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Peace, Love, and Murder - a Smashing Sixties Mystery Party

Nutmeg Vant is a legendary movie star that was shipwrecked a few years ago and stranded on a deserted tropical island with six strangers. Immediately after her news-breaking rescue, her butler, Theodore Winsington, III, contacted Blissity Lovewell and requested that she host a smashing shindig in honor of her safe return at Nutmeg's fabulous Hollywood mansion. Get your '60s vogue ready because you've received your smashing '60s invitation, baby!  This is where your story begins...

Need threads for the bash?

Invited Guests


Blissity Lovewell
British Covert Operative
Blissity Lovewell is a mysterious covert operative from the UK and best friend of Nutmeg Vant.  On occasion, she’s joined forces with Boston Flowers in attempts to apprehend the international villain, Silverballs, but the duo hasn’t stopped him yet! This beautiful spy is the deadliest marksmen in the world, but the most congenial lady you’ll ever meet—that is, unless you’re the target of her sniper rifle.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘60s multi-colored mini dress with a toy gun held in a garter belt worn on the thigh. Hair teased and heavily hair-sprayed into a ‘60s style bouffant with a matching hair band.


Mr. Theodore Winsington, III
 Nutmeg Vant's Butler
Mr. Theodore Winsington, III is the estranged butler to the glamorous film star, Nutmeg Vant. While she was stranded on a deserted tropical island for years with six strangers, Theodore enjoyed living as a member of the rich and famous and spent a chunk of Nutmeg’s fortune. After returning to her Hollywood mansion, things between them have soured. Theodore is an overbearing miser, and his profound pessimism repels people. However, he is a master manipulator and knows how to stay on top of sticky situations.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Butler uniform. Optional: carry around a silver tray with appetizers and serve them to the guests during the first round of the party.


Nutmeg Vant

Film Star
Nutmeg Vant is an ultra-famous Hollywood film star.  Previously stranded on a desert island with six strangers for many years, she has recently returned home to her mansion in Hollywood, California.  Nutmeg is spoiled and indulges in the finest things that life has to offer.  If it has sequins and feathers, she’s wearing it—if there’s caviar on the menu, she’s there!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A colorful and glamorous evening gown with a matching feather boa. Hair should be ‘60s style and utterly sensational.


First Mate of the S.S. Sardine
Billigan is the fumbling first mate on the S.S. Sardine - a California coast tour ship. Many years ago, the boat took an unexpected tumble during a violent storm and deserted the passengers and crew on an uninhabited tropical island. During the time on the island, Billigan and Nutmeg Vant grew close. However, since the rescue, things haven’t been the same, and Nutmeg refuses to return his phone calls. Sweet as can be, Billigan seems to be the most loyal friend one could have.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: White hat, long sleeve red shirt and white pants. Can carry around a coconut as a prop.


Boston Flowers
 CIA Agent 
Known as the International Man of Intrigue, Boston Flowers is a top-secret CIA agent and archenemy of the international villain known as Silverballs.  Boston is a close friend to Blissity Lovewell, often working with her on clandestine foreign missions.  Boston is known for a hairy chest and lack of oral hygiene, but ladies are still magnetized to his charming personality.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Velvet Leisure suit with tons of chest hair pouring out of it. A fake gun and a camera as optional props.


Since Wiggy could walk, she’s been addicted to the spotlight and fashion runways!  This ultra-thin supermodel is known for her stunning appearance and her keen fashion sense—both on and off the runway.  If Wiggy is wearing it, it’s the hippest thing around!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Shorthaired wig, a fabulous ‘60s mini dress, and fake lashes drawn with an eye pencil below the natural lash on bottom.


Khaki ‘O’ Massis Fennedy
First Lady of the United States of America
Khaki O is the philanthropic First Lady of the United States of America. Married to President James K. Fennedy, Khaki O’s focused on solving world hunger, achieving world peace, and of course—fashion!  She is the trendiest First Lady in American history, and her unique style has been featured in style mags and on runways!  If she could only design a fashion line, she would be thrilled!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Pink wool short suit and matching shoes. Box-style matching hat. (Or any ‘60s style suit.) Optional: large sunglasses as a prop.


Tickey Tantle
 Professional Baseball Player
Ticky Tantle, the third baseman for The Blue Socks, never passes up a fight!  Whether it is on the baseball field, at the bar with friends, or even at the zoo with a monkey—his fists are clenched and tongue’s raring to give a lashing! Known for his aggressive behavior, the media targets him and catches his every move in print and on film.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any baseball uniform. Optional: glove and ball as a prop.


Von Jennon
Guitarist, The Roly Polys
Some call him crazy, others say he’s just having fun, but Von Jennon is the life of any party!  He is one of the members of the quartet pop band called The Roly Polys from Kidney Lake, England. Some feel his outgoing personality is obnoxious, but Von has good intentions, nevertheless.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tie dyed t-shirt with tight colored corduroy bell-bottom pants. Circular colored specs and an optional guitar as a prop.


Moonbeam Rainbowshine
 Organizer of the Woodcock Music Festival
Moonbeam Rainbowshine is the head organizer of what will be the biggest outdoor music venue in history—Woodcock Music Festival. Moonbeam suffers from anxiety due to the stress of the venture and feels she has a black cloud of bad luck looming above her head.  She worries about deadlines, as she only has a year left to organize the event.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any ‘60s style business suit. Teased ‘60s style hair.


Ziggy Marley
Hippy Bullfighter
Ziggy Marley is a chain-smoking hippy bullfighter. He is an avid environmentalist and joins any protest that he can find…just name a cause and he’s there for you. Ziggy can often be a tad neurotic with symptoms ranging from hysteria, pyromania to a severe phobia of beef jerky. But Ziggy is the one to be around at a party as he is also a budding comedian.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Colorful t-shirt, tight bell-bottom pants, circular colored specs. Optional bull fighting cloth as a prop.


Miloslava Vladmira
Russian Space Probe Engineer
Miloslava is one of the pioneering engineers in the field of space science. She co-designed the first Russian Space Probe – the Lunosity - before defecting to the United States to live in exile from Mother Russia. She is known for her sizzling demeanor so don’t cross her unless you want a combustible outcome.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lab coat and tight bell bottom jeans. ‘60s style hair.

Marilyn Anne
Farm Girl - Recently Rescued from a Deserted Tropical Island
Marilyn Anne is a hardworking farm girl from a small farm in Kansas where she lived and worked with her parents and four brothers. She spent her life savings on a vacation in California—only to end up shipwrecked & stranded on a deserted island with six strangers for many years!  She was recently rescued and is currently enjoying her time in the Hollywood limelight with the other rescued survivors.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Red & white checkered shirt that is tied at the waist and shorts.


Raquel Welcher
 Nutmeg Vant's Personal Assistant
The happy-go-lucky Raquel Welcher is Nutmeg Vant’s boisterous personal assistant. She has had plenty of paid time off while her Hollywood starlet boss was stranded on a deserted island with six strangers.  Now, it is time for Raquel to get back to work assisting her high-maintenance employer!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy ‘60s attire - paisley mini dress and go-go boots.


Share is the better half of the singing pop duo Cheery & Share.  Share has aspirations to do more than sing cliché songs with her bowl-haircut sporting partner—she is currently working her way into television and film.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-glamorous evening gown with a long dark & straight wig.


Janie Grateall
 British Animal Behaviorist & Wildlife Photographer
Janie Grateall spends most of her time in the wilderness of Africa studying chimpanzee behavior. If you think hanging out with a troop of chimps sounds dangerous - well that is nothing compared to this animal scientist’s accidental mishaps, as she is the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual ’60s attire (i.e. tie-dyed t-shirt and bell bottom jeans) and any type of bandages as optional props.


Olive Formathe
School Teacher & Cousin of Nutmeg Vant
The frugal and over-inquisitive Olive Formathe is a nationally-renowned mathematician and the nerdy cousin of Nutmeg Vant. This math genius will keep you entertained with her over-the-top sense of humor and snort-filled laughter.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Long school teacher dress, glasses with hair pulled back into a bun. An apple and a ruler as optional props.


Rick Dagger
English Singer, Poet, and Lyricist & Front Man of the Band The Falling Pebbles
Rick Dagger is the obnoxious lead singer of the rock band—The Falling Pebbles. Rick is a womanizer - even though most ladies avoid him like the flu. A notorious one-upper, Rick carries around a mirror and frequently adores his reflection. Believing it makes him irresistible, he sings to women rather than talking.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black rock t-shirt and tight leather pants. A hand held mirror as an optional prop.


Sugar Ray Clay
WBC World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Sugar Ray Clay is a blatantly hostile young man. From the streets of Brooklyn, he made his way into the boxing ring as a contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. He has been vigorously training for his next major fight against Stollo Peed! Let's hope that his intense fear of germs doesn't get in the way with the big fight!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Boxing uniform or any type of athletic warm up suit. A fake World Heavy Weight Boxing Championship belt as an optional prop.


Eval Boweaval
Daredevil and Stuntman
Eval Boweaval has earned the status of an international icon as a brave daredevil!  Eval plans and practices all year round for record-breaking motorcycle stunts. In his spare time, he takes on more mellow and less dangerous projects as an action movie stuntman in Hollywood.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any flashy superhero costume with a cape and a helmet.

Agent P
Secret Serviceman assigned to Khaki ‘O’
Agent P is the quiet and mysterious Secret Service Agent assigned to protect Khaki O. – the First Lady of the United States.   While on duty, Agent P lurks in the shadows and continually surveys the scene.  He listens more than he talks and is void of emotion.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black suit with optional props of an earpiece, dark sunglasses and a toy gun.


Stem Morrison
Singer, Poet, Lyricist & Front Man of the Band The Windows
Stem Morrison is one of the most admired frontmen in the music industry!  Cavalier and morally unrestrained, he’s a great friend to have, as his connections with the rich and famous are endless! Gentlemen…watch your ladies around this charmer!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Leather jacket, white button-down shirt and tight leather pants. Sunglasses as an optional prop.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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