Ocean Yates is the top criminal defense attorney in Godley Hollow. If freedom is your desire, you want this obnoxious defender on your side of the courtroom - even if you are guilty of murder! Ocean makes ambulance chasers look like members of the Peace Corps!  Maybe it goes with the job, but Ocean is a compulsive liar who habitually makes use of manipulation, bribery, and blackmail. A test tube baby of a Harvard scholar, Ocean recently found out that Roland Kingsley was the anonymous DNA donor father.


EARLY LIFE: Ocean is the only child of the famous Harvard law professor, Alex Yates. Ocean grew up in the adjacent town of Shadow Falls. The class valedictorian, Ocean followed Alex Yates' footpath and earned a Harvard Law Degree in 2015. While attending Harvard Law School, Ocean achieved the highest grade point average in the school's history and was ranked first in the class.

After being diagnosed with cytopheria, an ultra-rare genetic disease, Ocean sued the Godley Hollow Sperm Bank, but lost the case, as they weren't required to screen for the rare disease back when the sperm was purchased by Ocean's mother.  Ocean pushed for the identity of the DNA donor father, and found the donor to be none other than the billionaire, Roland Kingsley. A self-made man, he'd been an avid donor at the Godley Hollow Sperm Bank to save money for his undergraduate tuition as a teen.

BUSINESS CAREER: Ocean Yates is a partner in Godley Hollow's biggest law firm, Yates, Elliot, & Grim Law Office.

PHILANTHROPY: Ocean founded the Ocean Yates Foundation in 2017- a non-profit organization that aims to fight against rare disease.


PERSONAL LIFE: Ocean is in a long-term relationship with a law partner (Jo Elliot), and refuses to have children.

Ocean is currently in the process of research for an upcoming lawsuit against Roland Kingsley for the inheritance of the disease-causing gene for cytopheria, since Roland has had knowledge of the disease since early childhood and was negligent for not disclosing this rare genetic condition to the sperm bank. Roland has declined to comment on the alleged lawsuit.


  • President's List of Outstanding Scholars, Harvard University 2000-2015

  • Magna Cum Laude, 2015