Dr. Peyton Payne is a caring family doctor at Godley Hollow Family Clinic. Dr. Payne has a superb bedside manner, but often spews horrible jokes during check-ups. Dr. Payne also works shifts at the Godley Hollow Hospital’s Emergency Room, and runs a clinical research program at Godley Hollow University. Once accused of being an ‘Angel of Death’ who put patients in peril only to save them and be the hero, Dr. Payne has officially been acquitted of all charges due to a lack of evidence.


EARLY LIFE: Peyton Payne was born on a farm in Kansas. Peyton struggled through school, having to work long hours on the farm. Peyton left for college at LSU, and then later went to medical school at LSU Health Sciences Center. After doing an internship at The Mayo Clinic, Peyton opened a practice in the isolated town of Godley Hollow. 

BUSINESS CAREER: Dr. Payne currently works at Godley Hollow Family Clinic and does shifts at Godley Hollow Hospital’s Emergency Room. 

Dr. Payne is affiliated with a clinical research program at Godley Hollow University and has a business deal with ZEXO Pharmaceuticals, a drug company recently acquired by Roland Kingsley. Dr. Payne oversees multiple clinical trials on experimental drugs, with one program being focused on the rare genetic condition, cytopheria. 

PHILANTHROPY: Dr. Payne is affiliated with the following charitable organizations: 

  • American Cancer Society

  • American Humane Association

  • Avon Foundation

  • Children's Defense Fund

PERSONAL LIFE: Dr. Payne was recently exonerated on all pending charges of first-degree murder in the Godley Hollow Angel of Death investigation. Dr. Payne had been accused of murdering over thirty elderly and terminally ill/injured patients over the last ten years. After an 18-month investigation, Dr. Payne was found to be innocent.  However, the doc was only acquitted due to a lack of evidence.   Some sources have said the physician performing the autopsy on the elderly patients didn't know to look for unknown drug compounds. Dr. Payne may have been performing clinical research on these patients without their knowledge, but we'll never know the truth. 


  • Excellence in Medicine, AMA 2010

  • Physician of the Year, Mayo Clinic 2011

  • Excellence in Medicine, AMA 2015

  • Ashely Tompkins Award for Excellence in Quality and Safety 2017