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Peace, Love, and Murder

Nutmeg Vant, a legendary movie star, endured a harrowing ordeal after being shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted tropical island alongside six strangers. The world watched, waited, and hoped until, miraculously, they were rescued. Following this news-breaking event, Nutmeg's devoted butler, Theodore Winsington III, wasted no time reaching out to Blissity Lovewell, a renowned party planner, with a special request. He asked her to organize a grand celebration to honor Nutmeg's safe return. The venue? Nutmeg's opulent Hollywood mansion, a setting as glamorous as the star herself. And you, lucky one, have just received your invitation. Dust off your best '60s attire, for you're about to step into a night of unparalleled elegance and excitement. Your adventure starts here amidst the glitz and glam of a bygone era, brought to life once more to celebrate the indomitable spirit of

Nutmeg Vant.


Guest List


Blissity Lovewell
British Covert Operative
Blissity Lovewell is a mysterious covert operative from the UK and the best friend of Nutmeg Vant. She occasionally joins forces with Boston Flowers to try to apprehend the international villain, Silverballs, though they have yet to succeed. Despite their ongoing pursuit, Blissity's optimism never wanes, keeping their spirits high and their mission in clear focus. Renowned as the world's deadliest marksman, Blissity is also the most congenial lady you’ll ever meet—unless you find yourself in the crosshairs of her sniper rifle. Her charm and skill make her a formidable ally and a dangerous foe. Her expertise in undercover operations often leads her into high-stakes situations, yet she handles them with unprecedented grace and stealth.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘60s multi-colored mini dress with a toy gun held in a garter belt worn on the thigh. Hair teased and heavily hair-sprayed into a ‘60s style bouffant with a matching hair band.


Mr. Theodore Winsington, III
Nutmeg Vant's Butler
Mr. Theodore Winsington III, the estranged butler to the glamorous film star Nutmeg Vant, found his own taste of luxury while she was stranded on a deserted tropical island with six strangers. During her absence, Theodore relished living among the rich and famous, indulging in Nutmeg’s fortune. Upon her return to her Hollywood mansion, their relationship soured significantly. Known for his overbearing miserliness, Theodore’s profound pessimism tends to repel those around him. Despite these traits, he is a master manipulator, adept at navigating and controlling sticky situations. His cunning nature ensures that he remains an indispensable, albeit challenging, part of Nutmeg’s household.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Butler uniform. Optional: carry around a silver tray with appetizers and serve them to the guests during the first round of the party.


Nutmeg Vant

Hollywood Movie Star

Nutmeg Vant, an ultra-famous Hollywood film star, has recently returned to her opulent mansion in Hollywood, California, after many years stranded on a desert island with six strangers. Known for her penchant for indulgence, Nutmeg delights in the finest things in life, embracing everything from glamorous sequined and feathered attire to the luxurious taste of caviar. Her love for extravagance is matched by her charismatic presence, which captivates everyone around her. Yet, Nutmeg's homecoming has been tinged with melancholy. The world has shifted significantly since the dreadful day she set sail on the S.S. Sardine. The changes have made her return less of the grand triumph she had imagined.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A colorful and glamorous evening gown with a matching feather boa. Hair should be ‘60s style and utterly sensational.


First Mate of the S.S. Sardine
Billigan, the fumbling first mate on the S.S. Sardine—a tour ship that cruises the California coast—experienced a harrowing adventure many years ago when a violent storm capsized the boat, stranding him along with the passengers and crew on an uninhabited tropical island. During their time on the island, Billigan and the famous film star Nutmeg Vant grew close.

Since their rescue, however, their friendship has struggled; Nutmeg now refuses to return his phone calls. Despite these challenges, Billigan remains the epitome of loyalty and kindness, qualities that make him an incredibly steadfast friend. His unyielding faithfulness and gentle nature often leave those around him wondering how someone so sweet can continually find himself in such turbulent waters.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: White hat, long sleeve red shirt and white pants. Can carry around a coconut as a prop.


Boston Flowers
CIA Agent
Boston Flowers, known as the International Man of Intrigue, serves as a top-secret CIA agent and the archenemy of the notorious international villain, Silverballs. Often collaborating on clandestine missions abroad with his close friend, Blissity Lovewell, Boston's expertise in espionage is unparalleled. Despite his less-than-perfect grooming habits, including a notably hairy chest and lack of oral hygiene, Boston possesses a charismatic personality that inexplicably attracts the ladies. His rough exterior belies a sharp intellect and a knack for navigating complex situations, making him a formidable yet enigmatic figure in the world of international espionage. This unique blend of traits keeps both friends and foes perpetually intrigued and on their toes.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Velvet Leisure suit with tons of chest hair pouring out of it. A fake gun and a camera as optional props.


Since she could walk, Wiggy has been irresistibly drawn to the spotlight and the glitz of fashion runways. This ultra-thin supermodel is celebrated not only for her stunning appearance but also for her acute fashion sense that shines both on and off the runway. If Wiggy is wearing it, rest assured, it's the trendiest thing around! Her influence in the fashion world is profound, setting trends that ripple through magazines, television, and movies. Designers vie for her endorsement, knowing that her approval can turn any piece into an instant must-have. Off the runway, Wiggy is a style icon, frequently spotted in outfits that soon become the talk of the town.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Shorthaired wig, a fabulous ‘60s mini dress, and fake lashes drawn with an eye pencil below the natural lash on the bottom.


Khaki ‘O’ Massis Fennedy
First Lady of the United States of America
Khaki O, the philanthropic First Lady of the United States, is married to President James K. Fennedy and is deeply committed to solving world hunger and achieving world peace, all while making a significant impact on the world of fashion. Renowned as the trendiest First Lady in American history, her unique style not only fills the pages of style magazines but also influences runway trends worldwide. Khaki's keen eye for fashion has made her a style icon, and her outfits are eagerly anticipated and widely emulated. The idea of designing her own fashion line excites her immensely, but her husband might not be as supportive as she'd life for him to be. Indeed, launching such a line would provide her with an additional avenue to influence and inspire, not just through her initiatives but through her innate sense of style.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Pink wool short suit and matching shoes. Box-style matching hat. (Or any ‘60s style suit.) Optional: large sunglasses as a prop.


Tickey Tantle
Professional Baseball Player
Ticky Tantle, the third baseman for The Blue Socks, never passes up a fight! Whether on the baseball field, at the bar with friends, or even at the zoo with a monkey, his fists are clenched, and his tongue’s raring to shout. Known for his aggressive behavior, the media targets him and catches his every move in print and on film. This constant attention only fuels his fiery reputation, further enticing reporters to follow him. Ticky's confrontational style has become a defining aspect of his public persona, drawing both criticism and a curious fascination from fans and detractors alike.

Tickey's invitation to Nutmeg Vant's party has no doubt intrigued the paparazzi, and they are likely to be hiding in the bushes, trying to get a scoop of this celebrity bash.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any vintage baseball uniform. Optional: glove and ball as a prop.


Von Jennon
Guitarist, The Roly Polys
Some call him crazy, others say he’s just having fun, but Von Jennon is undeniably the life of any party. As one of the charismatic members of the quartet pop band, The Roly Polys, hailing from Kidney Lake, England, his vibrant energy lights up the room. While some may find his outgoing personality a bit over the top, Von’s antics are rooted in good intentions, and he genuinely seeks to bring joy and entertainment to everyone around him. His playful demeanor and dedication to the spirit of fun endear him to fans and fellow band members alike, making him a beloved figure in the music scene. His penchant for spontaneous performances, whether on stage or at casual gatherings, only adds to his legend.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tie-dyed t-shirt with tight-colored corduroy bell-bottom pants. Or a Beatles-inspired costume. Circular colored specs and an optional guitar as a prop.


Moonbeam Rainbowshine
Organizer of the Woodcock Music Festival
Moonbeam Rainbowshine is the visionary head organizer behind what is poised to become the biggest outdoor music festival in history—the Woodcock Music Festival. Despite her innovative spirit, Moonbeam suffers from anxiety due to the immense stress of orchestrating such a massive event, often feeling as though a black cloud of bad luck perpetually looms over her. She is particularly concerned about the tight deadlines, with only a year remaining to pull everything together. Her worries are compounded by the daunting task of meeting the high expectations set for the festival, adding to her fear that any small oversight could impact the event's success. Nonetheless, Moonbeam's passion and commitment to creating a transformative music experience drive her forward, pushing her to overcome these challenges.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any ‘60s style business suit. Teased ‘60s style hair.


Ziggy Marley
Hippy Bullfighter
Ziggy Marley, a chain-smoking hippy bullfighter, is an avid environmentalist who passionately joins any protest he can find—just name a cause, and he’s there to support it. His environmental advocacy is matched by a unique blend of personal quirks; Ziggy often displays neurotic symptoms ranging from hysteria and pyromania to a severe phobia of beef jerky.

Despite these eccentricities, Ziggy is the life of any party and is nurturing a budding talent as a comedian. His ability to turn even his own fears into humorous anecdotes endears him to others, making him a memorable and entertaining presence. Additionally, his commitment to various causes often brings a deeper, more meaningful dimension to the gatherings he attends, inspiring others to engage and reflect. However, there is a flip side to his zeal; Ziggy can sometimes go overboard, becoming overly insistent or preachy about his activism. This intensity can occasionally alienate those who might prefer a lighter, more relaxed atmosphere, leading to annoyance among some who feel overwhelmed by his strong convictions.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Colorful t-shirt, tight bell-bottom pants, circular colored specs. Optional bullfighting cloth as a prop.


Miloslava Vladmira
Russian Space Probe Engineer
Miloslava is a trailblazing engineer in the field of space science and played a pivotal role in co-designing the first Russian Space Probe, the Lunosity. Her groundbreaking work established her as a key figure in aerospace technology. Seeking a new beginning and greater freedoms, Miloslava eventually defected to the United States, choosing to live in exile from Mother Russia. Known for her fiery demeanor, Miloslava is someone you wouldn't want to cross; those who do risk sparking a combustible reaction. Her intense passion not only fuels her professional achievements but also defines her personal interactions, making her a formidable and respected figure in her field.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lab coat and tight bell-bottom jeans. ‘60s style hair.

Marilyn Anne
Farm Girl - Recently Rescued from a Deserted Tropical Island
Marilyn Anne is a hardworking farm girl who grew up on a modest farm in Kansas, working closely with her parents and four brothers. Her adventurous spirit led her to spend her life savings on a vacation to California, but fate had other plans as she ended up shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted island with six strangers for several years. Recently rescued, she is now reveling in the unexpected Hollywood limelight alongside other survivors. Marilyn is enjoying the newfound attention but often finds herself longing for the simplicity of her farm life. She is staying in town to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event at Nutmeg Vant's mansion. Marilyn is slightly afraid of her unexpected time in the limelight to run out.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Red & white checkered shirt that is tied at the waist and shorts.


Raquel Welcher
Nutmeg Vant's Personal Assistant
Raquel Welcher, the ever-cheerful personal assistant to the glamorous Nutmeg Vant, enjoyed plenty of paid time off while her boss was marooned on a deserted island. Now, with Nutmeg's dramatic return, Raquel is back to managing the demanding and high-paced lifestyle of her Hollywood starlet boss. As Nutmeg adjusts to her old life, Raquel's role becomes even more pivotal, managing both professional commitments and personal dramas with a smile.

Those closest to Raquel are bummed that she no longer has a free schedule. They all enjoyed the nonstop access to Nutmeg's luxurious Hollywood mansion. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy ‘60s attire - paisley mini dress and go-go boots.


Share, one half of the pop duo Cheery & Share, is more than just a singer of catchy tunes; she's a performer with dreams of expanding her horizon into television and film. Known for her melodious voice and charismatic stage presence, Share is currently exploring new creative avenues that could redefine her career. Her ambition to evolve artistically demonstrates her commitment to not just follow but lead in the entertainment industry.

Share has her sights on breaking onto the Silver Screen. Rumor has it that Share might be secretly unhappy that Nutmeg Vant has returned, as Nutmeg is often handed the lead movie roles of big-budget films on a golden platter. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-glamorous evening gown with a long dark & straight wig.


Janie Grateall
British Animal Behaviorist & Wildlife Photographer

Janie Grateall is deeply immersed in studying chimpanzee behavior in the remote wilderness of Africa. Her days with a troop of chimps, while seemingly perilous to some, are often overshadowed by her own frequent clumsy mishaps, adding an element of unpredictability to her research. Despite these challenges, Janie's deep passion for animal behavior and her talent for capturing stirring wildlife photographs make her endeavors both chaotic and rewarding. Known for her contrarian views, Janie often finds herself siding with the less popular side of any argument and championing causes that lack widespread support. This inclination may stem from her prolonged periods of isolation in the wilderness, which have shaped her unique perspective on social dynamics and advocacy.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual ’60s attire (i.e., tie-dyed t-shirt and bell bottom jeans) and any bandages as optional props.


Olive Formathe
School Teacher & Cousin of Nutmeg Vant
The frugal and inquisitive Olive Formathe, a nationally renowned mathematician and Nutmeg Vant's nerdy cousin, is known for her engaging and humorous teaching style. Olive's over-the-top sense of humor and infectious laughter often light up classrooms and social gatherings alike. Her mathematical prowess and quirky personality make her an unforgettable character in both academic circles and family events.

Olive has enjoyed finally being the center of attention with her family. Now that Nutmeg has returned, Olive has been ignored for the most part. That's why Olive is thrilled about Nutmeg's party - she has been craving attention. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear a long school teacher dress, glasses, and have your hair pulled back into a bun. An apple and a ruler are optional props.


Rick Dagger
English Singer, Poet, and Lyricist & Front Man of the Band The Falling Pebbles
Rick Dagger, the notorious lead singer and lyricist of The Falling Pebbles, is as infamous for his off-stage antics as he is admired for his performances. A self-proclaimed ladies' man, Rick's charm often falls flat, as many steer clear of his overconfident demeanor. Yet, his ability to write captivating lyrics and his undeniable stage presence keep him in the spotlight, both desired and detested.

Despite the mixed reactions he garners, Rick continues to push the boundaries of rock music, injecting his personal style and flair into every song and performance. His complex personality not only fuels his creative output but also adds a layer of intrigue and drama that fans find irresistibly compelling.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black rock T-shirt and tight leather pants. A handheld mirror is an optional prop.


Sugar Ray Clay
WBC World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Sugar Ray Clay, a formidable presence in the boxing world, has risen from the tough streets of Brooklyn to contend for the World Heavyweight Championship. Known for his blunt hostility and fierce determination, he is intensely preparing for his next major fight against Stollo Peed. Sugar Ray hopes his deep-seated germophobia won't interfere with his focus and performance in the upcoming bout. His rigorous training regimen and mental preparation are critical as he aims to not only overcome his opponent but also manage his personal challenges within the ring.

Sugar Ray is a devoted and loyal friend to Blissity Lovewell and Tickey Tantle. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A boxing uniform or any athletic warm-up suit. A fake World Heavy Weight Boxing Championship belt is an optional prop.


Eval Boweaval
Daredevil and Stuntman
Eval Boweaval, an international icon and audacious daredevil, is constantly pushing the limits with record-breaking motorcycle stunts. In his downtime, he enjoys a slightly less perilous role as a stuntman in Hollywood action movies, blending his thrill-seeking nature with cinematic flair. Eval's daring spirit and knack for breathtaking stunts make him a star both on and off the screen.

Eval loves to study people and can sense when something is not right with someone's personality. It's as if Eval can sniff out ulterior motives and ill intentions. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any flashy superhero costume with a cape and a helmet.

Agent P
Secret Serviceman assigned to Khaki ‘O’
Agent P is the quiet and mysterious Secret Service Agent assigned to protect Khaki O., the First Lady of the United States. While on duty, Agent P lurks in the shadows and continually surveys the scene. He listens more than he talks and is void of emotion. Despite Khaki's request for a bit of freedom to enjoy herself at social events, Agent P is instructed to maintain a discreet distance, ideally waiting outside to give her space. However, his unwavering commitment to her safety leaves him wrestling with the promise to stay back, as his professional instincts might compel him to remain closer than requested.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black suit with optional props of an earpiece, dark sunglasses, and a toy gun.


Stem Morrison
Singer, Poet, Lyricist & Front Man of the Band The Windows
Stem Morrison is one of the most admired frontmen in the music industry! Cavalier and morally unrestrained, he’s a great friend to have, as his connections with the rich and famous are endless! Gentlemen…watch your ladies around this charmer! While Stem is known for his charismatic and gregarious nature, there are whispers about his friendships with individuals who have reputations on the darker side of society. However, whether these connections are merely rumors or have some basis in truth remains a topic of speculation and intrigue among his fans and the media.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Leather jacket, white button-down shirt, and tight leather pants. Sunglasses as an optional prop.

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