, and the rest of the office cannot wait until the day he quits or is fired. 

Dwight will cater to anyone who can benefit him. He is not ashamed of his behavior and refers to it as meticulous ladder climbing. 

  Suggested attire: a nerdy Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater. 



Margorie is the doting mother of three children and the loving wife of her husband, Homer Simmerton. A former nuclear technician, Margorie left the rat race to stay at home and raise the kids. Margorie’s family does not approve of her husband, so she is often found bickering with her mother and sisters over the phone.

Margorie harbors disdain for Joyce Briers. Margorie is an old soul and thinks people in customer service roles should always remember that the customer is always right.  Joyce has made it clear she doesn't prescribe to that saying and will not allow any exceptions to the return policy at CBC Pharmacy.

   Suggested attire: 1950s-style stereotypical housewife costume. Hair in a beehive (blue, if you wish).


Experimental Physicist

An Ivy-League graduate who roller-blades to work and dresses up as Star Trek characters at Cosplay conventions on the weekend, Leo Hofstatler is the quintessential nerd. With a stunning IQ of 175, Dr. Hofstatler was a child prodigy who started working in laboratories on free-electron lasers as a teenager.  Dr. Leo works at Western Robotics on high-tech robotic soldiers for the military.

Western Robotics is a diverse company that creates robotic products for the military, service industry, amusement parks, and personal use. Being a top physicist and bio-mechanical engineer, Dr. Leo is highly sought after as an employee. He receives job offers from around the world, but he refuses to leave his lucrative salary and excellent benefits package. 

   Suggested attire: lab coat – mad scientist wig, if you wish.


Professional Wrestler

Ruth Wildman was once a struggling actress trying to land a break-out role. A method artist, Ruth will drive others mad by refusing to break character. Ruth is currently a cast member of the Gorgeous Girls of Wrestling (GGW). Her altered ego is that of a British spy named Gun Show Grace in Your Face.

Ruth is working on a new character, but things aren't progressing.  Ruth tested her new persona out at the mall but was attacked by a group of teens for it. Luckily, there was a police officer nearby to save her.  Not everyone realizes that wrestling is fake!

  Suggested attire: any sequined dance-style costume that you’d wear in the ring.


Owner, Pritchett Closets

      J.R. is the father of three kids and the owner of a closet design company. He’s the most well-off member of a huge family. He walks around with a sourpuss look on his face, as he’s likely to have just been asked for a handout. With a growing disdain for the human race, J.R. gets along best with his dog, Stellar.

J.R. Pritchett is the second cousin of the infamous Jon Sleet. Recently, J.R. revealed in Persons Magazine that he gave Jon the seed money needed for his first business—an iron company that created souvenir swords for medieval fairs. Jon quickly grew the business into the global conglomerate it is today, but he has never paid J.R. back. 

J.R. lurks around neighborhoods each night, putting marketing materials for his closet company on doors. Many people are disturbed by this and have asked J.R. to stop.  Others have pulled a gun on him, believing him to be a burglar. 

   Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater. 



Catalog Editor

Elaine Bennet is the best friend of Perry Seinfeld, her ex-boyfriend. They both prefer living a single life. Elaine is intelligent and has a keen sense of humor. She considers herself one of the boys; her closest friends are all male. Elaine Bennet is an editor of a men’s catalog called the K. Simon Collection.

Many people say that Elaine does not get along with other women. It's funny that every female applying to the catalog never gets an interview. Some believe it's because Elaine throws their resumes in the trash. 

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater. 


Chief of Police, Christmas Hollow

A cynical man who has trouble making connections with real people, this law officer of Christmas Hollow has serious life management problems. Always last to arrive at the police station and the first to leave, Chief Hopper rarely works any cases that are thrust upon his desk. For that reason, many crime syndicates have been formed in the city.

          Jimmy is known by his neighbors as the one not to be trifled with, as he will pull a gun on anyone who steps on his property at any hour of the day. 

Jimmy is best pals with Joyce Briers.  An enemy of Joyce is an enemy of Jimmy.

  Suggested attire: Policeman or Sheriff's costume. 



Office Manager

Joan Holiday is the bold and sassy office manager at the Sterlong & Coop Advertising Agency. She is currently torn between her fiance and her career. She wants to apply for an open Vice President of Operations position at North Industries, settle down, and start a family.

Joan was already looking for a new job, as she didn't like how her boss, Don Drapier, would make mandatory meetings and other functions during her time off.  But now - she must find a new position, as the ad agency is in deep trouble. She doesn't want to be last off the sinking ship!

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater. 




A budding artist, Pammy Beasley endures the daily grind of the nine-to-five at the Christmas Hollow Paper and Dog Crate Company. With a boss who never does the right thing and a slew of colleagues who get under her skin, Pammy does her best to keep a smile on her face. She is quiet and reserved and tries to avoid making waves.

Pammy tolerates her colleagues at her job, but her true friends know she wants bigger and better things. She's been at a 'going nowhere' position for five years—without a raise! Plus, she firmly disagreed when the paper company she originally worked for merged with a dog crate company. She is tired of the sales force complaining that they must have two client bases. 

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater. 


Research Scientist

JJess Pinkmon is a research scientist at Rolling Pharmaceuticals.  Jess works with a team of dedicated scientists on the cure for lung cancer. Jess reports to his longtime mentor and high school chemistry teacher, who now runs the lab. 

Jess once had aspirations of being a quarterback for the NFL. However, Jess's dream was crushed after a terrible 'accident' that ended his college career before it started. Sources close to Jess have said it wasn't an accident, and Jess knows exactly who was responsible for his knee being smashed to bits by a lead pipe the day of the first game.

  Suggested attire: a lab coat and any science-related props (beakers, flasks, Eppendorf tubes, etc.). Safety goggles are an optional prop.


Producer, GGW

Sebastian Howie is the heir to the Howie Chips empire and is the producer of Gorgeous Girls of Wrestling (GGW). Sebastian worked countless hours and shed many tears to get GGW up and running on the local cable network.

The cast members are forever in his debt.

Sebastian's family's corporation was under fire not too long ago after a customer claimed there was a rat foot in a bag of Howie Chips potato chips. The company lawyers settled, but scientific experts later found that the rat foot was planted after the bag was opened. Sebastian holds grudges, so the lying lawsuit filer should be watching their backs. 

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater. 


Police Officer

Richard Grimes was the sheriff from a small town who, after a gunfight with a bank robber, slipped into a coma for a few years. He recently woke up to find his life had been turned upside down. His best friend stepped into his job at the station, and his wife had already found a new fiancé.  Richard moved to Christmas Hollow as a police officer in hopes of a fresh start.  Richard met his wife Michonne and married her within two weeks of their first date.

Richard Grimes realizes more and more that he knows nothing about his wife. Although they seem to be doing well so far, they are a rich source of gossip in town. 

  Suggested attire: Policeman or Sheriff's costume. 


Nuclear Plant Safety Inspector

A family man, Homer Simmerton, works as a safety inspector at the Christmas Hollow Nuclear Power Plant. A bit lazy and childish, Homer isn’t a model employee and often lands himself into hot water. Alas, he’s kept his job for thirteen years, but he’s down to his final warning. Homer is a member of a men’s trio and often performs at the local galleria. 

Homer is accident-prone and makes people angry all over town by spilling his food and beverages on them. Be careful if you see this nuclear tech in public! 

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater.  You can also wear a nuclear costume (e.g., a biohazard suit) as if you just got off your shift.


Taxi Driver

Glory Pritchett originally hails from a crime-filled village in Columbia. She is superstitious and believes her family might be under a curse from a village witch who claimed to put a spell upon her family a century ago. Glory loves to perform puppet shows for anyone who is willing to watch. She works for Christmas Hollow Cabs.  

Glory might be superstitious, but she's not practicing magic as some people in town have claimed. The gossipers need to watch their mouths, or Glory might file a lawsuit for defamation. 

Glory's husband is J.R. Pritchett, and she is constantly trying to sign up new clients for his closet design business. She is a supportive wife and gets a commission from him for each client she sends his way.

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater.  Or, taxi driver costume.


Colonel, United States Air Force

Frederick Waters is a Colonel of the United States Air Force. Over the last year, he has been spouting controversial ideologies within many published books about his ideas of a type of bizarre totalitarian society that he believes would improve the country. His superiors have been keeping a watchful eye on his behavior lately.

Frederick has confided in a few people around town about his plans for world domination. They have secretly met behind Fred's back to see if they should turn him in to the authorities. However, they are afraid of the backlash if nothing is done about his behavior, so Fred still walks free. 

  Suggested attire: Military uniform of any kind and a Christmas hat.


Supply Clerk

A former boxer, Merry Palmer is a supply clerk at The Christmas Hollow Paper and Dog Crate Company. Crass and brutally honest, this five-time divorcee has two children and is usually outfitted with an ankle brace, arm cast, head bandage or other medical appliance, as she is prone to injury.

Merry has a thick file with Human Resources (HR) at her work, as she is continually getting into trouble for creating hostile work environments, stealing items from other employees, hitting people in the parking lot with her car, and more. Rumor has it that she hasn't been fired because she is blackmailing the HR director. 

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater. 



Dr. Amy Fowlman is a coldly rational scientist who is awkward at social gatherings. Dr. Fowlman is void of emotion and is a big fan of Larping (Live Action Role-Playing games) – especially when it’s medieval.

Amy serves as a bio-technician for the neural circuits at Western Robotics. Making the robots as human as possible is the company’s mission.

Amy loves her job and is the first one at the lab with a smile on her face and in a great mood. If anything ever happened to Amy's job or threatened her employment at Western Robotics, she might go insane. 

  Suggested attire: A lab coat and any science-related props (beakers, flasks, Eppendorf tubes, etc.). Safety goggles are an optional prop.


Director of Programming, Western Robotics

Bernie Lowe is the head of the programming division at Western Robotics. Bernie spends long hours at the company's production offices. He designs humanoid robots that will soon be released for domestic purposes, such as house cleaning, errand running, child-rearing, and home repairs.

Bernie has been sneaking out of work early, before five o'clock, to meet with a mysterious person. People are starting to gossip about Bernie around the water cooler. 

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater.  Or trick it up and wear a robot costume to promote what you do.


Salesman, Christmas Hollow Paper and Dog Crate Company

Jimmy Howpert is a goofy salesman at The Christmas Hollow Paper and Dog Crate Company. Jimmy loves to pull pranks on his colleagues, and for this reason, he isn’t the most well-loved or respected.

Ever since the CEO merged the paper company with a dog crate company, Jimmy's stress level has skyrocketed. Morale at the office with his colleagues is at an all-time low, as well. Rumor has it that he is seeking employment elsewhere. 

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater.


Martial Artist

Ari Slark is the owner and head teacher at the Slark Center for Martial Arts. Ari is an aspiring UFC fighter, but her business is booming, and all classes have waiting lists.  Ari is doing a national search in hopes of hiring quality teachers for her business so she can have time to pursue her dreams.

Ari hasn’t had the best luck this year. A student caught her studio on fire, someone hit her van in a hit-and-run accident, and her dog ran away after her landscaper left the fence open.

  Suggested attire: martial arts uniform, as you didn't have time to change after teaching your last private lesson. Add a Santa hat to be festive. 


Advertising Executive

Peter Campbell left his upper-crust family in Manhattan and moved to Christmas Hollow for a job as an advertising executive, working for Don Drapier at Sterlong & Coop. Peter’s parents did not approve of his choice of career or place of employment, so they have become estranged over the last year since he left home.

Peter Campbell is not one to turn your back on. He is a ladder climber like you have never seen before. Back-stabbing is nothing compared to what this corporate leaper will do to you. Don Drapier better watch his back.

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater.


Bounty Hunter

Daryl Dixman works as a skip tracer for a bail bonds company, Get Ya Outta Jail.  Daryl was raised by his brother, who was hardly ever home. For this reason, Daryl is a cynical survivalist and prefers to be alone.

Daryl is a bit of a vigilante and has been known to lurk on the shadowy streets at night to assist damsels in distress.

  Suggested attire: Bounty hunter, biker, &/or survivalist style attire.


Owner, Bateman Hotel

Norma Bateman is an emotionally complex single mother who is utterly devoted to her son. She has recently moved to Christmas Hollow and purchased a motel on the outskirts of town. Rumors have it that Norma might have had something to do with her late husband’s murder.

Her son experiences fits of rage, but Norma coddles him and makes excuses for his terrible actions in public. It’s only a matter of time before her son does something dreadful that she can’t cover up.

  Suggested attire: 1950s-style dress, Christmas-themed if possible. 


Travel Agent, Jennings Vacations

Phil Jennings is a Russian travel agent who lives with his wife and two children. Phil grew up on a farm and delivered milk with his father every morning before school. Phil knows the value of hard work and what it is like to live meagerly. Phil moved to Christmas Hollow for the American dream.

Many have said that Phil isn’t what he says he is and that he is only pretending to be a travel agent. Phil responded with a general post on social media to those accusations, telling people to stop watching so much television and getting crazy ideas from it.

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater.


Head of Accounting, Christmas Hollow Paper and Dog Crate Company

Angela Chute is the head of the accounting department at the Christmas Hollow Paper and Dog Crate Company. Angela is cold, condescending, judgmental, and uptight. She is a negative force in the office and frowns upon frivolous activity in the office.

Behind the scenes, Angela isn’t as prim and proper as she portrays. She secretly owns a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and during her vacation days, she puts on her leather and rides with a motorcycle club.

  Suggested attire: conservative Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater.


Real Estate Agent

George is the best pal of Perry Seinfeld and Elaine Bennet. A self-loathing, neurotic man, he is overrun by his parents and prone to bouts of overconfidence that arise at the most inopportune times. George refers to himself in the third person at times, and this drives his friends crazy.  His professional life is unstable, as George cannot seem to hold a job down for any length of time.

George lost his job but hasn’t told anyone. His resume is floating all over town, but he hasn’t even gotten an interview yet.

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater.  Eyeglasses as an accessory.


Massage Therapist

A former petty thief, Phoebe has traveled the world and settled down in Christmas Hollow. Phoebe works at the Phalange Parlor, the most exclusive spa in the city, which has a six-month waiting list for appointments. Phoebe is an aspiring musician, but nobody has the heart to tell her how dreadful her music sounds.

Phoebe has a serious crush on a celebrity, Jason Momo. He has filed multiple restraining orders against her, but she still sends him a love letter every day. Phoebe is doomed if she continues on this stalker path.

  Suggested attire: massage therapy/spa uniform. Christmas colors, if possible.


Cyber-security Engineer

An introverted computer programmer, Elliot Anderson works as a cyber-security engineer for the U.S. government.  Elliot is a member of a national paintball team called the F-Circle. He spends all of his free time at the paintball fields. Many people say this club is a front for a more serious group of night avengers. 

The town gossips have said that Elliot is also a hacker for hire who will only take jobs to harm bad people. If this is true, everyone should stay on his good side.

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater.


Travel Agent, Jennings Vacations

Claudia is a former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service officer who now works as a travel agent. Claudia is a great cook and has befriended many people in the city by hosting lavish dinner parties.

Claudia often clashes with Madeline McKenney, as she will schedule a party on the same date as Madeline's party in hopes of drawing the guests to attend her event. Usually, it ends up being a draw with the same number of guests at either party. It's too bad these two women won't pool resources and host even bigger parties! 

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater.  Russian hat as a prop, if you desire. 


Forensic Blood Analyst

Dexter Morman works for the Christmas Hollow police department in the crime lab. Dexter specializes in blood splatter analysis. The city’s crime rate has plummeted lately, so Dexter has been playing a lot of solitaire at the lab.

Dexter jokes about being a vigilante who murders criminals to get them off the streets. Nobody takes him seriously, however. That would be crazy to do that!

  Suggested attire: Christmas attire under a lab coat. Put some blood splatters on it, if you wish. 


Hotel Housekeeper

Lory Gilmore is a young single mother of a teenage daughter. Lory was brought up wealthy but had an estranged relationship with her parents after running away from home as a teenager. Lory requested that her parents pay for a down payment for a home, but they demanded that she maintain weekly visits. She accepted.  Lory works as a maid at the Christmas Hollow Bed & Breakfast.

Lory is ultra-protective of her daughter and will do anything to protect her. Recently, her daughter was scolded by an adult driver who claimed she was texting while stopped at a traffic light. The irate driver sped in front of her and swerved his SUV in front of her. Then, he got out, approached her window, and screamed at her. Lory has vowed to get vengeance, as her daughter now refuses to get behind the wheel. 

  Suggested attire: Housekeeping uniform, as you just got off your shift and didn't have time to change. 


Vice President, Iron Gurus

Tyrion Lanster is the Vice President of Iron Gurus, a custom, luxury furniture division of North Industries. Witty, intelligent, and well-read, Tyrion has a skill for business negotiations.

Tyrion has his eyes set on higher pursuits as he is not happy with his current position. He is in negotiations with his superiors to climb up the corporate ladder, but sources close to Tyrion say these talks have been futile.

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater.


Waitress, Java the Hut

Rachel recently became a runaway bride and moved to Christmas Hollow with her best friend. She had second thoughts of marrying her high school sweetheart and opted for a change of scenery.  Rachel grew up affluent, but after fleeing the wedding that her parents paid over 75K for, she had to get a job as a waitress at a coffee shop, Java the Hut, to make ends meet.

The coffee shop's store manager has accused Rachel of not taking the daily deposit to the bank and keeping the cash. However, Rachel adamantly disagrees with the accusation and blames the incident on her colleague. It's only a matter of time before Rachel is fired. She might also be in trouble with the law.

  Suggested attire: waitress/server uniform with a Santa hat as an optional accessory.


Robotics Engineer, Western Robotics

Hailing from England, Steward Griffin is a sophisticated scientist who mastered the fields of physics and mechanical engineering as a middle-school student. Steward, a child prodigy, landed a job at Western Robotics as a robotic engineer.

Steward created four robots that he called his squad. They are his bodyguards, personal assistants, chef, and what he considers to be his best friends. 

  Suggested attire: Christmas suit or ugly Christmas sweater. Or, wear a robot mask or suit/costume to support what you do.


Owner, Sopranos Pork Emporium

Rumored to be affiliated with the Christmas Hollow Underground Crime Faction, Antonio Sopranos is not one to double-cross. Antonio owns a local butcher shop, Sopranos Pork Emporium, but everyone knows that the business is a front for money laundering.

Antonio is being investigated for a RICO act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) case with the feds. Anyone who is friends with Antonio is likely also to be investigated, so keep your distance. 

  Suggested attire: Butcher uniform with a Santa or other Christmas-inspired hat.


Bounty Hunter

A former high school cheerleader, Buffy Summer is a notable bounty hunter for hire. A freelancer, Buffy is called upon nationwide when bail bondsmen are unable to find their man.

Buffy has a difficult time getting along with people. She has five cats, four dogs, ten fish, and two ferrets and claims they are all she needs. Oh, and a paycheck.  She needs a paycheck. 

  Suggested attire: bounty hunter, biker, or survivalist attire.


FBI Agent, Forensic Pathologist

Working out of a cramped basement at the FBI satellite office in Christmas Hollow, Dana is assigned to investigate unsolved cases called the Z-Files. A former surgeon, Dana uses her medical knowledge to help solve near-impossible cases.

Dana has been known to spout conspiracy theories about aliens hiding among humans and potential invasions. One word of advice when you are around Dana - if you don't wish to argue for an hour about how there is proven intelligent life on other planets, nod and agree with whatever she has to say.

  Suggested attire: FBI costume or a lab coat. Wear a festive Christmas hat. 


Etsy Shop Owner, Cheetah Galore

Peggy Bundie is a sluggish housewife of a shoe salesman.  Peggy has expensive tastes and often makes lavish purchases that her husband must pay off on his credit cards. Peggy refuses to cook, clean, or take the two kids to school,  but other than that – she’s a great wife and mother.

Peggy started an Etsy shop but hasn’t made one sale to date.

Peggy's only ambition in life is never to miss one of her reality television shows and to hit all shoe sales the moment the store opens. She makes no qualms about admitting to being unmotivated.

  Suggested attire: Tight spandex pants, silk shirt, hair in a 1960's bouffant. Lavish makeup and nails. You are well cared for and love to dress up and look your very best - albeit a touch tacky. 

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