Who Stole the Pot O' Gold?

 Emerald City is hosting its annual St. Patrick's Day celebration at Emerald City Town Hall.  Every fairy, gnome, and leprechaun in Emerald City is ready to enjoy Irish games, food and music!  You've got your ticket! This is where your story begins...

Invited Guests



Computer Tech Support Representative

O’Shea is the ill-mannered computer tech support representative of the Emerald City Geeky Squad. Don’t sit close to O’Shea during dinner because the crumbs start to fly when the forks come out!  This nerdy leprechaun sings instead of speaking normally, and this behavior’s peculiar during a long chat. Because of all the rude and weird quirks, O’Shea’s not a leprechaun to bring home to meet the parents!

Suggested attire: leprechaun costume. 



Cereal Spokesperson

          Logan the Leprechaun is a hardworking spokesperson for Lucky Trinkets Cereal. As leprechauns sometimes go, Logan is a master of deceit. Don’t believe everything Logan says, and watch your back!

Suggested attire: leprechaun costume. 



Fairy Wing Repair Shop Owner

Wings are fragile!  The fairies of Emerald City pay routine visits to Shimmer’s Fairy Wing Repair Shop for wing mends on occasion.  She’s a skilled repair artist and the biggest gossip in Emerald City!  Don’t say anything to Shimmer you don’t want every creature in the city to find out about by the next sunrise.

Suggested attire: fairy costume with some optional Scotch tape as a prop(that's what you repair wings with). 



Lead singer of Jade Nose

Flan the Leprechaun is the egotistical and gregarious rock star of Emerald City.  Flan’s band, Jade Nose, performs twice a week at the neighborhood Irish Pub – The Shakin’ Shamrock.  Flan doesn’t go anywhere without the band – who are known for carrying handheld mirrors wherever they go!  The members of Jade Nose adore themselves, and they are their biggest fans! Flan is rarely seen without the band.

Suggested attire: leprechaun costume with some bandanas tied around your head, arms and legs. Any rock n' roll inspired accessories.




Bink is the best detective in Emerald City. If your pet turtle is lost, or a gnome’s stolen your spinach pie from a windowsill, Bink’s the one to call to solve the crime.  However, this fast-talking fairy spews 250 words per minute, so pay close attention!

Suggested attire: fairy costume. 




Fitz the Leprechaun is the premier shoemaker of Emerald City. A dependable leprechaun, Fitz will do anything to help a buddy. Nevertheless, Fitz is an infamous kleptomaniac, so keep your valuables out of Fitz’s reach!

Suggested attire: leprechaun costume. A big bag to place items you steal during the party.




Twinkletoes is a famous ballerina from Emerald City.  Creatures flock from faraway lands to attend the elegant ballet recitals at the Grande Emerald Theatre.  However, the fame and fortune have spoiled Twinkletoes, so proceed with caution if you must say no to this starlet.

Suggested attire: fairy costume with ballet shoes and a tutu as the skirt.




Gabby the Gnome is the eccentric banker and founder of the Emerald City Underground Banking System.  Notorious for frugality, Gabby will drive you crazy with precise calculations to the nearest milligram of gold!

Suggested attire: gnome costume.  



Pastry Chef

Sugarwing is the sweetest fairy in all of Emerald City. Her pastries are divine! Any confectionary treats you can dream of - she can whip them up!  However, there’s an annoying side to this winged baker, as she makes bets on anything, and pays her debts with sugarplums instead of gold!

Suggested attire: fairy costume with a chef's hat. 



C.E.O., Keebles Cookie Company

New to Emerald City, Keebles the Elf is the moody founder and CEO of Keebles Cookie Company.  Nobody enjoys this elf’s company because of random mood swings and tirades, but Keebles’ cookies are the best in the land! The cookie factory recently moved inside of a hollow tree in Emerald City. The townies are thrilled - except Sugarwing, as she despises the competition!

Suggested attire: Elf costume. Bring some cookies for people to try! 



Makeup Artist

Sparkles is an emotional makeup artist in Emerald City. Fairies adore wearing glittery makeup, and Sparkles has designed a cosmetic line!  She’s even invented a glitter gel that makes you fly without having to use fairy dust! However, Sparkles can be difficult to deal with, as she’s a drama queen!

Suggested attire: fairy costume with a sample of your glitter gel (optional). You can purchase some inexpensive roll on glitter in any cosmetic department. 



Pixie Dust Maker

          Goldenmist heads up the Emerald City Pixie Dust Factory of Emerald City.  She’s the only fairy in the world gifted with magical powers to generate pixie dust! The factory supplies fairies, sprites and a handful of approved humans around the world with dust for powers of flight.  Pixie dust is the leading export of Emerald City and drives the local economy!  Goldenmist is often seen with her pixie dust factory workers!

Suggested attire: fairy costume with optional Pixie sticks as props (pretend these sticks are pixie dust)

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!